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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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something that prevents us from moving forward russia is a country with rich culture. and we need to build on those traditions to move forward and only by doing so will be able to feel confident and to develop in effective way and now the euro see a channel please without having. been arrests year channel i'll be brief have you personally met mr snowden i mean if you had this meeting would you talk about see if you had no such meeting is it possible what will you talk about think you. know are have nots mr snowden personally i've never met seen my own a busy person he. has his own views on life he has his own vision of what needs to be done. truth be told he's
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quite an interesting personality to me and i think that thanks to mr snowden. the mentality or the vision of the world has changed for millions of people including many political leaders of modern times that's a phrase that we call by. biased soviet leaders so that we have to give credit to him for that. so as always wondering why did he decide to go for it is he such a young person who does well he doesn't have anything you know how he's going to sustain his life he's going to earn a living where he's just thirty plus i guess. so he's made this choice. it's a noble cause of course but very challenging. he's quite
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a curious personality very interesting one but he's got his own affairs i've got my own affairs you know. so we've given him an opportunity to live here in russia and as i said we believe that. he will not engage. in anti american retore on the russian territory wards he's being lead says wars he's left around the world we don't know where he's left those data. and our security agencies have not worked with them and are not working right now. and who we are going to question him. in terms of. or what has his agency been doing
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towards russia. he's. he remains in russia due to the reasons your world where of i've talked a lot about that. but it's up to him he has to decide his future his destiny. we've just given him refuge. are you. ok. let's move on to the flanks fifty fifty days left for. me and. i come from after right here my name is natalia so notice that. fifty days are left. it has to do with games of course because the olympics are starting at fifty days of course it's going to be a big event for our country and you know that after after roger studio is going to work hard at the olympic events. and my question is yes father's.
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what kind of results will russia get what kinds of results can it expect lympics and what kind of resources and sounds to. the russian government using to motivate. these athletes so you know when you ask this question was. about providing a very strong incentive because any person any kind of athlete who goes to the olympics knows that he will there was watched by the whole country and if this is happening on his home ground home turf aig means he will attract extra spotlight but the first thing i would like to draw your attention to is that we are the hosting country and the main thing for us is the best organization possible.
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of this olympic games so we should create equal conditions for all the bases for its athletes no matter what country they represent they should be able to create a very special atmosphere for them. russian fans for their own national fans and make a great contribution to the olympic movement on the whole this is what i believe is our number one priority mission and i hope you will agree with me that this is a very important mission this was my first point my second point is that of course we expect victory from our assets but i would not really. forecast some kinds of any kind of number of maj else or score is what i personally expect from russian as let's is for them to display
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a courage and to show their skills. because. poor it's. is not really a lottery but in any case it has to do with some. random circumstances so very often it's quite difficult to predict how even the best assets are going to perform because they can trace their call or they can fall down anything can happen. and even if they fail in some way russian fans will support them so as i said the main thing is to display courage and their professional skills and let the strongest ones when. the lady is carrying notice about the mayoral election that's to notice that if you cross a later. you. represent
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a force from your criterion boruc so i guess everyone knows why there is a cross here so in your address to the federal assembly you have spoken about the need for him and you support reform but no one's talked instructions followed. and right now there are all kinds of options being put forward. even to cancel the mayoral election so what is your radio and that of course mayors should be elected. we are members of their respective european interests. but that's not really the biggest deal the big deal is. when it's a poll the government is closest to the people so those who head co-leader these minister polities must be the people who are very well known to the citizens who the citizens know personally so they can come up to these c.t.
