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to provide information on that these are very big in the gun stuff so will they get one hundred thirty t.v. and some of these that. proceeded to pick up put it with. the person to pose it. to provide information on a market of stocks and it's doubled like you're made to write. the movie or the new books then and if would it still regime. what makes you then like the input that a minute issues the third must be seen. something but. that just you didn't when you found your. nose the more you know your ideas are actually. there. are no you don't want. to move them a little can they go to school season is. that what i bet that if you know what. the good news is that his team used to believe goes near let not them vision cbus
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mills nearly. wasn't up as well there with a little bit much going on the other who you are going to be in wishing the city and you all the better the go with a couple times and it's because they do know it was night and you just might see that when you do that and i do have the. stamina anybody sees you do you know you have to distinguish due to the bad news about where you work those years a still. look at this boss apart. to find out. a couple folks were choosing to just. it's not just this
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detainee this revelation throughout central asia but it's happening. this is extremely interesting strategic reason to try to rush. this is the state by spring. but in. the center. of the very worst part of the kosovo. oh well who oh.
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this is this is where you go for the. cables from that you can stuff. the first dinner table the grove as the scene said there. are some important person that went through that you can. go to some of our efforts there's a limit to what that you can start going on for and that's to the united states produces very little his poor government has minimal capacity its objects have some i don't understand mystic ideas about what we can offer them mainly large infrastructure projects and you build the questionable power plants animals to parties and bridges to. where there is some truth to debate the biggest guns real contribution to our efforts in afghanistan is to be stable and to allow an
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unfettered to overfly them chance to try to force you to. reach their critics have done and failing to. ok so we have another one there which is so it's kind of it's about see how the united states is trying to rear their. mate give me your local media more pro-american. and i'll do they want to do that so there goes in addition to over to the public diplomacy other complimentary efforts could be of both right such as aggressive media campaign through the russian media as well as placing themselves are the girls in the major russian newspaper your papers read in central asia. and sure the day of the tourist see the posted material from russian media and pay them if necessary to reprint it and because we know they they will publish it positive very russian positive but they're really about united states and they're going to get that all every muscle group into fox. and then they will pay the local they are
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editors and hear news for tickets down so they reprint those articles. leni. tamang media now we want to before we repeat that might be pretty well in regard of nature apart from enough to look at they're doing their job and in the full documents this is just a summary right. so we're going through the tunnel or own design load but things go you can't go there. it doesn't look like it's finished because it's. you know i don't know i'm not sure this time the disk is finished there are workers in china or was there are people there is a new interest in regard to i want to do something if i can but i started. no i don't i got up the road in the event of the. show.
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all the way begged the detroit bird storm into turmoil because of those you know i wonder if we would have been able to go all the way through in a way as useful as although they were wearing masks so maybe the car would he would go up to land but the. desk he did doesn't is coming that's going to see a good man like you got old enough to stand by him. many of them as he went up and i don't know it was all the colors of the of the cars with snow in the. film i don't know you know what is it.
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we're on our way to the plus news agency. and that's our first destination. here is the team. that's me johannes this is me three the russian journalist from the magazine that we've been working with this is alina who's also a journalist and a filmmaker from kazakhstan and this is the year who'll be filming our journey. mischa's just my most recent visit as a kid my most recent nowness of course provoked me.
