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final period courtesy of an alexander the last penalty shot but within four minutes thomas no second in about they made it a nightmare for russia and their fans to won the final score one a victory from three for the host at the last event and at their home olympics venue it just over six weeks to go until the winter games. so a not the best preparation for russia ahead of the olympics but the team did get a boost after the challenges of domestic violence were dropped against their first choice goaltender simeon belhomme of the colorado avalanche star was facing up to two years in jail after his model girlfriend claimed he attacked her last month but prosecutors said they had no proof beyond a reasonable doubt and the case was dismissed. while staying with ice hockey and russia's judea team are preparing for their opening game of the world championship against norway in sweden on thursday and before they headed off richard found poor feet went to see the squad as they look to improve on last year's bronze. while
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millions across the globe will be right sing up the western christmas day the twenty six of december be nice to see the start of the annual goddammit ice hockey championships held this seat in this region city of moma. pressure from the event three years ago in america beating canada in the final. which make a far cry from its base time this summer i don't need to be at the top of the game to repeat that a treatment it's worth a little feeling the reason there are some really strong teams at this tournament last year finland's didn't even qualify for the latter stages and that just shows how hard it is will be in the same group as hosts and sweden is a little switzerland are also a great side also it's going to be a really tough competition to go from across rosters been given a boost of return home of center macquarie you'll be going to end and defense trying to keep us updated on those players are featured in the n.h.l. . off for most
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a visit this season but it had disappointing campaign was going to ring true with just three points in eighteen games to go to one still in seven they'd been sent down to minus semi england to play in this competition and golden sands of the world juniors could help get a season back on track. are going to say schwarzschild first year i mean. it's hard to make it in first year after the defense with. all this. everybody in general sure and i think it's got to be a good way. from really playing all those who are i can't recall the. all to experience. to come back for extra ball for the government there is. however the some bad news for obama called is likely to be revised stalling a by leading in the eighteen year old has cemented his place on the dallas stars
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roster and will be a big loss for the young rich machine have already shown vacant compared with that big giant forward rusher amounted to medal of the last free world junior ice hockey championship over looking to be done. for me called on a call sign will bench about settlement of my hopes especially after a very encouraging before millions of subway series against three of canada's top regional sides russia travel to find event last month with a margin the second string squad it's time for a few heads in canada as they manage to beat the ontario off the tonys team and only beaten ones sens ranch is the star of the show was goaltending even now lima of with an outstanding ninety four point five save percentage and adorable late addition to the strong point of view terry. see it was the perfect way to turn this country. your friends.
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first. of all just fall. from a culture where the reason the standard of ice hockey continues to rise that is which is encouraging for speeds development but a problem providing a car has around six teams have a shot at winning gauge with the lines of losses total for canada of usa sweden and the russians likely to be very very barrett's finalist played in january. richard and big three to altering. now into football and by munich secured their fifth piece of silverware this year after the german giants won the club world cup in marrakesh but got out as men beat moroccan champions roger casablanca to no in the final after just six minutes and down to open the after finishing off from a corner made midway through the first half that can come out at double the
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changing from the edge of the box last season by untinged an historic travel of the champions league one to sleep and german cup titles and then also edged chelsea on penalties in this new way for the super cup. well beaten fine is roger were happy just to have got that far in the local players were apparently overjoyed after a shocking run all day and he's athletic i mean they're outside three one in the sun me finals the resilient world cup when it was mobbed up to the match after scoring his side's only goal was also stripped of his jersey and believes they did twice for the player of the year didn't seem to mind a bit. and ronaldinho went on to last time a cracker of a free kick to equalize bathetic out in their third place match against chinese champions going to have a grand coach by a tie in march and i lit the two all right before the break but the former boss alone and ac milan star went from. arrow to zero six two
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a straight red card three minutes try what a stoppage time go by one side to go russia is a train a three to win the bronze medals. well we all winning by inside didn't play in the bundesliga last week but their title defense was still given a shot to the arm up to second base by reducing their second string to be one really that of braman online defender santiago garcia netted the winner in the seventy fifth minute denying stunning few peers men the chance to catch the seven point gap to buy an apple top. while grocery munching got back we held two two at home to both spoke but still went third result midfielder diego put the visitors ahead after fifty three minutes but the house swiftly levelled through rafael and then took the lead to find those. bouts with five minutes to go substitute past dos top to close range to two by the home side moved above brasier dortmund who lost
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their third straight home game she want to head to berlin. while elsewhere one of the world's top football fans pope francis was given a jersey with the words france is the champion on it as the pontiff met the players of the son lorenzo de alvarado team at the vatican the head of the catholic church has been a lifelong supporter of the club which recently won the first stage of the primera division in his native argentina after playing one of their league matches in shirts which had the pope spoke to him. while it was a case of christmas come early for a group of dutch fans as a trio of lucky breda supporters relaxed of educators the ball watching their side spouting town book one mill under one hundred year old in a free kick with fifteen minutes to go to spark up some bubbly celebrations is great at rue de way from the relegation zone going into the winter break.
