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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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coming up on our t.v. andy age twenty four team is out on capitol hill lawmakers have been dragging their feet when it comes to funding the defense department yesterday they announced an agreement so what's in the new n.b.a. and what's been left out details on that ahead and homelessness on the rise in new york the growing income inequality is forcing families out of their homes and as a result the big apple is seeing the most homeless children since the great depression more on these dire economic conditions coming up and sheriff deputies charged with abuse in los angeles county eighteen sheriff deputies are being accused of abuse of local prisons now it looks like the jailers might end up being jailed themselves an in-depth look at the case later in the show.
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it's tuesday december tenth five pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching our t.v. . prominent lawmakers have come to an agreement on the latest version of the n.b.a. or the national defense authorization bill with the clock ticking down until the house adjourns for the holidays this friday leaders of the senate and house armed services committees worked out a deal to move forward with a bill that will fund the u.s. military next year the twenty fourteen bill will authorize five hundred fifty two billion dollars in national defense spending and nearly eighty one billion for overseas contingency operations yesterday i tended a press conference in which the leaders of those committees expressed confidence that the bill would be passed in due time however if it is not passed there are a number of extensions that are set to expire those include combat pay hardship
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duty pay special pay for nuclear qualified service members and listen bonuses sent to pay for tension bonuses and more according to senator carl levin but beyond funding the military passing this bill would have huge implications for get mo detainees and for soldiers who are victims of sexual assault earlier i spoke with former congressional attorney mark levine i first asked him if you could explain why there is such a rush to pass this bill before the end of this legislative session first of all this is one of the few absolute must pass bills in washington this is actually the least productive congress in american history no congress has passed your bills and they did in twenty thirteen but the reason it's a must pass bill is because the constitution provides that there's no standing army in the united states that may surprise people given the military this is today but the founders require appropriations bills to be passed every two years or the army ceased to exist that means they're going to pass this bill one way or another but why is it that so lawmakers are saying that this is going to you know
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a lot of things are going to expire if this is not taking care of before the holiday and it will is that really the case or is this something that they could possibly take up in january when they come back they will pass this bill there's no doubt in my mind they will pass this bill they will not allow people to lose combat . and that's there are many many things that don't work in congress this is one of those things they absolutely will work out some agreement to do so well ok let's talk about some of the big provisions of this bill first of all get now there is an update with that let's take a listen first to what senator carl levin had to say. the bill basically takes half of what we did in the senate and passes it and that is to give flexibility to the president to transfer detainees from guantanamo to third countries it maintains the prohibition on transferring detainees here for trial and detention . right so like he said half of them are going to be transferred out they can go
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back to third party countries you know many people are saying that this could be the beginning of the and forget mel is that all that was really standing in the way of president obama you know closing this down are have a green light now well first of all have already been cleared for transfer to other countries and they have been transferred president obama is obviously very nervous that he's going to transfer someone back and they're going to be engaged in terrorist activities that happen for some of them the released under george w. bush but more than half are already cleared another thirty five or so are cleared for trial and then the real trouble is about forty eight who have been deemed neither able to be transferred nor able to be tried there in this indefinite detention situation which i would argue is completely not in the constitution united states but this was set up under george w. bush it was inherited by president obama and congress was prevented from dealing with it in a way that i and many americans and the like to say to deal with that being put on trial because they're not allowing the one thing that they're sticking with us throughout allowing these people to come to the united states free to be imprisoned here or to be you know to stand for trial here so how can he really policy wise
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even get around that obstacle how would you be able to close i don't think he can i mean the congress has prevented it i mean president obama came in his very first years he's going to close guantanamo bay within a year and then congress passes legislation basically prohibiting him from doing so so for all the criticism of president obama for not shutting it down it really is congress is preventing him from doing that seems like it's going to be a huge sticking point well let's talk about sexual assault in the military because this was undoubtedly one of the most controversial issues to come up this year there was a proposed amendment by senator christian. brothers in july brand and then also one by senator claire mccaskill those amendments were not implemented as far as i understand but there were some other measures can you talk about that's great. bill would basically take the prosecution of sexual assault away from military commanders so normally sexual assault is prosecuted the courts as it should be with a civilian jury. but in the military there are special laws that allow the commander to weigh in and a lot of victims of sexual abuse it's not fair the commander may be friends with