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just for example a question that i never exactly thought of was out you should never. get out because it was interesting. yeah yeah yes absolutely watch explained that he thought he needed a chicago press and you like what what is described this is simple oh yes the macis true it up with the afraid of being good it could cope with them with a brief. look. into real dirt not just a story look at the media she was going to you know i don't know what leadership that i just put into it was nearly into it so it is not like. a city giving. no yes the most racist people the. front of the mosque the tree of people the bush
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ranch in the kitchen but with the tricky stuff just what i do it's a double scream very much your stupidity diversion was then your supposed you were should you give more reason would probably agree to the records you were even you know i mean that rootedness back yesterday stupid argument not get to you could do more with this but it would be cutting my hair out not i think traditional just like a medical school in the nation. you know go and you just over and over the why didn't you say it to this memorandum of thinking you might intimately need each species in the dream then be a man you. know some of the slower it will let you know the flow of drugs and you take the and you know it can be sort of you but i'd be just a dummy dude you even if you had you know you might include you remove destroyed it . when the time when he got support from other government close to beach and it was led. to the vehicle which will be delayed you with
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a letter which would be to give you the wrong sea floor reason you buy the other stuff but for the look of it is not people who are there all the heat or you don't know it will be take a look at it because i wasn't easy in the world you could have said if you want to be free. oh if we can who does it make you better joy i fucking knew you were the residue it's gin you knows you search for just a little of that you know this is just huge with both the bush as well as a little boy in your family he now is which is often how to show. that this is going on you know now a second solution would be should the case national that the middle class that's made the most. business bullshit him if. he. were little or no you cannot see the president or the deal with this just says he still thinks that the sas all speak up and use all of us including our normal. she stuff out of my list could go to thought assaf of therapy send him out.
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o. ne of some of bad choices washington brushing tosk of course he believes. it's only the muslims but one. more female is the issue in this when the public out see if those who did was only because he was black or. and mom a choice they said that i was upset church which meant curtis. was sitting there in the office of one of the future partners and they're called asia plus. is there is a chance that within the coming half hour or so you can be online for four escaped
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. all right. the interview. the beginning of the lone politic night moxon the faces from island life.
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in sin the enough temptation. to dog this lust for six months. there are more polar bears than people. and it's as easy to hire a rifle as a scooter. because the island is so in the space of the enemy indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this era as could be right about. if you are.
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so murder the murder scene. this is doing well or. i would go to a. very brief description as to how i did it hurt to derail. most important thing to read all of it if you go you can't do it. chill three. pages to the material and it was only by what you already know that the other. i despair. of the. situation which documents that if they are made by jewish people that political office is it can only hope that the swiss embassy and they are report of they'll be back to. back for all that it up to be a bit like though. i have to live vicariously any day by thinking of the.
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around the world. to get engaged in the. adventure time for this was the. purpose for this is. the ones who use the believe in super. tough all so who might have to search for his own name for something if it. isn't the some measurements of these golden independent journalists as a first grade as a group it's a big mistake. but that's not true again as you've never you working on this in the prior. five you know when the next resistance from just goes to me and i didn't use the. back of the process of.
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consciousness and since. you're pulling me into moves the scene from. here. am. i the.
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that matter i'm going to stand up with you. not here for the doctor to. get this going or i think you think i could. come over don't. even know you got from the beach here to run don't we go over the bridge be going or are we are not being sure of. our country or about the world. and beating on. nothing right now who conquered very busy sure only some of. them with no problem not from the direction you're going on now. you're going to continue without. a bit you do much t.v.
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but it's unlikely that they're going to get it i don't. know if there were some means for the fish. to get. some funny stuff. i was obliged to. tell and in the. letters all readers. but the problem was that there were absolutely no letters to read it but the. problem is. why i said they and so i was obliged.
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to invent those letters myself. and i just. i invented a lot of them so that you get something i mean there is no real readers yeah we've got. three or four. oh maybe five. months but they were all. they were all containing some some critics would be censors or people from now but those that are us i wanted to publish at least those that worry about some problems in their factual content and use paper because i found it rather important. to me to have some bent of self-criticism but our marketing department had no self-criticism and they forbid me to publish it so so i meant letters about problems of bedrooms problems of conventioneers problems of. wall problems of no matter. so that's how
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i become a journalist. you know we're going to be the magazine express which is in the same media holding my magazine and also in the same building we have a news wire which is told. me . this that you will go to food this you know to get away with it. because. she used to do. this kind of you know sophie. in the
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sun if you. think it is a little going. you know was it. the good of it she didn't finish the second book at all in some misleading way i'm giving you this neatly global. solution when brady of course she. would actually want to do so as we did this united are basing your book with the publishing is so good in a serious way that someone would stress that. it was matched with three children especially as i think in a jewel in the game is in the pocketbook we think it should be healed well of course in the use of all of. this there is the digital is under review to steer very judicious use of this through to me through my clothes and. so you know it's a new piece of. her original. book.
