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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EST

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briefly. a fresh immigration initiative in the u.k. is slammed for ethnic profiling by the un who fear it could trigger a sweeping crackdown on the workers and asylum seekers who are there legally. iran may unfreeze and accelerate its nuclear program if washington introduces new sanctions something that could undermine the historic geneva agreement seen as a key breakthrough of twenty thirteen. legal cases brought against russia's former oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky are to be reviewed the move by the country's highest court could lead to previous sentences being overturned.
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five pm in moscow you're watching r t international with me and nice to know it good to have you with us straight to our top story this hour the u.n. has denounced a new british immigration bill as a recipe for stigma misunderstanding and ethnic profiling if passed the law could trigger a crackdown on refugees and temporary migrants leaving them homeless and expelled from society is probably void has the details of the draft law and now joins us live from london polly why is the u.n. so upset with britain give us some details. well what's the un's refugee agency so concerned about well this proposed immigration bill contains measures that would make the landlords liable to fines if they're found to be renting out properties to illegal immigrants that would also banks from opening bank accounts for people who are in the country illegally and it would also make temporary migrants liable to
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payment for medical for medical treatment on the national health service now all this according to the un's refugee agency would contribute towards a climate of misunderstanding and ethnic profiling in the u.k. now in practice they're simply worried that for landlords and for banks it's extremely difficult to tell the difference between a legal asylum seeker and an illegal one and sometimes it's very difficult to see through the documents to understand these documents and understand migrant status is and they're worried that some people here in the country genuinely who are in a genuine need for these services for housing are simply going to be denied even though they're in the country completely legally and it's not just the u.n. westminster's own home affairs committee has warned that if the rule comes into force millions of landlords are simply not going to want to get involved with any immigrant so tall regardless of their legal status because of this fear of getting
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fined and the labor party here in the u.k. also say that they feel that the changes are simply going to create an altogether more hostile environment for all migrants in the country especially those from black or ethnic minority backgrounds but there's still a good amount of support within the government for that such a bill surely they have some good arguments as to why it would be needed. well mark harper the u.k.'s immigration minister has said that this bill would stop migrants from abusing public services and it would make it easier to remove the people from the country the aren't supposed to be here but the government's really got to be seen to be tackling the issue of immigration that really is in terms of public opinion the number one concern a lot of people are very wary of uncontrolled immigration about the perceived strain that it's causing on public services schools hospitals housing and of course
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the conservatives are leading up to it and the election year and they've got to be seen to be tackling the issue but according to the un agency they are perhaps a little bit bizarre list in the way that they've drafted this war and in fact it's not the first time that the u.k.'s policies social policies have come under fire for the united nations earlier this year the un special investigator on housing warned that the very quote bedroom tax that came into force earlier this year was causing to quote shocking hard shit in certain parts of the country parties probably boycott reporting live from london thanks for that iranian lawmakers are demanding that you ran human richmond be brought to three times the previous level if the us imposes new sanctions on the country's crippled economy the move apparently comes in retaliation to u.s. proposed legislation that authorizes tougher reprisals if you are on breaches and
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historic deal reached in geneva last month the landmark agreement seemed to have put an end to a decade long standoff over tehran's nuclear program and became one of the most significant achievements in global affairs this year. well if you look back out the history of the fel talks and penalties it becomes clear why the deal with hailed as historic u.s. intelligence suggesting iran's nuclear program was aimed at building a bomb almost two decades ago an assumption that resulted in crippling sanctions year after year talks and it in deadlock and as more penalties piled up tehran's responded by resuming arraign in the richmond the u.n. security council followed america's lead and also approved sanctions against iran three years ago the country started enriching uranium to a twenty percent level this was followed by a series of assassinations of iran's nuclear scientists and this ping pong of
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threats and warning seemingly ended when hassan rouhani became president and led to the resumption of nuclear talks are going to go to school reports on their results and how deal was far from welcomed by everyone we need to iran's new leader. iran is the anchor of stability in the region he's trying to convince the west he's not out for blood. the iranian threat is imaginary and used as an excuse for others . and he thinks a nuclear free middle east is the key to peace and stability urgent practical steps towards the establishment of structures and unnecessary. that sounds good too but not everyone believes iran could have changed so much new is a wolf in sheep's clothing a wolf who thinks he can pull the wool over the. of the international community israel the only country in the east that hasn't signed the receipt determined to
