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not. appreciating each leaves up and you know it but if you like it better to get it paid a little. you don't really care if the one. for the food. i mean and. some funny stuff. i was obliged to move to and the whole. letter is all three dollars. but the problem was that there were absolutely no letters to read it but the column. should be published. by said day and so i was
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obliged to do oh two to invent those letters me myself. and i just. i invented a lot of them so that you get something i mean if there is no real readers yeah we've got to know. three or four. oh maybe five. months but they were all. they were all complaining some some clinics with these papers or people from now but they'll say interest i wanted to publish at least those that worry about some problems in defacto content newspaper because i found it rather important. to you to have some kind of self-criticism but our marketing department had no self-criticism and they forbid. publish it so so. and then the letters about problems of mental rounds problems of tension
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here is a problem for a while coming from no matter whom. so that's how i become a journalist. now we're going to be the magazine expert which is in the same media holding as my magazine and also in the same building we have a news wire which is called. in the us that you go to for this you are going to let you have to deal with the way we discussed it was. because. you have to just to please. we skirted here so often. in the
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suburbs are you sure when you think it is a little bit you know what's in. the lubavitch good fish so good it will see where good lead is. really well. so when but he or she. would actually want to do so as we do business you do business with publishing is so dina's yours with us home with. stress. was matched with fetal position so i think in a similar looking if you go back and to think if you want to be healed well of course the use of all of. this there is the digital recently do you steer a very judicious use of the strict limits of medicine and i suppose i'm sure you know it's the same you repeat. her original. post
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in this. presents a while but eventually behold we come to the city with a medium to. struggle to seriously make us feel check and each need to desperately i need to rid of the wicked. post this man bedwetting mystery in return for that the person is up there so it's not all that i put into the village second listen. to what i hear saddened by the west by the look of shock that even from lawsuits or lead with sadness for the truth i wanted to come to the center to get the ego to which or who can tell me whom i share just polluting with lucy construing sheer joy while having won the cup i know i've been wanting to prove. to some of the least he should go to the altar not the
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quantity of. it that we get when time i go down the list of things a functional. huge year old with. the much better use of it but i'll see the truth of it for the rest. of the story that we said he thought of them yet. this is yet a distant mission and that little should we believe it is yes we wish marker. we had a recent reading would lead will some will not want good writing with you woodward will game that machine so which will. be the rules a little bit on the last little while the business is willing to join in. who to put a horrible missile system which will be the more his name is pflugerville united as usual yup leadership ginger littleton subliminal. nearly did did
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a little slow security so i'm a socialist with. the baby girl a little bit you know we'll see. where she was place see dish. to see his lose a delusion of simple logic but it's that good business up with. the weather so sort of you can explain all sort of subtle abuse by deflation lol for what is not also a store not sure what goes mostly to get you read your osha sued we know what it was there in years ago i had lowered the will scope the board yet region by mediation of which are where you but obviously are for what you could but it should be treated by me also the minister of your body yet also this would be good if the . local well let me across the world alone even though it was just yesterday leaks
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will also assume you are. it appears to. be kiddies in a way submission is a t.v. she needed me really get laid yeah he's mean usually but i could have easily get what i shout. out or it must feel good about. what we do when we need a quick break story it's that all of those stories that of those small since whatever the order of the goodwill what wish there was for it to be shifted wait for the development of it with the of those would mean yes most of us thought so might the only gigs i need the money it would be a person of. reasonable but close enough to the machines. that it's not up to their mojo no love yes couple bucks that we had discussed meeting with no that made it all clear without which we watch more of the little girl you type to swear that it was a death threat so it was innocent. and true then you would hope. this
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. is a good. for you be true but since. it was so what he says goes with the restriction or should we believe her yes well . yes my lad was so slow. to see it coming it's. that it's really. really really come up. build. let's just say yes he's leaving us to do this it will be the news was that you would just get a good way to use these new images. of what it was you