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now let's move on to boxing as a former four division world champion roy jones jr proved age was no fact beating frenchman ben not enough to win the w.v.u. cruiserweight title here in moscow and michael was ringside. at forty for many books and fans are wondering why roy jones jr won't quit the school after winning world championship belt at four different weight divisions but last weekend he showed few signs that his time was up off the schooling his opponent francis in the eighteenth than my kloof throughout the cruiserweight bout it was jones jr's first flight in over fifteen months and while his pace was a little slower his lightning jabs and trademark showboating is still there the fight was dubbed the winner takes all with all the prize money going to the victor jones jr is almost casual antics seem to surprise but mcluhan's and a visibly anger him. i get the thirty six year old didn't know how to counter it at
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times almost mimicking his he lost his opponent the frenchman did manage to hold out for the full twelve rounds but looked bloody the plex and exhausted by the end while the evergreen jones jr appeared on stage and the judges unanimously awarded him the victory of his first ever world cruiserweight title in the german version of the. good. guy had almost hit by the apartments up all the way and just come and take a soccer ball out a couple. but also not push must. get forty four you have to fight. so the former four division world champion roy jones jr made light work of his bout here in moscow taking it to the length of twelve rounds but it's getting the judge's decision in the end and now we can look forward to a potential spicy tasty fights against none other than mixed my. it's in anderson
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silva in twenty fourteen yeah today it was when we bought actually a public wood box here in the night of the big bout russia to meet richard heene of smash colombian one kamila no voice in six rounds to take the vacant w.b. eight interim middleweight championship belt the dean of came into the fight still undefeated up to twelve fights with eight of them being knockouts while the bo hadn't lost since twenty ten and was on an eight zero winning streak but off the surprising tradin of with a burst of aggression four then became sloppy and allowed the russian to take full advantage to promote his opponent until the referee intervened giving tradin of the technical knockout victory. i'm really happy to have won tonight i am pleased i managed to live up to expectations of the fans my family and friends of the whole of russia was behind me tonight and i'm glad i want for my country you even scott
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was the last in russia for the twenty thirty year but after all the excitement of two title fights the prospect of even more boxing fans will be relishing the first pounds twenty four g.b. model of jacob positive. and that's it a poem but stay tuned as well have plenty more sport after the short break. well for the. money it's technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can the very strong position against g.m.o.
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and we think that. the genetic anymore the. there is no. evidence that there is any problem with genetic engineering. or is free cheese always in the most crap. is profit. these golden rice. is so cheap one of the twenty fourteen olympics was this place like the one i use is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power of the games shaping the city's present and future what mall so if you will bring it this is the moment they replace you from a very cold snowy windy mountainous tough yet beyond the olympics.