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push its point across to iran minutes away from developing a nuclear bomb and blowing up the world with israel being first on the first of targets this rhetoric however mase serve to cover tel aviv's real fears it's not about nuclear weapons not really it's about who's going to be the power in the gulf you've got three contending parties here you've got the saudis and the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council you've got israel with the united states behind it and then you've got iran really the only stable state in the region other than israel then there was the first time leaders of the u.s. and iran spoke to each other directly in more than thirty years the phone call that really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way particularly in the u.s. where the president had to deal with a lot of furious lawmakers both republicans and democrats who still think within the brackets of the cold war era a bad bad bad interim deal iran is
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a threat to peace in the world and it's not only the issue of nuclear weaponry it is their entire behavior of spreading terrorism throughout the region a lot of us have very tied his hands are tied there are people and lobby groups in the united states that do not want to see the united states and iran after thirty four years of demonizing the country to have relations. novembers eighteen hour long talks in geneva seemed to have brought a final breakthrough iran agreed to significantly slow down literally in richmond process in return for easing off or sanctions the joy was short lived you have the u.s. senate that. writing new sanctions laws. the government. trying to side with this first examined and then we have the media outlets the third in line with the united states and that is trying to
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scare. the american people of the europeans about iran and about the iran's intentions but judging by the messages that come from the president the intentions are to live in that others live in a nice change not a tude that doesn't seem to be welcomed by the old school teachers in the way even to the. well it's brutally take a more detailed look at what exactly the landmark deal with iran involves iranian agreed to reduce your rein him in richmond from twenty percent seen as too close to bomb making capability to five percent for the next six months and also deactivated its advanced centrifuges to iran has also agreed to freeze work at one of its most contentious facilities iraq heavy water reactor and allowed inspections by the un atomic watch stock in exchange the west agreed to unfreeze millions in iranian
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assets and ease some sanctions against the country and whether this in term agreement grows into something long term i'll have to see in twenty fourteen. these are. braving the elements in order to stand on u.s. soil giants. after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place. of art. is an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines. russia's supreme court will review the legal cases that were brought against me ski
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the recently released former oil tycoon and once russia's richest man if previous stances on the case are mitigated harder cost his business partner could also walk free for more details i'm joined by you who's been following this case you go what exactly does this mean for her and never that's his business partner sure well even though he has just been important by the president and he's currently in berlin he's still around. millions millions and millions of dollars in taxes to the state and he says that he's not planning to come back to russia until these. claims are lifted so theoretically we could see that happening and when it comes to. well we could see the man just walk out of prison sooner than his sentence was supposed to what exactly prompted the supreme court to review this case in the first place where the cases were initially being reviewed by the european court for human
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rights which did find that they were not political but there were various violations in the way these cases proceeded and so one of the russian constitution . that's court decided they have to review its motion of the words after he would as well a process which has now been started by the head of the court and judging by his statements the man also thinks that they were. including the fact that the courts didn't take into account the penalties for economic crimes just speculating here is that a possibility legally that they could decide that these these punishments were too harsh what could be a possible reaction that obviously will have something to say about that of course if someone is found guilty of something we didn't do we do have the right to ask for compensation so that's also a possibility you might say well it's certainly a story that develops so far once and we now will keep our eyes on this developing
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case thank you for. well coming up later in the program standing on the brink of chaos a wave of violence and bombings in egypt while authorities trying to turn the nation's rage at their political rivals the muslim brotherhood now declared a terrorist organization. and hang the expense britons are sopping like there's no tomorrow despite the country's austerity drive all studies say they'll be paying for their christmas bird well into the next year that story in just a few moments. here bank account how does that look today a bit more depleted than usual could be that the masters of the universe online the n.s.a. change your bank account balance that's what i've been up to. all those jokesters at the n.s.a. just playing around with the financial system for a fall and finance
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a game i thought the reason they were involved in all that invasive technology stacy was to keep us safe. he survived the atrocities. to make of cycles a solution. has changed his life and to world around him. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the lyrics work on.