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used to be used it was more for you to be good she did wish it was you who did it wish it would be when you go it will look good to see you the still it seems at least. knows what else you will see when you watch it. or usually see it with more of it which if you see it is that it is to you that we just leave it is that it will be the loser there were things. burly in social science center just published a study suggesting that two thirds of muslims in western europe hold their
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religious roles and the laws of the countries that believed. if you read the bible if you if you go into christianity you find the sometimes that you should. really just be. more convincing those of the very same thing love is now ready for muslims. across the ideological spectrum when president obama wanted to take us into the war in syria the american people spontaneously rising up and say no way and we see the same thing around the negotiations with the run so this is a sigh of relief after twelve years of americans giving a lot of support for military intervention some kind of shifty you see in the end
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of this here is that it least on foreign policy people can say enough is enough absolutely and i think it's a shift because americans are tired they're watching tens of thousands of veterans come home and they know in their heart that they have created a generation of injured souls that were going to be taken care of for a lifetime they see that they see the cost it's time to our economy i mean we're still living in a recession here no matter what republicans on the hill want to say about. growth people are still feeling the effects of the recession. why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think it was money. the value of the only place we have to live of the water that we need to survive
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it's not compared to. gold we're not going to eat we're going to. cold. we're not going to drink what clearly is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're running to do is say there for any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with part of the geo political economic system that's extremely exploited to. first of all is a question whether mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's lives resources environment and soon will you know those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central
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america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states. the sochi home of the twenty fourth jena limping what's this place like and the law is so special as the russian we shouldn't be there is to welcome the world power the game shaking the cities present and future a lot more sochi will bring you this is the moment there we push you from a very cold and snowy windy mountain to stop yet beyond the olympics what i'm saying. on our team.
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i got fired because. because i wrote an article about. the year conditions of work since we did journalists have when they were here in israel but this time. of the year the journalists there they interviewed the very frank with me and they told me about different things going to good reports of home things that need good care the censorship that you experienced in there. at their workplace when the material was published two of the six journalists that are due to view it they retracted their statements so you see the. base you
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see. that you get some good news d'amour and you think out of the long text or something i think if somebody doesn't interview with you and then you're entirely open and frank about it. and then after i met. you realize that this is going to be shown on television and your boss is going to see this and your mother is going to see this. you know you start understanding the consequences it's not just a conversation between you and your friends but in reality i just thought about it because i think to an extent. i made a very big mistake. with that article and the mistake that i did was that i was. i did a very journalistic very difficult journalistic work. about journalists and the standards for doing journalistic work about journalism has to be one hundred times higher because they were. they were immediately you backfired and they will start
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to criticizing what you do in a completely different way than if it's a regular person because regular person doesn't have the power. to say no. he's got to say to you. here's a cable marked secret no four and that means that not even i like it states are allowed to read it and it's about a meeting between the u.s. ambassador and the curate is foreign minister and it goes like this. the embezzler and the curious foreign minister met that the investors residence midafternoon president bakiev that's the dictator that was kicked out of the revolution a few months ago told him that he was authorized to sign the agreement on the u.s. military base but the agreement must be kept secret the foreign minister said that he needed time to work with public opinion in the parliament before he could roll out a new agreement publicly. for our assistance in preparing the curious public opinion
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pacifically by placing articles in the local russian language press. making love to lend it to. yes it's. just so. we. were. we were.
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but that was a good opportunity for people introduced to cause less purpose and would cost us little for more with the bus and you became the up sell which unsettles for the launch of the field press which said then so we're going to keep the screens but i want thoughtful well yes in many of you. yet they have a senator a. new dozen new yorker would. love this month it's a seven of us in d.c. missing you'll probably. see jill not get them if there's a video that they put up or it is that it was on but i wonder just on. she just set the clock for. that seles good.
