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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 3:30am-4:01am EST

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for innovation i suggest the chambers of the russian parliament. pointer their representatives their envoys to the russian chamber of innovation. i suggest that we. pinpoint. these most promising. and it's important to follow the principle of co financing of research projects by both the government and the private sector businesses nowadays only one in six. research projects in russia. of protection of copyright copyright. one only one percent of. intellectual property in russia is protected by copyright and there is a very small in the us. and in finland it is twenty
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percent. research in russia must be oriented towards specific results and there is getting new technologies getting results we need. to stimulate to ensure. being technologies to stimulate government to government procurement and the. state owned companies. innovative products. lately in russia. the community has been splintered into a multitude of. think tanks in institutes each involved in their own activities sometimes those activities are not even science related but that is not a precursor for their existence they were initially set up for. research we need
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to provide a technological breakthrough for the russian economy to rid it of. even hazardous technologies him for that we also need to establish and enable a system of environmental control and oversight for the russian economy however. this task is. also suggest that we system of. the economy various industries in order to have a an objective. image of an objective understanding of our. competitive system existed back in the soviet time but it was completely disarmed. and we have nothing of the kind we still have. in the economy you need to have twenty days to receive an expert permit in the us it is it is only six percent six
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days in the in south korea and it is only eight days we need to keep that in mind. for the support of exports the government together with the agency of strategic initiatives to develop it by march first two thousand and fourteen. if your colleagues leading you. should. actually stand in quality standards but they can only work in case there is a demand for. business but business is themselves therefore professional associations in their. needs to get engaged in the developing. so i suggest. professional. and government authority as an association that would unite say professionals the businesses and the experts. in two years this council needs to develop
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a package of professional standards and i call on our colleagues from the business community not to avoid this war because it is in your interests we need. our system of professional education and training in russia today and we use a lot of our own expertise and also some experience and best practices i mean for restoring professionals in professional training in every school in restoring the system of professional training. vacation colleges in russia we also need to establish a system of internships so that trading could be supported by actual practical work and i would also like to be sure to hire you creation in russia specifically most young. most teenagers in russia strive to get a higher education in russia schools and universities. must comply with these
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high demands and expectations if you want to however today. russia's capitals in the regions a lot of schools and. colleges leave a lot to be desired i believe that we need to use the potential of the country's best universities to improve our entire system we need to delegate to them the rights to other schools and also sure there. are indeed me in the in the labor markets and that the russian economy gets some real value from those graduates. and we also must ensure that the russian citizens is not restricted in. with regard to this we need to look at the prices for student dormitories and hostels in russia it must be affordable i ask. education authorities and sell. organization self governing bodies for students to look at this issue that we
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cannot increase. and i would like to to address the principals that at some point will come to situation with the russian ministry of finance it will track you room earnings and compare it to the situation the financial situation of your school and you can period unless you do better we will if we will resort to that we need to improve the education system in russia for russian nationals who are foreign students fourteen students especially for students coming from c.i.s. countries there is a very strong instrument of. russia's intellectual and cultural influence in the world and we. ensure mutual recognition acceptance of education documents. across the commonwealth across the c.i.s. you. sitting at. the center is.
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the. state exam to be taken outside of russia in c.i.s. countries. can be set up on the basis of russian culture centers in the c.i.s. countries and. every citizen who graduates from a school in the high school in a c.s. country and passes exams in such a center should be entitled to enter entering any of russia's best schools any of russia's best universities or should we need to provide. opportunities for professional training to both russian citizens or in c.i.s. citizens we need to. provide for them an opportunity to do. train for a new profession if need be they also need to have an opportunity to move to another city region to get a job. he says. we need to provide them information services.
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setting up a federal database for job he concedes so that. the president could see. if he able job in another region in any region of russia we also would need to we're going to. have a housing where. there is a whole list but it is possible if we take to it we also need to make our rural territories more habitable and more comfortable really have invested a lot already in the. sector in russia and. many. cultural products we have completely provided for russia good arguments to keep producing goods and i would like to think our farmers for this excess where this is . at the forefront we have a task of making people stay in rural areas rather than move to cities i would like
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you to give this special attention when the state problem for developing the egg who. production complex complex. i would like especially. difficult to issue has the. countries where industry. jobs this. city. as we say. there's a total of. people living in russia in search. and we need. the . emergence of new businesses in these towns we need to. encourage investors to invest in these new startups new businesses and new industries in this because otherwise later on we'll have to spend more money on trying to somehow. this population elsewhere i found would require the government.