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welcome back you're with r.t. international the turkish government is a step away from a full scale political crisis as ten of the country's ministers have been replaced by the prime minister over a high level bribery scandal but even that didn't pacify massive protest against official corruption with the opposition demanding the whole government and premier step down international relations professor hussain bochy believes the scandal has dealt a fatal blow to the reputation of the turkish prime minister. it is the biggest political corruption in our history if it is the case it is more than one hundred billion euros. some sources say i think the government is having difficulties to. cover some in prime minister the video hong this and the i think the internal reactions and every move from abroad there will be more strong accusations and the government. somehow to try to defend. a
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little credit in the eyes of the electorate and also in the international public opinion. and look what we've got for you on line caught in antartica for christmas seventy profiteers on board an australian ship are hoping for a once in a lifetime adventure but not more than i bargained for when fear eyes closed in on the vessel. plus edward snowden back stage on r.t. dot com we've got some insight into the faults of one of the world's best known whistleblowers months after he sparked worldwide debate on n.s.a. spying. this is an all shopping frenzy in britain will soon be squeezing the pockets of those unable to control their christmas spending a fresh study suggests that the buy now and pay later revelers are going to have a hard time repaying their rising credit card debt but for now nothing can stand in their way as laura smith finds out. people are in the grips of a buying frenzy last minute shopping last minute spending and last minute going
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into debt british families are more likely to start the new year buried under a mountain of credit card debt than almost any of the europeans only remain ians and turks splash more plastic britons are also taking on more christmas debt in two thousand and thirteen than the year before which is credited fears about the wider economy the bank of england says a recovery has taken hold but these debt figures raise the possibility that the recovery's actually being fueled by borrowed money other nations do have other forms of debt says i n. g.'s senior economist credit cards have pit bulls critics can and soft be expensive the interest rate on it furthermore critic tends to get mixed up on various and t. take you take credit for doing that and you also pay for more precise things such
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as a present to pay back over a number of months for example critic card it can be particularly useful for a number of people but we must be aware of the pitfalls if you don't keep yourself under control for now though the most to hear on regent street spends today and deal with the consequences later or not in fact only one in four britons said they had any intention of paying the money back but the high interest rates on credit cards mean debt can easily spiral out of control and tough economic times potentially spell a less than happy two thousand and fourteen for the indebted. meanwhile one man's debt is another man's bonus max and stacey pounce on some of the hit and run tactics of the financial world. the united states we have over and over jamie diamond and a and j.p. morgan is critic at the crime it's a crime of crime they've they've paid
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a dozens of fines this year for various crimes so you've got like jamie is begging to be imprisoned some people i've i've had this experience when i worked on wall street myself a lot of people they beg to be wiped out financially and my role as a stockbroker is to euthanize their accounts jamie dimon is a guy who's begging to be euthanized and that i think is a country is a world we should get together and answer his wish he wants to become one with his maker he says look i broke the law please arrest me i want to go to jail and be abused by hundreds of thousands of inmates in some on godly way that's my goal in life i'm tired of being free put me in prison i beg you so he breaks more and more laws but unfortunately the law breaking becomes the basis of the g.d.p. for a country like america and they can't put him in jail because i need him out there breaking the law so they can pay themselves huge bonuses at the end of the year so he's really is an existential crisis that's as christmas wish but nobody will fill
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his christmas wish oh it will do a. little. a transport aircraft has crashed in siberia in the central russia the plane was flying from the city of novosibirsk to we could see and crashed while trying to land six people were on board but there is no information on their condition so far the local emergency department says the aircraft crashed and nations depot near the airport will give you more details as soon as we get them. and some other world headlines this hour a police officer has been killed and sixty people injured as anti-government protesters battled security forces in bangkok for a second police firing tear gas and rubber bullets after demonstrators received registration center in a bid to halt upcoming elections the opposition said it would boycott the polls involve more rallies against the ruling party which they consider to run.
