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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2013 12:00am-12:31am EST

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i'm sorry. ukraine's president proposes an amnesty for arrested protesters and a moratorium on the use of force at demonstrations it's an attempt to resolve differences with the opposition and. only e.u. donuts with the european union flag are now available for sale we take a look at how the ongoing demonstrations are affecting the daily life of people in kiev. a fresh surge of violence marks on the syria turkey border where all al-qaeda linked fighters have reportedly abducted one hundred twenty kurdish civilians. and ireland becomes the first state to officially break free from the eurozone bailout program a milestone on its road to financial recovery.
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you're watching our team live from our moscow studios where it's just after nine in the morning i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. ukraine's president has called for a stop to any forcible action by police and activists he also wants those arrested during the protests in kiev to be granted amnesty president victoriana corvette maybe he concessions after holding talks with the opposition over the crisis that gripped the country but he's refused to dismiss the cabinet what started out as a rally in favor of signing an agreement with the new has turned into anti-government demonstrations with thousands camped out in central kiev massive rallies in support of the government are also expected to take place just hundreds of meters away from the heart of the opposition protests artie's alexy or chef king
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is in kiev and takes a closer look at how the revolutionary mood is affecting every day life. the korean capital has been in the protest mode for more than two weeks now it looks completely different than a month ago people are living here cooking food. and definitely life has changed when the protests kicked off talking about food underneath the square of the protest you can literally chew on the e.u. donuts with the european union flag are now available for sale. thank you very much . and the taste delicious local fridge magnet manufacturers were quick to pounce on the idea of the protest and now you can purchase a very peculiar more ability from sending young to prison to localizing international brands it's no wonder that central kiev is the place of many restaurants and bars in their lives have been affected in one way or another we decided to pay a visit to one of the oldest pubs in the city center to find out. so we lost the
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pubs manager how the protest affects the life of his restaurant. how have the euro my done protests affected your. the number of visitors has increased only slightly since these protests kicked off but now we've got a special offer menu which includes items such as tea and cake and will be open twenty four seventh's for as long as the year all my down protests continue but not all and if seem to be equally happy with the way the protests are going some of the local taxi drivers have complained to me that the barricade makes their life a true traffic nightmare i talk to one of them right now what do you think of the barricades in the center of the city i'm sick and tired of this government but being a taxi driver is my job so those barricades in downtown key that actually make it much harder for me to do my job and feed my family. the further we step away from the my down the more mood change we're seeing among the locals some of them have been enraged by particular aspects of this unrest as someone who was born and
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raised in kiev how do you feel that these protests protests are good i'm tired of going to quote which two because i think he has run his course but as a kid resident i'm not sure why monuments needed to be destroyed it seems these demonstrations have been privatized by a bunch of vandals. but just one kilometer from the independence square there are places where the revolution vibe is non-existent after what has been a turbulent and hard weekly crane people are letting off steam in different nightclubs and bars but then it's life goes on despite the some part of the city is still on the revolutionary lockdown let's hear a selfie reporting from here in ukraine. we're not about the club there u.s. senator john mccain is heading to camp to join the opposition protests along with other u.s. lawmakers the senate introduced a resolution calling on washington to impose sanctions against ukraine if violence
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breaks out during the rallies don de bar is a producer for c.p.r. news in the u.s. he says geo political ambitions are behind the foreign involvement in ukraine crisis. a member of the greek parliament goes there on the public treasury to stir up trouble with ukraine and to promote the e.u. stance simply well the easy was strangling greece these are some amazing images to me there's a geo political agenda this being served by stirring up but unrest in ukraine both an attempt to bring it into the orbit of western europe a century and also by the way to use ukraine as another source of the looting that goes on if ukraine were to look at what its real future would be in the it should look to the countries of the south greece portugal spain ukraine will end up impoverished and exploited france is one of the policy makers in the e.u.
