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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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the president's word. is about to deliver the annual state of the nation speech to parliament specifically planned to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the russian constitution right there live pictures right now from inside the. washington saying it's considering sanctions against ukraine putting its weight behind antigovernment protesters here on r.t. international we look at those who are rallying to defend the officials there. and silent alliance israeli and saudi intelligence have reportedly been having secret meetings after a breakthrough nuclear deal with iran that left both countries highly frustrated.
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are you watching live from moscow these are live pictures for you right here from deep inside the kremlin here in central moscow we are standing by for the russian president's annual state of the nation address it's planned to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the russian constitution a lot of issues certainly could be addressed today issues regarding economics regional security foreign policy initiatives as well and we are standing by as russia's president vladimir putin is expected to address those in attendance in just a few minutes in fact you can see the prime minister there dmitri medvedev surrounded by other major moscow officials and we'll be bringing you this live speech in moments here or. go to his going off canal give us a preview as to what to expect in just a few months. traditionally the address has become the format to find out what the president and his team are planning for next year although the earlier ones were pushing themselves that he's not planning to focus already on next year with more
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than just two thousand and fourteen now into this address does coincide with the twenty eight. anniversary zero for us constitution and it is widely expected that switching the will to hold a large part of his speech focusing on the russians mean a lot of these last week away should over whether or not any changes that will be when she told the senate how significant would be for some russian newspapers have been reporting that was made a fortune will go to announce the establishment told the council the new body which will be focusing strictly on improving the constitution of the president is also expected to talk about a wide range of issues current problems with illegal immigration problems with the economy in society and so on but now president putin's address starts any minute now of course we'll be showing it live here on r.t. international but for now let's get to some other global news protesters in
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ukraine's capital kiev reinforcing the barricades that had been dismantled by police demonstrators showing no sign of going home the united states is considering sanctions against ukraine over the earth already as response to the demonstrations . all policy options including sanctions are on the table in our view but obviously that still is being evaluated now thousands are still out on the streets of kiev with one opposition leader having rejected calls to hold talks with the country's president and is demanding that the government step down earlier the u.s. secretary of state expressed disgust over the ukrainian authorities reaction to the protesters there but some analysts suggest those words ring a little hollow. fire for now though let's cross over to the kremlin there is the russian president vladimir putin as i knew all state of the nation address let's listen. and of caught up in europe but
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a moment that will seem oddly to ensure an aversive of the federal assembly which was. of course with a constitution the constitution could join the two principal. high status of the city. and i guess it underlined the mutual respect between the states and the six and i believe that this shooting this strong right now referred to the second chapter in the constitution which provides for the freedoms of citizens. of course the constitution process is not cost and sturdy would be finished. but open. to. practice they still live some adjustments when you could be made as you've heard. there have been some amendments introduce her
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to. one of the. supreme and higher arbitration courts. from what we see the. rulings only see. similar cases and sometimes this results in some injustice inflicted on people and i believe that if we merge this. legal practitioner will unify and that will help the bullet to bolster the main constitutional principle principle that is equality of whatever you want a little bit because you to sion. provides for the main unifying idea to. the basic idea behind this social. is the social responsibility of every citizen in every business. growing demand by the. by the business community to take part
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in the lives of the countries we need. because it is in its appellate issues so that people could have. a direct opportunity to decide to live so they're now superdelegates there are a lot of problems there we seem to day. activity is and workload is not a balance as you know when very often we see it. among the authorities. shifted from one clerical authority to argue from the region is actually on your suppliers it is. back and forth and of course we see corruption scandals emerging in. the district all of that work is really very see in terms of health care education have been handed over to the region us with local
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municipal power had to be really close inaccessible with india but issues within the reach of every person that's what i'd like to address the congress of most appalling organizations and the federal. council members and the governments of the russian federation with. these problems again it's very sad really so that we see some common sense here so that these practices of the man's time option we need to refine the principles of governments. in the gulf so that they become stronger and we need to provide the legislative framework. in the next year which marks the anniversary of the call reform which was. made back in the nineteenth century and that reform that.
