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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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you know. what the first time i saw one was at the zongo area where we were going for a after school study. and as soon as we finish studying we'd go and play with the computer but there were many things we could do on the computer games educational games and so on. them. and what i'm trying to say is that the computer broadens your horizon. is just dumping and nobody wants them in the bucket in your opening united states so they find a way to dispose of this too because it was teamed with so much for it but this is
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what is left of the local. there's nothing to show just the worst just living in the local the water is so polluted nothing above suits and did nothing so by. now you to play them peters all day long i mean who doesn't like that technology there's something new i know about it probably before the consumer died so every day's new every day every truck is almost like christmas a year ago a gigabyte was kind of on her. by some like top line but now we're talking a good bye to beyond you know who knows what next year is going to break so big thing also is the size of the hard drives a year ago a terabyte was kind of something that was brand new very very expensive some of our desktops come built in with a terabyte drive you can buy drives up to two terabytes and for those who didn't know it's. thousand gigabytes so that's what i'll be
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a terabyte is i don't think they'd take it for granted i think it's just mainstream it's almost like get a drink walk it's like there's my computers my glass of water it's just something going in the really think about new technology that said there's something for everybody you know people still like the desktops but they want smaller people still want to like the laptops that they want to make so they're kind of changing over to that as well and make it a more today is a very important day we have a lot of we have a lot of great advertisements going all right what you guys to remember that we also have a lot of customers out there we've been here since ten thirty and that will be six and a half hours that will wait here audacity that absolutely got a good old t.v. i don't know when the t.v. set you know average don't even care bill scream the student in the garbage maybe for tax rates are lower they still look at is there today we have
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a very large sales goal that i want everybody to know that we have to hit we have to hit three hundred thousand today so we have to go we can do our very exciting right i would never want to do over that three hundred thousand would be absolutely nice we did that i know sometimes there's recycling programs my nose you can actually scratch some of the computer all metal sheeting day to scrap yard having metal you know have the metal melted you get a couple bucks or an airport if the server is the for the most part. and i don't know i don't know where that all technology is a warehouse underground somewhere holds it all these two hundred fifty megabyte computers out there that have really no use so if you have your money yeah you'll be ok.
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i. this was one of the first of the proposals that i've been made of the symbol selection committee for i.b.m. and i was given the job of jewels lining a barcode and did i ever believe it would be this big no i didn't have that nobody had died nobody believed it people your aides have trouble remembering or knowing
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what things were white in one nine hundred seventy three there's more electronics and capacity in mind here and it's the work in big computers that took up the whole rules in those days the challenge your liver was on audited to see such that there will spray a new and producing. the world's smallest electronic calculator by sharp rise tag three forty five complete go free eight am for the biggest thing i.b.m. was safety that's what we worried about all we were concerned was safety but. we have our concerns for pollution. and we didn't follow the law well i don't think we went overboard. yeah this is the birthplace of i.b.m. this is where it started in new york. still the
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chemicals a. crack pipe. and they can fill fill a. where was all go on until. the big plume of chemical it started out as a drip. drip and they never really came to the conclusion of where they were going all these chemicals were going because there would be times where they. how do we use that much and there was leaking there was to water wells that are closed up now but all this they went to any of the schools here and any were drinking that water i was diagnosed in eighty one with. not hodgkin's lymphoma which was a very rare cancer at that point and i was only twenty twenty years old and i had this big things brought out my neck and put this sign up so people that moved to
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this town know orders are a problem i don't want to come to any time and not know what happened here and what's going on here and now everybody should be notified that there is a pollution problem here should be had. we know we have to track our atheling we know we've got p.c. and the other chemicals it would take into maybe a week for me to tell you all of them we have a book this thick we didn't know all those chemicals until about two years ago. because apparently nobody wanted to tell the health officials. really have been working on. the e.p.a. to change the level of allowable t.h.c.
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in water they say is that ok level right now what's ok it may be ok for may may not be ok for you you have your chemicals which is actually a pool in the ground in the groundwater and the vapors are seeping up through the ground they take these. and then they come into your home and that's why you have these really great on machines it's a subset of thing though it takes the pollution dispersant coming into the home puts it in the air outside where it's breaks down we know tricolor at the link as askance or we know that and they say the moot point now because they're not using it but it's on the ground the first year i moved into this building. and there was no. i had to storm one long the i.b.m. problem and the chemicals is du pont's problem and the chemicals silicone
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valley's problem in california nationally we are a hidden. chemical kind of out there worry about people but overcomes the. stupid frogs are not stupid. they get here but you can people. you know how they wish to. remove these products we need a computer that needed television sets but we should make a conscious effort to reduce the toxic components and i believe it can do it we should make conscious airports to think about how to dispose of these things properly it can be done. if you if i.