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reemerging as a colonial power and ukraine they are attempting basically to treat as a lower tier sect substrata a group almost a colony inside the e.u. . online we've got a lot timeline of events in kiev for you had to our website our key dot com for the very latest from the ukrainian capital. al-qaeda linked rebels have kidnapped one hundred twenty kurds in the syrian village close to the turkish border that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights now the fighters say all the captives including six women were taken to an unknown location alan simo is a representative of the foreign affairs and relations office of the democratic union party in syria he's calling on the international community to protect the kurdish minority. terror groups. relate to.
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you about them not on the islamic state we're trying to persuade that international community and the whole my rights organizations know my rights defended that they have a duty to protect their civilian all these people have been killed or have been from their area from their home from their houses and this winter harsh condition. their duty to protect these people they are not people that are kurdish people living peacefully earlier this month fifty one kurdish civilians were taken hostage by the extremists including eight women and two children al-qaeda linked groups have been terrorizing kurdish enclaves within syria several unconfirmed reports put the number of those killed in the hundreds defense can till to morrow we. believe that with the rebels failing to gain ground in the area they decided to try a different approach. well these are extremely desperate measures being carried out
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by the rebels they want to sabotage the geneva two talks that are due to be held on january the twenty second in twenty fourteen they're not gaining ground in terms of. of their operations against the assad government and they haven't been able to topple the assad government the report on the chemical weapons use has not apportion blame they were hoping that the syrian government would be blamed and therefore they would be more of an international pressure against assad to step down and this hasn't happened the judeo christian politicians in europe are paying lip service to the whole process they are providing non-lethal aid and any aid is lethal in effect the whole international effort is futile in every sense of the word ireland has met an important milestone on the road to
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financial recovery it's the first country to break free from the eurozone bailout program after three years of receiving loans from international bankers the country has cited it can now stand on its own two feet artists are sillier reports. arlene will would itself be quote shackles of the troika on sunday and will wake up on monday as a quote european country standing on equal footing a confident claim by prime minister kenny ahead of the country's official exit from its bailout program for eighty five billion euros it cost the irish three years of painful austerity higher taxes slashed minimum wage which has since been raced back high youth unemployment and another wave of irish immigration i'm not sure that the hard ideological line of austerity which was coming forth from europe was a good way to irish people would be to nice to see the end of the troika to see the
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opportunity for a street gang or economic sovereignty to be able to make our own decisions in relation to our future the government here is touting the exit from the bailout program as restoring economic and financial freedom but no one here is under any illusion that that exit would also mean an end to hardships or complete release from austerity while the idea of possibly having more control over their destiny as a nation is psychologically uplifting people really want is freedom from individual debt that so many here are still heavily burdened with. structural growth we still are facing. in other words when you look at the overall economic. bailout it's not really that significant yet at the same time certain credit which should go to the nation to the government to the nation was. calling. in dublin city center sights and sounds of the festive season are
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present but it rings hollow cousy feel they've simply been kicked to the curb. be happy we're exiting from. the budget for this year or next year. no we need to read the mortgage arrears figures take a dramatic change next quarter no. seriously or t w. now a recent poll suggests that half of ireland's population believe the government did a good job while driving the country out of the bailout in the meantime seventy three percent hope for the easing of those austerity measures we went to gauge public opinion on the streets of dublin. i suppose is a positive move but. said today we still hold to germany france the bigger economies in europe so. that the internet of bailout doesn't really seem to make much difference said behold and you know we've got to about time we know there's something for sustained sale if you like
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a certain year like this i think it's good i think they have to stand on their own two feet i think they can yes i do. the irish government says the country's economy is recovering though it could take years to pay those loans back despite all that political analyst darkon john at bank says the irony that ireland success sends a positive message to other bailed out countries. finally ireland achieved to get out of the hole get back to economic growth and leave the bail out so it's a welcome on the financial markets that's quite an achievement because it shows that through fiscal consolidation it is possible to recover and i think that's a very good example for greece for portugal for cyprus and others the issue basically is how much time do we have when all the economies of greece italy spain portugal cyprus growing again if it is going to be one or two years like in ireland
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it will be very good but a video to be ten years is going to be very long and i'm afraid that many citizens in those countries will not accept this particular note if this eurozone is going to be stagnation for ten years to come i think this will have very serious political consequences. on the eve of the anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school massacre the u.s. is hit once again by a similar tragedy a student has shot two classmates while hunting down a teacher coming up we were port a while america ground for gun violence. martin's consumer p.c.'s and i see it with me in the country is the federal government simply saves property of the united states government. the united states some of them it was probably going to realize they can just buy. here i'll just throw it away this equipment for instance belongs to the united states environmental protection agency
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i found this on a damn site here this year it's not a waste of. my producers of business when i should be able to collect these i believe that vision responsible for the approval from cradle to grave. for mexico. mental health property of south america incorporated it also belongs to the washington metro area transit authority property suburban streets pay trends and trademarks. it was thanks.