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has also provided an exit conditions for us to libyans reforms. during world war one. government can become a major resource for then usually mule. with the. human resources attention. as we need to see motivated responsible people in the power. will continue to develop political competition which improves for political institutions to military when you don't know what transparency and elections that we have have demonstrated that there is less for a mallet to. the election and we salute a lot of new parties getting stronger to be one of where one of the much of. a lot
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of people. they could. take part in the elections for federal authorities could compete with the timing but we need a broad. discussion on major issues with practical results that public can issue to civic initiatives become part of the policy agenda and. well every decision is controlled by the state also to do plans which should go through the zero reading including the participation of n.g.o.s and other. organizations. federal authorities in regional authorities to you need to set up public. councils. and they should work together with them but that it should not be just a formal structure. these council you must believe we must serve
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the role of experts we need to become our colons we need to help to fight corruption to provide for a legal framework of. the human rights council we've got public chamber and other organisations to take part in the drafting of the law of public control but with that you know we need to. human rights organisation which is we leave. they should not be politically biased it's they would serve the interests and problems and help to solve problems russian citizens are of course going to probably change the new. century or of the interests of different communities more professionally there at least half of the name of the public chamber.
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appointed by the president should be from the once professional community and such approach will help us to keep the power lines of interest. different communities for the problems that the us. among the biggest challenges we're facing today he's as unique relationships there are a lot of problems in this area. which are also related to corruption to you economic problems. and when you look at education and cultural short for you. and all leads to misinterpretation and. i think identity is not just provoked why some people that we're talking about that we're talking about. the individual yes. who are just
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some of them are from you suddenly reactions of russia some of corrupt officials police officer who provide. what i preach actually for them all russian nationalists those who can stir conflict and hatred out of any. routine conflict we need to consulate. the russians. thank. distinguished colleagues might. not see in my creed of two thousand and twelve specific measures that would help to provide for the dynamic development of the country. sort of an action plan that accumulated the will of the people the aspiration of the russian political will for the better sometimes we hear.
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unfortunately there is not enough money to implement all of these major crees let's we need to downgrades our forecasts and to simplify the tasks which are working at cawley. i mean. ask you should indicate we shouldn't be full man of courage and we. are where is that economic trends always ups and downs but it doesn't mean because we have to revise. strategies we need. to refocus. the budgets overall level and needs to shift to the priority base. approach that means that every manager and every leader. held liable and responsible for the what if there were you know we
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increase the salaries in health care education with. their charges become prestigious again so the us and we go it goes in these areas that of course . is shouldn't but these salary raises shouldn't be just. covered by the expenditures from the budget so we need. to implement reform these people need to see that the word clinics hospitals and schools is improved that part from these. groups we need to. introduce morris thing we need to. provide. cation a four. star. way we need to provide financing with
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public and private education institutions and health care institutions that provide the best quality you know competition and we need to engage with social responsible business businesses and n.g.o.s and we need to count. fish and practices so where are all these measures so it's been a year and a half since the signed these decrees in may of two thousand and twelve why seal it . may be. the option you either do it in a way that causes negative response from the. it's all or nothing is done of course we can't achieve your task when we set out in this way with. too many delays and the people who are consumers of searches have not been able to see any tangible effects when we allocate
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a lot of finance finances but what. if we go this way we only increase the number of bureaucrats. and that's what's happening i'd like to point out like to draw the change leaders of the region. the federal authorities we need to. make unused dependents. assessment procedures. who are in full. situation of this it will help us to cut the costs. we need. we need new laws. will defy the responsibilities criteria for every institution. that want there to a new measure of the fish and sea of their performance and as loike to address you to pass. a law or look at the lean the.
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we have seen a lot of improvements in the health care sector the laughing life expectancy. grows going up. the birth rate is but. we need to see more changes and sure in industry needs to get improved a lot of fun sorry being channeled through the extra budgetary fun yes but that's not the way it should be people need to feel the responsibility for their house they need to get incentives for. leading. healthy lifestyle and insurance companies need to be motivated the. clinics they work with provide that level of service and that the people. should give the opportunity to choose those. institutions. if.
