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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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dozens of civilians are massacred near the syrian capital of damascus as an art vest a geisha reveals mass executions and kidnappings carried out by the islamist rebels . as a european union puts ukraine integration on hold u.s. senators join the protesters in the capital kiev throwing their weight behind the opposition's pro western ambitions. and mexico is gripped by mass anti-government demonstrations with protesters accusations the worries of stripping the state of its wealth and people of their future.
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watching r.t. international coming to you live from moscow with me marina joshie a fierce fighting continues in the syrian town of audra on the outskirts of damascus as the army tries to push rebel forces from several districts an investigation carried out by our tita's covered the mass execution of civilians carried out by al-qaeda linked groups survivors described horrific scenes of brutal executions of people being used as human shields our colleagues from artie's arabic channels spoke to an eyewitness of the massacre. r t sources in the military say radical islamist fighters entered the town of address and massacred local civilians according to the latest figures at least eighty people were killed in the districts which the syrian army has now liberated entire families were killed other families were kidnapped and are being used as human shields in the battle against government forces. militants from the
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looser and the army of islam seize control of all the streets and cross roads very quickly this is jason became terrible they were killings outrage and fia unidentified on men came to the city where they carried out the slaughter the worst thing in their crime was when they showed people in the baker's old unless they kidnap people and many were beaten our t. sources in the military also say that some of the kidnapped families have been transferred to areas south of the town they're now being held in strategically important zones which the rebels have been using as a base of operations these places are heavily fortified sources also say the total death toll in address may in fact increase because the syrian army has not yet liberated the entire town to political analyst patrick having sent told r.t. that events in adora show that western encouragement of rebel forces only delaying any hope of peace in syria. if there's any western governments that want to have
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any dialogue or engage in dog with these groups these are the same western governments that saying that we don't talk to terrorists we don't negotiate with terrorists and here just the mere idea of wanting to include the radical islamic element into the conversation and for the future of syria is is ridiculous just on the basis of western policy over the last twenty or thirty years doesn't make any sense at all what it does though indicate is that there are there is involvement absolutely by western and say agencies that do have links to some of these radical jihadist groups and that has been proven throughout history and is also the case today the first thing that needs to happen for any peace talks to succeed is the western governments cannot be involved in any way shape or form either through proxies with these intelligence agencies or third parties with army
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financing equipping giving aid of any kind to the syrian opposition. of course we'll be keeping a close eye on syria throughout the day here on our team for the latest update as well as more eyewitness reports you can always log on to our website which is r t v dot com. now ukraine's locked in uncertainty with both the government and the e.u. sending mixed signals over a possibilities for future integration as thousands remain on main square demanding an agreement a senior official signal that all such plans are in a hold and in this atmosphere of hazardous if the u.s. it seems to have assumed the role of decision maker. reports. trauma care. bremer oh there's a curfew america is where you. are john mccain's media conference in kiev was rich in loud statements thinly veiled warnings to moscow we need to make it clear.
