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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2013 9:00am-9:31am EST

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the jews and that election in ukraine as they prolongs bro european ronnie's are still disrupting the government along with the country's crippled economy. behind him and his trade is high court of the turn of the country's first snow allowing same sex marriages. in less than a week. we've been married and we've been on marriage meanwhile india is re-instated aids ban on same sex relationships while people in croatia recently outlawed it for a good look at said box for gay rights in different countries. on domestic said at least seventeen civilians have fallen victim to a u.s. drone strike in yemen which many room only boost sympathy for al qaida terrorists
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in their region. it will shrink all seem to national life for most my name is you. and welcome to the program. members of the european parliament are urging an early election in ukraine in a bid to end the crisis that's been gripping the country and the police have also called for a new mediation mission at the highest level to establish tyla between ukraine's government and told they called a democratic opposition these statements come as a ukrainian to negationist in brussels aiming to discuss a new road map towards a possible train deal while in kiev antigovernment protesters continue to defy the authority is blocking the city's center with barricades and forcing a halt to the work of the government institutions and as aussies alexei gosh yes
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carrot force is not only causing chaos on the streets there's also taking a toll on the country's already faltering economy. to the. the. key of sprawl just have ended its fourth week with no sign it will die down the recent attempt by police to clear the streets proved fruitless and have only hard on the people's resolve it took the protesters only several hours to rebuild the barricades which the police i take it down in a matter of minutes and now they're even bigger than before the blockade has existed for almost two weeks now and not only create something of a traffic nightmare for the locals but also as the government claims it cripples the country's economy because of governmental buildings being under siege ukraine's prime minister says the country is still without said budget for next year the gross issues forget it was drafting the budget for next year and the parliament should have an opportunity to work on it the protests are the structure in many social projects like road construction is
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a natural extension of new family needs the economic impact is being felt far from the rallies in the capital one of the country's leading winemakers factories are thousand kilometers away from the scenes playing out in clear times are tough. what's going on in but here is complete chaos and it's causing serious economic damage to state enterprises like our venue our export license has expired because work in the public offices in the. who was disrupted by the protest we were unable to export five trucks of mine to russia and lost two hundred fifty thousand euros and now our contract with russian importers for the next is up in the air because they doubt our reliability. and that's happening to a country already on the verge of economic collapse with an external debt of one hundred thirty six billion dollars and what is widely seen by economists as a pre default level standard and poor's have recently warned if the violence continues they will need to lower ukraine's credit rating even further unless the
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country gets a large injection of cash from somebody over the next six months at the latest maybe even sooner than they will default fearing ukraine's economy would not survive the unrest ukrainians rushed to the banks buying foreign currency and closing their accounts in november foreign currency reserves experienced a deficit of almost eight hundred million euros the second highest figure in the country's history there is a clean for the month for foreign currency because it's definitely does not happen to financial stability of the country foreign exchange reserves are going. to disappear very quickly. meaning that the value you speak will. basically trying to claw deposits risk commercial balance. also significant risks on the commercial banking system in the country. the revolution down with the government to prison that's what we've been hearing at
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the key of protests for weeks but a possible default or economic collapse is not the talk of the town behind the barricades let's us s.t.a.r.t. reporting from kiev ukraine. also the leaders of ukraine's opposition have agreed to meet the president called it and rein iraq is that same chief of the newspaper says the u.s. simply feuding the divide even. only a tactic to further increase the tensions and because. the e.u. behind it need to have tasted blood and they want the whole thing i think they want to ukraine back in the western food as it was after the orange revolution which european government would agree to any snap election did we have snap elections in greece in spain in you know hundreds of thousands of people went on the streets
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demonstrating against. the taxpayers' money being squandered on banks there's no we don't have the these demonstrations to play down in our media. or club. and also are closely following this is ration and here for you on our website will go to live life a life timeline of the events surrounding ukraine. for the very first. be high court in australia of the times the country's first law allowing same sex couples to marry that's just less than a week after it came into force earlier this month india held its colonial era
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legislation criminalizing homosexuality while croatians overwhelmingly voted against same sex marriage a national referendum. let's not go into why some countries refuse to give the rainbow a green light. most western countries already recognize in some form the right of gay couples to get married in adult children but in other parts of the world there is the opposite trade in. in less than a week. we've been married and we've been on there it's in australia just days after the nation's capital allowed same sex couples to get married the high court there struck down that decision saying regional authority said no right to decide the matter if you live in a relationship with loves and trusts to twenty seven australian couples then saw their marriage annulled. australia's high court ruled that gay marriage was illegal because the marriage act only recognizes marriage between a man and
