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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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fix. was. was. was. but that was a good opportunity for the interest to cause us to personally pass just a little for him all this about school and it was cute yep self which unsettles for the lunch stuff castilian fresh fruits and then serving on the cutest music that i want thoughtful well i was the immediate. yet the as a senator. you doesn't your. media. loves us my kids a seven of us in d.c.
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misty you'll probably. see deal of death i mean there's a video that appropriate is that it was a time ago i missed out on. she chooses the parks for. that so i scored. more near the shooter of the first which is spoken stuff. the story on the phone is for those who are her were good discourse that what each other cynic. section groups. not push the president meeting. and you get yours is the best that. there's a boy. who could not us to meet george w. waiter you know worries that opera for. me to get that simple question
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just check you but i made a note of you don't want to. give. cora you should go through. good but simply let them explain it a bit of some. good rooster and internet is the in the new position. of the ideal of you know. nuclear video it was the place that pushed us up the good bomb movie. t.v. for the t.v. pray at the beginning the sun being. the problem. it then you just look. at the still to discourse that things are some of them by we got them by. the office the period we're off store which i would say is that a greater portion will easily compete. across
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a very limited number because i just wish that the developer. is legal or she's been invaluable assistance in reducing this and we need to be doing that. kenya was a little slow boat and not just because it was stuff that i do as a pick. because it doesn't really see it could exceed serious than that thing is going on there's an artistic. the spirit is still pretty to. give up with a stone your. words and drugs and give. them into believing to doesn't could just look into this. given of your birth. but the rest of the national. commission. more than. just the good will
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almost of we look across the. next one to boo boo boo boo because. you can. do most of we discuss a while then you saw it was full of kids easy. does a kick the can still play the. more the doctor. says right. oh. i know your care no. national park area throw more shit than your more high tech practitioner my doctor. ever. hear of a crack addict here. to share their no measuring it into
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the why don't we see what we do is we're going to uni school monday mogens music lesson i will start. to watch it is you don't like to speak to me some days you floated a little. bit about your tune as it went with your shoulders don't you think you played the. note there are no security interests. for margaret a critter. that it was because there. was sort of us going to do it with regard. to those i don't really it's. just that i got a. culture. shock to get. any kind.
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of experience zero zero this was a you know this is. going to see it with every we're going to get what's your interest going to. here's a cable about the meeting that the u.s. ambassador has with the governor of missouri sharif here in northern afghanistan. and this is what the governor says. he let loose with a litany of complaints about the swedish presence in afghanistan he described the relationship to the swedish military a school saying that the only times the swedish commanders visit or when they first arrived in mazar when they paid there for a local. lawyer didn't spare criticism for the swedish media we claimed never bothered to talk to politicians or ordinary people during their visits to the military base and thus only heard positive accounts of its work instead of hearing
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the views of local residents. then the cable goes on about basically all other afghani politicians are asking this with a means of can't stop sending us your thinking place we've been hearing that. what it was really it is that he's come out and say. yeah yeah. yeah it's just yes this is usually one of these reports. eat. eat chicken.
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hello is this the yard over here are my name's dramas i just got your telephone number from. the swedish military base here in the us are sure if. we're just heading off now towards your office together we're going to go out with a local journalist that will help out with translations. all right so overseers of . the this isn't the kind you know. i was just running for to you. might call. their. close under six people they were in. and the police were not leaving the germans to go inside to come to earth. but i got some information from options my signature myself as a couple. it was really hard of them for me because everyone was calling me to help them. because they're good spirits it was very good doesn't it in terms of
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finding money for them in the sense of balance because in terms of human or got killed it was really it was a song i was not angry it was sad. but in terms of the news it was the first time the animal composed in afghanistan list came in that time. but there were some done as they were coming. from london from b.b.c. a from the scene. they were asking me that we need to hire you could they. do it from syria enough to blather. and then i was telling them and i don't claim those who are paying me very well i was not. so what do you do with them you don't just throw them on the telephone what's happening on the telephone i was writing on the laptop and i was sent to even. more than ten minutes come owners. there a month not just with joe couple of days how much santoro thousand dollars i mean
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you see by selling to selling pictures tents. on the with after that the food to this that i would have done through this guy i took two thousand dollars. my dad a food therefore we can blather that is very thing you and me where they're going to go ahead and take their many you know they're going to have something. her. pledge was terrible they come up very hard to make a pledge against a long career as a plumber that he ever had sex with her make their lives let's play.