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to the russian government that i'm here putin that interference in the affairs of ukraine is not acceptable to the united states of america or to any other free country in the world followed by explicit threats to kiev if the movement and membership and he has not achieved that is going to have very serious effects here in ukraine and in u.s. crain the relations he accused russia of interfering but many question twice he was there in the first place it's not the first time john mccain has been seen playing a visit to dos the united states is currently lending its support to he had a photo op with some syrian rebel kidnappers now it's a world boxing champion turned politician and mccain is not the only american politician in ukraine because appearance of kiev's independence square was preceded by u.s. assistant secretary of state victoria nuland handing out cakes to the protesters the reason they all there is bluntly because i think these people want to detach
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the ukraine from russia as they see it and they think that by supporting the protesters in kiev they might actually achieve that the problem with that strategy is that it's simply not working the bonds between the ukraine and russia economically and culturally ethnically and simply too strong and i think for american politicians and indeed european politicians to go to the ukraine and to try to do that is actually very unwise and very dangerous and he simply exacerbating making worse the differences the divisions in the ukraine which are already very great but as u.s. officials seem keen on pushing the e.u.'s deal through. to brussels old but shut the door and signing it through a tweet from the man in charge of e.u. expansion it's unclear whether it's a matter of the e.u. not budging on ukraine's pleas for more financial help upon signing the agreement the previous offer of six hundred million euro was branded as humiliating by unocal
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which or brussels rumored willingness to seize any talks with this government this latest statement by the european official also puts huge pressure on the coverage because he has been saying all along continuously during the last call it is that meetings with european officials and the opposition that ukraine would not step down from the euro integration. he was fully expecting to sign your association deal with here is the future and with the news that this prospect is as remote as ever the protesters resolve is now also being hardened by a rallying cry from the newest arrivals from america. reporting from kiev in ukraine are to discuss the american sanity as alice support for ukraine's opposition rallies with international relations professor mark sobota and he thinks their involvement is driven by anything but genuine concern over the authorities handling of peaceful protests. senator john mccain hasn't shown any such concern for occupy wall street protesters when they were brutally repressed in the united
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states and driven from zuccotti park and from the main centers of american cities across america or with. protesters in europe against neoliberal austerity measures when tens of millions receive like treatment over the last two years indeed just this week in spain in the united kingdom and in italy we saw police repression of peaceful political dissent john mccain hasn't. shown any concern about this what john mccain has always been concerned with is he views russia as a geo political enemy of the united states of the greater trans-atlantic community and he like many a western officials is viewing through this through a cold war lens of trying to separate russia from the ukraine in order to in his mind keep it in a permanently geopolitically weakened state political turmoil
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a crackdown on protesters and economy and a limbo life and it is no easy ride just to add we take a look at whether the dreams of those two card in the arab spring uprising almost three years ago came true plus. warm welcome for new members as immigration and finance drives a wedge through the european union. will be the. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style seinfeld's that's not on. the books. and markets finance
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scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining to cause a report on. to be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the will talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see then try. to find out more visit our big don't all teeth don't call. your business germany. the power. of reproductive and ultimate blew through closer to germany to those who would be able to go to the media or or get to speaking to the region the whole
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reason that is going through a big crisis. so well in germany is ukraine they say has greece and spain italy so many other every piece of land in which the who bring siemens they could bring their bangs they could extend their boat if there were one million people come to. a month. but. i would like to do the job the premise is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy but albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our proximity we've been hijacked like a handful of friends national corporations that will profit by destroying what our
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founding fathers once built by john mark and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate real discussion critical issues facing them but you're ready to join the movement then walk the. welcome back you're watching r t international mexico has been hit by a tide of protests as people called for the government to stop selling out to corporations compromising country's future recently congress approved an energy reform to private eye as a state run oil sector a sticking sticking point which has brought hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets across the country while the bill has now been approved by more than a third of the mexican states but what began as
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a protest against the energy policy oh the nationwide discontent was the entire government are to spanish correspondent witnessed one such demonstration. protests against the energy reform have been held in all major cities across mexico it's a new demonstration of power of those who oppose what they government has approved without their consent we can't forget that the three points of the mexican constitution that will be modified under the new measure for many mexicans this new era in the energy sector just means the beginning of the end of the country's independence many also believes that the whole process has been just a farce and that the decision was really already made even before the debate began the rapid approval that the reform is getting in the local delegations and the strengthens the position of those who think the politicians of mexico aren't on the side of the people on the side of commercial interests losing that is not
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interested in asking the people they don't care about what we think at all this states will have to reform a truly in ten minutes no know what they are doing there the train us the streets are the only thing we have now and will do all it takes to defend it and symbolically protesters in mexico city the nation's capital chose the square of independence to kick off their massive march pressure tension and frustration been building up here it's not only about energy reform they talk about education reform about transit wallaces indeed it's just the mexican people coming together really demonstrating they just are not happy with their policies. now international action center activist khaled marvin believes the government itself is the source of the unrest. the oil in mexico this is something that the mexican people you know have called claims for themselves they say it's their property they say belongs to
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doubt but now just like so much of the wealth of the world's being privatized being handed over to private corporations and being utilized to it to make profits work for some capitalist and that's that's an outrage and that's why the people are are rising up against it that's why we see all these massive outcry because the people of mexico will have really made clear that the government of mexico doesn't represent them that represents interests in the united states and they would like sovereignty and independence now you can find more stories we're covering on our t. dot com and there you'll see three hundred lashes for calling for a constitutional monarchy saudi activists are a punishment for criticizing the ruling family and get a further four years in prison plus. preparations for world cup two thousand and fourteen could be undermined as workers and brazil call for a nationwide strike over the human cost of construction more details are on our team dot com. right.