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security forces in indian administered kashmir have battled islamist insurgents killing one of them capital city in srinagar was also put on a high alert following intelligence reports of armed rebels they're still attends were fighting to establish an islamic state in asia have often targeted army and police forces in the region. and a judge in saudi arabia has recommended that imprisoned blogger rive badawi be charged for rejecting islam something that could carry the death penalty the activist has been behind bars since he was sentenced in june to a seven year term and six hundred lashes for making supposedly anti islam mixtape mints on his the globe website place has been linked to a wider crackdown with two of the country's best known political activists given jail sentences earlier this. cairo plunges deeper into chaos and violence as a bomb attack on a bus leaves five people injured in the egyptian capital two more devices were found in diffuse nearby the government claims the attack on the muslim brotherhood
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which had earlier declared a terrorist organization they accuse the brotherhood for tuesday's suicide bombing that left sixteen people dead even though an al qaeda linked militant group took responsibility kyra based journalists should here i'm in says egypt's efforts to stamp out the islamists will drag the country into a more into more serious unrest. was this is a new as good nation in the long running feud between the security of the state and the muslim brotherhood won't lead. trying to achieve is to crush these traumas all together and not to leave any room any space for that group to enter into political life again but they seem more defined the never they've already called for protests on friday saying that the coup is the real terrorism here and they feel that this is a return to plead january twenty eleven the return of the police state repressive
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measures being taken. all measures taken to silence any form of dissent so i expect more violence more bloodshed and it's a vicious cycle athletes all over the world are counting the days before the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi and as they said there's five on a cherished medal that can do attitude is noble strong among the paralympic competitors here's the story of one athlete giving all or his her team gold. this is why second family thirty six year old by d.m.c. lucan is the captain of the twenty fourteen russia sledge hockey paralympic team and this training base as his home mortgages are here almost every day at this training base morning till night training and while the games are just around the corner the athletes are training even harder than after well most of your every day
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is the say we get up we have breakfast then we trade on the days that we have a game to play we arrive at the stadium an hour before we spend some time to get ready and then we go and fight. but things haven't always been so crystal clear for him but team lost both his lacks while serving in the military and changing. up a graph with a bunch of i remember everything like it was yesterday i was completely lost because i didn't know what to do next this is my friends from the army supported me of go to the sport first i tried swimming but they're not let the x. . in two thousand and four he launched a sport club for disabled sports man his daddy kishen to slash how he began five years later at that time slash hockey was barely known in the country and there were no teams no conscious no experience but these guys managed to change that sassed and fearless just like they plea the game to sit on the fence to get the
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record heard it was strange at the beginning i remember there were very few of us at first training we tried to hold the sledge what we could not handle at the thrust we were falling down constantly now the newcomers use us as an example of what to do with the four patients commitment to training and outstanding determination you know these guys have it all to turn their lives their around and become a leaf outlet to make it to the national team and that takes challenge to be the best at saatchi winter pearland. most of all it's very important to be did. so when will you grab victory in never. mind you know question on to the region r t. we've been keeping up with my demon russia's paralympic team for a while now and they prepared to head to sochi will be bringing you war you can catch our previous reports on our website and you tube channel. search for the twenty fourteen olympics what's this place like why is it so special as the
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russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games shaping the city's present and future. so if you will bring it this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold snowy windy mountainous stuff beyond the olympics but the. starting journey of the first on our team. thanks max kaiser looks at how corrupt banker is don to prison and who helps them do it. although i have gone duck hunting a few times i've never seen the duck dynasty t.v.
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show but gosh i heard about the standoff involving one of the stars of the show phil robertson who got suspended for making what many consider anti homo sexual comments in an interview this slippery scandal is creating a lot of arguments about freedom of speech on social networks many people who believe that robertson deserved to be booted from the show for what he said argue that freedom of speech means that robertson can't be arrested by the government for what he said but the any t.v. channel has the right to fire whom they like the thing is that if the situation were reversed and robertson was fired for making pro l.g. p.t. statements then people who are currently the fed. again he's right to hire and fire as they please would all be bashing the t.v. channel for violating the star's freedom of speech they cry that firing him would violate his rights and i'm sure some websites would make him into a hero or demand a boycott or close to a n.d. forever very few people actually believe in freedom of speech for all they just believe in freedom of speech for people who agree with them but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max keiser happy boxing day boxing day is traditionally the day following christmas day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers known as a christmas box and one of the masters of our universe left us in our christmas box of a zero. for good at all not even a lump of coal seams in fact i'm afraid to say they the masters of the universe
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have robbed us blind to twenty six million ounces of gold for example has been drained from london gold vaults sent to china never to return again not in our lifetimes anyway and your bank account how does that look today a bit more depleted than usual could be that the masters of the universe online the n.s.a. change your bank account balance that's what they've been up to. all those jokesters at the n.s.a. just playing around with the financial system for a fun and financial game i thought the reason they were involved in all that invasive technologies tuesday was to keep us safe well remember they've denied that they were involved in corporate espionage but in this latest report investigating n.s.a. activities and what should be done about it something has emerged in one of the recommendations and that is report suggests n.s.a. engaged in financial manipulation changing money in bank accounts the new white
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house intelligence taskforce issued some recommendations on how to reform the n.s.a. and recommendation number thirty one max read governments should not use their offensive cyber capabilities to change the amounts held in financial accounts or otherwise manipulate the financial system so many are asking what exactly did they . i see that the n.s.a. has been doing and that they would recommend that this course be taken well it's part of the balun psychology we saw in cyprus where the state can just bail in the system by taking your bank account confiscating your bank account this is a mission creep because the central bank a few decades ago started their relationship with banks like j.p. morgan who hold by some estimates ninety trillion in derivatives off their balance sheet on the bank balance sheet of the federal reserve bank so they share this off balance.


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