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starting journey to the first on our team. choose your language. with oh if. someone. chooses to use the concerns he could. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose to stories could impact your life choose to access to often. welcome back to part two of the sports show and we resume in the pool where russia crowned another dominant season in synchronized swimming with a spectacular end of year garlock here in moscow and richard m. paul they went to find out what makes the russians the best in show russia success and synchronized swimming is on rival after being beaten for me and i'm turning
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tricks and ninety nine seeks the sport was reintroduced in sydney when the show's host many. countries made in gold image to a. possible russian sweat the medals have done so every game since head coach tatiana prof's can say is this domination is down to sheer hard work almost in call of blowing a boy's success doesn't happen overnight in synchronized swimming we've put in a lot of effort but there have been difficult times as well that was managed to achieve a lot in a very short period of time and from the syrian low level because we went astray time from mistakes of the likes of canada and the united states would come over to us having to learn something they thought it would be easy but then started to scratch their heads and realize that wasn't the case it being the star of the tenth annual show it was for free time a little bit champions forgot to write my shit on the twenty four year old was also first in for programs of the summer's world championships. where russia once again
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one every single night of the bends. puts me six and results down to my coaching mahmoud. abbas only did see his cousins every country has children who can excel at sport however in russia we have coaches who can train future and big champions we have a system in place to achieve this that is different from a number of other countries other coaches may not agree with our principles of us but we will leave before methods of bringing home numerous gold medals than our system is working. like a man system requires total dedication hissing that's what this train ten hours a day six days a week. and the country successes also encourage more girls take comes. and bolstered by strange additional gymnastics this is helped boost standards within the country send the sport above the rest is this because it's the suit that the but not everyone around the world revels in our success some countries are fed up
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with our dominance but it's up to them to try and get up to our levels a little the life as a coach is difficult as we are always needing to think up new programs as well as members of the countries go over some great teams like the cliff diving world champion or tim silting one of the clan of these fine days feeds right change even region minds when they've been exploited has extended chips in the sand in two thousand the richard one point three times. now let's hear from some other headline making us and despite the upcoming festivities russia's second of a formula one driver daniel pratt says he has little time to rest the nineteen year old is gearing up for his maiden season with toro rosso after clinching the g.p. three serious title last month that's made his debut in the top echelon by taking part in free practice sessions ahead of the last two races of twenty thirteen but he knows there's much more work to be done before he starts his first f one grand
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prix. told a lot of preparation. i think was hollering europe i will go back to moscow for christmas for a little bit of it for us to recharge my batteries otherwise before and after that it'll be out of training and getting up to physical shape. simulator work as well. i want to go for a while number three henrik stenson says he has his own tough act to follow as the swede aims to keep his winning ways after being named european to a golfer of the year the thirty seven year old is the first player to win both the race to dubai and as the fed ex cup on the p.g.a. tour the father of two also prevailed at the two year ending tournament into by and the usa. the race to dubai. which was the main goal but also to win the bonnet in dubai. this was a very special it's been a great season it's going to take some golfing to keep this up but i will try to talk about it. well meanwhile a five time n.b.a.
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champion dennis rodman defended his third visit to north korea as he held a training session for local players the fifty two year old is looking to bring in another twelve former n.b.a. stars for an exhibition game in the capital city of pyongyang to market leader kim jong un's birthday on january the eighth rather than arrive just a couple of weeks after the execution of kim's uncle in a dramatic political poetry. a lot of people in america don't prove what i'm going to want but that's not my problem you know a lot of people want to come over here and do some special things that's not my problem that i actually am to look at you know i'm not an. investor i'm not just come over to meet a leader. emotional like a mother to. to meet the best fourteen to prepare a great game for the leader for his birthday. well meanwhile in the n.b.a. there was bad news for the l.a. lakers
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a superstar kobe bryant is expected to be out for six weeks after injuring his left knee in a game in memphis brian towns already missed eight months due to a torn achilles tendon he joins fellow god steve nash and steve blake and jordan farmar on the sidelines though the team haven't written off their playoff hopes. that you know you know we would have come back with her to play another way for her to get into the groove. there's just. no point. for a few guys you know if they were. going to. and nick young later scored a team high twenty five points off the bench in the lakers one hundred four points to ninety one victory at home to minnesota timberwolves were fifty three fifty one up at the main interval but in the second half young came on to leave the lakers come back fit in one of his four three point shots to take into a one hundred two ninety one leaves also added twenty one points for the hosts.