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first street. and i think that you're. on our reporters. in. the the in. you're watching r t international now showing symbols like this could land you in jail in a chipped a fifteen year old boy who was arrested last month after he brought a ruler just school bearing the side of the muslim brotherhood prosecutors claim the boy was inciting violence the brotherhood unites millions of people who oppose the interim government in egypt but they say their voice is being quashed as beltre reports it's just another reason why mary gyptian zur looking elsewhere for a better life. omaha meet a young egyptian design student sits in his favorite downtown cairo cafe talking
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about a better life abroad three years on from participating in two thousand and eleven revolution omer is frustrated by the state of the country he says once he finishes his studies he'll have to leave you i have been. here your story for four years and then you don't find a job at the end of it there are better chances are the side egypt there i can find the freedom to work with the skills that i have that is one of the most important reasons forcing people to leave egypt there are eight million egyptians already abroad and others and looking to join them as the economy flatlines in the political instability even if the economy of the country will grow in the future the double digits there will never be able to accommodate every new job seekers there is going to be always a percentage of the population that would seek job elsewhere job outside of the country youth unemployment rates are at a staggering seventy seven percent and that may well rise after years of turmoil
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for young men like almost seeking work abroad is often the only option but it's not just the economy driving egyptians to leave some fleeing and made a growing crackdown on political freedoms a growing numbers of activists are now facing jail sentences after the military installed government enforced the law banning protests without official commission daily battles between student protesters and security forces broke egypt's campuses police and the army continue to patrol the streets here where we need democracy freedom better health care and social justice to fulfill the main demands of our revolution the police need to change the whole regime needs to have a better ideological way of dealing with egypt or more people will go the government hopes and new constitution and upcoming elections will help stabilize egypt but until egyptians can find work and enjoy basic freedoms more will. we forced to leave. for. look at some other stories from
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around the world starting with the philippines where a bus has plunged off a resection of motorway into a van in the capital manila twenty one people are reported to have been killed and twenty others injured according to local reports having rain and traffic conditions may have played a part in the accident. opposed bill that will shield romania's m.p.'s from probes over corruption has led to a violent protest in the capital bucharest crowds broke through a police cordon outside the government headquarters chanting slogans and demanding the proposal be dropped romania's president has asked the signature is required for the bill to become law as condemn problemas plans. an israeli soldier has been killed by a lebanese sniper on the border with lebanon the soldier was treated at the scene by died later in hospital the lebanese army has been put on high alert due to fear of reprisals by i.d.f. troops the region has been hit by sporadic violence since the twenty since the two
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thousand and six lebanon war with israel far a month long battle with hezbollah fighters. this agreement between member states is growing as its newest members remaining bulgaria prepare to gain the same rights as other citizens freedom of movement and banking are driving a wedge between nations that fear a flood of benefit hungry immigrants and on fair competition boyko now reports it's supposed to be an ever close a europe but the european commission the party responsible for keeping the twenty eight country club together is facing a growing number of complaints from its members in january as the newest members romanians and bulgarians will be able to travel to work and live anywhere within the euro zone but the u.k. prime minister david cameron's not exactly all for. open arms do need to change the
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rules about every move with people moving to countries for the job is one thing but i'm not favor of people being to be able to claim benefits that's why we set up a series of measures this week to put beyond doubt that there isn't the freedom to go and play the same sentiments have been shared by germany and france so it's no surprise that views not going down well with the european commission it argues migrants boost these countries economies rather than sponge off that governments but immigration is by no means the only issue the yukon to gray on god only what we're facing right now is this really has been lost and i'm not talking about. u.k. or break them equates always being. outside and inside europe i'm talking about their. european banking union has long been on the cards designed to offer the same confidence to a depositor in
