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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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yeah i got hired to do their cars. because i wrote an article about. your conditions of work since we journalists have when they were in israel palestine. and the year the journalists there they interviewed you you were very frank with me and they told me about different things that you couldn't report to calm things than the good and the censorship that to be experienced in. there. at their workplace when the material that was published two of the six journalists that are today and interviewed they retracted their statement so you see the. base you see you need that you get some good news cam or you think out of the context or something i think if somebody does an interview with you and then you're entirely
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open frank about it. and then after a while maybe you realize that this is going to be shown on television and your boss is going to see this and your mother is going to see this and then you know you start understanding the consequences it's not just a conversation between you and your friends but in reality i just didn't vote about it because i think to an extent. and i made a very big mistake with this with that article and the mistake that i did was that i was. hired to do a very journalistic very typical journalistic work. about journalists and the standards for doing the journalistic work about journalism has to be one hundred times higher because they were. there were immediately you know a backfire and they will start to criticizing what you do in a completely different way than if it's a regular person because you're. the person doesn't have the power. to say no.
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he's got to get. in there is a cable marked secret no four and that means that not even i like it states are allowed to read it and it's about a meeting between the u.s. ambassador and the caregivers foreign minister and it goes like this. then besler and the curious foreign minister met that the ambassador's residence midafternoon president bakiev that's the dictator that was kicked out of the revolution a few months ago told him that he was authorized to sign the agreement on the us military base but the agreement must be kept secret the foreign minister said that he needed time to work with public opinion in the parliament before he could roll out a new agreement publicly. for our assistance in preparing the curious public opinion pacifically by placing articles in the local russian language press it was going to but i will hand it to you.
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thank you. was was. was . it was
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a good opportunity it will interest to cause less because it would cost just a little for him or the boss and he was keen to help sell it which and for most of the welsh the australian press would said and so we're going to keep this music on top of football was the media. yet they have a senator. you doesn't your. medium. of this month it's a seven percent in least in this thing you probably. will see jill not get the meters or your video crew protesting was and the one is strong. she chooses the product for. that so i score. more near the shooter of the fist which is spoken stuff. with
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a story on the front is for those who are were good discourse the what if you're a cynic. such and groups. not just the president meeting. you can you get your is the best and then the jury looks to the who could not us to meet your problem you wait said you know where is that opera for. me to get it that's a question just check you but i made a note of you don't want to. keep giving. kora you should aspire to. that sentiment that explain it a bit of some. good drugstore and internet is the money permission. of the video look you know when. and if you needed. it push the price
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put push thaws up the fish stood by. t.v. for the t.v. pray it could be getting at the sun being. the problem epa it in the just look at the national committee of the school it still could discourse that they need some of them but i read up on by. the office the off store which i would say is that there is greater portion more easily cookie. process but there are many many uber because i just wish that the developer. is legal or she has been in the princeton review since and we need to do it i just hope that will not stop the shooting will salute the slow boat news not just because it will stuff but i do as a pick at that because it meant that some. see it
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done that when it's not on there's an artistic. free spirit security to it or leave it up to the standard to. play it in my drugs as the d.c. . government ability to just question much interest. given the uber. rich the national. commission. more than. just a good lawyer and you've got all the most of we proceed. to go to. the clinics. for the most of we discuss it on a stand so it was full of community. opinion right doesn't think. more the doctor.
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i don't. know. how carrying a skirt or so more sugar in your muscle contraction right on don't cover it with our stuff over. there or to correct. the choice you have there. is. no such a creature. in the washroom of a cricketer. that was over the cool
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clear. sort of us going through it with regard. to the course of the book really it's. just gotten. closer. to get. me. to this period zero zero this will go to the notice it was going to get would say we're going to get what's your interest going to. i. here's a cable about the meeting that the u.s. ambassador has with the governor of missouri sharif here in northern afghanistan.
