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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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it makes up to be a little bit fast but so first of all let's get stuck in and talk about greece because as i was saying the greek authorities would now have the power to tap into people's bank accounts i haven't been paying money that they are into the states tough action has already been taken against people that have been avoiding that tax bills we've already had two thousand rest made over debts which which they owe so this stays as a consequence the state has managed to get over nine maybe in your eyes to state coffers so is greece right to come down on paper with up on paying their way is just a step too far well within all still to nic sky because he's in both economies an international lawyer he's joining me from athens just now hynix of first of all what you make of this may. well it's a little bit of a desperate measure desperate times and it will hit the desperately poor people hardest this is paying the measure but the troika has advocated the troika of
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backstopping with this of course since toward the turn. they finally got their way when push comes to shove all of this usually get their way. we all know that in greece one third of the people live above the poverty line so the idea that you can squeeze blood from a star is quite silly i think it's going to be a very regressive measure it'll probably be the small most periods of the small ferrari or the big fish but a very sophisticated in our millions in back taxes are going to get away scot free they're written all human they can all of this the greek people are notorious for avoiding paying tax is that unfair to say. oh it's not unfair to say a big reason reasoning behind the greek health since the education system infrastructure and pensions are just a disaster so great people certainly don't like to pay taxes because they don't see value for their money at the moment there is about. the three billion euros in back
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taxes or now this isn't a cover you have about two hundred billion euros have a country with a national debt of three of the thirty billion euro of course out of the sixty three billion forty billion is our god bankrupt companies so it's going to have to be very not what they're trying to use access some of the money of the twenty three billion left of but of course i doubt they're really going to collect very much this policy idea is that. everyone is trying to broaden the system the reality is it's only a small minority that are doing that but they're going to be clobbering millions of people across the. i can make a long way ahead of rocky right now i doubt nick today talking to us from athens thank you very much indeed for your time today so greece is on the way out of recession apparently and we've also got island some positive news because today the country will officially break away from international funding of the country will no longer be dependent on its eighty five billion euro bailout it's happened for
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three years now and just this week bank of america merrill lynch's economic outlook for twenty fourteen in it they said i live alone which i've been a all the only years and countries likely to see a significant in their words pick up next year. now the bank said the island's economy would grow one point nine percent next year more than twice its projection for the usa and just ahead of germany as well says dive into tito all this we always get the reality from mr across a. from the zone how many times have you. listened tell me last time we chatted about this we said the number is over for you rosy and wonderful and very pretty but the reality is quite different yeah you can look below the top line if you look at the property market right now if you're seeing greater relative inequality rents are being pushed up words salaries are still remaining very low obviously there's been lots of cuts so people are suffering people people are so we want across the board health care is probably the most inefficient. care system in europe and on
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top of that you've got very slow job creation just say and it's all about jobs that we have that i we know that that's how people survive and so the quality of life issues are there you know the problems are really there and you don't see that in the topline numbers we just see the party numbers listen and still has the year i what does that mean how close they decide and have to watch the likes of portugal spain greece if they go down audience could be in trouble as well they're watching the euro very carefully the their very very tightly managed by the european commission for example of the troika are still there they still have a very strong influence of what are the can do there was a warning that was issued from brussels last week when a draft budget was revealed from the from dublin and european commission wanted on it and to increase the cost to be an increase were being made to european commission is looking for to know how we can because we want to categorize them so they're still roosevelt's and it was terribly more more coats and you know more.