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the perpetrator and a lot of sexual saltsman punished so they didn't get that bill through the senate brad will propose it next year they did however achieve significant half measures for example if a jury convict someone of sexual assault it can be overruled by the military commander that person must go the perpetrator must be dishonorably discharged and the victim can get independent counsel and cases that are not brought are reviewed by a civilian review board to make sure that there should be brought other things that you can't retaliate against a victim you can't harm them in the military and there's no such limitations that maybe even the most important you can basically accuse people of crimes that occurred five ten twenty years ago right some significant changes indeed and we have to see if that it is taken up next year and lastly i want to talk to you about something interesting i asked a question a very end of the press conference about section ten twenty one which is the indefinite detention clause of the n.d.a. i'm sure you're familiar with it basically it allows for the government to
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indefinitely detain anyone including american citizens who are associated even in the least with terrorism i asked i pointed the question to all of them but buck mckeon is the one who responded and this is what he had to say to me. let me go back over and tell you that what we have in the bill will be an improvement over what we've already passed in the house and in the senate committee and it was an overwhelming vote so i think i think will be i think we'll be ok i think we've addressed people's concerns thank you very much we need to go get the bill pass thank you now he wrapped it up really quickly after a match point we dodged it is an overwhelming vote he's right about that it has support from democrats and republicans i would argue though it doesn't have support in the constitution and states which i'm always carrying around with because the constitution says the writ of habeas corpus the right to challenge your imprisonment shall not be suspended except in cases of rebellion or invasion and this is
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a rebellion this is an invasion george bush argued i think wrongly that because what tom obey is not the united states of america even though it's in a long term indefinite lease which is why i think it's basically a loophole therefore he didn't have to follow the constitution it's going tom obey i've never agreed with that and i think clearly going to under our control and i don't think we can hold people indefinitely there but obviously congress at least disagrees with me maybe the courts will go on fortunately it seems like it's going to be a mainstay of this bill going forward afraid so but unfortunately run out of time mark levine former congressional attorney thank you thank you. and seymour hersh's as calling out some news organizations who have refused to publish his recent story on the obama administration's case for war with syria says the pulitzer prize winning journalist to accuse the obama administration of having quote cherry picked intelligence as it relates to syria's august twenty first chemical attack so why could it hurt print the story with his usual magazine the new yorker or the washington post r.t. political commentator sam sachs has more. this is pulitzer prize winning
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investigative journalist seymour hersh he's been exposing u.s. military intelligence scandals since vietnam and he's got a new scoop this one alleging that the obama administration cherry picked intelligence reports when it alleged that syrian president bashar al assad was behind the august twenty first chemical weapons attack near damascus published in the london review of books hersh argues the obama administration failed to acknowledge something known to the u.s. intelligence community the syrian army is not the only party in the country's civil war with access to sarah hersh goes on to say in the months before the attack the american intelligence agencies produced a series of highly classified reports citing evidence that the al nusra front as you how to group affiliated with al qaida had mastered the mechanics of creating seren and was capable of manufacturing it in quantity urged in argues when the attack occurred al nusra should have been
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a suspect but the administration cherry picked intelligence to justify a strike against assad. the white house has called hirsch's report simply false as you'd expect they would now to be clear hersh doesn't know who carried out the chemical attack that night he just knows that for the second time in a decade the president of the united states was willing to take the country to war using intelligence that could be flawed. i don't know who did what but there's no question my government does not and there's also the question that the american president that we now have i voted for. has a lot of good things about it was willing to go to war wanted to throw missiles at syria without really having a case and knowing you didn't have much of a case but hirsch's report didn't originally appear in the united states you had to go overseas to the london review of books to have it published where it was extensively fact checked both the new yorker and the washington post rejected hersh
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a story that. that's the same washington post that right after colin powell made his case before the u.n. on w m d's in iraq back in two thousand and three read an editorial titled irrefutable that editorial said after secretary of state colin powell is representation of the united nations security council yesterday it is hard to imagine how anyone could doubt that iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and he offered a powerful new case that saddam hussein's regime is cooperating with a branch of the al qaeda organization that is trying to acquire chemical weapons and stage attacks in europe you know i don't bother looking for that article in the washington post archives it's been completely scrubbed you see hersh a story isn't just about intelligence cherry picking in manufacturing consent for war it's about how the white house can get away with this stuff because of the sad state of journalism in america you can create a narrative which he did and you know the mainstream press is going to carry out
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that narrative i mean it's almost impossible for someone that we mainstream newspapers who have consistently supported the administration this is after we had to have the scandal and everybody wanted to be on the team and it's in this way that seymour hersh actually became part of the story again not just a story of war but a story of how the media lets the president get away with war just like they did in iraq by silencing those who are speaking truth to power. two months ago the united states was dangerously close to making the same mistake it made ten years ago in iraq with a another war in syria as no one mainstream media outlet in the united states was willing to seriously question the legitimacy of the administration's intelligence claims and unfortunately they still aren't willing to in washington same sex are two. and now to another voice straight from syria mother agnes mary and then the crow she came to our t.t.l.
