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tv   Headline News  RT  December 30, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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breaking news on r t another explosion in volgograd this time on a trolley bus at least ten people thought to have been killed in this less than a day since a suicide bomber killed sixteen people have the city's railway station. nine am in moscow i'm here on r t bringing you breaking news now from volgograd it's been reported that there's been at least an explode there's been an explosion at a passenger bus in the city at least ten people dead investigators now working at the scene of the incident they say it could have been an act of terrorism we'll know more when we bring you more here on r t as we get the details. well
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meanwhile seven of those wounded in sunday's attack at the train station there have been transferred here to moscow all of them in extremely serious condition investigators trying to piece together who exactly carried out the deadly blast that tore through the main railway station in bowling or in volgograd rather artie's margaret how well is in the city with more. volgograd busy train station was rocked by the blast of a terrorist bomb on sunday afternoon shards of metal ripped through an area around a security checkpoint as passengers waited for their luggage to be inspected officials say the bomb was equivalent to at least ten kilos of t.n.t. and only the security barrier prevented this scene of devastation from becoming much worse but it's impossible to calculate the toll something like this has on its victims many are still reeling. from i bent down to collect my documents when i saw a flash of light and there was a blast i was thrown back by the explosion when i came to my senses
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a man was carrying me only outside was i able to get a breath of air and sought to understand what was happening to. my son father and niece were inside the train station when the blast went off they're all in intensive care now they're badly injured they were headed for a train to moscow but never made it. well a nine year old girl in critical condition her mother was killed in sunday's blast also two young boys believed to be cousins they also died from the bombing of the train station one of their fathers is alive in critical condition at a hospital and a second bomb was later discovered it had failed to detonate investigators are now looking into the identity of the person or persons who carried this out it's now suspected the attacker was male despite earlier reports of a so-called black widow suicide bomber this is the second time in just
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a few months that this southern russian city has been the target of a stream asked october suicide blast on a passenger bus which killed six and injured over thirty others it's still raw in the memories of people here security has been tightened throughout the country but officials stressed that security in russia's olympic city of sochi has. never been in question. just about always naturally the main focus is now on the way security will be provided in sort cheap but it's worth mentioning there's a great difference between volgograd railway station and the olympic games in terms of security so worries about the safety of the olympics absolutely baseless. governments around the world are beginning to realize that finding international terror threats can only be done clovelly as both organized cells and lone terrorist continue to slip through law enforcement's nets we're talking about asia how does the movement which is linked to al qaida that is outraged just in russia but also
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in other countries including in syria as we know now now the direct motive is not different from the previous attacks on moscow on other locations inside russia and i would say is not so different from attacks that has happened around the world. c.b.s. against democracies against countries that they want to consider as enemies with a tragedy like this one that hit volgograd just days ahead of the new year celebrations it's no surprise authorities thought it more appropriate to cancel the festivities and to clear the first three days a twenty point as a period of mourning in volgograd margaret how old are. we are starting your own hottie from the international institute for counterterrorism what can be done to avoid such future tragedies. well such attacks are not always bad not always easy preventing it and as you know that takes place in other parts of the book just mention the fact that the last several months ago in boston in america again by
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people we generally came from chechnya for this it have to be all such attempts to be prevented must be very good intelligence and if that is to be with the hands of the country consent they said is that they have a head of close calls relation between countries because sometimes and it's not just being planned the month place and thanks visit a different part of the local community or on the phone now authorities margret how on the scene in volgograd giving us the latest on this new terror attack yes we're portably this morning just to run health an hour ago they're not sure actually but there they are from reportedly that it was another suicide bombing that a trolley bus carrying two people power from a market pen people are now and they weren't sure first that it was connected to yesterday's blast but now they are saying that it is another suicide bombing this
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happening just this morning around eight thirty nine who fell right in the morning you know. thirty five minutes ago all right thank you very much margaret for that update we'll check back in with you for more details throughout the day but the u.n. secretary general has called for those responsible for the tragedy in volgograd to be brought to justice in reference to sunday's blast the terrorism unanimously condemned by the u.n. security council antiwar activist don de bar telling us that as a pretty international community to join forces against the global terror threat. people on the ground who did this perhaps may be you know anonymous players just individuals who were incited one way or another but you do not move weaponized explosives into a major city without the aid of a very powerful forces state actors usually and so i think that the focus should be for the entire international community to take
