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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2013 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this feel that these banks may have had some kind of administrator first source why did they violate the law previously and it was only found out later. and what if the central bank will not be able to ban. the licenses from other banks because. you just won't be able to pay. to arrange the payments on insurance payments and the tapper's it's you have almost sounds heard your own questions it's not the first time that they say that licenses are banned for financial institutions that are virtually defunct they say serious decisions are actually mans to make the russian financial system more healthy and i don't think i have to comment any more on this it's clear that dysfunctional financial institutions that cannot safeguard to tap as it's of their
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customers cannot work efficiently off with their sources they haven't who are in danger the whole sector which is very important for our economy must leave the market that is a natural thing. and yet central bank should be very accurate and very cautious to ensure the interests of the customers. you have already mentioned the structure of bad safeguards. so let me remind to you that the guarantee amount. seven hundred thousand troops. to pose it that safeguarded by this structure. the other customers will also receive some compensation later during the legal procedures so people who will. it appears it's worth seven hundred. thousand
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roubles that is about eighty five or ninety five percent of the cost for most of these banks so. you have mentioned this agency again that safeguards this deposits i might not be chipper sized about the detail but right now about two hundred and fifty or two and seventy billion dollars rubles is what this agency head has but the payments have may have to. have amounted to about one hundred eight or one hundred ten billion the roubles so this means that such decisions were indeed taken before and they said process is continuing now and that all these these customers will receive their money back back about the central bank has to be a very very cautious and careful. as i have said over one
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hundred billion rubles have already been paid to the customers right now the agency has up to two hundred seventy billion rubles so its resources can be exhausted which shouldn't make the situation happen where there will be nothing to pay although recently it was decided that they agency that safeguards this depose it. can take loans for. such amounts a. russian central bank for five years which actually makes this insurance system more efficient and reliable. such a collison a change from i fear question kindly. this is the second role in the central sector please give them the mike. mr president my name is
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so alexander closeness from argument and faculty. some time ago the salaries of top russian bureaucrats were adjusted according to the salaries of the russian president and prime minister so the question was why the bureaucrats will receive at least five four hundred fifty thousand roubles a month isn't too large a salary as compared to the average salaries and pensions and will this followed by some new anti corruption regulation. will this become plain mentored by. complimented by requirements for restraint thank you so much it's so nice to work with you today you are answering your own questions it does not only apply to you but to. ask the previous questions too.
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so i have cited the figures to you and although there are clearly some difficulties and gaps on the whole i think the russian government has been quite a fish and it was a difficult year for the global economy and now that we have over fifty hundred to turnover with the european union and many european countries who are clearly in decline or stake nation we were still maintaining very high standards and. we were hit by this wave of crisis our government indeed work very efficiently. but the government level and in parliament as well we should have the most professional stuff is just very difficult to withdraw all this people. from the labor market if they get equally or even higher salaries in the banking
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sector or in the energy sector it's quite difficult to get people to create some appeal for them to go and work for the government but you certainly know what kind of anti corruption steps we are taking first and foremost in. the government in the government regulation i'm talking about declaring your incomes about. to have accounts in banks abroad etc etc so i want to least all of them you know them and of course we're going to work on that further but if we don't really distance salaries. professionals to higher level top level experts. international level experts where well achieve zero results and those people
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who get welfare benefits pension naris and other people will suffer from that because these people and the government. actually sick in true success of the economy as a whole as to me and the prime minister why we didn't get any higher salaries we have just enough we don't need any more of course does the problem suggesting the burden credit seller restorers salaries but i think this we can overcome this. channel one please. i have a question that is kinder system so there is been a lot of outcry in europe over this come to our system deployed and calling in grad although russian defense minister showed. i have said that this is russian
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territory and we can deploy whatever we want there there is being a lot of hysteria hyped are up and american says the united states have even sad that it is ready to defend its european allies if needed so who needs that who benefits from this who. accuses russia of this flexing muscles. especially given the fact that in europe there are over two hundred two units of. over two hundred nuclear warheads that no one controls so it's a great day today really you have your own a question again it's true that there are lots of nuclear warheads in europe and no one really control. them. but there is also the question of the. silt and we have repeatedly said that they see me so