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a greek or spanish bank as enjoyed by someone in a german one but richer member states a worried at all only end in bailouts for banks and other countries last time ministers met to discuss the union they wrapped up early because of a lack of progress and speaking of money brussels has strived for tax harmonize ation the cost to mind back to recent scandals about google and apple housing their headquarters in ireland with a corporate tax rate of just twelve and a half percent compared to thirty four percent in belgium and you'll see that harmonized nation is a long way off you're seeing economic effects of the show from greece across the eastern europe germany but without political control over those things happening it's a very on turnabout situation to have. london and coming up on r t international where you pour it on the twists and turns and the live a boxer fighting for his dignity. i'm going.
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there calling obama's happy smiling sophie photo with the danish and british prime ministers at the mandela funeral an international incident but before we rail on obama for doing something stupid a funeral we need to clear one thing up the washington post says that this action occurred at the memorial service after the funeral is over and trust me after about three hours of serious lectures at a conference or some sort of super long waiting most of us will just be banging our heads against the wall out of boredom and i've probably checked my email about seven times obama's place know i said most of us but the president isn't supposed to be like most of us because he represents all of us it's one thing when you're fourteen and too stupid to realize that sophie photos at the wake after grandpa's
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funeral is a bad idea but it's another thing entirely when one of the most photographed and powerful people on the planet takes a selfie at the memorial service of someone he claims to respect although i might sound annoyed this sophie is pretty much irrelevant this is just a big error of etiquette there are plenty of real concrete things with real consequences to be bad at obama over like our being religious wacko rebels in syria or signing into law the n.b.a. i wish with all my heart that we only had to be angry with obama over some minor etiquette errors but sadly they're just a drop in the obama bucket but that's just my opinion. yet here in the united states that's really a pretty astonishing thing when it organization like we're used to doing work on behalf of writers around the world who are subject to censorship or himself said sir because they know that in china. in iran they're going to be jailed for
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a right they right we're not used to that. i think that needs to sink in the courts and in the congress to recognize that we really are trading away some fundamental values potentially you know if you if you're a person under surveillance and you can be free and i think that there is beginning to make a connection with people this is a terrible thing to be happening at our country to have this massive system and really to the world this massive system where a few people in complete secrecy can monitor anyone in the world and let's be clear if we look at the obama administration's rationale for who are terrorists they say they don't have to tell you why they declared a certain person a terrorist either so who knows how this information could be used now or in the future against the american people. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. for a factual standard of living.
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margins consumer easy's and i see it with me in the country is the federal government to simply say. this the united states suffered image when it was probably going to realize you can't just by. just throw it away. for. you know those things environmental protection agency. here this is in the future and not the way. it produces the.
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i believe that vision responsible for cradle to grave. for mexico. also belongs to the washington metro transit. states. and trademarks. when i was a child i dreamed of becoming an actor. a sailor. people
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name me as. sadly i've got no other family. i'm still looking for my calling in life. so my place in the world. sometimes fighting. close to that goal. i'm looking i'm able tell me i'm a legend. yet again but really. i'm just an ordinary. it's
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freezing. very differently. the young guys fighting is. much more skilled. in fact they're a lot better than.


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