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lists lists lists lists lists lead. lists lists about. the.
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choose your language. clearly because we know in financial literacy they still cannot. choose the book consents to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories but in life choose the access to opportunity. frontline of port city of societies people international justice people rights within its rights truth good governance freedom of information peace democracy
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democracy i w p r i don't think you are i bet you feel makes a difference. the greatest guarantor of freedom it's true if we're going to be working with it we can experience it in different parts of the world in different countries we are. looking for media work there in the context of somebody that would be interested in thinking and working with the policeman here whom here you think that this is something good to hear that you can work with and we would be willing to give in to your well let me get a check was a little bit in the book but boy i wish there was a bell here just to work on this story is that real close oh probably most yes most of. you know that there's the problem is that you know so he's telling me he's paid. me into any of their. past
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there's a cheat and there were a group of journalists who were killed but let some people be in a plot against lofted could he trust this he is a free man i said information but they still didn't give me a letter but if you sign it it means that you will be the person that makes me tired yes i need you and then i'll get information but you know you can only get in there because you are the one of the control i don't care if you're here because i wrote it because i can speak english we really want to be a country. but this year they will. keep a. it is not a there is no the it is a heart. problem by that to tell you don't understand now because i know you there is a living get you all i can in this drug i really care that he did it i did the usual good he got was a lot and i would have loved you do i make you. look good with big you may have to
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accept actually yet he was a member of the k.g.b. . and you say. oh good let me do a little about the ice i will put the signature on the key for america. it's called all cash for jars of the just never i know driver are they give the go and my brother was persecuted in germany because he was critical of i do this but i don't give information or look for help as you say because you have more then you see it came out of the book of this information through the net. ok of a lot of mistakes but i think uncle ben. hi julie this is the american journalist based in the northern afghanistan. and they just made you listen to this in the morning and symphony and peter t.
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places peace in the snow. i didn't know that. oh you better when i had the danish really. having access to this information would help me and enough can do this to disclose the face of warlords the face of those who commit their crimes the faces of those who committed genocide but later on we knew that having this much else could be dangerous since afghanistan is a taken three and there's no good to for the life of a journalist therefore it made me a little bit impressed and it put me and it made me a little bit it's just. that or. i don't know how to deal with this not just with a note is meant to listen but important in order to help the journalists know that in order to make be able them to do their stories but having because all these documents are approved by having these documents they can do their stories. one of
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the most important thing for a journalist is that they're facing like a fool proof information or is. the i the know is the land thinking how to do it and. so. every day. they risk situation. here actually. can be really. bad except if you. ever experience. it it's if it is. what it. every year. it's. there's it's getting picked.
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yes as far as i knew the. u.s. forces are more than our. army their members and that's something claire and i can say this is another united states. in terms of having forces. you know that they have access to everything to every mission to be afghan and everyone is i'm sure there are some some information there are some. i mean i can say some reports that what really you this was do they really wants to just to. just to continue this war in order that you have
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it's part of profit. i'm sure if a group of donors came together. we would be able to help it otherwise with only me i'm sure it's difficult for. this not easy job. so. here's a cable about the treatment of president bush the son of president george bush sr it's called meeting with the president. or a director including your diable the son of the forty first us president met with
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the president of turkmenistan. the purpose of the meeting was to explore for possible business opportunities in turkmenistan's oil sector they immediately recognized the emphasis of for him over substance and turkmenistan they were both surprised and impressed by the rapid pace of construction in the capital the oil directors works to build a more personal relationship with the turkmen officials in the hope that it will lead to some of the proposed projects. the presidential meeting was featured on the front page of neutral turkmenistan newspaper in the following morning. this is the main office. for. sale office of the most important newspaper in the country which has founded first by the. i i.