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more social and happiness yet from our hearts ache for the after just five months yet it's still something you see so the general view the positive view the island is a poster boy for. nonsense or is i going to i think i think on the one hand yes arland has got to take the arj people have taken an extraordinary amount of pain probably too much pain in my opinion but it was the opinion for example of joseph stiglitz the nobel prize winning economist who thinks give me two things that the i.r.s. people who were made to bear an unfair burden by the stars policies that were never forced upon them in the decision to let the financial terrorists get away with one hundred thirty billion in a bad bet so i think. i think the situation in arlington is not something that's going to change very quickly i think we're looking at a lost decade in orland and i think as long as issues like immigration are running rampant i think you're going to see a very very slow recovery for
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a country that's taking a battering from the world economy got to art across a artie's news editor he's now going to do an hour is done three go. thank you so you know it's time he was going to be much. more the global economy struggles with excessive debt to russia is playing the heroes so it's a mess by writing off debt that is owed to various countries around the world this week a deal to rise of ninety percent of cuba's thirty two billion dollars debt owed to russia was signed cuba's economy has been crippled by the fifty year trade involved go by the u.s. which is being called a barbaric genocide by the country's foreign minister but it's not just cuba that russia is going soft on over the last twelve years russia has been given a total of one hundred sixteen billion dollars of debt so what other countries are being told to put their money back in their coffers that will it have a well the whole of africa has been let off paying back the second biggest amount which is over twenty billion dollars and it's afghanistan which will no longer have
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to pay back the twelve billion then it's a rock which will get to keep eleven point nine billion dollars and they were going to have it. with eleven billion in type so. eleven billion they get to keep hold of act as well charitable russian moment all right let's move on. now let's get a corporate we're going to talk about russian pows because christmas is around the corner and apparently the situation is getting better because it is notoriously volatile. says it will deliver fifty percent more apostles between now and new year's eve and in the same period last year the company promises they'll be known the peace of the mount. since the pulses that stand up most goes afterwards and so it sounds like sounds silly they said well it's how you. would have it from the start was telecoms preparing to slops jobs with the most the officer push he said
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of its one hundred fifty five thousand stop the main reason for that layoffs is the companies that provide up to date say. things are rough says the president to social networks facebook contacts is to start offering a subscription movie so the site will collaborate with the media which i use the rights to hate speech a game with friends right. now i'm going to get a little bit emotional now because we're going to get to the business desk with mr solmes almost for the last time. come on tell me how you've been getting on i'm not going to be asking you this ever again. well i'd like to tell you that i had great news but unfortunately if you remember i was in financials speer bank down at one percent this meeting i'd lost one hundred twenty four dollars bringing my grand total to twelve thousand three hundred thirty seven for my final portfolio you know i wish i could have a great news but unfortunately i lost my last round of i k i'm not
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a mathematician but that means you are up for the year tell us about the experience i do you know i. have favorite part of the show you say tell me about your experience have you found the whole thing so well. that i said thank you very much and i'm sure that your favorite part of the show ok five months up twenty three percent that's actually really good considering this is very difficult people should not invest week to week in chasing trends they should actually do a more long term strategy and leave it to the professionals and do the long term type investing but what we did was we started off with metals in august at ten thousand dollars took a huge hit end of the month at seven thousand six hundred thirty one then slowly progressively each month got better and better. one thousand four hundred sixty three october of one thousand nine hundred thirty november for the first time we added above that ten thousand mark it turned out as a nine hundred ninety two that's when you got your plane tickets to sorcery on the budget airline of course december twelve thousand three hundred thirty seven
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a percentage increase of twenty three percent which is good overall but of a very very tricky and dangerous strategy listen thanks ever so much for getting involved us so we really appreciate what i wrote in fantastic mr shelton as our in-house investor for twenty thirty. now as you just heard sean managed to make the majority of his gaze during the coin boom when the virtual currency rates the one thousand mark now at this point the world of global finance started to take note and now u.s. banking giant j.p. morgan is planning to launch their very own patch system now much like big court this new electronic system will allow users to make payments completely anonymously and users would not have the expense of today's why if that's what the bank says anyway but you know what the reality is the world has already gone to as more than ninety percent of all finance transactions taking place over the in sat how big
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did perform this year thanks it's been a very interesting one and we'll be able to see that the price has actually tripled since october hey we've got these two going on just in the world took note of the big question. now moving on an official symbol for the russian currency the ruble has finally been approved by the center of baghdad now we're going to have a look at the way down and it one out of a thousand options here we got. so this is actually i russian like a paid to foreigners like me who are more familiar with the latin alphabet but we must remember it's definitely not the people it is the root of all this is a song. the government is hoping the robot will have more of an international status an abstention currency as well that's the idea behind it all right guys that is the rationale for that's and i have friends i thought today thank you so much for joining me it's been fun it's been informative but i say that as well but next
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week we're going to go all to say so join me that. just imagine a foreign leaders like alexander lukashenko or vladimir putin just showed up an anti e.u. protest and a greaser hungry to urge people to leave the e.u. and join up with the eurasian customs union obviously the media would be on fire screaming that this is part of an attempt to use democracy and steal the country's away as some sort of imperialist agenda and you know what they might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talking about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament loreto grows in india and vice
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president got sick put to sea of each and former polish pm jaroslav kaczynski you have the european union brassfield is just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protestors to start a pro e.u. revolution but then all their journalist write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to not join the e.u. the obvious hypocrisy of this stinks all the way up to moscow but the shust by painting. steady stream of snowden related leaks no longer surprises but the company scope of spying still does he even online gamers have not been spared all the while the the powers. be dissident to rein in the n.s.a. they appear only want to make legal what is now illegal is it time for an international bill of digital rights there's a media leave us so we leave the. other soon to suit your. party
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years ago. wear shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v. . who has nuclear weapons in the middle east and is threatening to use them coming up . then you mean revealing what he really thinks about america. the world's top war crimes prosecutor tells us why he helped convict israel for genocide. and we're going to be a becomes a battlefield as lobbies try to rewrite history.