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last night and had this to say about the plight of christian in syria. well to be a christian or to be is he really only in this city it's really ventured because the. is be good for you relations of human rights nobody is safe to go because we have tolls and so forth in come to syria to spread. lanes in my. mentee in the silence of the international community for these two beautiful a village among the most. in the world they speak only english and close to us speaking of course in its. different transformation and it is it world heritage. and the law. nor reason to put these simple pollution to slaughter people religious basis.
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and we were to quote from the most. modest indonesian descent particularly when there's three who. hussein some particular is a disciple of simple and you put the blame squarely on the rebels and it turns out that of course they do it they have done it and they appeared on the video is such a shame to do so. that was another agnes mariam founder of james mutilated monastery in syria. today presidents prime minister celebrities and thousands of south africans gathered to say farewell to nelson mandela who died just last week at the age of ninety five and guided south africa out of apartheid and into a multiracial democracy as president of the country thereby becoming an international icon of peace and reconciliation artie's policy or is in johannesburg
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and brings us more reaction from this historic memorial. they was one of the most important days in south africa's history as tens of thousands of south africans an international dignitaries from all corners of the globe turned out to pay their last respects to nelson mandela it was one in a series of memorials that are being held throughout the week that will culminate with his funeral on sunday in his hometown of qunu in the eastern cape but as always on these sad and often tragic occasions world leaders use the opportunity for their own personal politicking not least of all the american president barack obama who raised quite a few are brawls when he shook the hands of the cuban leader now this is despite the fact that an embargo is in place between the two countries obama was also smiling alongside the british prime minister david cameron and the danish leader they actually took a self shot of themselves and this despite the fact that there has been some kind
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of friction particularly between the united states and britain in recent weeks and recent months at the same time it was noted that the comment that was made by the czech prime minister who was caught on camera when he was commenting over the fact that he had a knee injury and might not be able to attend mandela's funeral that at that time he said and i'm quoting i'm dreading i will have to go in the end he did not come but his foreign minister did come and what this does point to is the fact that world leaders use these kind of opportunities as an opportunity not only to pay respect to south africa's greatest son but also as an opportunity for their own personal gains and that was our t. correspondent policy. and contrary to what many people believe homelessness is still very much an epidemic here in the united states perhaps the greatest snapshot of that is new york city where poverty has just reached its highest levels since the great depression of the one nine hundred thirty s.