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a woman and only the parliament can change the legislation the most recent attempt to change the law in the australian parliament failed last year polls in the country show support for gay marriage stands at fifty three percent. but not for that absolutely i'm saying that you know history written jumping through hoops to try to make sure that every tree on the planet has its natural environment from far east that we would be challenging the definition of marriage which creates exactly that environment for a child requiring that it's between a man and woman in india the supreme court has just made gay sex illegal again since the nineteenth century india has had a ten year sentence on the statute books for quote cornel into course against the order of nature four years ago a lower court found it unconstitutional the supreme court just brought the law back into force by making a similar argument as the australian judges only the nation's parliament has the
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right to change it. but with the overwhelming majority of indians against same sex marriage and with a conservative nationalist group leading in the upcoming elections in legislative change in the next few years it's highly unlikely but you have a lot of old really just didn't. know all the communities of this country that albert allegiance to do does that old friends. it's thing europe has seen something similar this december quotations voted in a referendum to outlaw same sex marriage two thirds of the mostly carefully population there approved changes in the constitution in the tug of war between those who are and those who are not allowed to say i do the conservative view on marriage seems at least at the moment to be prevailing in many parts of the world get a check on our team. dismay pirate thousands of purse has to spore into its streets and get a government decision to legalize gay marriage. honiss based
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investigative journalist things differential slimmers he's not just afraid to put the issue to a nationwide referendum that. there is increasing skepticism about you because the indians use you as a human rights of every kind same sex marriage achieved a substantial majority opinion of much of western society but there is perhaps a tendency now to look at it more carefully and start asking questions like well what happens about children while his bud option choice of the french people would just bein a civil union the opinion polls are quite clear that a majority of people that's the solution they wanted but the government didn't want that they didn't want to tell it cool reasons because they wanted to and not in the direction of the us they're left weeks daughters who are very much in favor of same sex marriage it would be wise when you make a major change in society to do this but the reason they don't do it is because they're afraid that if you have a referendum this is certain in case it drops to have
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a referendum on this one day when after russia have a referendum on a host of other issues and governments will find their hands tied they don't get the answers they want when they go to a referendum because it focuses attention on the problem in question people actually start to think about it rather than gaily answering public opinion polls or giving it much thought. this is just seen her hands covering up and the problem of mexico others the floodgates seventy five days of oil and gas now so i say start coming to an end with western companies lining up to swoop in and to raid the benefits of the details enough that. it was supposed to celebrate a new beginning but in a matter of seconds turned into a disaster according to medical sources at least seventeen members of a wedding procession were killed by author souls claimed was a glass trance tried they say the missiles were fired at the group which hunt been mistaken for an al qaida convoy many others were also injured in that attack
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washington uses drugs as a console to wipe out on kind of terrorists in the region. they do not comment on individual strikes. benjamin says incidents like this one only playing to the militias. every time there's a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda and killing people in a wedding party i am sure that this will lead to tens but probably hundred people joining al qaeda and this guarantees the cycle of violence will go on in perpetual war the drone strikes actually are a support to al qaeda it doesn't get rid of al qaeda. every month more innocent lives have been lost and will be american administration insists precision a tux unmanned aircraft in pakistan yemen and somalia are thought to have killed more than one thousand civilians in just over a decade the figure doesn't include afghanistan and iraq would try to tocs happen
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on a regular bases but no casualties statistics are available despite america's operations are kind of remains active in the arabian peninsula but anti drone acts of it. believes the drone strikes will go on anyway. this is just another example in a long list of despicable illegal and immoral combat drone strikes on the part of the government of the united states that it could be prevented if there's no reason for this to continue and the world needs to rise up and point the finger at the united states for causing this unnecessary damage and death you know they say that they're very precise they're surgical and we can we see over and over and over again and there are many many examples of civilians women children old people being killed by these drones and even if the drones attack people that the cia intends to
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attack until they've been proven to do something that's against the law these are extrajudicial assassinations and they're absolutely up for it and the legal. posturing of nelson mandela wasn't only about grief and graveyards would tell you shortly it south africa's immense immigrant population has plenty of reasons to worry about that he chucked out of the desk all day on to write i can our correspondent investigates why they are in the lead interest of. the. economic downturn the find out that you would love to do your saying i and the rest because i was doing the makes you believe if we.
