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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EST

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the president's speech of largely a preacher says russia is not seeking to dominate the globe and is capable of defending itself to protect its buying. all the options including sanctions are on the table. washington fruit small waves behind antigovernment protesters in ukraine but not everyone is on board. you think it's democracy and revolution it's a nationalistic who instigate people to break the law were told to the demonstrators that who have fallen out of the focus of western media. also this hour israel and saudi arabia are reportedly a time team of a common interest in the middle east also pointing out with washington on syria and
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iran. this is our senior national coming to you live from moscow and a very well welcome to the program the russian president has championed traditional values at his state of the nation interests and stressed the country can defend itself if need to be allowed to move putin touched on a wide range of topics in his speech from the corner way to international politics . was listening to what they told mind the crime then have to say. main point made by the president in his address was his view of russia's role in the world and he says moscow is all looking at dominating anyone but it is going to continue protecting traditional values since clearly there is rising international demand for that. we know that there are even more people around the globe who support our
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position in terms of ensuring traditional values these are the values of traditional family and the value of human life including religious life that is not only material life but also spiritual of course this is a conservative position but the point of conservatism is not that it hinders the movement forward and upward but that it precludes the movement backwards downwards back towards chaos and the barbaric state diplomacy is another issue touched upon by the president specifically the recent diplomatic breakthroughs with the syrian chemical weapons deal and the iranian nuclear program basically mr putin said that these should be views you would as examples of that diplomacy can work and that the united nations should be viewed as one of the main forces in that regard now this brings us to the missile defense system an issue which has been one of the key stumbling blocks in the relations between moscow and washington for years with the
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us giving this theoretical threat from iran as one of the main reasons behind the system's construction and now according to the russian president since there is progress that there is with the iranian nuclear program perhaps there is no more reason to build that shield which moscow does see as a threat to its national security and one of the ways to protect security is to further develop the military sector for further develop the army in general the president spoke on that as well you know when you look at what you do see unless it was more sinister that no country should harbor illusions of achieving military dominance over russia we will. never let it happen russia is ready to meet those challenges both political and technological we've got all the potential needed our military doctrine as well as our military equipment allows without a doubt to ensure russia's security which now finally the president also spoke
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about russia's relationship with the europe and its former soviet the c.i.s. now of course he said that moscow isn't a looking at backing down from its regime. but it's also not going to stand against the desire of its allies to move closer with europe but it's not done with a hothead but. working together. and you can always learn more about vladimir putin his speech today on our website or the highlights and analysis is there for you at r.t. dot com. and also in his address village a piece in touched upon this is racial in ukraine greater rating russia's proposal of economic integration on equal terms three weeks long public purine the ukrainian capital is showing no signs of calming scott isn't. mood amongst the protesters as defiant as ever the blockades and barricades set up
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around independence square i was large as ever before they've been reinforced with sandbags filled with snow with barbed wire and benches and although the situation in kiev right now it feels quite calm the threats of sanctions he's hanging over the country as well u.s. secretary of state john kerry said that america was disgusted by the events on tuesday night when the police began dismantling the barricades built by the protesters in washington now says they could consider sanctions if violent returns to the streets of kiev what are strong message was on the ground all policy options including sanctions are on the table in our view but obviously that still is being evaluated meanwhile the u.s. foreign policy chief catherine ashton has reiterated the president on a code which doesn't tend to sign the eight year association agreement forging closer ties with europe in fact he sending a delegation to brussels to try to negotiate a deal he of course initially postponed plans to sign the deal saying that in its current form it was damaging to the ukrainian economy and whether this is going to
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be enough to appease the protesters behind me with some members of the opposition reiterating that their number one keep them on is still the resignation of the president. and made many voices of support from washington for what they call the ukrainian opposition's fight for democracy through political expert richard becker is not buying into these statements. it's clear that the what the united states government is after is regime change in the ukraine and it has nothing to do alright with what they say they're concerned about that as you know through her rights and democracy you know we saw i still think russia and the occupy movement in dozens if not hundreds of cities carried out in an organized way in the ordinary did well. by the federal government against people who were peacefully focusing here and now we hear. these kind of statements coming when in the ukraine it's
