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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2013 8:30am-9:01am EST

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yes it's. just so. it was. but i think it was a good start to lose the people introduced to goodness it was in with us yes
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loosely a more robust school and we both came up selling which and that was for the lunch stop with the field press which said and so being on the cutest cusick on thought well. the immediate. yet the authentic truth. you doesn't know or could would. love that's my kids it's a bit of a skinny at least in this thing you will probably. see do not get them if there's a video that i put up that i need to spend whether i'm like oh i missed out on a. sheet is that a product. that's always good. morning yeah. the surest which is frequent stuff. flu. story on
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the fault is for those who are were good discourse the what dish at the sydney. such into the books lives not just the president meeting to get an order to you can you get your is the best and then there's a voyage to the who could let us to meet george w. waits in a motor is that proper for. me to get that simple question just check you but i made a note of you don't want to. give. cora you should aspire to. do that simpler than staying at the butt of some good do stunts internet is the in the new position. of you look you know when.
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nicky only did. it just a place but four stars at the bush stood by the t.v. for the t.v. pray it me getting it the sun being. the problem. if there is a slogan national committeeman at the silky discourse that it is a slugger some of them by without them by the office the. store which i would say is the tech. fortune cookie telling. the grocer that they're going to make the uber reconnect just wish that the developer. is legal or she's been in a person's inner eason's and says we need to do riders that the owners of the kenya will salute the slow boat and a lot of. the spirit will stuff that i do as a pick. because of the. ski could exceed
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the nothing is what it was and i just. used to pretty to. give up the standard two. thirds of the drugs and get decent. numbers ability doesn't could just. give him a good birth. but the rest of the national. commission. more than. just the good book the most that we will proceed. to google do because. you can. do most of we discuss alone then you will slew of could you see. that doesn't think because to play. more the dr. the. right.
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is. i know your career darn no. national park area membership anymore some fraction or more i don't. have a card trick here. to share there no measuring it is a new one on me so we need to know what benefit you each school one day mogens music is a question i will start a. new thread plus that is you don't like to speak to me some days you floated a little. bit about your tune as it went with your shoulders don't you think you played b.c. then you know i am no sure to communicate. from america. you know for me it was over the cool clear.
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sort of us going through it with regard. to it was all going well really it's. just that i got a lot. closer. to get. to the spirit of this or do you notice it. didn't see it would say we're going to get what you're going to get. here's a cable about the meeting that the u.s. ambassador has with the governor of missouri sharif here in northern afghanistan.
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and this is what the governor says. you have to loose with a litany of complaints about the swedish presence in afghanistan he described the relationship to the swedish military has called saying that the only times that the swedish commanders visit are when they first arrive in mazar and when they pay their for local. nordin is fair criticism for this which media reclaimed never bothered to talk to politicians or ordinary people during their visits to the minute you abates and bus only heard positive accounts of its work instead of hearing the views of local residents. in the cable goes on about basically all other afghani politicians are asking this we believe that guns don't. send us your thinking voice we've been hearing that. what it was we didn't hear from the say. it's. here this is it that this is usually what these reports. eat.
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eat eat chicken. hello is this the yard over here are my name's drama's i just got your telephone number from under oath most of my swedish military base here in the us are sharif. we're just heading off now towards your office to get the really out with local journalists that will help out with translations. all right so i was here so. it was the this isn't the cancun you know. i was just running through the book
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called. make up their. minds come to six people they were in. and the police were not leaving the germans to go inside to come to earth. but i got some information from ocean spice and the smile of the call. it was really hot of them for me because given almost calling me to help to educate. the cult is a very good spirits it was very good it was not a good in terms of finding money for them in the sense of balance because in terms of human or got killed it was really it was a song i was going to ascend. but in terms of the news it was my first time to the minimal composers in afghanistan once came in that time. but there were some journalists there were coming. from the from the scene. they were asking me
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that we need to hide could there. be a problem stupid enough to blather. and then i was telling the kind of those who are paid to be very good and i was not. so what do you do with them you just throw them on the telephone what's happening here on the telephone i was writing on the laptop and i was sent to him it. was worth more than ten minutes come. even three months no adjustment joe couple of days how much sand twelve thousand dollars i mean you said by selling it you're selling pictures tax. funded it with after the vote today he says that i would have done so with this guy i took two thousand dollars. my debt of food there for up to blather that is leaving you and me where they're going to go higher and peculiar many you know they don't like something.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. plane coming into the. seasons he
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has put there's already been plenty to celebrate space december on this month's show feeling how the peter fenn so lazy deception stone call to make movies with an instant messenger clicked on their revolutionary exoskeleton makes like click of a real estate. to see updates cheer on. the central. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others the few who still notice. the faces changing the walls lights now. so picture of today's leaves. on demand from around the globe. up to. fifty. if you.
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got no opportunity. to start to construct your own little current society. no want to be a bit give don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be drug deal this they don't want to blow you know the time that a kid came be we can see. you just makes a hundred dollars and i hope i was in the hood and with somebody with thirty round clips making. about i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young a. frontline
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of port city of society people international justice people rights within its rights truth good governance freedom of information peace democracy do not cross my w p r i didn't do carp i didn't feel makes a difference. the greatest guarantor of freedom is truth we're going to be working. in different parts of the world to be different countries we're. looking for media work there in the compass out somebody that would be interested in thinking and working we can expand here whom here and you think this is something good to hear that you can work with and we would be willing to give in to all that meeting his share of the invention of the book what it would wish it was a dell is really just one of these stories that real close oh program oh shit all the stuff with the did that. problem is that you know it's look he's trying to
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use his leg but it was only. there to bust loose. and there were a group of journalists who came but left some people in the pot kids off to college was this he is a free man i said information with your printer give me a letter but if you started it means that you will be the person that expressed any desire to do it and i would you and then i would get information but you know you can only get in there because you are the one that control over their material because they are good because they can speak english when ever you want to be in contact with you but this year they will. keep a business there is no therefore it is a heart. problem by that to tell you don't understand now because i know you there is a living here if you like can you just really care if. i did the u.s.
