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we're doing a journalistic work about journalism has to be one hundred times higher because they were there. they were immediately you have backfired and they will start to criticizing what you do in a completely different way than if it's a regular person because regular person doesn't have the power. to say no. he's got to say d.v.d.'s. ok. here's a cable marked secret no four and that means that not even i like it states are allowed to read it and it's about a meeting between the u.s. ambassador and the caregivers foreign minister and it goes like this. the embezzler and the curious foreign minister met that the investors residence midafternoon president bakiev that's the dictator that was kicked out of the revolution a few months ago told him that he was authorized to sign the agreement on the u.s. military base but the agreement must be kept secret the foreign minister said that
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he needed time to work with public opinion in the parliament before he could roll out a new agreement publicly. for our assistance in preparing the curious public opinion pacifically by placing articles in the local russian language press that maybe was going to show the man going to. thank. god. we were.
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but that was a great opportunity for the interest to cause us to proceed with us just flew for more about school and the bush team yep self which unfortunately launched the coffee on me impressed with segment seven on the cutest music that i want thoughtful while i was longing to immediately yet the as a senator. you doesn't your. radio because it's not it's a seven of us in the east in this thing you probably. you know will see jill not deaf and it doesn't have video appropriate as to whether i'm
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a columnist and. she chooses the parks for. that so i score. more near. the first which is spoken stuff. with a story on the fault is for those who are her discourse the what is your for sydney. section groups. not push the president meeting. you can you get your is the best that the. who could not us to meet your problem you weigh in on worries that opera for. me to get that simple question just check you but i'm not in a. you don't want to. keep. score
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a sure of course to. do it but simply let them explain it a bit of some good rooster and internet is the money permission. of the ideal of you know when. nuclear needed. it push the price would push toss up the bush stood by. t.v. for the t.v. praying it could be good news if the sun being. a problem. if any just look at the national committee of the silky discourse that these are some of them but i read up on by. the office the. store which is the tech is greatly proportional eastley cookie. process there when you may be able to connect just wish that the developer. is legal or she's been immune to the postings and reviews
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and some things we need to do that will not stop the shooting was a little slow bookman not just because it was stuff but i just pick a president that doesn't mean. he could exceed c.s. than that thing is going on there's an artistic. free spirit security to give up the standards you're looking for it in my drugs and getting. a little bit of interesting question much interest. given the uber. rich a national. commission. more than. just a good year and you got all the most of we proceed. to good. you can. do most or we discuss
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a wall. or was full of kids easy. doesn't think because to play. more the doctor. would say right. is. i know what your career garneau. are carried ere kurdish for worshipping him or for cracking or not i don't. ever recovered. here let me correct trick here ok cherish here douche here there. is a new one on me so we do know as we're going to unity school monday margins music i will start. to watch it is you don't like to see some late you loaded
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a little. bit about your tune as it winds with this of these don't you. know what our. church community prefer from our government critic. that was over the cool clear. sort of opposed to it with regard. to it was i don't really mean it's. just gotten. closer. to get. any. more experience you know this or do you notice it. because he would say we're going to get worse you're going to get.
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i. here's a cable about the meeting that the u.s. ambassador has with the governor of missouri sharif here in northern afghanistan. and this is what the governor says. you have to loose with a litany of complaints about the swedish presence in afghanistan he described the relationship to the swedish military has called saying that the only times that the swedish commanders visit are when they first arrive in mazar and when they pay their for a local. morning is fair criticism for this which media reclaimed never bothered to talk to politicians or ordinary people during their visits to the military base and bus only heard positive accounts of its work instead of hearing the views of local residents. then the cable goes on about basically all other afghani politicians are asking this when the needs of. the changes you're thinking why sweden hearing that
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. what it was he didn't come home to say. yeah yeah. yeah this is a man this is usually what he's going. eat. eat eat chicken. hello is this the yard over here are my name's dramas i just got their telephone number from under oath is which military base here in the us are sure if. we're
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just heading off now towards your office together we're going to go out with a local journalist that will help out with translations. all right so i was here so . there it was this is an account you know. was just running through the book called. make up their. posts under six people they were in. and the police were not leaving the germans to go inside the country first. but i got some information from options missing the smile to call. it was really hot of them for me because everyone was calling me to help them. because they're good spirits it was very good it was not a good in terms of finding money for them in the sense of health because in terms of human or got killed it was really it was
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a song i was very angry it was sad. but in terms of the news and just my first time to the minimal comfort in afghanistan moments came in the time. when there were some gun is there were coming. from london from b.b.c. from the scene and they were asking me that here we need to hire you could they. do it he proceeded enough to blather. and then i was telling you that i don't claim those who are paying me very well and i was not. so what do you do with them you don't just throw them on the telephone what's happening on the telephone i was writing on the laptop and i was sent to email. worth more than ten minutes come. even three months not just with joe couple of days how much sand twelve thousand dollars i mean you see by selling he was selling pictures tags.