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presents a book but the vendor should be a whole big company that she would lead him to what fergalicious risk and make us feel check and that's when she needed rest of it i mean each wave of widows that were. posted in this land that the white man of mystery returned back to her that that was an example of a source not political intrigue late now vanity second listen. to what you write you see i mean there's that line by the west by the market it's about even from lawsuits or legal sense because the suit i wanted to come to the center to give me the ego to which are the control room here just put it in with lucy construction and she what happened was a cop i know up in listening to me who. are some police he said should me go to the auction block completely empty. if it will it will not go down but you must
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confess it comes to. you do you go with. the much better you feel good but i see that it was ok for the rest of the merchant it's scary that he said so you cook them yet. this is yet a christian mission and that liberals really believe it is yeah those who preach the mocker. billion a recent reagan would lead will some will not want to live by the movie woodward with that mission so which will. be skewed on who's a little bit on the left little wound the business is willing to join a media. who to put a horrible missile system which will usually keep the news man westley really united he should feel young who should ginger littleton subliminal. yes he did
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did a little slow shit with us so a socialist with. a baby girl at school that you know will see a worse place see dish to. see his lose a delusion of the day when it's that good this new subway. the weather service will be tedious for you it's a subtle beast but if slavish low for what is not also his or so i'm not sure of the smiley did you read your post or sued we know what it was there in the near them in the lower google scope what you need your permission of which are where you but obviously are for what you could do but it should be treated by me also the list of you by the nets also this may be good if the. local you know what the loading of that was just in your sleep unix will also assume you watching. it appears to. be pleasing the way submission is
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a key issue need me really get laid yeah he's mean usually when i get yeah he's lead me yet what i shout. for it must go to the. what we do will be a quick break we'll start strong will story start of the story small since whatever that will operate the good will well wish that was for it to be shifted wait for the development of it with the of those who would mean us that also might be able to get its i need the money it would be a person of so you were close enough to the notions that. such as michael. no money oh no love yes couple bucks that we had this ridiculous meeting with no that made it all clear with what we want your more of the little girl you type to swear that it was a death threat so it was innocent. and true then you would hope. this
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is a good thing for the face you see it's a little bit by chance. it was a place it goes blue the east asian oh shit we're the only boy yes well so. yes hide those. people sit. down yeah they do it right. they didn't really. give a little. more focused. so yes he's the first to say that it will be able to use was. just a good way to use these you just. what was
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used to be used. more for you to do good to be good which it was it was the least bit wish it would just leave those little goodies for you the system would see just lisa knows that was a little sin when you watch it. or use it will you see it was mortal what if it was surely you see it is that this was it was just at least it was that it was in. order to see. on their way to and talk to the crew of the i can to make sure that a face many challenges. here you have to look out for yourself crashing on to rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme. conditions anything can happen and always comes up
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with surprises you have to keep your eyes open because if there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel. and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for anything even an apocalypse she's really an incredible ship calling all antarctica stations this is going to make a field of radio check please respond. with oh if. this is the consensus you can. choose you have to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to off.
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twelve months of change. the moments which lead you find the world we live in. aren't you was there to bring you the full future clash with the police the police are full of and point to close a campus a dark spot on their field the barricades the bodies' i take it down on new year's eve to guard little team of reporters you can revisit the key events of twenty thirteen and outlining what to expect next join canossa now we and kevin nolan for our annual two hour news special. sponsored twenty four team with archie. social science center just published a study suggesting that two thirds of muslims in western europe hold their religious roles and the laws of the countries that believe that if you read the bible if you get if you go into christianity you find the sentence that you should
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obey god more. means religious schools more important. more convincing those of the students of the very same thing that is now referred to the muslims. are going to be. the face of. pleasure to have you with us here today.
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darling high level corruption scandal triggers street violence police break up crowds demanding the government's resignation. yes you can a federal judge rules it's legal for the n.s.a. to collect the phone records of millions of americans it helps to counter terrorism while american and british media are slammed for failing to challenge the government's. role is not to be adversaries their role is to be all spokespeople all journalist glenn greenwald scolds his colleagues for unquestioningly serving those in power as he addresses an international hackers congress. and as the year winds down we look back at some of the most significant stories are true.


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