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want to go you're going to come are going to like the policies you're. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm real researcher. says immediately though so we leave the baby. by the sea potion secure in the play your party has a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from
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it's all politics. you know we're going to go to mars and it may be that initial mars colonies are set up by different nations and so forth so i think about borders well they might but again let me want a currency one language many languages are going to just one flag americans call in asmara say it's american i think there's room on mars for more than one classic arcade but ultimately i think that the many flags that there will be on mars that most of them will be new for us. because what we're talking about doing is not extending nations to mars but giving birth to a new nation. again
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this is a national welcome back. there's opera in mexico over the government's decision to open the country's oil and gas sector to private investment for the first time in seventy five here is some fear it means selling the nation's richest of foreigners the law will allow western companies to top into mexico's fossil fuel deposits and pocket the profits the country's oil and gas out would has been waning in recent years under so much as say the moves designed to revitalize the industry vast reserves i believe lie in the gulf of mexico which the government cannot afford to develop but the opposition is accusing the president of giving in to american pressure as he is nicholas centers of donovan now reports. we have to say it was one of the most chaotic moments ever seen in the history of mexican politics outside the barricade to build in hundreds of protesters rallied against the reform
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and inside the picture wasn't really so much different now the p r d and the modern no movement both left wing movements have called for massive rally on sunday regarded the content of the reform well it basically means that the government is now allowed to give private companies contracts and licenses to explore and drill the oil and gas in mexico deals that until now will obviously work prohibited under mexico's constitution opponents to the reform say they fear that that big corporations especially from the us will we have complete domination over mexico's natural resources and the truth is that it can be a big a very big deal actually for the u.s. we can't forget that mexico remains one of the top five crude exporters to there not know the northern neighbors chip in over a million barrels a day this energy reform also modifies three points of the mexican constitution
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therefore it now has to be approved by a minimum of seventeen local governments this this is step is really only a formality and groups on the left think that the measure is so big that should have been subjected to a national referendum and one analyst told us western energy giants are celebrating victory as mexico will be selling its resources to them at bargain price. you know i don't miss the issuing nottle resources being stolen by businessmen with the government's help we see high flying politicians provide companies with all the legal assistance they com so the companies end up owning resources that should be controlled by the state and businesses even get to school employees rights and it's clear that these rights will then be violated these proposals by the improve before congress which passes well some of the most in particular measures get included as reforms at a later date i can't imagine that any of these lawmakers then go on to work for all
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companies after their mandate expires it's not what is happening with the system where the public sector sets up the private sector the state starts to sell off bit by bit especially nine times of crisis and they sell it all cheap. on our website for years signs of medieval style strife at the helm of north korea kim young is i coming i'm calling is put to death with an al is young or this is execution headline for why the nation's second most powerful man was given the death sentence along with other clues to the case. and you don't often see that on the streets of jerusalem but less than two weeks before christmas mother nature completely changed the face of the how this is safe and gave locals plenty to share about it see it for yourself at home slash invasion.