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a look already at who are the state actors that are enabling these things saudi arabia comes to mind for example and to make them the international pariah is that they should be and to impose criminal sanctions on those responsible within those governments just to recap for you now the breaking news that we have in the past few minutes here on our t.v. there's been another explosion in volgograd this one on a trolley bus passing by a market during the monday morning rush hour at least ten people confirmed dead investigators now working at the scene of the tragedy suspected it could have been another act of terrorism possibly connected to the suicide bombing at the main train station there that happened on sunday. well shifting gears now to some of the day's other top stories some austerity measures pretty draconian in spots were initially aimed at containing europe's economic crisis within the e.u. bloc but instead of pulling the countries out of their deep recession they produce more debt rising poverty and mass unemployment among other impacts one of the hardest hit of course was greece where frequent strikes and public demonstrations
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underlined how people have lost patience with the government's unfulfilled promises of recovery is going off of course from athens some are taking matters into their own hands. for millions of europeans it's impossible to imagine a life without things like refrigerators a.c.'s television computers and electricity in general but no matter how difficult it may be the reality is every month more of those living in the cradle of the european civilization are being forced into the dark. forward two years now christina hasn't been able to pay her electricity bills she can't find work and nor can her brother two daughters or their husbands. as the bills begin piling up i had to make my priorities and this is where the food comes first i want to pay the bills and i want to be a case of the state but the state hasn't been ok with us with one in four greeks currently unemployed christine is far from the only person who's electricity has been called off and that's where these guys come in and young radical and very
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determined activists from the i don't see movement illegally reconnect power to as many as two hundred homes per month for free. the vast majority of the society is to be. sunk into poverty only a few of them few families across the world to have the ninety nine percent of the . well that's not something that. we want to bear. the reconnect city to homes or disconnect power from little songs making them free for motorists or sometimes the talk of the underground today the i don't pay movement has over ten thousand members across greece and is gaining supporters despite being targeted by more than one hundred on going more seats no respect or do we know we say that thousands of people with no belief hated it
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will no electricity feel water so this woman to leave will warn them because it. is a very big people that greece's government continues to pry. economic miracles despite the country's status having been recently downgraded to emerging market. but the greeks are tired of empty promises and now more and more are digging matters into their own hands even if that means breaking the law of athens greece. greece arguably being the cautionary tale of european austerity millions they're living below the poverty line due to the barrage of tax hikes pay cuts and slash pensions all this while some well off politicians and tax evader vader's largely escaped sacrifices needed to save the nation one a great journalist that we talked to says they'll be more of the same next year we have here delegations from european central bank from my math and european commission in control of greek ministries greece can give some lessons of how
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the measures in a time of crisis and when a country has a huge public debt this is the lead only to disaster if i had to give some figures for two thousand and fourteen i would say that we have unemployment around thirty percent sixty percent in the youth unemployment. the public that we keep skyrocketing and the poverty it will be in the war condition for the last three generation of greeks what people in europe should realize and the greek government do is that there is not sustainable and it wasn't sustainable from two thousand and ten we needed before no matter what the government is saying no matter what other european executives are saying at the moment. so far the only country has managed to shake off the bell of burden is ireland an achievement made earlier this month
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but emerging from recession has been tough for the emerald isle it still is still with high unemployment especially outside the capital and needs to have up to three per cent annual growth if it's to achieve debt cutting targets we spoke with the euro and he though he thinks the troika is a way of handling the crises is far from perfect. what what we actually like to see is more transparency and now it is we all are in the situation in which basically the troika acts like acts like a governor. and visits its colonies in the south of europe and tells what to do the measures they come up with are not the not always very effective they also cause a stereotype and also direction of the economy at the moment the troika is free to do what it wants and that is not right in a democracy the issue basically is how much time do we have one of the economies of greece italy spain portugal science was growing again now i do not know how long it
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will take if it is going to be one or two years like in ireland there will be very good but if it's going to be ten years it's going to be very long and i'm afraid that many citizens in those countries will not accept this particular note if this is going to be a stake nations for ten years to come i think this will have very serious political consequences. going back to this hour's breaking news the new explosion in volgograd artie's market how on the phone there. the area has been struck by a suspected suicide bomber tell us margaret what do we know about the latest in this incident. and i'm. forty five minutes. barman i'm on a. bus. a market. remember many americans
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. remember running. around. our. market and. our our mouths. that. was all they could add. and there's been less than a day since the suicide bombing at volgograd main train station what's the latest in that investigation please. that doesn't mention the local crowd reaching out trying to eat a bag and found a december twenty ninth. two thousand. and six two. parter. engineered.