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on there with after the last two days that they were done through this guy it took two thousand dollars. my dad therefore would have complained of it is very thing you and me where the angry go hand picking their many you know they're going to have something. berland social science center just published a study suggesting that two thirds of muslims in western europe hold their religious roles and follow the laws of the countries that believe that if you read the bible if you get if you go into christianity you find the sentence that you should obey god more than caesar. that means religious schools more important and more convincing those of the state it's in the very same thing that is now referred to the muslims.
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the beginning of the known politics night monks in the faith it's full island life . in sin they'll end up temptation. the dog was lost for six months. old polar bears than people. and it's as easy to hire a rifle as a scooter. because the islanders so in a special there are no indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this era as could be read about if you. least be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic
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it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about specific ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying. to find out more visits. arabic don't call teeth don't call. from one report city of society people international justice people rights women's rights truth good governance freedom of information peace democracy democracy i w.p.r.o. i don't think you are i don't feel makes a difference. the greatest guarantor of freedom is truth we have been working with it we can experience it in different parts of the world in
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different countries we are. looking for a media market marion somebody that would be interested in thinking and working with the policeman here you're here and if you think this is something going to hear that you can work with me we would be willing to give in to all the media shack was a little bit in the book but what wish there was a. test to work on this story is that we have a problem oh problem us yes all of us i. know that there is the problem is that you know it's no use telling you space. into any of their. past there's a cheat and there were a group of journalists who came back to let some people meet in a plot against off could he trust this he's a free man i said information but they still didn't give me
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a letter but if you sign it it means that you will be the person that expressed anything i did here and i did you and then i will get information but you know you can all be given that because you are one of the control i don't care if you're here because i'll be good because i can speak english when ever you want to be in country. but it is here they will. keep. it is that there is no there there ought. to tell you don't understand now because i know there are still living here you are like and this drug i really care that. i did not get away with a lot and i would have felt. like. nobody's been a had to accept actually that he was a member of the k.g.b. . ok let me deal with i put the signature on the key for american mileage it's called all that are just
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of the just never i don't cover all they give the go my brother was persecuted because he was critical of i do this but i don't give information to help your case as you have more than you see every level of the book is. that. ok yeah a lot of mistakes but i think. it's high to live this is a. journalist based in the northern afghanistan. they just made. today in the morning and sermon in peter t. and i said peace and that's not. i didn't know that. i know you were there when i had initially that having access to this information would help me and enough can do this to disclose the face of war lords the faces
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of those who commit crimes the face of to sue committed genocide but later on we knew that having this. could be dangerous since afghanistan is an insecure country and there is no good for life to listen therefore it made me a little bit. impressed me and put me and it made me a little bit this just. that. i don't know how to deal with this not just with a no these methods but important in order to help the journalists know that in order to make be able to do their stories but having because all these documents are approved by having these documents they can do their stories their one of the most important thing for a journalist is that they're facing like a fool proof and for that you know it's. the by the noise level thinking go to do it and. call it cake if you. set it.
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straight. every day. the risk situation. if you're actually. pressure can be really. except if you eat a steak every satiric. it's educators and. it's. efficacy it's good it's. make a. yes as far as i knew the. u.s.
