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the. jump the gun but you can see there turkish police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in east on bold dispersing protesters angry with a high level of corruption scandal and demanding the government's resignation. right to spy in new york judge says it is it legal for the n.s.a. to gather phone data in bulk the verdict contradicts a ruling in a different case which found n.s.a. surveillance to be unconstitutional. and we look back at some of the most significant stories of two thousand and thirteen among them the force feeding of a hunger strike in detainees in guantanamo protesting against indefinite detention . in the hunger strike is largely and officially said to be over we know that at
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least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today the procedure was described as a form of torture by the u.n. but then the tories detention camp remains open despite public outrage and president obama's pledges to close it. and broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is thomas let's get right to our top story now a massive anti-government demonstration in east on bulls central square sparked by a high level corruption investigation has been violently dispersed by police demonstrators are now calling for the country's prime minister. to step down but he refuses to give in to their demands are reports. then in the mock spy protests the
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factory i was in the past couple of weeks prime minister the fifth biggest challenge to his leadership in fighting the third time offense is once again take to the street. and i think half the plea on the political family continues strong false thinking that the plaintiffs are prime minister addressing the crowds that very much they were for i would say that the financial fair to the person feeling the pressure of hype that would be for a number of political stunts and everything the possibility that would benefit second right of corruption. understand exactly what ben i'm feeling bad for the fact that a professor there are about to hit them with thank you very much for joining us. let's start with a little exactly is going on we're going to expect to have a government shepherd before anything happens that choose to do that but at the moment we have resigned ministers. ministers with no spare to do loans
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but i think it's true and to conclude that actually as government becomes the pros and the person repair a very strong and very experienced ministers there. and after your family and maybe should remember seems to. have a reaction to the best political election for the best who can spend much time to. the prime minister the bad. batch has been disproven actions will be passed for mr manager i'm. going to stand still be true surely you. can see. the rabbit and the sousa rivera's their policies read them bad. for you but if you stand by the other people think there may be very difficult. well you can for. surf earth
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is in istanbul giving public opinion on the ongoing government crisis in turkey you can find it on her twitter account also there are pictures from the streets where protesters are venting their anger over a corruption scandal and demanding the government resign. turkey's prime minister has been addressing crowds of supporters in the country's western city of money said he blamed a foreign agent for carrying out what he calls a mere campaign freelance journalist and a blogger are able law was the taksim square she says a deep divide has emerged within a turkish society. it's not just the crash and scandal it's just one of us that we send explosives that were that kind of came up on our day one and leadership you have a big reference people who are against a ruling party and against terror no i'm but then there are so a considerable amount of people they so concerned about
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a very charismatic leader and they still believe in everything that he says so whenever he goes on on camera as in my nice hour everywhere else that he's been in the past week ever since the corruption case i represent and he's been saying that you know this is a conspiracy theory that this is the work of israel or the us or our good at the moment itself people do believe him. now gathering phone data from millions of americans is legal and it helps to counter al qaeda that is what a federal us judge ruled in a case pitting a major civil rights organization against a national intelligence chief but nearly two weeks ago in a separate case another judge said that the n.s.a. phone data collection was unconstitutional or teasmade important details. a federal judge in new york william of pauli ruled friday that protections under the fourth amendment do not apply to records held by third parties like phone companies that the n.s.a.'s indiscriminate and systematic collection and storage of phone records belonging to all americans while that's lawful now the a.c.l.u.