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plot. coming out. by. the emptiness in a new recording the possible identity of the roadside bomb there is no record of recommending the bomber to be. discovered yesterday. and. that is why they. did not. rush if you know suicide bomber at this price. for that matter was bombed yesterday just one. reason for the quarter of the workers who are safe and. sound and. they're trying to stop the bomb or something interesting the police said then found that explosive
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device up and down the side that makes their own. mind that bombing intended for there could be massive harm we. couldn't quite make. the emergency ministry sense financial markets or crisis medical personnel including the trauma surgeon on board the club that was seriously injured yesterday he ended up taking six part moscow others remain in progress with treatment. were taken to the hospital and are coming to grips with the sign consequences there's also the blast that took place on sunday. all right lots of details coming in here about this new blast and the one from yesterday we'll keep you all on top of it here at r.t. thank you margaret for that update we'll be checking back in with you for more later on this but earlier yulia schaffel valvo my colleague spoke with security
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expert at moscow state university mark slow to about developments in volgograd. mass transport has always been a target of these islamic terrorist attacks in russia we've seen several terrorist attacks on trains previously as well as metro stations within moscow over the last decade plus i think they calculate this as it is extremely disruptive to the fabric of russian society creates a true atmosphere of terror when any and every citizen can be affected who uses public transportation which is the majority of the population although grad is a principal focus simply because it's an easy and close target to the south of the caucasus and is going to be the driving force of the terra threats that. the terrorist the terrorist threats are a loosely based coalition that is often well the islamic caliphate.
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that is centered around doku umarov who has taken over several years ago of the larger chechen caucasus terrorist groups doku umarov has taken these groups in a much more strictly islamic fundamentalist action than ever has been before they have largely been displaced from chechnya itself due to security measures there over the last decade but they still exist in the fringes in the hills of dog just on a round and have support from outside the country. they operate regularly in turkey in saudi arabia and they keep getting support which keeps them going despite their small numbers. or do you think needs to be done to prevent french attacks in the future. a complicated question and i don't think any government in the world that
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is quite recognized how to stop. terrorism particularly terrorism inspired by a fundamentalist visions of islam this expression more difficult in russia because it is a homegrown terrorist albeit one from a very restricted southern area of the country i think the combination of what has worked best in chechnya which is a combination of large amounts of several aid to restart the economy restart employment cooperation with the local moderates sufi islamic. mosques and institutions along with a firm hand of security searches rams i'm could your office has shown he i think this model needs to be extended. as well to august on and. and this is the best chance of combating
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a problem that has no easy solution just recapping for you now what's of on on in volgograd in the last hour because there's been a lot changing a lot going on another xplosion happening in this city this one on a trolley bus that was passing by a market during the morning monday morning rush hour there at least ten people confirmed dead in this blast investigators at the site of what is now the second tragedy to strike this city within twenty four hours they suspected could be another act of terrorism connected to the suicide bombing at the main train station there that happened sunday that explosion left sixteen people dead and dozens wounded stay with us here on r.t. as me get more information on the incidents in volgograd. so. let's continue now with some of day's other main stories whistleblowers face many challenges on their path to exposing a suspicious government actions but publishing the proof can be more difficult than obtaining it in the first place is raised an issue in the film media stand released by wiki leaks depicting a group from the organization on
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a road trip across central asia searching for journalist willing to go public with the leaked documents spoke with the film's creator julian a songe and the film's director. what makes this documentary so interesting is that we have different media organizations in different countries but all starting out of the same place. journalists come to them offer them the same type of material the us government diplomatic cables and then we see what the responses publish we'll publish censor some things document but they're thinking as they're doing in most cases. there are very significant significant strains in fact most cases result publications by the organizations concerned at all of those published material and how. do you feel like the mission you documented in media stan was a success there were a lot of reactions i remember in tajikistan with people saying you're not going to