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while defending champions miami fought back from fifteen points down to beat indiana at ninety seven ninety four one hundred caught the bron james said he'd play forty five minutes before the game despite having a twisted left ankle however four minutes into the third quarter the in-form pacers went sixty three forty nine ahead when paul george drained a sweep point but miami rallied late in the third james cut the deficit to five and dr wade went on to finish with thirty two points as the heat changed that third straight victory. well meanwhile six times a year a league win a says guy will be going to fellow russian side look i want to combine for the i mean match of the top sixteen after winning a point as i'm belgrade in their final group game at torrey messina side trying to . three sixty two in the serbian capital to finish second in group by the same
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seven three record is third place barcelona but the army men have better head to head results parties and finished fourth and also through to the top sixteen where they'll meet again. though the army men will stop their campaign. at the beginning of january. if themselves are lost the last group d. match eighty four to seventy one and spanish side love are out by these teams finished with six and four records but the thirteen point be treatment rather out second place looking mighty full now not only joined says gary parties and group past but also realm of trade and i could be electra gala tasa right and fly in munich with four of those eight teams going into the next round. now there are just over six weeks to go before russia hosts their maiden winter olympics in sochi and prime minister the medium inventive says all the venue is almost ready for the games mr medvedev visited the black sea resort to post new see the arenas as well
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as the olympic village which is due to accommodate around three thousand i think cheering the games while also providing head from home for seven hundred paralympians twenty five thousand volunteers will help make it all happen with the opening ceremony showed you'll for february the seventh while sochi also drew praise from an unexpected quarter as american extreme spirit and man with a mohawk hairstyle plake glowing terms about the city's progress. at the poor who are watching all the venue built literally as you see it from scratch it's unbelievably impressive what's been which been done there in a very short amount of time considering. the screen there is wonderful it was a dream of mine to ski in that area from a friend of mine actually on the russian t.v. used to speak about skiing in that area when i finally got there i was not disappointed say believe. then with the olympics awarded there and then to watch
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the progression of the skier is to be built the van used to be built and ultimately the you know the supporting. logistics it's truly amazing what's taken place there and i myself i think we're going to have a wonderful game and and you guys are going to. in the aftermath there's a there's a lot of great skiing to be done in that area in they've got some live systems to support it most with winter sports and russian cross-country skiing to keep the cool call of stillman to his first spring victory of the season on saturday at the full stage of the world cup in italy and constantine but the op of takes a closer look at one of the hot favorites for gold at the sochi olympics. you keep a group of dreamt of becoming an olympic champion since he was fourteen when his dream came true in vancouver and twenty as he clinched his first there were gold in russia's first of those games in a dramatic photo finish edging his combat troop alexander upon dreams however the
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twenty eight year old says winning his second olympic gold will be much harder than . course i've already dreamt about winning the gold medal in sochi a bit of it was difficult for me to win in vancouver over that was my first victory and it's easier to win the first time then the second time and to defend your title which is why i'll just give my all and see what happens there glad to get the most just. to go for went on to become the two time world champion this february while he devotes almost all his time to training in family knowing that this is the only recipe for success is bashfully he wants to become international if his home games in sochi. themselves my preparations for the olympics have changed to their full of it as the track in such she is very demanding we aim to use my full strength with maximum speed so we slightly altered our training methods and with that a support group of skill we picked up unexpectedly twenty years ago with his birth
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children being his second was cool to me and they stayed together going all the way to the national team in moscow originally has kept his passion for screen going through the years and this is one of the secrets behind his trials. i'm extremely motivated when i get to a race because whether it's the world championships or the olympics i always want to win no matter who my opponents are i just want to beat them. i can already say that nikita is one of the greats he's got talent he's hardworking he's a modest guy but aggressive on a ski track i think that's a mixture of all his character traits. oops minor is a dormitory and many who cooks well if you live in germany so the reigning olympic champion would be supported model release or cheap as he aims for marking winners in this example defense of he started to continue by barbara r t.
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and finally outdoor running during the winter can be a challenging experience here in moscow due to the subzero temperatures watch the chilly conditions didn't stop the latest jogging craze as three hundred fifty enthusiastic around sixteen kilometers around the city of santa what was the longest night of the year this event was the last in a series of high profile races this season including a rebound version of the moscow to marathon. and that's all the sport bike and.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. been through an economic crisis all over the world and france deserves to get out of the crisis and deserve to have back all the people who are leaving the country to go and work in other places and it's very sad to see that and it's really like that like a lamb was no lights. to me speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic
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it's all here on. reporting from the world talks books of p.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you here. in troy arabic to find out more visit arabic don't call. wealthy british style holds. on to the split right in front of. the british. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on our. police .
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and. these are called spin counts our hair braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giants chevron. this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. is an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines.
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pussy riot member maria long leads prison following a presidential amnesty while the punk bands in addition. is expected to walk free soon. while the newly freed me khodorkovsky steps into the media spotlight he pledges to fight for the release of his associates we take a look at their cases and why they are still behind bars. plus the u.s. federal reserve marks one hundred years since its foundation conceived as a tool to stabilize the economy critics say does little to celebrate a century of money printing.


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