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take a look at this this is data out by the department of homeless services and it shows the number of people in new york city who sleep in shelters every. knight as you can see that number has steadily increased since one thousand nine hundred eighty three and in fact as of september of two thousand and thirteen there were about fifty two thousand four hundred people in shelters that's a sixty nine percent increase since just january of two thousand and two but perhaps what's most unfortunate is that a large number of those falling under the poverty line are now children as you can see the number of children on the streets of new york has now exceeded twenty two thousand it's a shocking number that was explored recently in an in-depth new york times story that followed the daily life of one eleven year old homeless girl named dishonor i was joined earlier by our t's on a stasia churkin to discuss this a little bit more i first asked her to explain the conditions that dishonor he lives in and whether it's reflective of what other homeless kids are experiencing well i mean are unfortunately the answer is yes it is reflective of these
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staggering numbers of children that are going through homelessness as we speak this particular new york times piece of very in-depth piece a five parter going the life of this eleven year old girl who lives really does shovelled brooklyn shelter with her parents and seven siblings she takes care of her babies her babies her sister her younger brothers and sisters the conditions of the shelter are just they seemed mind blowing when you read about them because this is something that happens is happening in the united states in new york city one of the richest cities in the u.s. and yet this is mice and rat infested. shelter where just there has been allegations of sexual assault and sexual predators that have gone on accountable and just the struggles of this little girl is showing exactly what it is to be living a life like that in this article really pushing forward a new wave of debate surrounding child homelessness in the u.s.
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like you rightfully said twenty two thousand the highest number since the great depression in new york we talked a little bit to new yorkers about what they make of all this take a listen. it's quite alarming as the economy picks up indicators getting getting worse it could get hired i mean like things are getting better but these are getting worse or so it's kind of like this but. a lot of people just can't afford to live anymore like ways of living and being in new york this is like you know the worst place to be so maybe people get like go somewhere else besides the big city bigger cities in you know more metropolis suburb where he is a try to make you know their lives where but it's hard here i'm an adult and it's hard for me to maintain with no kids so i can imagine families trying to maintain here the one person at the top is been increasing it's more than its fair share and the people at the bottom tend to be completely left behind. well you know me or to give you some more perspective on how bad it really is because these numbers are
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hard to imagine the new york times makes a good point if if all of the homeless children of new york city were to go into madison square garden which is a huge stadium in manhattan as many as over forty eight hundred children would be left without a seat so imagine that is pretty staggering number that's that's really really scary to think about actually want to says it could you talk a little bit more about what is really thought to be behind these numbers what is behind this rapid increase in homelessness specifically for families. well i mean what we have is a continuation of increasing home prices of course with very low incomes and it's a widening gap and experts are saying this is likely to continue so because housing prices are going up and so many people are still unable to find work what we have is the situation where as many as fifty two thousand people are in shelters every night in new york city and it's twelve thousand people and families twelve thousand
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families and those families have children and the sad part really is that the children are the people the ones we don't see you don't know they are the invisible homeless because it's you know you're not able to tell in the street which child is suffering and who is not and the numbers are that one in five children in the u.s. are living in poverty currently and the new york times again goes on to say that this is the highest number in a developed nation except for romania and i think a lot of people would be surprised to know that some people are attributing the growth of income inequality in the city to the policies of michael bloomberg you know we saw sort of a staggering increase in homelessness after two thousand and two which is sort of when he. came into power what exactly are they were for him to what are these policies. well you know also from two thousand and eight homelessness has gone up by a staggering fifty percent so it's just the the reason people are talking about bloomberg of course is because he has been mayor and just stepped down for twelve years and
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he has been and is one of the richest people in the united states and it's under his reign of that this increase enormous inequality gap kind of surfaced obviously it had a lot to do with the financial crisis of two thousand and eight but also you know bloomberg implemented certain policies back in two thousand and four where he said homeless people should be made more self-reliant and provided short term rent assistance to two homeless people in new york city hoping that this would empower them this did not happen so. people are blaming bloomberg for the reason that also millions of dollars were spent in certain projects in new york city where as homelessness clearly obviously continues to me a huge huge plight of so many people here all very interesting stuff while thanks for your reporting r.t. correspondent. and there is a wide scope of illegal conduct inside the los angeles county sheriff's department according to the f.b.i. and federal prosecutors now more than