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has expressed disappointment and says it plans to appeal that decision two weeks ago federal judge in washington d.c. said the n.s.a.'s mehta data program most likely violated the fourth amendment as part of that ruling a judge richard leon ordered the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs who brought the case against the u.s. government now u.s. officials have for many years asked americans to sacrifice some of their privacy in the name of security but so far no top u.s. official can mention any danger imminent danger that's been thwarted through the collection of everyone's personal information. the secret status of the documents which exposed the n.s.a. surveillance played a key role in this ruling daniel mcadams is an executive director at the paul institute for peace and prosperity he told us why he thinks the wording of the
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verdicts could be a cause for major concern. this ruling by judge of holy it on friday said that the a.c.l.u. doesn't have the right to challenge this collection of metadata because that was it was going illegally because of the the revelations by snowden because congress meant for section two fifteen of the patriot act to be secret orders under that sentient to be secret and the a.c.l.u. had no right to challenge it when the implications are incredible if you think about it it means that if the government were illegally using two fifteen it in something we would object to we say as an illegal way use of two fifteen we could never challenge that because we weren't supposed to know that they were doing it it's absolutely chilling. meanwhile some of the world's most well known hackers and cyber activists are discussing ways to counter the n.s.a.'s digital surveillance
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they've gathered in hamburg before the thirtieth annual chaos communication congress journalist glenn greenwald who has been releasing edward snowden's n.s.a. leaks gave a keynote address via video chat and he criticized the mainstream media for being servants of the government and cited his recent interview as an example. it was on this program called hard talk and i at one point had made what i thought was the very unremarkable an uncontroversial observation that the reason why we have a free press is because national security officials breach of the population and shield their power and to get their agenda advanced when i said that he interrupted me and he said i just cannot pull believe that you would suggest that senior officials generals in the united states and the british government are actually making false claims to the public how can you off. you so you can say you got
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a reaction from the crowd there but still ahead in the program we report on america's notorious one ton of obey a detention camp. torture hunger strikes and suicides have marred this place since two thousand and two. despite president obama's promises to close the prison that remains operational holding over one hundred detainees majority of whom have been cleared to return to their native country. but britain has become an international online hub for selling and consuming the legal equivalent of class a drugs boarding to experts it could be just as harmful as the original details coming up. on their way to and talk to the crew of the i can to make sure that for. many challenges. here you have to look out for yourself crashing onto rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme conditions can happen and always comes up with surprises you
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have to keep your eyes open because if there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel as well as helicopters and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for anything even and. she's really an incredible ship. calling all antarctica stations this is academic a field of radio check please respond.
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to me now with the new year just around the corner we continue our look at the major events two thousand and thirteen will be remembered for. and one of the years ago biggest stories was be hunger striking inmates at the guantanamo bay detention center despite repeated promises from the u.s. to close the infamous facility it remains operational and continues to spark public outrage in our t.v. crew went behind the barbed wire to see what life is like for the detainees. every morning at eight am the u.s. national anthem erupts across the beast that holds america's most scandalous prison no one likes to be spit on no one wants to have their own autumn torture hunger strikes and suicides have marred this place since two thousand and two and they're
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human beings after all they're there's no reason to expect that they enjoy being here you know we pretend otherwise prisoners held indefinitely in the name of the never ending war on terror whether they're innocent or guilty is not our job right now we have the court system determined that in just over a decade a total of seven hundred seventy nine prisoners the majority released without charges on the other side of the barbed wire. life is a blast. there is water and it's nice there's nothing really bad about here just like any common american town now is awfully scared to come here but i mean it's absolutely a beautiful place and you get around all the other stuff getting around the other stuff is not hard a lot of what goes on here is kept under a thick veil of denial and secrecy camp delta house as a hospital and library and this is also the place where patients are force fed and even though the hunger strike is largely and officially said to be over we know
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that at least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today a tube is passed down through a person's nostril and pushed all the way down to their stomach before it's passed down the nose we lubricate it in we give the patient a choice do they want to have the key which is agent it will numb the area or if they want to lubricate the tube. most of our patients have been using all of the will. in fact some of our patients are so used to this they will. described which nostril they want this while major world medical bodies are in agreement that force feeding is not ethical and should not be practiced the force feeding them i've got my clients have experienced at one time or they've certainly described it as torture the restraint chair that they're strapped into they actually call the torture chair an arabic force feeding takes up to forty five minutes and is performed twice
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a day the patients that had the civilian world of it feel strange i've never heard insisting on. i have not heard that good move fishes are beyond nonchalant about the highly criticized practice you might feel differently from the way i might feel uncomfortable has been the most of it i have heard but they don't even believe in what this thing anymore because they know it sounds stupid i volunteer that the procedure be demonstrated on me request declined the prisoners who've not met one another and speak different languages keep saying the same thing that we were tortured used. tied. to the chair legs to the ground. strap across and they forced in a tube into our noses never in thirteen years have detainees been allowed to speak directly to a journalist while remaining at get most only leaking statements through lawyers they would love nothing more than to sit down with journalists in just tell them you know about their daily lives but communicating seems to only occur here if someone was a at a point where maybe they had been verbalizing
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a lot of hopelessness we were immediately intervene and try to assist that person to make sure that there wasn't any thoughts of maybe wanting to harm themselves or in their lives with charts like these often used to pinpoint patients despair you asked them how do you feel right now and they'll be able to point to it we have not had a patient in this area. thank you meanwhile six suicides and dozens of suicide attempts have taken place at the detention facility we haven't seen any autopsies the u.s. government hasn't released any formal reports or findings we're now inside two active camps at guantanamo camp five fold single cells where the so-called less compliant detainees are held camp number six is one filled with communal cells when officials deem that detainees have behaved better there will be warded by being allowed to live in groups well detainees are kept away from us what we witness are
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clean empty prison cells with cosy pajamas colgate toothpaste and maximum security shampoos paraded in front of journalists as proof everything is so much better here than any silly horror stories we all have heard of. cuba. now we've been following the hunger strike at guantanamo since it began in february just a click away on our website we've got the full timeline of events surrounding the notorious facility for more stories that shaped the year we'll be bringing you our further reports of why two thousand and thirteen matters right here on r t international. these locals a bit sour here braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giants chevron . this comes after a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times.