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welcome back you're watching r t live from our moscow studios and lindsey france thanks for joining me hitting rock bottom modern day cave dwellers are facing eviction from a picturesque spanish settlement the protesters in the city of granada are dug in and determined to stay after receiving orders to quit their subterranean homes they claim there may be more behind the eviction than meets the eye or to use lucy catherine off as the details. it's views like this one breathtaking isn't it that's made good not of famous for drawing visitors in but it's the city's plans to force out a group of residents from this very hill that's drawing controversy now it's a bit of an unusual kind of story we're in the foothills of the sierra nevada mountains an area that's pockmarked with countless caves caves which people have called home for years now the residents are a colorful mix of characters we have spaniards immigrants students people who don't have a place to call home as well as people who prefer their home to reflect well
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a bit of an unusual kind of lifestyle and while several days ago we had seen a protest of about two hundred and fifty supporters coming out here saying that's simply not ok what they want for the city to do is to consult the people to live here to provide them perhaps with a better housing options and to make sure that the people here don't feel like they're simply getting evicted for some other unknown purpose meanwhile activists believe that it's not actually about the dangers of living here but perhaps there's profit motivation behind getting the residents out of course the views here as we mentioned earlier are spectacular and there's been some discussion of potentially building a luxury resort hotel something on this property the residents here say they've formed a sort of community now this is an example of one of these so-called homes nothing fancy really quite small there's room for a couch some photographs of course it is very clearly a cave most importantly of course it's protection from the elements now they the
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residents here don't all have the papers to prove that they actually belong here some do say they do but their days of refuge do seem to be over that's because the city is trying to evict them from this area the city believes that it is a danger actually to the people living here that's because this mountain they say could collapse and actually hurt the people who reside in the area but the residents here have a very different take i mean we are. resisting with all the legal means we have unlike the authorities whose actions have been unfair and on lawful throughout the entire process there hasn't been a single collapse in the caves since they declared we were living in ruins three years ago this only suggests that they've been lying and simply looking for a reason to throw us out i mean to say we're really feel completely safe and comfortable sleeping here every night the only thing we're asking the government for is another independent examination of the place because during the one they did back in two thousand and ten no one came to see how we live nobody actually entered
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the case whatever the case the authorities say they're certain they want to evict residents from at least eight of the caves the residents of course say they're not going to budge away here r t we'll be covering the developments over the next few days to do stay with us for that coverage reporting from granada spain for r t i'm lucy catherine of. on air and online here's a glimpse of what's lined up for you at r.t. dot com america's national security agency says it's ready to forgive the deeds of whistleblower edward snowden to field the real extent of agency's mass spying program but only if you stop spilling the beans why not more at r t dot com. also online breakthrough leave scientists pondering our universe is nothing more than just a reflection of another cosmos so everything you see including the screen you're now watching is just a mirror image that the whole three d. review of their discovery on our website.