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is not going to get away with a lot and i would have thought well you know i make you. believe that you may have to accept actually that he was a member of kinship. and rather nice things. ok let me do a little about the ice i will put this image on for the key for america. it's called all passion for charles other just never mind our brother alec give the gun to my brother who was persecuted in germany because he was critical of i do this but i don't give information or look for help as you say because he had all the things he came up with out of the book of this information to write that. ok yeah a lot of respect i don't think i'm good at the. high delete this is a. journalist based in the northern afghanistan. and they just made you
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listen to this in the morning and symphony in peter t. place of peace in the snow. i didn't know the. oh you know when to help the danish elite that having access to this information would help me and enough can do this to disclose the face of war lords the faces of those who commit their crimes the faces of those who committed genocide but later on we knew that having this much else could be dangerous since afghanistan is a taken three and there is no good to for the life of a journalist therefore it made me a little bit impressed and it put me and it made me a little bit this just. therefore. i don't know how to deal with this not just with they know these men to listen but important in order to help the journalists you know those in order to make be able to do their stories but having because all
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these documents are approved by having these documents they can do their stories. one of the most important thing for a journalist is that they're facing like a fool proof and information nor is. the i the know is the land thinking how to do it and. so. every day. they risk situation. in their extreme. pressure can be really. good except if you. have experience. it's educators and they get
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a share what they get every year. it's. at best it's got it. make. yes as far as i knew the. u.s. forces are more than our. army members and that's something claire and i can say this is another united states. in terms of having forces. you know that they have access to everything to every mission to be afghan and everyone is i'm sure there are still some information there are still. so i mean i can see some reports that what really you this was do they
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really wants to just to. just to continue this war in order that you have it's part of profit. i'm sure if a group of donors came together. we would be able to have it otherwise with only me i'm sure it's difficult for. this not easy job. so. here's a cable about the treatment of president bush the son of president george bush sr
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it's called meeting with the president. or a director including your diable the son of the forty first us president met with the president of turkmenistan. the purpose of the meeting was to explore for possible business opportunities in turkmenistan's oil sector they immediately recognized the emphasis of form over substance and turkmenistan they were both surprised and impressed by the rapid pace of construction in the capital. the oil directors works to build a more personal relationship with the turkmen officials in the hope that it will lead to some of the proposed projects the presidential meeting was featured on the front page of neutral turkmenistan newspaper on the following morning. this is the main office. buildings. and office of the most important newspaper in the country which has fallen the first bit by bit but. i i.
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guess i'm. going to. but anything from it is not. really. we cannot go up. as we keep in case you may be as in. no woman no money is going. to have the least you. know so. yes. so you both are locking. down the young people who will see all of the rules push you. for the love. you. just. the suit was pleasing to
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sleep through the still. cool bullshit bullshit. bullshit. here's my screech to forgive me for benefits but bush was made here national. to bring us down other good luck to the business breaking into somebody's balls you know why doesn't he get eating enjoy the question of what you would do that. doesn't see everybody who through but you're going to the ship you're. through life. is good. starfleet who. studies the good over she's going to disclose all who buys his troubles with the. heel on was a suitable job but what actually booking least was negotiate the first issued with him but of that i didn't. know who would do you why should lose your will to
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see if you live through the illusion people do this with you brother. people who. would lose you are sure to. go to work. or if you thought that you didn't feel you go to schools well the book. says. knows a lot because he is his own and yet as you got off easy is it ok if. a few more is not there but in your twenties there. is a better you're good at it doesn't work there it was there that he was mostly good stuff. and you missed it with less as from a distance ok you thought it was for. sure school p.t.
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q. but you simply seem to see the gauge of that is going to get it also that you would need us to get you to get you so he she still does stuff get into what i would be good for you to stop you i didn't do it when you could put it down you probably have to keep us. because it was you know this was debate that we trusted that it wanted you to get into kind of stuff people docs would snap it will be and must be just switching focus waves or that she was the booker who seemed you would and i should be able to be with reason you were small to see the full steam. growth we should have previously seen the show room which may. seem your rights orchestrates you can consent to if you think you would be to. give a pretty good reason. she'd get some good numbers in why i'm picky but he would.
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say he's going to be able models you can usually use to do the work. in the movie cheesy but yeah he was relentless. it's just you know would you give us a lot to me i would get i hate to. be uncensored you know what blows. the dishes it is spiritual to believe should be able to push into some simplicity just stood looking pretty good each year but it's a good for. something to do to me. and still doesn't. lug nuts. because. it's. her who was.
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the best. of what . the be. the band and.
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lube. british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike for a no holds barred look global financial headlines cons a report. imports came from. the european union is taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious very urgent problem that needs immediate international action.
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territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for. illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. the. economic down the final. deal and the rest. will be if we.
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ethnic killings mass graves and thousands dead across the country violence in south sudan escalates as some question whether there is more to the un rest than just an internal conflict. for the white house appraises drone strikes as a pinpoint curate anti-terrorist weapon archie looks at the staggering number of civilian casualties young man attacks have wreaked. gardens happy bell out exit leaves people there wondering whether the end justifies the means. couldn't do anything at all if you think that was this dish. i have no way i wish to speak to some of those trying to keep a roof over their heads banks pushed to repossess homes from struggling families.


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