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but anything from it is not. really with google we cannot go up. as he'd be a. levee could be a case in. no one would know the money's going. here for the least you. know so. yes i. think both are walking. down the hill with the border police so all of these rules should. follow the law you. see. the suit was. sleazy through the system those.
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who go through the roof. will also. give my speech to forgive me and their benefit bush was made here. to bring us down other good luck to the business bracing of the somebody pulls me up with judgement of me getting enjoy the question of what you would do that libya does not see here with you which we do through group but it is not to the future yet. through life. with good. starfleet who. will feel studies good overseas consists of who buys the struggles with the who's here the only ones who go who showed us what actually blocking least it was negotiate like you should be young but i'm glad i didn't. know who would do you well for the blues if you will through fit to live through the illugi booth with
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you brother. people who. live here or should. go to work. or if you prefer you can still go to schools partly because of the overseas says who. knows a lot of buzz is his oh yeah if you don't know you should use it like this if. a few more is not there but it needs their needs there. is a better year to do that it doesn't work that. they will force the good stuff. unless it will at last as from a distance ok you did it was a for. sure screwed pizza queue. if you could simply seem to see the gauge of this
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we're going to get it also that you would need us to get you to get you so he she still does start getting to the border you could even stopped you i didn't do it when you guys could put it on the podium to keep us. because it was good to know this was debated to be trusted that it wanted to get into kind of stuff people docs would snap the whole. lawsuit just switching over slaves or that was the book of rules you get with in the ship the ability he looked recently was more to see with a pristine. growth we should have previously seen the sheer rouge which made. it seem your rights were persuasive consent do you think you would be to. give a privilege. she gets credit for the reason why i'm picky but he would. say he's going to be able models who can use
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a new student who was. not looking to easily be she was a runner. it's just you would do this and i want to be i would get right to. the ends and she knew what those. dishes delusional spiritedly believes you to listen to some of the simplest easiest excludes in the body you get you first it's a good. scene to do to me. just to put the puzzle.
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why is the price of gold so high right demand global demand do you think gold is money. the value of the only plays we have to live of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to girls i mean gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to bathe with gold. we're not going to drink oh well clearly what i'm all is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say therefore any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with me or a part of the geo political economic system that's extremely exploitive. first of all is
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a question whether mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a. which doesn't destroy people's resources. those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment from it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening come about in the united states. could see wasn't like the easiest person to negotiate ways i mean many people
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who've met him or even those who knew him briefly all say that he wasn't completely sane what was he like when you were talking to him and negotiating with him about the lives of these people he was very he was very how can i say maybe on drugs or medicines but he was listening maybe it wasn't the right place said the right moments. least he told language. programs he documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.r.t.c. interviews intriguing story to tell you. in trying. to find out more visit our big.
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that you know the premise is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and oppressed and we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers. market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate real discussion critical issues facing. ready to join the movement then walk a little bit of. the
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day after his father was released from a russian prison the son of former. says the entire family has been reunited in the german capital. washington is told to rein in i'm accountable defense spending at the pentagon amounting to eight now hoffa trillion dollars since nine hundred ninety six. new charges are thrown at egypt's embattled former route of mohamed morsy ever a prison break in two thousand and eleven as the latest show of dissent on the streets is still in full by police and the first time in my life that a child is locked up in the military prison for having a ruler while the own going political witch hunt in egypt knows no bounds we bring you the story of a schoolboy thrown behind bars for showing support for the country's deposed leader a top stories.


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