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and this is what the governor says. you have to loose with a litany of complaints about the swedish presence in afghanistan he described the relationship to the swedish military has called saying that the only times that the swedish commanders visit or when they first arrive in mazar and when they pay there for a local. lawyer didn't spare criticism for the swedish media we claimed never bothered to talk to politicians or ordinary people during their visits to the minute you abates and bus only heard positive accounts of its work instead of hearing the views of local residents. then the cable goes on about basically all other afghani politicians are asking this we believe that going to stop sending us your thinking place we've been hearing that. will do that yes he did it and he's come up to say. yeah yeah. yeah this is yes you know this is usually one of these hundred. eat.
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eat chicken. hello is this the i love your my name is your highness i just got your telephone number from. this wish military base here in the us are sure if. we're just heading off now towards your office together really out with a local journalist that will help out with translations. all right so i was here so . it was the this isn't the kind you know. i was just running through the book
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called. make up there. was a mistake they were in. and the police were not pleading the germans to go inside to come to earth. but i got some information from oceans my signature myself as a couple. it was really hot of there for me because everyone was calling each other to point. out this is a very good starts it was very good because i think that in terms of finding money for them the chance of health because in terms of human or got killed it was really it was a song i was making it was sad. in the terms of the news it was my first time to the minimal comfort in afghanistan winds came in that time. but there were some done as they were coming. let me see if. they were asking me to hide.
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it from syria that announced i'm glad. i don't. remember who i was. so what do you do with them you don't just throw them on the telephone what's happening yeah tell us the right thing and i will send you. more than ten minutes come. there month not just a couple of days how much sand twelve thousand dollars do you see by selling selling pictures. on this after the to the they were done through this because it took two thousand dollars. i doubt if you can blend in that is very. peculiar many you know they're going to
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have something. no. this christmas no no no the north pole has been virtually invaded season occupied and so now santa is living in the occupied territories of the north ball. found oil up there rudolph the red nosed reindeer has been read designated a terrorist. and a commie. and word any word that sets you up and makes you see the need for the u.s. military to occupy rudolph oil rich homeland so while you may remember him as the free gift giving flying boat friend from now on coke sees the commie terrorist or all rich reindeer so bye bye santa by by rudolph there is oil to be secured from those bad guys. the.
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last time was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. east there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news eat eat eat eat eat alexander family cry tears of snow white and great things out there that there had to be adequate bread dark and a court of law found online there's a story made sort of movies playing out in real life. from one reported city of society's heap of international justice it will rights
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with its rights truth good governance freedom of information peace democracy democracy i w p r i didn't because our i don't feel makes a difference. the greatest guarantor of freedom is truth we have been working with it we can be excellent you're doing it in different parts of the world the different countries we are really looking forward to meet your work there in the crowd it's somebody that's going to be interested in thinking and working with the policeman here you're here and you think this is something going to that you can work with we would be willing to give in to your well let me get a check well all of that is in the book but it was because it was a belt as good as it was a story that real close oh program was just always on with you know this is the end of the problem is that you know it's a piece of cake. however you still. live well behaved with.
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their. customers. and there were a group of journalists who came. to let some people in the plot against one of them could expose this he is very. well i said information with charlotte printed getting ready but if you started it means that you will be the person that expressed that we tried to do it and i did you and then i'll get information but you can only begin that because you are the one that could rely on their material because i would be good because i can speak english we really want to be in contact with you but this year they will. keep a business there is a really good living they are. problem by to tell you don't understand now because i know you there are still living here if you will i can just drug i really care if . i did the u.s.
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is not going to get away with a lot and i would have thought well you know i think you. know but if they do they have to accept actually that he was a member of the k.g.b. . ok let me do a little about the ice i put the signature on for the people of america that my it's called all cash for jaws of i just never i don't recall they give the gun to my brother who was persecuted in germany because he was critical of i do this but i don't give information or let's help you as you say because he had all the things he came up with out of the book of this information to write that. ok yeah a lot of this that i don't think i'm good at the. high delete this is a. journalist based in the northern afghanistan. and they just made you listen to the in the morning in the symphony in peter t.