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morning to the shooter of the fist which is book and stuff. with the story on the fold is for good far or the earth could be scorched what do you have for finnick. such improved. not push the president meeting to get not get the if you can you get your is the best and then there's a boy. who could get us to meet your problem you wait for him ovaries up or for. meeting to get that simple question just check your bottom out in a you don't want to. give. score a you should go through. that simply that explain
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it a bit of some good look strong internet is the in the new position. of view look you know. nuclear video. it push the price but toss out the good bond movie. t.v. for the t.v. praying at the beginning of the sun being. the problem. it is just look at the national committee of the security discourse the attendees are some of them but i read up on by. the office the three of them off store which. is the tech . portion will usually cookie. process there when you might be able to connect just with the start of the. it's legal or she's been invaluable since reviews on this and we need to do that or not as a professional opinion will salute this woman not. because it
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will stuff rogers a pick a ticket with the visually. see it done that thing is going on there's an artistic. you said you were pretty to. give up instead you. pointed to me isn't good decent. government ability doesn't could this much into just. give him a give birth. to the rest of the national. commission. more than. just the good will the most that we look across the. muscle into google do because. you can. do most of we discuss alone then use the will school kids easy. one thousand euros
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a pink can still play. more deduct. the. price. is. i know your career darn no. national park area for membership anymore for fraction remark of. america. here let me correct a trick here i think each marriage. do share their no measuring it is a new one on me so we need to know what benefit you need each school one day mogens music is a question i will start. to watch that is you don't like to speak to me some day if you look at a little roast. just a little but you asked what is it once with your shoulders don't you think you
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claim. you know i am no sure for you to prepare for my grammar critic. you know for me there's a whole different. sort of us going through it with regard. to those i don't really it's. just that i got really healthy. person. to get. in there. with the spirit zero zero this will go to you know this is it was doing this he would say we're going to get what you're going to get.
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here's a cable about the meeting that the u.s. ambassador has with the governor of missouri sharif here in northern afghanistan. and this is what the governor said. he let loose with a litany of complaints about the swedish presence in afghanistan he described the relationship to the swedish military has called saying that the only times that the swedish commanders visit are when they first arrive in mazar and when they painted there for a local. learned it is fair criticism for the swedish media we claimed never bothered to talk to politicians or ordinary people during their visits to the military base and thus only heard positive accounts of its work instead of hearing the views of local residents. then the cable goes on about basically all other afghani politicians are asking this we believe that going to stop sending us your thinking ways we've been hearing that. will do that yes we did
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a study from what you say. you often. hear is that this is usually what these reports. do you think. picks. hello is this the i love your my name's drama's i just got your telephone number from under for about a mile of my swedish military base here and it was archery. we're just getting off now towards your office to get the really out with local journalists that will help out with translations. all right so our series of.
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interest in this is an account you know. i was just running through the book called. make up their. minds understand who they were. and the police were not pleading the germans to go inside to come to earth. but i got some information from ocean spice and the smile for the call. it was really hot of there for me because everyone was calling each other. because they're good spirits it was very good it was not a good in terms of finding money but there was a sense of balance because in terms of human or got killed it was really it was a song i was very angry it was sad. but in terms of the news it was my first
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time to the minimal components in afghanistan list came in that time. but there were some done is they were coming. from london from b.b.c. from the scene. they were asking me we need to hide the food they. eat from syria that enough i'm glad. now is telling me and i don't blame those who are paid to be a very good i was not. so what do you do with them you don't just throw them on the telephone what's happening on the telephone i was writing on the laptop and i was sent the email. worth more than ten minutes come over so. we've been there a month not just with joe couple of days how much santoro thousand dollars i mean you see by selling he was selling pictures. on the with after that included two days that i would have done through this guy i took two thousand dollars. identify therefore welcome blather that is
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very thing you and me where they're going to go ahead and take it there are many you know they're going to have something. the beginning of the lone politic night moxon the faces from island life. in sanaa enough temptation. to douglas last for six months. more polar bears than people. and it's as easy to hire a rifle as a scooter. because the island is so in a special there are no indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this is this could be right about the few on the conductor.
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holdem. wealthy british style. pastimes. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our cheek. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. he has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope.
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and love to so many children. nikolai the american worker. take. the money you find the world we live in. bring you to a future clash with the police the police are holding and. that is it starts. on new year's eve. recorders you can revisit the q twenty third and outline what to expect next. we. can easily. with.
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it is now thought a terror attack in the russian city of volgograd could have been carried out by a man fifteen that were killed by a suicide bomber targeting the city's main railway station. top news in turkey riot police crackdown on protesters demanding the government step down after a high ranking corruption scandal. the world in two thousand and thirteen we view the revelations by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden which exposed america's mass surveillance. we also hear from wiki leaks founder julian assange the state of journalism today and his new media a road movie where he and others.


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