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clear that the users of the opposition are trying to overthrow the government they're not just engaging in peaceful protests they are engaged in a process which they hope will bring about regime change and in that campaign they have the full backing of the u.s. and nato so ukraine has always faced a deep divide as you can see on this mob here it's literally split in hoff with the western part of gravitating towards europe while in the east ties with russia was traditionally have traditionally been stronger and there are rallies that in the east have fallen short of the mass media attention as always we are going to reports. it's new it's hip it's exciting and it's a revolution and like moths to a flame the bright lights of rebellion are drawing in western politicians political has been to even homegrown rock stars all keen to breathe the air of change to
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stick pictures in the fashionable message the foreign media is having a blast to the chest is here feel they're fighting for the future of the country pro european protesters clashing with police they saw these agreements as a chance to open ukraine up to european business ideas rule of law standards here my done has received a massive amounts of airtime in mass media both at home and abroad but this will fact is the opinion of people here is not necessarily representative of the opinion in all of ukraine in fact it's just the opposite but you wouldn't know it just by watching the news but here's the other side of ukraine's protests the invisible one they may go unnoticed by the media but thousands of people are rallying in many cities you have run on traded to join the e.u. and opposition instead of taking students and school children to the scratch to sit down at the negotiation table and help find the best solution for our country. and
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we've gathered to say no to the orange strange they captured buildings brought the work of the government is unacceptable and will only home ordinary people. the message doesn't fit the pretty picture of a trend a revolution. that if you think it's democracy and revolution it's a nationalist the coup they instigate people to break the law they want to grab power and clear ukraine apart. unlike the people yelling ukraine is europe in capitals independence square these people have been looking at the possible consequences of the trade deal with europe some is america ready and i'm sure don't want to. to rise and pensions and salaries frozen or not aboard the only need us for cheap labor or to buy their products unlike the protests in kiev these rallies aren't marred by the presence of masked men are radical slogans or tumbling monuments and because for the media if it bleeds it leads only genic revolution
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gets a chance to be heard and seen in key of. r.t. . israel and saudi arabia reportedly cementing an unlikely partnership with both countries increasingly alienated by their longtime ally on america washington's diplomatic approach to syria and iran has fallen foul of israeli and saudi interests in the region again and check on our report. the two countries saudi arabia and israel found themselves in one boat in their frustration over washington israel and saudi arabia hate the nuclear deal that the u. was now the world power struck with iran and israel is very vocal about it the saudis are a little bit more restrained but the saudi intelligence chief said there would be a major shift in dealings with the us saudi arabia wanted the us to go all in on
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syria the us instead went along with russia's proposal and cut a deal with the syrian leadership to get rid of chemical weapons there saudi arabia and israel are very suspicious of each other the saudis oppose the creation of the jewish state they support the palestinian cause so it's too early to speak of friendship but washington definitely brought them closer together at least in their desire to threaten war saudi arabia is now reportedly working with israel on a plan to attack iran it reportedly gave israel the green light to use its airspace in the case of a strike and pledged other assistance here in washington these were the lobby is fighting what they describe as a tendency in the u.s. to disengage from the middle east the apac meeting was all about it they talked about how war fatigue in the u.s. could be a reason for washington to want to be less involved in regional affairs they saw the nomination of chuck hagel as defense secretary as
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a signal pointing in that direction of course the obama administration quickly reassured everybody that the u.s. will not stop interfering in the affairs of the region but israel and saudi arabia are not so sure at this point or they don't see the kind of interference that they would want to see i'm going to check on in washington. and earlier we spoke with the sound of prince who defected from his royal family calling them an oppressive regime he believes the u.s. is prepared to sacrifice the integrity of regional alliances for its own strategic interests. yes i'm a bit lazy about it but i believe the main reason for the change in america's alliances in the middle east is the issue of the nuclear program and that's a shift in the us approach to iran from one of confrontation to one of containment if this is the main reason even if it does come at the expense of america's strategic allies like saudi arabia and israel it is of utmost importance to us i'm just interested in the middle east date u.s.