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provide. suggestions on assisting me. resorting to resolving the tension in the labor market and providing incentives for further economic development in russia we all know the situation of regional budget which we. buy every day. reason alone. i have already. supported this initiative. several times and. every region of russia can provide one texas state tax breaks to. companies that are. creating a real value in a social sector but not all governors are a plausible here as i see but i assure you that this provides additional. for.
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regional budgets because these are new industries that we're talking about so there will be. there will be prospectively. new taxable all these companies for your budget just give them time. to. gain their ground we also need to provide. an opportunity to get all the government services from a single point. we also need to take up such a difficult issue as illegal migration not only doesn't distort the labor market but also create these balances in the demographics. and all together create social tensions we need to. enforce stronger penalties on employers for employing illegal migrants we need. to
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. ensure. their illegal migrants are banned from the country and people can travel freely in the galley and visa free basis we need to ensure their legal immigrant. easy options for status in being a part of the system i write this is this is to me russia is rather cumbersome a migrant worker has to. work for an individual but i suggest that legal companies and physical person if you like should be entitled to this to hire an employee workers and their wages also be said across the average wages in this specific area of russia we also need to track their professionals well educated experts to read in the first place those who speak russian and those who only know russian culture and who are close to it and i
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also. must only be. in the region where it was purchased if this instrument works properly it can become a powerful economic instrument politically. to the price of this piece in the regions of the russian federation of student. migrants coming to russia in a normal civilized measure all governments do that we need to know what migrants come to us for which purposes and for how long and for those that migrants who come to us visa free and are staying in russia with their stated purpose that we know nothing of the government and we need to look at the people who work for them. stay in russia should be limited and for those who violate. their stay in russia will be abolished altogether. regarding which is from the great gravity of their crime.
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from three to ten years they should be banished from the russian federation this. is for those guests to russia who do criminal or she declivity all who work legally often in degrading conditions in very often they themselves become victims of crimes unfortunately two years ago together with the business community we started. to systematically improve the business climate in russia and must tell you the results good results. results that probably few people expected to see and yet they are there but when we to go further by the year two thousand and fifteen. careful and the legal basis for comfortable business activities feel comfortable doing business in russia. next year we will launch and national investment reading among russia's regions. and mechanisms for assessing. their national business initiative investments initiative in every. region of the
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russian federation we also need to provide initiatives for those regions of the russian federation but they are developing new business initiatives in their economic base who have children the agenda of providing jobs in the region and i would like something that their government will like very much i believe that is investing in providing industrial and technical process business. then if it is a federal taxes that will come within three years from industries based in those regions should returning to this region but you can see into budgetary transfers into forward into budgetary transfers. but it seems like within the cost of this wish to establish an infrastructure if in your search here
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industrial parks and so on. this is a sane proposal it was created in much pain in the painstaking discussions with the ministry of finance and i would like to request the ministry of finance not. implement them as they are. in other sensible the issue is too much attention from a controlling authority and of course you need to do oversight but we need to look at reforming the we need to keep on reforming victims of oversight authorities in russia we need to think. even more transparent and if there is. creating a single portal. for every inspection it will be seen if it's motives it's initiators will be stated and we will be able to see to the.