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schildt. in dangerous our own nuclear potential we will have to respond to this. and i believe that even my predecessor sad. that we may opt for deploying there is kinder system in kaliningrad region so there is nothing new about this idea. but let me draw your attention to the fact that we have not yet taken this decision yet in fact this is one thing and another thing is that you don't need to defend a new one. all you need to do is. refrain from provocations but the possible deployment of its kind there is a logical response to threats that we see around us is kandahar is only. one of the options although it is obviously some of the most efficient weapons in
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the world. are more twenty thirteen kindly your question. well mr putting. i come from. good barry a t.v. channel and my name is daniel as it's of. there are. three regions in the russian far east have gone through really tough really serious flaws and eight has been over one hundred days since the floods started to subside and we still cannot understand whether that was a natural disaster or that was caused by. human error or something. and then another question is how to provide more electrical energy for the russian far east because there's clearly
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a priority for the twenty first century well this was one hundred percent a meshal disaster. you can speculate about whether the experts on site worked well in an hour but right now. you know professionals or anyone from the. prosecution a prosecutor's office have accused the local experts off not working efficiently enough so i have been to the far east and many people have people have told me that. if. you look at that they were really very professional. and that they tackled this problem very efficiently. i can vouch for the fact that we
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will work on developing. and there the energy sector in the far east. and the a large part of the. power can be exported late but later at once we have to synchronize to our domestic consumption of. electric energy and we should provide for. a higher generation of electric power. we can build some new hydroelectric plants but that will not be enough we should also balance the consumption and we expect this to happen. especially given their recent decisions to provide subsidies to new.
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plants in the far east first and foremost tax reduction. and. this includes some of the recent decisions that will have to be implemented after my address to the federal assembly. and some of the other benefits. which include. locations to include the payroll tax here. so of course in any case. these industry is a top priority. so the floor now goes to gum of small scale profit or an experienced journalist could be what's called a so i'm going to give you some tricky questions if you're allow me you can sit
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down and. so you are politician number one in russia. one to go but on the one who is a politician number two in russia in terms of influence and have you already found success or. thank you can i sit down. this is indeed a very tricky question for me that was more political you know there are lots of politicians in russia. and many of them are veteran politicians you know all the names very well the communists very good night these are the down of. you and there is nothing to laugh about. millions and millions of people vote for the communist party he's a well known politician who has his own views although i don't share many of them.
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but some of them i deem completely realistic especially when it comes to foreign policy and some social issues as well mr zhirinovsky is also a well known politician and though he is really artistic he has put forward a lot of irrational ideas. for. some time ago i. brought sergei miron of to moscow and i believe that everyone will agree he has become a truly independent politician on the national scale. we have a leader in political party had by the nature of a tiff who is
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a really experienced politician who has dealt with the government issues and economic issues alike i have seen all kinds of approval ratings but let me assure you that these ratings are put together by pundits. so when. but reality is much more difficult than putting this approval ratings together. we so i wouldn't like to make it to simplistic you know there are new people coming up some of them are opposition politicians. and they are trying to grab. their leaders because it always. builds up on their own approval rating that is very well known and even trivial i
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would say technique to boost your own approval rating. and this applies to many opposition parties in the world. so that's what they do dangerous try to attack the leader. but you know when you when you over do they say you may. lose something that. you may shoot yourself in the full tactically. but the good saying is that lots of people are emerging that believe they're not just good politicians but they believe that they are number one politicians in the country no i can't answer anything about my successor because i have nothing to say . in the front row please.
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i. would like to get back to the economy are hundreds say the situation russian economy. is not very well some have been talking about stagnation some say going into recession and who have been able to move along the innovation track so walk can we do to get out of these downline what about the national welfare fund water its role will be there or if there is a real crisis some say we need to. invest into infrastructure projects what about ukraine what you mean by ukraine. decided to spend some of these funds into ukraine . i mean we will place some of the funds in ukrainian bonds.
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understand it's a very exciting issue and the jews topic i mean ukraine given our decision. indeed. the funds of our world for reserve funds we have invested in very. high liquid stocks and bonds to the u.s. treasuries and. securities but the situation of the u.s. economy well it's been going up and we're happy about that but challenges let's look at the national debt that's a big issue. how will the main. currency behave we don't know that's where ukraine rating is not that high of cause . we believe in the fundamentals.