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foreign policy takes care of its own interests but our strategic alliances with israel under nonpermanent alliances like with saudi arabia with the medical interests are much more important to washington than alliances and let's not forget that saudi arabia and israel always need washington support militarily i know the intelligence level as well as many other aspects they need the usa and they rely on it. when it former u.s. diplomat john graham says a israel and saudi arabia are especially if you are a washington. with. both countries israel and saudi arabia are very annoyed or frightened right now because of american policy toward iran what's happened to annoy you frighten both of them is that first of all obama actually called and talk on the telephone to his counterpart suffering an american president hadn't done for a decade and second that meeting in geneva actually produced an agreement which looks like iran will make significant changes in its nuclear policy in exchange for
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a lessening of sanctions space keep to the agreement then we will definitely be lessening sanctions and this is driving israel and saudi arabia nutz. this is also the international and still ahead in the program extending helping hand to would be the case had to increase its foreign aid budget as well with those still struggling to make ends meet at such a bright. this is the magic of the automobile to connote. freedom particularly in american pop culture the automobile has always been the icon of freedom i see that ford motor company is going to market a mustang for the globe so that they can export america's idea of the open road
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and freedom to places like china where the air pollution is so thick it's wafting into the lobbies of buildings and people are falling dropping like flies and because of the mustang because of for motor company environmental full cost proponent and propagator. right to see. her street. and i think that you're. on a reporter's. instrument. to be in the. welcome back to the international let's move on with
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a britain improving its economic growth these days there's money in the bond and now there are plans to spend more of it on foreign aid but as off his lower smith reports the motions puzzling sound he believed the funds would better be spent on the needs of the country's tux. britain's economy is growing better than expected so more money in our pockets to relieve some of the misery of home lift people out of poverty help them pay their heating bills but controversially and despite cops and hardship home the more positive figures will also mean increasing the amount the u.k. sends abroad in foreign aid not because there's more suffering in the world but to meet an obituary target of north point seven percent of national income the british government seems set on increasing amount of money it's sending overseas for the sake of meeting a particular target not. target driven policy which is the worst kind of way to
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set policy but we think it's irresponsible of the british government at a time when money is very tight for everyone for families from the government to be sending more and more typos money abroad particularly when a lot of the current defeat budget is not being spent very well money gets lost through fraud money's being spent in countries which even have their own aid programs to other countries it means sending a billion pounds more over the next five years and where's that money going well over the last five years nigeria has received more than a billion pounds from the british taxpayer it's got its own space program and is mired in corruption an estimated thirty billion pounds are stolen from the states every year by corrupt officials and politicians and india also trying to push a man in space they get two hundred eighteen million pounds a year from britain and they've got their foreign aid program worth one point three
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billion dollars the g.a.c. accountability report shows the u.k. already spends more percentage wise on foreign aid than any of the g eight country and the greatest irony britain is still borrowing billions of pounds every month and now growth is on the up it will be borrowing more than it has to just to give us a way. in the meantime while david cameron may have admitted to his concerns over public sector pay restraints westminster is set for an eleven percent rise in wages the premier him so has expressed surprise at the ruling but the parliamentary will be in charge claims the move won't cause the talks but a single penny on south us now reports. we've got the report from the independent parliamentary standards authority or as they're known that was released today will take you see some of the proposals because at the heart of this is what it's
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a call a one off pay uplift which would take m.p.'s pay from sixty six thousand pounds as it stands right now to seventy four thousand pounds now that would come into effect in may two thousand and fifteen but of course you talk about m.p.'s getting a pay rise and you get a predictable response from many members of the public perhaps surprisingly many politicians criticizing the idea of a pay raise at this time including the prime minister who warned the body to rethink that decision of any proposed pay rise now it's going to be a bit careful with this because it was set up in the wake of the expenses scandal and so what they're saying is that actually these proposals a cost neutral to the taxpayer it won't cost the taxpayer any more and that's because they say they're trying to curb m.p.'s benefits and pensions and if you look at the statement that was released today with the report from it says chairman
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he said that for the first time m.p.'s pensions will be set independently and away from the deals cooked up in westminster with sweeping away the out of date and overly generous benefits the proposals today really have sir it's on a collision course with politicians who are going to be complaining about this saying it's absolutely outrageous that this should happen at this time so it's going to be very interesting to see how the fallout from these proposals plays out . france has boosted big stunt of its surveillance capabilities just two weeks after lashing out of the u. was for its global spying program data that was previously only accessible to intelligence agencies well now they're available to ministries including finest defense and interior the grounds on which surveillance could be carried out were also broadened apart from terrorism cleared protection of national economic and scientific interest along with national security and organized crime the law has
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been greeted with some fierce public criticism and for more on this let's now talk to benjamin sometimes the co-founder of civil liberties group allowed portraiture do nets mr sontag welcome to r.c. it's very nice to talk to you right now so the government has actually defended the move they've said that actually the site will be provided probably there's nothing to worry about surely it will all remain within the frames of legality. yes that's what. the currently. the group which has emerged routinely in both sides of course say it was just. some way somehow a way to legalize what is already gone and that was what frightened us most