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forces are more than our. army members and that's something claire and i can say this is another united states. in terms of having forces. you know that they have access to everything to every mission to be afghan and everyone is i'm sure there are some some information there are some. i mean i can say some reports that what really you this want. do they really wants to just to. just to continue this war. in order to have its power of profit. i'm sure if a group of donors came together. we would be able to have it otherwise with only me i'm sure it's difficult for. this not easy job.
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here's a cable about the thirty minute president. bush the son of president george bush sr it's called meeting with the president. oral director including to die a bush the son of the forty first us president met with the president of turkmenistan. the purpose of the meeting was to explore for possible business opportunities in turkmenistan's oil sector they immediately recognized the emphasis of for him over substance and turkmenistan they were both surprised and impressed by the rapid pace of construction in the capital the oil directors works to build
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a more personal relationship with the turkmen officials in the hope that it will lead to some of the proposed projects the presidential meeting was featured on the front page of neutral turkmenistan newspaper in the following morning. this is the main office. building. mail office to the most important newspaper in the country which has founded first on it by god but. i. i i. i need i guess. but anything from it is not. really with the will we cannot.
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be of in case you missed. it. you know all that no one is going. to hurt the least you. know so. yes. some people both are lucky. enough to be here on the board who will be. all the e.u. membership. for just so. you see. the soup was. sleazy through the sleaze those. who opposed the move she. will. give my speech to forgive me for benefits but bush was made here next to. me as dr a good while should have been inspirational to somebody pulls up with dust and
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you'll be getting enjoy the good it was made of which you would then rather be a prick doesn't it is easier to reach who through but you're going to the shit out of the air. through life or because it was good c.s. carefully you. will feel studies are good overseas consists of who buys his troubles with the. he'll was a suitable job but who doesn't look at least that was negotiate lest you should be young but i'm glad i didn't. who will do you know the rest of those you will see if you live so that it will look into this with your brother. in law who. lives here or should. go to work. or if you prefer you can still go to schools partly because of the
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overseas says. knows a lot that was is his own and yeah as you got off easy is it ok if. a few more is necessary but it needs their needs there. is a very clear in-depth public workers that they hope will see that. it was hit with a glass as from a distance ok and you think it was a poor. shot school pizza keep. reaching for the stuff we seem to see the gauge of this we're going to get it but also that if you leave me the stuff you still get when you say she's stealing your best stuff get into what i would be good for you that's not good i didn't do it when you could put it on the podium to keep us. because it was you know this was debate that we trust and that it wanted you to get
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into kind of stuff people docs would snap to move me and must be just switching over slaves or that young boy was the booker who seemed good with my ship the ability he with recently was more to see with a pristine. growth we should have previously seen the sure mildred which may. seem your rights or persuasive compared to something if you think you would be to. give a pretty amazing. cheek you couldn't visit my. but you know what he would. say he's going to be able models who can use a new suit who are. not looking to use need we use reminders to show us you know would do the us and i want to be a good idea to. be in a sense you know one of those. delicious delusional spiritual do believe that you need to listen to some of the simplicity just explodes in the body you get you but
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it's a good. scene to do to me. just before the close of. the year that was two thousand and thirteen and what has made it memorable we ask in this edition of process week selves and who disappointed us what stories captured our attention because of hope or due to despair.
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why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think gold is money. know the value of the only place we have to live of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to i mean gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to bathe. we're not going to drink oh well clearly what i'm all is and it's in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say they're for. any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with we are part of a geo political economic system that's extremely exploited or. first
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of all it's a question whether mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's lives resources environment and so on well you know those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope.
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and love to so many children. nikolai the american worker on the tape. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge they carry said they can the very strong position against g.m.o. and we think that. the genetic anymore the fate products are for greece to tool out there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in a mouse trap i don't believe that. for anybody free. enterprise money market is profit at the minute. for social justice
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golden rice on our. breaking news it all seem to national an explosion has ripped through the main railway station on this side of the russians the terrible garage eighteen people have been killed. this is r.t. international coming to live from moscow first of the tragedy that emerged just over an hour ago in southern russia at least eighteen people in our thought to have died and dozens injured in a suspected suicide bombing at the main a railway station in the city of volgograd live now to our seas igor there you go so what do we know about the blast so far.


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