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the funds the allocate need to be passed down to the clinics we have. people i mean consumers need to be aware of what kind of services are free should be paid for and preventive care needs to be bolstered. teenagers need to go through. annual check ups and adults should go through medical checkups once in the three years we'll see more diagnosis as we see them on who are better health care services and we've provided support for medical centers in the so-called federal city. founded nat's who are
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medical centers across russia and we need to build on their potential and these services should not be just available to the residents of the cities where they are located brought. people from other regions and we need to provide food financing within the next two years we need to create conditions to do. one point five more technological cooperation i went. there and we do to die of course we need to catch up with the world trends but the leading countries are introducing technologies which are based on the scene. now it will be a revolution in health care of course the russian economy and science the russian. ministry of health needs to conduct. research in these areas and of course professional incentives areas. captains of industry needs to be given
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more authority in this health care ministry. needs to come up with solutions in this area we need to revive the traditional. charity and we need to. watch organize. a gnat's work of volunteers and volunteers who work for several years in the medical institutions need to have some. advantages when they apply. medical. educational institution with them of course the upcoming year. has been announced as the culture to be year of enlightenment is when you to get back to our cultural roots we need to talk about morality and patrick. composting the role of russian culture and the russian language and what. we need
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to consider that when we can seriously education policy we don't. need the schools that teach we need that if you're a culture that bring up a personality. in a culture that possible of independent thinking. and started for next year. we'll have. you apart from the standardized exam students. we also have to write the fine i say. and that will be. included in the record books of course teachers need to be able to use some modern technology is the one to be able to work and we shouldn't have disabilities. as we need to come up with new retraining programs i
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know that the education ministry is working on it who needs. to finalize this we're going to finalise this program it was another major you shoe a very good. in which we see that. which education that curriculum is. to go into shifts. of course to the positive demographic situation where you see korean children while a million and i would like to address the federal regional authorities we need to assess usual need to provide effective solutions. we need to build preschool facilities so that they could be. primary educational facilities they should not of course increase the cost of
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construction. which could be. a real facility of course. this is the regional authorities that have to take care of that but we need to assess the scope of these problems of this big issue. but of course some kind of federal assistance needs to be provided. it can you know we've had of course we need to continue to develop the infrastructure of fuel with sports. need to improve. a healthy life. swore i. invested so much in the two thousand and thirteen a university on. the world. and the sochi olympics i'm sure that. provide all the necessary conditions for us.
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to live. according to this it is sticks in december this year natural increase in population was. detected in russia first time since nine hundred ninety one. and that is a very good time. in russia has increased mortality in almost half of these regions of the russian federation almost in all the regions of the euros. in. regions of the far east it is far ahead of the average russian citizen but we also need to understand that it is the generation of the nineties that are coming to make up families these days to become parents these days and they come from a. crease in demographics it was a catastrophic so we missed to do everything to ensure that this improvement of the
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situation would not be reversed i would like to remind you that the best graphics we had in russia were in the one nine hundred eighty s. and that was also the time we peak in housing construction in the soviet union and these days housing construction must also become a driver for improving the demographics. the government has already laid out its approaches for a program constructing affordable housing. to build it no less than twenty five million square meters of. housing complete with the infrastructure. for middle class families in the next several years and i suggest that we need this program housing correction families to focus our attention on this agenda by the year two thousand and sixteen we need to provide similar five million square
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meters of housing by the year two thousand and fifteen and that is. way ahead of the peak of. the seven. modern day technology has actually enabled us to provide easy constructed affordable comfortable housing but first of all we need to duct. to the legislation in order to block. for construction purposes for developing purposes we've been debating this issue at length and in the past weeks we have taken in this issue several times. when control authority would need to follow transparent procedures of putting up. allotments for construction but also developers will have their responsibility to.
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begin development or construction they would need to return to the government will need to provide infrastructure for developing that you don't need to sort out of financing and establishment procedures that you know that fiscal towards in russia have been proposing to start regulating internet trade in and of commerce and i think it would also be helpful in a way to suggest that we develop our provisions for that but i also requests check that we. provide a comprehensive. said. duchene treated for cancer ok i think construction and i would like this work to be finalized by march two thousand and fourteen. but my colleagues should be aware of
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the situation is still as it is why the issues nobody seems to solve and that is because of corruption there is a high level of corruption in this area and we need to realize that. we're all aware that you know order to achieve the goals of social development we need to provide economic growth. and here i am referring to the core of our work of course we are still we still sense the impact of the global economic crisis but we also need to admit that the mean reasons for this slowdown of russia's economic development come from internal and external reasons yes russia is one of the for the world. economies by rate of economic growth but by efficiency of labor. two times behind the world. we need this gap and for that we need to employ the. growth factors such as
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a good quality. and a flexible labor market a good investment climate really good climate for. and therefore. the government together with. the. economic development and research and the recently established russian fund will need to take up the task of financing long term research. considering this as a national task as the task of national importance. recently. in the run up to this address to the nation. we have. we have looked at several projects for. development you all voted.
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for innovation i suggest the chambers of the russian parliament to appoint their lives their envoys to the russian chamber of innovation. i suggest that we. pinpoint. these. and it's important to follow the principle of co financing of research projects by both the government and the private sector probably businesses nowadays only one in six. research projects in russia the. protection of copyright copyright. one when you. actually property is protected by copyright and that is.


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