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leaders and. ask them to take some specific measures and. this is the most important thing a our system should provide provide for open communication to. system that we we have now it is really quite cumbersome. in a city that has one it hard for me land people ordinary citizens can hardly reach them in a civil government this is the first thing that i wanted to mention and then another thing is that. according to a recent decision health care and education is no longer the jurisdiction of the municipal government because actually the local governments lack the necessary funds to tackle this objectives so this is what we have to decide where their
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wishes should pour more funds to. the local governments so that they can be in charge of this or we should decide that this question cannot be tackled him on this apollo so there is a whole range of question questions this is why i called on. you're solving these issues but i didn't put forward any ideas myself i asked them in a superlative. you want to discuss this with a regional governments together with the russian parliament and the russian government so they could work out. a beneficial and acceptable solutions but you can't postpone solving these problems any more but i don't want to put forward any ideas of my own because in that case it will because. the final the ultimate
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decision and it will it will be hindering an open and free discussion i would like the people to talk openly about it so that they can could put forward their own arguments their own process columns i've recently met with the municipal leaders and i know that there are very well staffed. and i know that they're exposed to a lot of criticism. and yet it's i know that they are at the forefront of the fight for a better future. this is really they have to make really difficult choices and this is really a big ordeal for them and those who go through this ordeal successfully are the best professionals so i would like the. municipal governments to produce the best of the resources so to speak
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so that after the municipal government of people could move further to the regional and to the federal government r.t.i. kindly. didn't the guy hello mr president getting the credit cards r t v i new york the united states so mr snowden has already been mentioned and i would like to develop this topic on the russian american relations and it is now and that after snowden's leaks and revelations relation the u.s. relations have to do with germany including me over mr merkel's telephone being tapped don't worry she feels all right but you know any case. these relations have surratt and then the russian
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american the relations. don't really feel very warm and so my question is how do you personally feel about mr obama do you communicate and what are the prospects of russian american relations after snowden's revelations so how do i feel about russian american how do i feel about obama after the snowden's. revelations i am a bit humor because he can get away with it. but there is nothing to be happy about and there is nothing to be said about. this planet is one of the oldest professions in the world just like some other well known profession so we won't mention them here. there are only few of them. in the bottom of that will be but. i would bet emetic case you can't
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read all of it it's useless to read just the excerpts of what i mean in terms of the documents prepared by the special services because they don't present the facts they prove present their analysis i did some of this analysis myself and i know what i'm talking about. this is a very delicate thing. you have to i is there be totally totally trust these these people these analysts and you have to know their views very well because i wrote these documents myself or you have to read this document in original co-pays. but there are billions of these documents so you can't read them all on your own so no matter how our american friends are criticized i believe that all this work is
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being done to combat terrorism first and foremost. and though does have some downsides. and it's not going. and you need to introduce some limitations and regulations so as to avoid this from becoming too politically singed. but images and yet on the whole this is a necessity. so the reason for this is that you don't just have to. spy on the suspect on the terror terror terror suspect but you have to follow his whole network and in today's systems of coming your communications you cannot do this without actually watching
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him and his context twenty four seventh's. so i don't want to justify anyone's actions but let me stress again that this is for person for a missed something to do something they do to combat terrorism but again there have to be some kind of moral and ethical agreements. what are the good of that telegram from god said to dot are you. going to let him a rushkoff recently handed over the results of public investigation into the vault in a case so that it's got to took place on the sixth of me. according to this public investigation there were there was no our people on the boat last night asked whereabouts. the police of forces actually attacked over the protesters and the protesters just defended themselves so there are now
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right now the criminal charges brought against people who are not guilty of the base however in their recent amnesty bill that was recently introduced this bill will only cover and number of participants in the blog their case why is it because you don't trust this public investigation which you know i had to at the university i had a subsequent logic and a typical logical mistake went to follows a train from moscow to leningrad. top's let's say it's a blog or a train station and. an american is traveling on this train and he gets off to buy cigarettes for example and then from another train car. goes but it gets off a black american to buy some water and then from
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a third train car comes another african american. so the first american looks at the other two and concludes. bola goal here. is only populated by black people. little food and this is a textbook example of faulty logic. that leads to fall to conclusions. so mr irish cough believes that the abuse of power force was committed by the security forces but the protesters did it did not commit any abuse that's what he believes. and so that's why as you said there amnesty is only limited. but if we believe that a new one can judge. in the way he or she wants and this will be.
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we accept it for a universal truth we will arrive nowhere. it is only up to the courts to decide what kind of violations were committed and who committed them if the court believes that someone committed a crime that has to do with organizing mass protests and someone else attacked the security forces and. we've been in that case. we hold these to be true. and this is how we make decisions including the amnesty decisions. now i have repeatedly said that it has nothing. to do with taking policemen. in any way although this is an acceptable in any case. but the danger
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for our society is that if we allow anyone to treat the security forces in a new way they want which is an idea sponsored by the so-called liberal spectrum in our society it is easier to imagine a situation when the representatives of all the political groups say nationalists. come out in the streets and. the liberals. and they will and they will. ask the government for protection and the police will respond the security forces will say you have to protect yourselves because the law does not protect us and that whole careless will ensue you so the government should make sure that no one is allowed to violate the
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law this is why we. decision as part of the amnesty bill that the amnesty shall not extend to people who committed acts of violence against. the security forces and representatives of the government and those who committed felonies. or we've been running for more than our. young gentleman. and in other countries by the way. even if you raise a hand to attack aiming to attack a policeman. you will be shot sometimes you weren't even raise your hand and they should even we men and even the children. real school online websites. what. do you think
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you should raise. around the green peace. activists they're now released on bail why do you think he would do you think. we needed such great force which involves so many public figures around the world. do you think we need to. liberalize one of the criminal code because you've made be jailed for any flash mob positive. regarding anyone who is defending the environment but i don't think it is acceptable to. use this campaign. to promote themselves to p.r. themselves into earn money on that i don't want to give any examples.