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right on the scene. the search for elizabeth and i think that you're. on our reforms whether. the ban on. the spanish government has. to block out independence referendum in north eastern catalonia local separatist parties have already agreed on the wording set the date but next year but madrid says any debates on the issue are out of the question at his end police say an economist from bus load of university says they can't stop got to learn is from choosing independence they have to show how are they going to treat and avoid from happening what are they going to do they are going to send us a police and electoral plus it's up to them to show what kind of democracy
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they should vote first of all cattle and our people are an issue now long. story commission and they have been convinced that. the survival of their own language of their culture. surely says apply to their citizens are going to be better held by their own government that. matter of we look to the government you own the government. and his lifetime nelson mandela managed to break down societies divisions and smash apartheid in south africa it stood with open arms welcoming refugees from far and wide who saw him as a father figure but without him to protect them many fear they'll no longer be welcome here now reports. don't lean sought refuge in south africa from the
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congo because of one man nelson mandela causes though i knew a lot of the do nothing. that had to came but now he's gone and only means afraid she and other foreigners like her will be kicked out i think that it is well thought it was because they don't one foot in the area complaining that split in the west taking their jobs millions of africans have fled their troubled countries in search of a better life in south africa but more often than not they've swapped one harbor for another with no money work or prospects a handful have made this place a methodist church in downtown johannesburg home if you're a green or you for your german or if you're fringe and you come into this country you were in to experience what experienced here one of the things that protected for instance was that it divorced us from the rest of africa who failed is
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struggling to support his wife and five children in a brutal attack she was beaten so badly she miscarried he was left for dead their crime being foreigners in a strange land i think we could be unfair. and right for life i think i should call that that do work in south africa prejudices run deep not only are african foreigners accused of taking jobs away from locals they're also held responsible for accelerating crime so if who is suing them in the way they're going to do we're going to do it good and. where we want to give them a sense of going home though is not an option political instability acute poverty and violence awaits them. for twelve long months thirteen has been too afraid to step foot outside this church and now with mandela gone she's more afraid
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than ever liz too says something about the flood of them but now is not no one was talk about the friends as night follows the schools close providing refuge to people seeking sanctuary in a country that doesn't want them. to one is south africa. and in just a few minutes say that shevardnadze asks a space exploration acts better when will finally be able to buy tickets. as we all know the holidays are a great time for families to get together and sometimes on the hour call gets
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flowing they're also a great time for us to argue about everything from politics to religion with the ones we love but if you happen to be an n.s.a. agent then the government has an official list of talking points that way you can win those family arguments for sure yeah that's right the government is not giving n.s.a. agents lists of very corny talking points going to firedoglake so that way they can convince their relatives over the holidays of just how awesome effective and necessary the national security agency truly is the spite all those little revelation thinks of mass spying by snowden trust me talking points exist for a reason political social and religious organizations and use them so that when their members who may not be the best debaters on the planet can defend the positions of the organization and i would have no problem with the n.s.a. gave this list ages they could answer questions from journalists but when the government wants you to propagandize your friends and family over christmas and thanksgiving it all seems kind of cultish to me but that's just my.
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hello and welcome to sophie and co me sophie shevardnadze and space has always been a frightening guess at the same time an irresistible lure for humans billions of dollars have been spent on space exploration numerous missions have left to earth's heading towards the stars now among the latest a mission this is the exploration and colonization of mars but why would people want to go there will it ever be possible and is it worth it that's today's topic.
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troubling even a higher conquering space leaving an imprint on other planets. cosmic adventure has always appealed to people's romantic side so what is the next extraterrestrial step so look towards mars and hope the first human settlers will arrive there within our lifetimes how realistic is down vision who will these pioneers be will the hardships be surmountable and will the martian winds be merciful to the first trial. or it's our guest today is robert zubrin ira space engineer author and very outspoken advocate of human colonization of mars it's quite heavy here on our t.v. . thanks for inviting me right so the people have been to the moon for the past forty years and the last time they went there their litter expedition didn't really
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leave much of the consequences didn't really bring much of their fat why do you think that mars will actually have more effect in well mars is much more interesting place than the moon ok the moons of rock mars is a world mars had oceans on it in the past it had rivers there dried up now but mars had liquid water on it for a billion years which is five times as long as it took life to appear on earth after there was liquid water here and so it's possible that life could have evolved on mars and if we go to mars and find traces of past life or even surviving present life it would prove that the development of life from chemistry is a general phenomenon in the universe and furthermore mars is a planet that has the resources not just to support life but technological civilization for our generation mars is the new world but from what. breeze in mars can it because there's no atmosphere right there on mars there are
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sandstorms. i mean the place is pretty pretty inhospitable. yeah mars while it has a thin atmosphere not no one can very know you have to wear a spacesuit going outside on mars today. but nevertheless it's an extremely interesting place and it's a place that because it does have the fundamental resources it has water it has carbon it has nitrogen things that are all lacking on the move. where with sufficient technological inventiveness it can become a place that humans can colonize you know humans are not native to most of the earth units are not native to russia no single no human could survive a single winter night here in moscow without technology where you have a like an elf.


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