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you in terms of micro corner me and we believe in the economic advantages of ukraine. why. it's not simply our fraternal nation. we have a high level of cooperation. we. understand. our industries depend heavily on the situation in ukraine. so for us a political program matic a decision based on the economic factors well if you want to ask more questions i'll try to explain it in detail that's for. the investment of the funds. side of country side of russia i am really happy for like to
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thank you for this question i do appreciate that it's a fundamental question because one of the main topics maybe the main topic there was discussed the g. twenty was how can the global economy. if big kickstarter. get out of these dead end the first one is the. the u.s. in the u.k. approach may need the you. in injecting cheap money what's their interest rate zero point five percent it's like cheap money. that's their approach and that's what they do in the u.k. or even the us there's another approach proposed by the new proposed by the
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european commission. promoted by germany so what is it all about. to get out of crisis you need to cancel it or your budget to count down ineffective expenditure. actually means that social expenditure and. getting improving the nomic indicated it was really difficult how we can align these two positions during the g twenty summit in st petersburg we found a certain formula so that everyone's happy. this is in reply to your question so how can we use our reserves here in russia. that. is as almost the same as issuing the money is printing the money the country has not earned this
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money it's the same as qualitative easing actually you know when we've introduced the budget rules we've been trying to. get them to extract the. money the care which is excessive in the economy you know sometimes prices for oil could be differences could be ninety five to you and us dollars for a barrel or one hundred seven so we will change the excessive amount from the economy and to the reserves. if we invest into the countries projects into domestic projects. we will be able to. be more courses courses in terms of cutting down the social expenditures we can even increase the pensions and salaries based on the oil
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revenues. inflation is pretty low. and the budget deficit will be like point five and last year was. almost zero sirrah point five deficit of bunted while in europe they have to trust italy cut down on their social expenditures bar we don't see this happening in russia things to that cushion that we have accumulated over these years so when we. we don't care at these excessive revenues. what we do is that is we actually consolidate the budget we go the european way we consolidate our marker economic indicators and when we just inject them into the corner me it looks more like the u.s.
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fed. quality of easing but we don't just inject them we don't just pour of this money into the economy we invest them into the target infrastructure projects that if we are going to do that there will limit our economy so where do we claim to invest into it it's the more mainland's of the transurban railway and the third rail of the third. circle road to the ring road around moscow to you ease the pain the transport flows so we have this route ain siberia we can. increase the cargo transportation and for then it you know the company is there working a natural resources sector they'll be able in the commodities sex if they will be able to invest more into the development of their deposits. and
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then we'll see a payback of these investment and thinks of this cushion we can really strike a fine balance in the economy i'm sure i really hope that it will see the positive effect from it. c.n.n. . that's for sure thank you very much. mr putin. been i worked here in the end of the nine hundred ninety s. and in the early two thousand thousands and now i came back and i see there's. the focus is now on religion and moral values. but this is surprising for me and why has it's become so important to you. why. do you want to criticize the western values so heavily.
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that it's not a point for me to criticize the western values i want to defend our people. from some. quazi values. pseudo values. deceived by our people all in a very difficult way it's not just about criticism we need to protect ourselves through aggressive behavior of. some of the social groups that. i believe don't just leave as they are warm but trying to impose their perspective their point of view to on others and in other countries surveyed it's the only reason why i have the opinion.
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that if you. ask for our traditional values we need to. focus more on them due to simple reasons it's well known that in the soviet union only one ideology was dominant now and whatever our approach to it. you had seen paul clear quartz the religious rules so if you read the code of the. work it's like a simple copy of the bible don't steal you don't covet your neighbor's neighbor's wives so there was a really condensed condensed bible now this code of the communist work has doesn't exists. and of course the younger generation of russians have not heard about it
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so what can fill this vacuum only the traditional values without these traditional values the sides here will degrade of course we need to get back to those roots we need to. understand. the value of these traditional norms and based on these values we need to move forward and again i would like to say what i talked about in the annual address to the fairly assembly of course it's a conservative approach but. like two sides missed a very dire for russian philosopher this conservatism approach helps us. to help us not to do grade not to lapse. of what. so that's the formal though i propose there's nothing new about that that's not something that prevents us from moving forward russia is
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a country with rich culture. and we need to build on those traditions to move forward and only by doing so will be able to feel confident and to develop in effective way and now the euro see a channel please. by the arrests year channel i'll be brief have you personally met mr snowden i mean if you had this meeting would you to. see if you had no such meeting is it possible what will you talk about think you. know i have nots mr snowden personally i've never met see my on a busy person he. has his own views on life he has his.


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