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is an undeclared global battlefield in which again and it's just one of the front lines. oh. no. pardoned russian tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky has been all over the headlines in recent weeks as the media retells his story a murder case back from the one nine hundred ninety s. comes into light that of the whole of the assassinated mayor of the russian town where holder called ski's oil company was registered now while the former mogul continues to deny any link to the murder of widow paints a different picture. and that doesn't spike the fact that hunter kosky has escape responsibility on those counts that i'm convinced he's behind my husband's
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murder. it wasn't that the hoof was shot dead on his way to work but the whole thing is that for your profile that he walked to work and he usually did and was shot he died from the last shot to mine and the temple. it just doesn't work in new york if you got his money every game tightly wound with one of the most notorious legal sagas of the are shot you can skip the my nine hundred eighty five you were junkies use the guns evade taxes to the city and the region if their combined us was registered then when it came to tax revenues that it was answering to the mayor next to your guns can use that argument with the whole feel they depended on him and that was the only reason why he even mattered. how did they insist her late husband as a mayor of the town this was registered was approached by top managers in complete . i. was there offered to reach an agreement they called it an
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organization of taxes back then a production reached about seventy million tons of oil here they said there was too much but the and seventy eight million tons would be more than enough but you could not imagine it to look for you since like if you were you want to hunger strike demanding to be seen alleging their corruption scheme involved many regional officials several days later he was found in our investigation found his killing was ordered by the co owner of ucas but many don't agree with i want you being bullied into his murder wasn't connected to your case and the legit tax fraud scheme that of course he himself said if there was any taxes then there were many other ways it could have been done the former head of security company said my. wife is sure that the real mastermind has never been held. at the company and with
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that only time will solve the mystery surrounding my husband's murder but i'd just like a copy to confess and clear his conscience. even though. that the russia has successfully launched to end up. created soyuz rocket it is the latest addition to the family of rockets that have become the world's most frequently used booster since the program started in one thousand nine hundred eighty six you can add it to dot com for the full story plus. check out this video destructive flooding in colorado a devastating tornado in oklahoma and numerous massive wildfires despite these and other catastrophes in the year two thousand and thirteen it was relatively kind to the united states as it experienced its fewest amount of natural disasters in recent history on our website we've got all of the details on the surprising findings. in the antarctic
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a rescue operation continues for a russian research ship with australian scientists on board called academic shokalskiy the vessel has been trapped by thick ice since tuesday and australian ice breaker is on its way there now it's expected to arrive sunday evening earlier in the week french and chinese ships failed to reach a call ski despite being stuck in ice since christmas the scientists are said to be in good spirits and continuing their research worst case scenario though they will see them evacuated from the vessel by helen. now the addicted man of europe that's the reputation in the u.k. has earned itself in recent years according to a leading social policy think tank now their report suggests that one in every twelve brits between the ages of fifteen and twenty four has tried so-called legal
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highs that means a total of around six hundred seventy thousand use now these drugs won't land you in jail but as studies show it could be very every bit as dangerous as they are blacklisted equivalence you know since two thousand and ten the government has put a temporary ban on fifteen such substances but the substitute drugs are popping up at a faster rate than even the regulators can handle politico investigates. pink panther bubble or the magic dragon they may sound harmless that anything but these a mind altering substances that mimic the effects of drugs but they're legal and britain is consuming more of them than any other country we currently know that hundreds of websites are selling drugs online it does bring us to maybe there is at least one new product on the drug market each week two substances are advertised on line as a legal and save for a turn or two to illegal drugs then not fifty two people died from using
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psychoactive substances last year that's up seventy nine percent from the year before researchers at the university of hartford should tell me about the newest substance they've been looking into cycling as you can see this substances are dangerous men died when did he take probably it was decide one dissenter the kind of noises smoked it but it's marketed as not for human consumption yes but of course people buying it online they know perfectly how to use it the government's been accused of being an acceptably slow in its response to designer drugs flooding the country. london clubs like this one a full to the gram every night revelers drinking and dancing having fun but the reality is rather more sober and. substance abuse is taking on new forms one addiction psychiatrist set up a special government funded clinic to deal with the abuse of so-called club drugs