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inspection it was initiated and that most importantly what its results were. sitting in. the area of the judiciary is still behind the international in a little bit and best practices. of arbitration still needs to be improved and i suggest that we. develop. a law on improving the russian arbiter arbitration court we need to better. off shore savings in the russian economy we need to make a business with bring themselves out of areas which unfortunately we think we still we have to see some results some success in this area. i must remind you that this year's team. was done in an on russian jews action even though we are. those who are shelling that cheers and those who bought those
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shares they were russian nationals. eleven billion dollars past. outside the russian budget. last year. for half of russia's fifty billion of investments in other countries was also. put through of shores in those are direct losses for the russian budget all that money. bypasses the russian economy and goes through areas and i have specific provisions for the next year here the already three companies that are. offshore but belong to a russian owner. must be taxed according to russian russian laws and those taxes are to be paid to the russian budget and we need to think of a system to actually get the money to actually get to see taxes. and
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by the way. the end methods do exist and there is nothing special nothing particular well that's. already. said. if you want to work in the uk sure that's up to you but your taxes need to come here and if your business operations are here and actually. the world economy. measures any works also a company. outside russia will not be. given access to. government support from the russian government including providing support for their loans. it will also have a new axis. state provided contracts or contracts placed by. partially government owned company in other words if you want to reveal yourself of
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government support and get. them to market their bonuses from the government you need to register and to establish yourself as a russian company we also need. to provide. information provided a bank companies on the economic performance on their social. realities and so on we need to keep reading the. banking system from because the so called money won't bring. in shops like. the departed russian. partners must be protected by the government. schemes they were using sure. dictions it is. a widespread. technology worldwide and russia just come at it along with the other
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world economy said. we need to look at it now not only with private businesses but also with companies that are owned by the government or. by the government so there must be a comfort zone for executives in this area we know that they get big bonuses but we will never see will never see our economy prosper if we deprive those people of their benefits we need to have incentives plates we also need to have control and we have oversight which companies must develop their long term strategy as it says lay out their long term. responsibility in the way of their management but we also if you need to think of responsibility including. responsibility for you feel you need those goals by companies right. exactly the end their strategic long term plans must be authorized in indorsed by the by the russian government i'm
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referring to several dozen companies of importance to the russian economy. doesn't companies of course it means. for a government official there but i'm sure they will surely rate that they will muddle through. for example was the development of so. far respects national power to improve the twenty first century. the challenges facing our president. that's why our approaches should be nonconventional you have also come up with some tax benefits for the projects in the far things you can tax and i think we. can introduce the same tax benefits for the whole of the eastern siberia and the republic of what. we need. proposed to
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set out. of our advanced economic development areas with special economic conditions. facilities. facilities which will work in normal room material sectors. again that's for the far east we need to provide for five year tax holidays for the corporate for corporation tax for the land share property tax and more support for high tech industries. the benefits for the payroll tax payer will be. what's also important is that we need to provide conditions which are competitive with the key a. cannot make sense sink losing
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a minimum our permits for access to energy agreed customs. and access. and access to infrastructure and that's why we need the first july of two thousand and fourteen to define where these areas to be located and to introduce all the necessary a regular. framework. and that's why the head of the government needs to. take personal responsibility for that. and of course later as when he lies the efficiency of these projects we will consider the continuation of these projects as you know that there is in you've been university of which was built on a risky island to help to train you especially in such areas
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biology robotics design engineering and space exploration and the use of maritime resources i believe that they're bracing as the. areas this will open up new opportunities and give us additional tool use to force the attitude for foreign policy. world development is getting more and more controversial and dynamic and under these conditions under these circumstances the historic role of russia is increasing not just as a grantor of stability it. also is a state which promotes values in international agenda to. as we see in the media battles. international political battles are continuing in other centers are looking for
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resurgent russia we're always been proud. and claim to be a superpower we don't claim to be lonely we don't impose. on anybody we don't we try to lecture anybody to try to be the leaders of protecting international in the way we're. trying to promote respect for a sneak identity. and this is justified for a country like russia with this rich history culture with. an all to centuries experience of foot solar and. coexistence of different peoples within one state.
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many countries are reassessing of moral values so i see that the identities are gone. and they don't just. respect for the freedom of peoples but they are these states demands to the recognition of the equality of the evil and good book of it. doesn't just negative consequences for society but it's democratic fundamentalism to a critique because this is based on abstract. against the will of the majority which do not accept the ongoing changes and. provisions that are going on and we see that. more and more people who support the traditional values values underpinned fors thousands of years of the foundations of civilizations the
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families of traditional family truth family life including in terms of spiritual laws. they live that is not just stuff about madiba about spiritual values and cultural diversity because of the world. and of course this is a conservative view but. it's all words. this conservatism doesn't prevent the movement. and our poor it's these conservatives. to of forwards backwards ation going back to chaos into that dark time we've seen a. more progressive model of society but this has resulted in bloodshed this is happening in. the middle east and also
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the magic situation has been happening around syria. of course the international community was faced with a choice either we go back to. the norms of international law. in the zero. to multiplying all. tough decisions in a collective way and i believe in common success that we. based on common sense and so on peaceful values we have been able to voice at least as of today a major intervention and this over of this conflict and russia has contributed significantly to to what we acted in a balanced way in a thoughtful way. we have never damaged our own interests we have never. mind the global stability and that's how mature responsible date. should act
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like. what we've seen is that together with past. we have went from a war like scenario to the dire of. chemical weapons in syria. international control and their destruction will pave the way for a stronger nonproliferation be june this year ian incidents also strengthens your role of the un. any international issue should be decided should be solved so through diplomatic means this should be no place for military intervention which is not accepted by the international society of course. in terms of the reigning knew she would get it just may be the first step and we need to continue to go looking for a solution.


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