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smuggle you but i won't be able to give you exact facts but not because i don't have the. very often. these activities environmental exhibit is. are exploited for a coke for a cause that is not noble they used to squeeze the money out of corporations asked for the fast well we didn't raising a fuss that's your colleagues but that's so who ask them to well that's those people who. fall aid to the lord why do what's the reason why. either to put pressure and get the money or maybe it's done on someone's order to. stop russia from developing.
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offshore fields we're not trying to soften the criminal code here we don't toughen it we're ready for a discussion. for an open discussion solution if we hear some serious arguments we are ready to just work despite the financial costs. we talked. about the olympic project a very beginning with. we spend like said to billion rubles for one of the venues and then environmentalist's both domestic and foreign ones criticize them chris is criticized us saying that it's close to natural reserves and we took we asked them ok but why did you come too late anyway we agreed with the arguments and despoil the money that we spend we moved we relegate to the venue we did the same.
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when we. worked on the pipeline to the pacific. and valentin rasputin a famous russian writer. who was quite active about it. the . to the authorities to relocate klein from the by call base in in we spend another four hundred million. u.s. dollars to relocate despite them to do a bypass so we are ready to listen to the arguments in this case as was a completely different story that. poor and trespassed our economic exclusive economic zone they switched all of the lines they didn't respond to any signals from our border guards it's like
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a found. a ghost ship and they tried to land on the planet. on their second boat tried to attack the boat of our border guards is this a normal discussion about the protection of nature you know that suggest a p.r. campaign. or. attempt to blackmail someone maybe someone who ordered. these campaign to prevent us from developing hydrocarbons of the arctic offshore. so this is really bad we hope this will never take place again. as for them being released on amnesty well we didn't do it for them specifically well if they leave this deploys to them ok. this
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would serve as a lesson in. really hold the green peace organization. well there just it's approach we need to be constructive not to raise the fuss pits we need to minimize the risks. environmental risks together we are ready for such cooperation including with greenpeace or with news very brightly decorated. one mr putin from the crust of the region. i have a question cause socks. the cost movement is developing very activity and cossack units are taking part in patrolling the streets so what's your attitude do you think it's something for the past or it's a real force here's my reply it's part of the russian culture it's part of the
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russian identity a really very broad part of. how it's not just about the fall clore about this songs and dances there have always been patchy arctic and we'll well aware of that and it's there's nothing archive about it so it's very important. to promote up with the stage years the nationwide ideas. and they play a very important role as for their movements we do supports them there are regulations including executive warders signed by the presidents we will continue to do that. three years biking any cause of
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course the reich senses violations someone abuses this we just have to control it. you need to respond to it and know the costs. that themselves well and asked for cossack units well in the soviet times we've had these militia units patrolling the streets we have the same appearing in other regions of russia ward cossack's doing is only natural but this work. has to be done in line with the lore and in cooperation with law enforcement sometimes. work in a much more efficient way then the police why. i mean. for them because they represent the majority of the people who reside in these territories and this is very poor they have to trust
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that not on their behalf but on behalf of the people who reside on this territory. but it has to be in line with the lore and common sense and i'd like to wish them success in their work. so to get. it will go. i think you are so good rule of. t.v. channel i would like to ask you about the amnesty we like to. talk about in a broad perspective. we had to wait for a bill from the president. see you are as head of state the grantor of the constitution in the main interpret of the constitution of. the constitution sets forth a lot of functions for the federal assembly a year ago you've come up you've came up with certain proposals on deal offshore
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izing the russian economy nothing has been done so a lot depends on you actually everyone depend in you does it flatter you or does it a concern for you. well you're wrong. you're wrong in saying that all of the management decisions are taken by the head of state thought quite true. globally because it's only those decisions that. in the news and that's why you get this impression it's only those decisions that are very heavily debated in the public but i've been working for four years as head of the cabinet you know the government has so much on the plates. even the prime minister is not always aware was being done in the ministries the head of the cabinet this.


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