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as for the clients we have lawyers we have nurses we have managers we have teachers we have a group of people who don't really necessarily and would label as drug users and i very much remember the very first day we opened and thinking well will anybody come you know will there be a demand for this service or not and actually a couple of years. later we've been flooded with referrals at the moment the u.k. is not only the worst place in europe as far as legal high experimentation is concerned we also have the biggest heroin problem we have the biggest cocaine and crack cocaine problem in europe and we also have one of the worst drinking problems in europe we have the worst female drinking problem the whole of europe so this can't be seen in isolation the truth is that more people particularly young people in the u.k. are trying to become addicted to drugs and alcohol than anyone. take
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a look at some other stories making headlines around the world for you this hour we start in egypt where a second student has reportedly been killed and another seriously wounded following clashes with police at a university in cairo state media reports that the violence was sparked when supporters of the muslim brotherhood set fire to two campus buildings organizers deny the allegations saying the demonstrators only resisted the use of tear gas at least sixty students were arrested in the disturbance. israel is poised to free another twenty six palestinian prisoners this is the third release out of four a total of one hundred four palestinians will be freed from israeli jails over a nine month negotiated as being a period that ends in april this comes just before u.s. secretary of state john kerry visits the region later this week opponents of the prisoners release staged a rally outside the israeli prime minister's home protesting the move.
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now coming up the story of the wiki leaks associates who traveled across central asia in search of media outlets willing to publish diplomatic cables and that's after a short break right here on our two international stay with us. summer break a time when all students rejoice and most importantly relax but in russia summer break for male students could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian citizens have to put a year into the armed forces but the ministry of defense thinks that they can make things easier by having students spend their summer breaks in the military this training would tie in with their future professions such as engineering students
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being put into military engineering position. now the question is does your summer break belong to you or another words to the government have the right to tell you what to do and make you serve in the army even if just for three summers during your college years i think the answer this really depends on your culture in places which haven't been invaded countless times or have a strong individual ism streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric and oppressive but if you come from a country that is less individualistic and has been attacked invaded by pretty much every country that possibly could like russia then having a draft makes more sense i think this program could work and if i was in college i would be pumped to spend my summer vacation with some heavy artillery but this is definitely not a universal idea for all countries i don't think liberals or libertarians in america would take too kindly to it and rightly so but that's just my opinion. berland social science center just published a study suggesting that two thirds of muslims in western europe hold their
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religious roles in the laws of the countries that believe if you read the bible if you if you go into christianity you find the sentence that you should obey god more than. that means religiously more important and more convincing those of the statements of the very same thing that is now referred to the muslims. i think. not even if you didn't think. this is the right place for. these particular people we are working with. you i was. anything. why would they work with
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these chemicals why would they not work with these kind of mold many of them for money yes and this needs to be said they do this for the money but the i am why everybody has one thing on the words it's why are you judging this year on having the business that i was judging. and the man you are judging no not even the ones who are living this movie is charging that it's ok i'm just saying initial b. we need to be concerned that we're not going our own places saying we're better than you are because i've had a situation and i fucked off and you're still there this is what i'd like to see this is approaching the one where if you seem out of seeing that you go to two people we're not going there as you start out with them there's only room here we can extend then when they have with us as a strong reaction we're like strong reaction when the sediment covers the cables because they didn't know we're going to displace it post now on the action or we've already.


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