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and i will be sure. to read were. i. a ten year old karl pierson has been identified as the shooter who opened fire at a high school in the u.s. state of colorado wounding two people one of them critically he then turned the weapon on himself his body was found in a classroom armed with a shotgun he entered the school looking for a teacher students were evacuated from the whole high school in the town of centennial near denver the incident comes just a day before the anniversary of the massacre that at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut where twenty children and six workers lost their lives are two spoke
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to dr jill stein a former us presidential candidate for the green party she told us what could be behind the rise of gun violence in america. we have about one hundred times the rate of gun homicides and violent gun crimes relative to many countries of western europe and we should not be in the business of normalizing violence it's clear there is a relationship between gun violence and economic violence and poverty and racial disparities and economic disparities and all that and the more we become an unjust society. the more we are at risk for continuing gun violence and potentially growing gun violence. now to some other news making headlines around the globe in iraq officials say gunman have killed eighteen oil and gas workers and wounded seven northeast of baghdad most of the dead are reportedly iranian the attack
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happened as they were digging a trench to extend a pipeline running between iran and iraq sources say the incident took place in the predominantly sunni area. i'll jump that's the slogan of protesters in mexico city demonstrating against the government's plan to increase public transport fares they're taking collective action by jumping over turnstiles instead of paying the claim it's not a shortage of money but corruption that's to blame for the high cost of transportation in the mexican capital the price reforms would make a metro take it in the city one of the most expensive in the world compared to salaries. roads have turned into heavy into rivers as heavy rain causes chaos across brazil thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes many had to be rescued from stranded cars and vehicles which became overwhelmed mud has flooded cities halting transportation and damaging hundreds of buildings at least four people have been killed since the extreme weather started to batter
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brazil. in northern mali the french army is staging a large operation against islamist fighters there are reports that twenty jihadists have already been killed near the city of timbuktu mali is battling to restore stability in the nation after al qaeda linked radicals seize control of the northern region meanwhile over sixteen hundred french troops have been deployed to the central african republic to curb rising sectarian violence there. as south africa mourns nelson mandela many fear his death may reveal serious tensions in the still divided state several decades after the end of apartheid there's plenty of unresolved anger leading to racial tension artie's policy player reports from one town where life is far from what mandela envisioned for his country. it's definitely unsafe because they have you seen a white person around. this core. is taking us on
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a drive through the streets of his childhood this was a wealthy white neighborhood during the time of a party eight. is now a very different place i wouldn't carry a camera wardle getty anything. of value i wouldn't wear a watch i wouldn't wear anything that could make me vulnerable to be attacked they'll be robbed a handful of white south africans still live here most are too old or too poor to move out move and stephen is one of the few who still call here brown home it's a pretty they're pretty busy. because i think with the korean government things all this this is going to. go. twenty three years after the end of apartheid south africa remains plagued with unresolved racial tension. while people are they still have the opportunity.
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mostly. to distance themselves to the blokes. are members well we couldn't be on the streets of hue brown after nine that night some black south africans he admits are still angry that maybe they have built a good road or something because they nor the door wide so with. their being there why they hate girls and why it's the good of this thing that they have my own little movie they do don't have miley at times south africa seems very far from the country mandela hoped it would be instead of becoming a melting pot of different cultures and colors suburbs like hillbrow are today places where whites are too afraid to go and where the black population remembers very well they once were. the past the present and the future balance put kerry sea side by side as the nation mourns its most famous son and
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wonder what comes next port of johannesburg. coming up here on r t international the story of people suffering from toxic danger as masked by nature's beauty and if you're in the u.k. prepare to go underground with afshin rattansi. the music secret laboratory tim curry was able to build on the its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and worry that this is why you should care only. odd
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leg. right to see. first street the is the knife gripping feature. on a reformer with. an instrument. in the.
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other planets in the land the islands they are the mother that feeds us. on offer to invent they put a dirty bomb in there like
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a rotten bomb in my mother's womb. that's that's what exploded for what on the nothing in what she's dead and what she's dead on a limb and my eyes smile and is dead now. on this january afternoon under the magnificent dome of the senate the debate begins a debate which is not exactly popular maybe because it's about polynesia a country some eighteen thousand kilometers away with a different world yet this is a day that could go down in history nearly as to deny the environmental damage
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throughout. in particular in french polynesia is to deny a part of every polynesians identity depriving them of their land their environment is to deprive them of part of themselves the guy who this stone comes from or. sits and this is exactly what all of this is about this afternoon nothing else this. is what is all that's visualized the forty one flashes in the thermonuclear explosions in the middle of the sky should move above more money she said some of your predecessors minister. visualize again the one hundred thirty one underground.


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