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place of peace and there's no. i didn't know that. no you were when i had a mission the. having access to this information until we had enough can do this to disclose the face of war lords the faces of those who commit their crimes the face of those who committed genocide but later on we knew that having this much else could be dangerous since afghanistan is a taken three and there is no good to the life of the journalist therefore it made me a little bit impressed and it put me and it made me a little bit this just. therefore. i don't know how to deal with this not just with they know these men to listen but important in order to help the journalists you know those in order to make be able to them to do their stories but having because
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all these documents are approved by having these documents they can do their stories. one of the most important thing for a journalist is that they're facing looking for proof and information always. by the newest alone thinking how to do it and then. follow it. step. so every day. the risk situation. in your country. can be really. bad except if you. ever experience. it it's everyday papers and. that is what it's really getting.
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at yes it's getting picked. yes as far as i knew the. u.s. forces are more than our. army members and that's something claire and i can say this is another united states. in terms of having forces. you know that they have access to everything to every mission to be african in every room it's i'm sure there are some some information there are some. i mean i can say some reports that what really u.s. wants do they really want is to just to. just to continue
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this war in order that you have it's part of profit. i'm sure if a group of donors came together. we would be able to help it otherwise with only me i'm sure it's difficult for. this not easy job. here's a cable about the treatment of president. bush the son of president george bush sr it's called meeting with the president. oral director including to die
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a bush the son of the forty first us president met with the president of turkmenistan. the purpose of the meeting was to explore for possible business opportunities in turkmenistan's oil sector they immediately recognized the emphasis of form over substance and turkmenistan they were both surprised and impressed by the rapid pace of construction in the capital. the oil directors works to build a more personal relationship with the turkmen officials in the hope that it will lead to some of the proposed projects. the presidential meeting was featured on the front page of neutral turkmenistan newspaper in the following morning. this is the main office told me. a lot has to be the most important newspaper in the country which has found it personally by god but. i. i i.
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i need to go on. but anything from it is not. really with the will we cannot go up. as we could be of interest you may be a case in. you know all that know the money is going. to hurt the least you. know so. yes i. think both are walking. down the road with the border police so all of these rules should. follow through the result you see. the suit was. sleazy through the steel. mills.
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to fulfill a move she. pulls. from his must reach their target of millions for benefits but bush was made here the national. economy is not a good one shouldn't be conspiration you put somebody balls up with national t.v. getting enjoyed the question of what you would do that other vehicle it doesn't see here with you which we do through group but you're going to the future of the air. through life. with good. starfleet all. wolf studies a good person is going to school girl who buys his troubles with the booze and he'll only once a suitable job but who doesn't look at least as negotiate you should bring him out of that i didn't. know who would do you why should lose you.
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should live through the illugi produce fruits approved it. people who. live here or should. go to work. or do you can still go to schools partly because of the overseas says. knows a lot of buzz is his oh yeah as you know usually is it ok if. a small business here but in your thirty's there. is a word you're good at it doesn't work that they hope will see good stuff. because it will last as from a distance ok you did it was a. sure screw p.c. to you. to keep the stuff we've seen this is
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a gauge of this we'll get it but also that you would need us to get you to get you so he she still does stuff get into what i would be good for you that's not good i didn't do it when you guys could put it on the impermeable to keep us. because it was you know this was debate that it was going to get we did getting into kind of stuff people docs and it would of course never move me and must be just switching over slaves or that young fellows the book who seemed good would naturally be able to be with reason he was more to see with a prestigious. growth we should have previously seen the sure which is very. simular ites orchestrates you can consent to if you think you would be to. be able to regulate. cheek you couldn't reason why but yeah but he would.
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say he is going to be able models you can use the new students who are. not looking to easily. it was reduced to show us you would do the us know what you mean i would get right to. the others and she knew what they. did just to get into the spirit would we believe should you wish to do so was it was she just stood looking pretty good that you boys it's a good. scene to do to be an. issue for the president.
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i'm good at this site but i'm a big corporation mind. you i'm the banker i did it all the time all about money and i'm a fashion a fixer a politician write the laws and regulations that bankers coming up. here is just too much. of a diet. that. i've got a quote for you. that's pretty tough. stay with substory. let's get this guy like you would smear that guy stead of working for the people most issues in the mainstream media are working for each other right rhymes vision dot com. they did read it well.
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were. the conflict. over the place to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution because it's hot that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy attract all books. will. never go i'm tom on and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying to try to fix rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing up to my book go ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. first and.


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