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because it really looks like. what snowden the show shows us about was about the must of the french states and other states on their own population communications that's really frightening bill law is aimed at improving the protection of france's national interests so what have you got against that. it's not that we have something against that usually. when you have los to defend something or helps it is. defending the. scientific or economy. of country it's protected by the low but it's limited by justice system like with a judge and with a trial here we got a new study authorities which are totally independent and don't have to public to
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prove. to publicize anything so there could be many illegal. interception of communications story and and we would never know about it and the operator. would not be able or allowed to say about it to tell about it so that's the main issue it's the fact that they extend the terrorist low from two thousand and one you know what we're talking about the usual mission creep of all the exception low so that's what frighten us the most it's the fact that there will be no judge involved you know only weeks ago fran├žois along i was criticizing the us for bad surveillance methods and monitoring operations right what do you think about that don't you find it a bit hypocritical. totally it's totally
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hypocritical because they got snowden revealed that they were being a huge cooperation between the n.s.a. and the french secret service is. he's with the program. it's the only one we see heard about it now and that's really something critical from the president really liked. their secret service the pressure to defend this comes amid a wide european debate on protection of pastoral dave so what will the approval of this law do to francaise stance embrace. yes it's the euro up will maybe hope posts in this way but the protection directive is not voted yet and it will not be voted before long so in the meantime we have to be doing what we can do in front and the first thing that will be done
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is. it is from the conservative party will try to. constitutional court to some sort of military low and particularly the article thirteen number twenty and they were asked if it's constitutional or not and hopefully it will be some sort of by the highest court so that's what we can do in france as a phenomenon we will do it of course benjamin song time line from paris to benjamin thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with that's where british had to thank you. he used to need to struggle to oust president assad but has now been thrown out of syria himself on nasi dot com we'll tell you why a top western banks position cannot end up how to run for cover and leave his own country. and also that china and america face another trait spot up to beijing times away if congo has
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a grudge born in that seven month one of the seeds of discord on his website. this is a council in dallas texas has introduced a new low pushing the brakes on the fracking industry it essentially means the treating a wells will move far from residential areas they move to texans voiced major concerns that shale gas drilling is pushing both down on their homes to trace its trades been shaken by a string of mass quakes in the past few months with scientists suggesting nearby drilling might have caused a seismic activity environmentalist monk w. mccord was at the council meeting and agrees fracking should not take place anywhere near populations. they weren't drilling in our densely populated urban areas they were drilling out in remote areas with low population where they weren't doing any damage or destruction to anything when you start coming into an area with
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that dense a population bringing in all that truck traffic all those chemicals to be exposed into the air and the water in the soil where people are harmed and where traffic accidents are are prevalent and we're spills of chemicals are dangerous that becomes a whole different deal other cities are looking to what we're doing there are already tightening up their ordinance and other places are looking to tighten up ordinances so yeah this probably will set a precedent and it's probably a pretty major one. and up next mike kaiser on the case of an international high flying hundred common is that.
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as we all know the holidays are a great time for families to get together and sometimes on the gets flowing they're also a great time for us to argue about everything from politics to religion with the ones we love but if you happen to be an n.s.a. agent and the government has an official list of talking points that way you can win those family arguments for sure yeah that's right the government is not giving n.s.a. agents lists a very corny talking points going to firedoglake so that way they can convince their relatives over the holidays of just how awesome effective and necessary the national security agency truly is the spite all those little revelation thinks of mass spying by snowden trust me talking points exist for a reason political social and religious organizations and use them so that when their members who may not be the best debaters on the planet can defend the positions of the organization and i would have no problem with the n.s.a. gave this list to agents they could answer questions from journalists but when the government wants you to propagandize your friends and family over christmas and
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thanksgiving it all seems kind of cultish to me that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report imax guys are coming puss is back and once again his deadly tentacles are everywhere during the cold war the communist octopus represented the evil moscow vite octopus with its marxist leninist communist red tentacles enveloping and strangling the globe know your communist enemy the propaganda posters war back then the sun will build a log of his bank where merry band of jihad azour a cold freedom fighters and a bit logs devilish band of giannis are terrorists who hate us for our so-called freedom and the communist octopus is the good guy there to protect us so-called
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freedoms through the very same tentacles enveloping him strangling the globe with his all seeing now benevolent but still red eye indeed. is the new logo for the u.s. spy satellite launched by the national reconnaissance office nothing is beyond our reach warns the propaganda posters stacey stacey stacey this is supposed to be reassuring nothing is beyond our reach look at this poster here this is from the n.r.o. the national reconnaissance office and you know nothing is beyond our reach and the tentacles of the american octopus extends all the way around the persian gulf so we're going to look there at the military operations there and the peak oil there solar would be cheaper us pentagon has spent eight trillion dollars to guard gulf oil it has cost the united states eight trillion dollars to provide military security in the gulf since the one nine hundred seventy six according.


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