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a dozen deputies have been charged with corruption and civil rights abuses artie's among the land-o. takes a look at the scandal rocking los angeles i'm outside of the f.b.i. offices in los angeles agents here are spearheading an investigation into alleged abuse and widespread misconduct inside l.a. county jails posting a list of indictments including charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice were handed down against eighteen former and current members of the l.a. county sheriff's department federal prosecutors claim that members of the department consider themselves to be above the law this indictment charges a sergeant and four deputies with civil rights violations related to illegal arrest and detention or detentions of people who are not inmates but rather people who merely went to the jail to visit inmates the federal investigation found that these incidents did not take place in a vacuum in fact examples of illegal conduct alleged and these indictments
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demonstrated that certain. the individuals and certain of that behavior had become institutionalized in one case u.s. attorney ajay brought claims that the austrian counsel general here in los angeles was illegally detained after trying to visit an austrian national who had been arrested and taken to jail then there's a case of gabriel career who was allegedly beaten by deputies when tried to visit a relative early counties top cop responded to the allegations defending his deputies we do not tolerate misconduct by any deputies this department is grounded in its core values namely to our perform our duties with respect for the dignity of all people and the integrity to do what is right and fight wrongs we have fully cooperated with the federal bureau of investigation and will continue to do so we have
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a very strong partnership please know that i respect the criminal justice system and no one is above the law it one of the most gay the in accusations the u.s. attorney's office claims that deputies tried to hide an f.b.i. informant from his handlers not only that deputies are also accused of trying to intimidate a female f.b.i. agent people who i spoke to were close to the case feel that more bombshells will be revealed as a federal investigation into misconduct at the sheriff's department continues in los angeles. archie. when japan was hit by a giant tsunami in two thousand and eleven hundreds of thousands were forced to flee as they literally saw their lives washed away promises were made that it would only be a matter of time before their homes were rebuilt but as artie's alexy are a chef steve found there are still waiting. this woman can only fit me and my cameraman into her new home she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole
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crew inside she's one of recent lawyers from the fukushima area forced to leave their homes amid the twenty level disaster. when the tsunami hit we were told to pack only necessary things and run away they said it would be only for two three days now living in this cage of a house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't come true well being fed with promises of a big house but that's as far as it gets promises this is just one of the quickly erected residential areas where fukushima exiles have relocated to there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people all of the four hundred three settlers living in this particular area used to have a large house as before the accident now they are forced to live in this thirty square meter dwellings they were told that this would be just a short term measure but it seems in their case the old saying there is nothing more permanent than temporary suits very well. the majority of these people are
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pensioners suffering from different ailments jobless just as surprisingly many of their younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture now he barely makes ann's meat and. fruit so he goes i had a one hundred thousand dollar a year business producing honey now it's destroyed forever just like my life on top of all that i'm offered neither financial compensation nor any job that's why i'm taking tepco to court. the government says it's working on improving conditions for research but with the regime a clear up draining billions of dollars out of the state budget it could take years maybe even a decade to do that even local officials are being kept in the dark in. the government says it's building bigger houses but will finish it in no sooner than two years and not all of these people will be able to live in those that's as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government fukushima
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means a happy island in japanese but that's the last word these people will describe to their lives which are unlikely to ever return to normal especially with the government meeting the area around the nuclear site might never again be suitable to live image alexy russia reporting from japan. and a french businessman who made millions by selling faulty breast implants was sentenced today to four years in prison the jail businessman is john claud maass the seventy four year old executive of a company called poly implant proces mohsen four of his former employees were found guilty on the charge of aggravated fraud after it was found that the company had used a less expensive industrial grade silicone to fill implants over the course of ten years this all came to a head in two thousand and ten when these faulty implants began rupturing at a much higher rate than normal although these implants were never approved for sale in the u.s. about three hundred thousand women around the world received the implants initially
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since the scandal broke more than sixteen thousand women have had their implants removed and so far sixteen hundred women have been confirmed to have received defective implants a court order has been issued that mandates those women each be paid four thousand dollars in compensation but for ground may not be enough for the thousands of women who could now potentially face serious health concerns and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our website r t dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at a mirror david see you right back here at eight thanks for watching.
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welcome to the kaiser report max kaiser oh my god but i do no longer excess bed could only lowly china bandspread could how will we survive shrink the mainstream media well in fact baidu the e bay of china and the longer it was because i but it was only ever one of by these many subsidiaries which is bitcoin and that was just for one samsung product for several weeks and those weeks only one point three seven bit cleaner ever sent to buy do look here this is their wallet see that six hundred twenty seven point eight three pounds china also announced.


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