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colin powell will crimes commission on november twenty sixth found israel guilty of genocide against the palestinians tribunal stays consistent evidence it heard from eyewitnesses concluded since nine hundred forty eight there have been repeated mass killings through and naval strikes forced expulsion from israel of hundreds of thousands of palestinian survivors massacres of those who refused to leave continued seizure of palestinian lands for jewish settlements some public roads in israel itself offered jews only jews officially discriminated blood banks refuse to accept blood from ethiopian jews used against palestinian civilians of illegal white phosphorus which the tribunal notes ted is the insides of human bodies and sea blockade of palestinian territory leading to
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a state of quote siege and imprisonment of the entire nation denial of food and drinking water and the stealing of palestinian water resources and hundreds of checkpoints on palestinian lands that create quote impossible conditions of life some see the whole crimes tribunal is highly controversial faulty and question is. sortie and just missy the israeli foreign ministry for a response to this was this summary. distorting historical reality by calling israel's actions crimes as an insult to intelligence there is no siege on gaza out but a naval blockade had been declared and accordance with international law however the independent reports top israeli officials on the record admitting a premeditated intention. the goal is to send back to the middle ages. really need to flatten all of gaza the americans didn't stop with hiroshima they
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hit nagasaki too unaware he's being filmed israel's prime minister reveals he wants to inflict quote unbearable pain on arabs and claims he's manipulating america the main thing is to hit the arabs so painful that it will be unbearable the world will say we're defending america something that can be very easily moved without urgent action the us report finds girls that will be quote unlivable by twenty twenty one it news reports israel repeatedly bombs goes only power station when treatment plants run else of fuel last week thousands of liters of rule sewage again run in calls the streets it's not floodwaters which this man struggles walk through human waste and sewage even our children if they want to go to schools or to the shops were forced to carry it out we've become sick and have crippled breathing and new skin diseases emerging because of this situation the post years this idea of
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brigadier michael eagle star and was a great one to tell you it's a tax from girls on settlements have stopped in those years israel's reciprocal pledge to help girls the rights the economist hasn't been kept un special rapporteur on human rights warns the world is slouching towards nothing less than a palestinian holocaust first richard fuld thank you very much for joining us why is this behavior actually genocidal when you. are. and if an ethnic group and inflict this kind of punishment. you are. in a shack. nurturing kind of criminal intention that is genocidal was leading war crimes prosecutor helped establish the genocide tribunals first frances boils and president milosevic to the hague is now working for the creation of the hague international criminal tribunal for israel first of
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all thanks so much for joining us israel's now threatened preemptive conventional and nuclear strikes on tehran what is its legal basis absolutely not your core already decided that in the legality of nuclear weapons case that the. threat stands of the same footing as the actuality of preventive or preempt to worst terror was condemned by the nuremberg trials the end all but the bottom line is israel uses its nuclear weapons to cherise and intimidate the surrounding states in the region it has nothing to do with with defense the guardian reports how close we've already come to all out war prime minister netanyahu ordered a peep plus alerts on iran's energy facilities in twenty ten that would make quote
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an israeli military strike in never to bill a country spy chief with a gun knows it was an illegal move without going through as ation of cabinet and then netanyahu was quote trying to steal a war it's not no more stop that's in your has order being carried out but it received extremely forceful opposition from two people who were informed all me had gabby ashkenazi a man who called mitt and you know his plan quote the stupidest idea i have ever heard both. have now left their posts israel's institute for national security studies war gamed precisely the attack ordered by netanyahu and found two outcomes possible one a contained reaction the other world war three. talks like soften his producer and also gilad atzmon renounced his jewish religion and israeli citizenship the core of jewish identity he says has become racism joins us now it's great to speak to you why do we keep getting these unprovoked apocalyptic crises
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then more. easily are. them all down by the palestinians may as well be. a i've been to be. very good former u.s. intelligence estimate chairman ray mcgovern estimates four in five americans don't know israel might even have an atomic bomb thanks to complete distortions by mainstream media suggesting iran is the nuclear power in iraq with their nuclear program ready to aim those missiles straight ad straight at the country according to both jane's defense weekly and the institute of strategic studies israel's estimated to have two hundred to three hundred nuclear warheads all sixteen u.s. intelligence agencies admit iran is not even trying to build one in an old school until it's old middle east pub quiz syndicated charlie recent just simple facts