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make a difference nothing will really change if we speak about making a difference or if the mission in itself was a success. obviously when the regards to actually getting the material published in the various medias it's difficult to call it a great success because there were actually quite well not that many newspapers neither in central asia or for that matter here in the united states that you're particularly interested in in publishing the full material that they got access to some in that respect no it wasn't a success but from a broader respect of course we can see that the leaks releases have made a large impact they can see and. change the way that we interact with with media since then and i think that if we just look at the. whole affair which is has been going on for the last how for a year or so that is a consequence of the weekly releases and that is the fact that nowadays there is no
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there is no direct censorship which is feasible by particularly the organizations with replication that happen in different countries in different places where it is possible for them to become in afghanistan obviously the risks are a whole different kind of risk there are you going to continue your work to try to keep revealing the truth. i think this is our responsibility as journalists to reveal what's happening behind the scenes within the government and the regional level as well as international level so i have been working as a journalist since two thousand and six in afghanistan. the risks to be a journalist in afghanistan is so high it sense too since early since early two thousand and thirteen there have been sixty cases against. journalists violation of violence and many other cases against journalists in afghanistan so that there
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are there is a high risk to be a journalist in afghanistan but this is our responsibility not to give up and continue our work as a journalist edward snowden should use the media and not wiki leaks to channel his revelations don't you think that's a good sign that he was able to do it through the media. well i think it's quite sad actually it would snowden didn't go to infect the media he went to someone that's closely associated with us and specific journalist glenn greenwald and another specific journalist laura portress. the most prominently a couple journalists to wiki leaks has gone clean greenwald's for his part was then working with the guardian has lists the guardian as a result. of the censorship by the guardian all of that material to date less than two point five percent of the snowden i think documents have been published.
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the majority of the media are still reluctant to challenge the government like you said and speaking of glenn greenwald recently he reprimanded journalists across the globe for not standing up to the government lets out so have a listen to what going greenwald had to say at a recent conference and hamburg what it is that we were targeting in the behavior of the media over the past six months is just revelations have emerged almost entirely without and despite the role of the us media and their british counterparts is to be voices for those what the greatest power and to protect their interest and serve that your highness i want to ask you is it as bad as greenwald is saying generally speaking if you just understand that the powerful media institutions are part part of power rather than being being so to speak mediators of information you just understand that very idea then obviously you will start looking at media and consumption of news or information in a different in
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a different respect so yes of course there is that bad. and if we look at an institution such as the washington post which was one of the first institutions that had access to snowden's documents they decided not to publish anything. i mean practically didn't publish anything and what we can understand from that is that there is a direct relationship between between the different power institutions in our societies and media is most definitely one of the most important power institutions that we have in our society. so i came back and now with margaret how on the phone with us from vulgar grad which has been struck by a second suspected it terrible last within twenty four hours margaret what do we know is the latest in a sense that. this new blast occurred. early in the morning there and my. next element morning. just under an
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hour ago when the bomb. squad went back and the suicide bomber. found the people back and it was a monday morning and got a crowd of still very much. people in the area at the psychology. of. the blast. my car. stops. but i'll stop that's. clear but the pentagon says can learn about other markets near their own i'm running people and particularly getting ready for a walk and whatnot out in the open i'm. proud to have them under way this morning at around thirty percent. range and
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my understanding that. will. make sure you are. happening and that's what's happened in russia today coming under. all of that said. i'm now in fact. the cap and go grab a cup of tea and while it's. common to come up with all the crap and enjoy your. back and. now this coming less than a day since the suicide bombing at the city's main train station there was the latest in that investigation. said the clean vocals at the original strained apartment train people just today before the bomb went off and they disembarked just around twenty. six percent believe.
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it was. an oval office figure that out and then you and. possibly. in fact. one believe that bomber is now. a female is inconclusive the only time i will believe this e-mail to take back our power after finding the single. bomber was go ask someone in past. history captured.


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