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was if. i. was if. you. had if. you had if it. was. me if. it. was if. how long should a product last shouldn't last five years or should it last one year because what do you do after that how do you keep expanding your product why we can't compete with
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what a computer can do for us because fast. and it is certainly help to research all. to sleep with what we've done with think a lot. of those sort i'm amazed at how much advanced there has been in medicine just through the computers and souls so we're going to do more good than bad it no question about the. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world lights no. old picture posted states no longer from around the globe.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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the search for the twenty fourth jena lympics what's this place like in the wind is this so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games shaping the city's present and future life so it will bring you this is a moment there we brought you from a very cold snowy windy mountainous tough yeah the dylan picks what to say starting germany the first on our team. on the word revolution a very. me i think there's a meaning to the word the computer revolution we have got an increase in computers of a million people increase in cost as we said before i believe the reports we hear of this revolution are very misleading they often underestimate the speed which is going on and the importance of worst of all they end up the size material aspect how many people have how much leader but one of the new things we will have many
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fail discuss the impact it will have a view of ourselves and our world over i believe the most important part of the computer of. the. lead is eventually going to end up in somebodies ringwald every one of these monitors has forty eight hours a lead that in the glass it's ok until it's run over those big machines in bulldozers and everything. and crushed that lead us will leitch into the water
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eventually even over the line blair feel there's got to be a way for the water to get out of the line at least . be able think that the donating it to some cause and it's really a recycling event and then say well this still works and. i want to walk you know. look look. at it. i guess i don't use them. in the public has to realize they can just buy and then. you know just throw it away i mean i mean they've got to be responsible the public has to be responsible and until you get to that level. you know you lose always going to be stuck going in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. please
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. god you know you plead no sleep and faithfully so you do see the screws if you feed everybody's trying to get to see how the ankle enos the it's nice and ships it is a funny business if he buys the sheepskin and i play from the point indeed i sell seats i send them money back you see to plan an allegiance to sneeze gently and.
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about what. some of them any good seeing it's no working. yeah at least if they need. to be do something about the age maybe checking the flow of the brings each down you know what is coming this way keep. some of them in again see it's like you taking a rubbish to your house estates it's very bad i go round the shops to look odd for what is coming in to this town to buy a. new computer is. basically second time to computers imports coming in from the us i examine them to look for all the ownership labels and stickers on them and also i talk to who will buy them again and how they got here i think it is important you know to souls the origin of these computers we need more about it more than a hundred days you couldn't get out of this one. and from which country the only
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one who is please notice that oh bending down that you know you made a face on the book the most is actually nobody can use to change you just most of the fate you take under you kate still say. we have a policy in place to a brand new policy that does not allow to dispose of one dumping old show will be just another contrast but here you see everything here is dale. that everything here is still. to come out of both it but my. happens all the time and each time i've been wrong you will shops like the kind of dump site i've come across these ownership maybe this one say's state department state of connected cult department of mental health this is just dumping all these as a rather obsolete do not have been functional you know sort of person is. why is the
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united states dumping on the dumper diligent it was done and it was done the deal still to make them is to recycle it's own it was simply. see it. as. it was is that. this is what you do well you know what to think. of it no not not what you want to do i'll come to tell what you want to do with these than this why you do what i why it's my own country you know what are you to do. you no no. my dismissal. and what do you think will be judged on. the outcome of what i say is i only go forward to brick you know but i don't know what to use the full . in the world of numbers man has been developing. creasing amounts of. power might make even our more
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inferior. the reason. our later has already become a. much of our daily i think of it. we've got this computer by our next computer trenton which he goes by track man. that's his computer cheyennes got a laptop we just bought a new laptop for crystal. and then i've got a couple other ones around here that don't they're not working correctly those parts computers but maintaining all those computers it's there expects by the simple description in a whole bunch of people that like to play games get together on in life pretty much one rule in the will play the same game is a neat hobby is expensive hobby anything it's free it's. cool how you can be really
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good and i like it for these guys because it's a really good father son bonding hobby i just think it's me they have something in common the day he can grow up is a teenager and that with his dad played. like. james least in the united states it's the biggest biggest party at first i was very skeptical about it i thought what kind of people gather together but it sounds ins to computers that can play.
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such a power hungry show. having to rob peter to pay paul with cables coming down here to go back up in the halls even. just to feed it is happening so fast and progressing so fast. that if you bought the ultimate computer today before you get home it's already obsolete the new generation doesn't know what it's like to. not have a computer to not have emails. sometimes three or four cell phones. in. this. i remember when we were really excited because we're got a new black and white t.v.
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. and then we got super excited when we had a color t.v. that was the bomb. so electronics has just. done amazing things for our society some good some bad just like everything else. on one. hundred. go get the story. like boy. finally. go get the stone to break this one on.
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this one over there and here's another one. like you. think. i'll. believe.
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that's the way it was so you plan to do this work until you become a pastor. i know i will be in. another job before i become a pastor or something so you know what kind of work. my son my. i'll become president. what are you stupid to say that you know
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tell them when you are older and by god's grace you are able to complete the education whatever god has planned for you is what you will do presently you don't know what you will be or do in the future to have a good life simple or am i wrong rather. tell them by god's grace you complete your education you will do what god has planned for you. to do and be a. good idea on the ground. it was a. very hard to take a. while to get here. have you ever had sex with that hurt me here please. please.
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please. please. please. please. please. please please. applause. went into an economic crisis all over the world and france deserves to get out of the crisis and deserve to have back all the people who are leaving the country to go and work in other places and it's very sad to see that and it's really like that like a lamb was no lights. millions
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around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can the very strong position against them all and we think that's. the genetic anymore the right products are pretty sure. there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in a mouse trap i don't believe that the. poor and that free. enterprise is profit not. just this golden rice monarchy.
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wealthy british style. asked my doctor. why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because reports on.
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i'm not planning to be involved. reveals his plans for the future at his first news conference as a free man but some questions about his past are being avoided. people consistently look the european court of human rights has repeatedly said that he's guilty but that never seems to get to. a suicide car bomb attack in syria claims the lives of up to seven children that comes as amid allegations that islamics massacred dozens of civilians in a damascus suburb. if you can't get into your home. if you break it apparently not many would especially after a report found that cancer cause.


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