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you'd be sure wrong if you relied on mainstream media and they actually applied to israel. fairness and accuracy in reporting no it's absence of any evidence against iran mainstream media are now resulting to stone the shingly crude racist slurs they'd never dare prints about jews currently being printed in all seriousness about the entire peoples the new york times claims that iran is a land with straight talk and virtua not widely seen to overlap potions lie like a rug smokes the washington post journalist a new yorker contributes a job and sure says we shouldn't be surprised he found throughout history when officials need the public's support for bomb provoke brutality against a weak a victim they say there's just something fishy about the whole race it's chief richard helms claim to congress that unlike quote asiatics and eastern europeans americans are raised to tell the truth when india refused to join the us in war in
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pakistan president nixon said it was because all in. just slippery treacherous people james that their road like slavery should remain in place as african nations are coming and use various and pretexts and native indians naturally given to treachery israel's defense minister says palestinians don't suffer from the problem of telling lies it's exists in judea christian culture but the top and rainy and smear claimed in today's us mainstream is buzz all trickery c.n.n. concludes the us their own deal must be a trick in the spirit of the poser of. the new york times solemnly concludes obama must have been out negotiated in the persian nuclear. billing foreigners is an ancient persian gulf form in the washington post even the economist magazine which usually supported u.s. bombing campaigns from libya to syria and iraq is going
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a bit far. have any of these people try to negotiate with say mitch mcconnell somebody has got to put a stop to this whole persian bizarre rhetorical fixation it's ridiculous it's absolutely a fence and it tire purpose is to serve as a smokescreen for disastrously bylane the policies backed by many dressed in israel and neo conservatives in america we keep pedia is the key battlefield in this war the telegraph reports israel lobby is building quote oh maze of rewriting history books such as this all tickle on what palestinians fled israel these leaked e-mails expose the low beast plans including infiltration of wikis administrators. make relationships with we could pedia editors and super editors known as administrators after we have built our army we will go to war. with asia times correspondent pepe
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escobar it's great to see you how to explain these cold war demented come payne's denigrating an entire ethnic. group always that there be a working for the israeli lobby big by their agents and us it is very easy to identify these people especially us pastry media you know the usual call of lists for washington polls all our usual people who write op ed pages for the wall street journal fox news that goes without saying could the deal show israel's last bomb so america is getting fed up with its behavior it's the first time debt an american administration is exactly thinking first of all u.s. national interests and not trying to do something that would be israeli force sold this is also a real game changer in terms of us is ready relation when president obama was cool with his mike switched on agreeing he can stand quote lawyer been your minutes and your proposed a.b.c. news there were already signs israel's losing support from the us kind of status of
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the summer help. reduce america's public censure against israel's occupation of the west bank notes and b.c. breaks decades of fishel tacit approval so prime minister netanyahu has claimed he could move the united states any direction he likes no longer seems quite as kosher of. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. for a factual standard of living.
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we speak your language anytime of the law or not at the. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to tip angles keaton's stories. or you hear. detroit altie spanish find out more visit i to allahabad all tito's comb. europe is germany. the power to go on the. reproductive blower
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and ultimate good food both is good for me to those who can be able to go to the media or or to go speaking to the region the whole reason that is going through a big crisis. so well in germany is ukraine if they have greece and spain italy so many other every piece of land in which the who bring siemens they could bring their bearings they could extend their boat if there were one million people country it's a month that. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in
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a record setting trip by land air sea another space. a little big. on our. cool.
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this is our take tonight ukraine. from the e.u. for european commission trade deal talks with the country are on hold all the. protests in the capital that are being cheered on by western politicians. a massacre reported in syria with rebel forces said to have killed dozens of civilians in the latest series of atrocities reporting on that tonight plus. protester protests rallies turns ugly during a campaign against possible restrictions on authorized demonstrations which have been labeled an attack on democracy.


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