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tv   Headline News  RT  December 30, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EST

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you'll to our news things will. run easier. with archie. breaking news on r t another powerful explosion in volgograd this one on a trolley bus at least ten people confirmed dead it's been less than a day since a suicide bomber killed at least six or killed sixteen people at the city railway station. ten am in. bring you today's breaking news here on our team another explosion in the city of volgograd less than twenty four hours it happened on a trolley bus this time as it passed by a market during the monday morning rush hour at least ten people confirmed dead in this blast this less than twenty four hours after and other blast happened at the
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city's main train station there are good how well is covering the events in volgograd for us margaret are we any clearer so far about the latest suspected terror attack. will mount what we do know is eight thirty this morning and keep in mind it's just maybe a minute past ten now so this happening just just a while ago eight thirty it does appear to be a nother suicide bomber this time a trolley bus and what what we know so far that ten people have died and this bus happened this explosion rather happened just meters past the bus stop so right in front of the market during a very busy monday morning people still going to work it is a monday morning here despite the holiday season and this happening at a time when. we have and we have now learned that president putin has gotten word of what has happened this morning and also a plane
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a medical plane from moscow it's coming to help those who have been entered in the blast this morning. we have to apologize to our viewers for some of the connection problems that we're having with you but volgograd is still reeling from sunday's suicide blast at the main railway station there what's the latest in that incident that investigators are telling you margaret will that is correct just sunday just yesterday twenty past noon a suicide bomber now they had originally believed that bomber to be female did find the figure of a male inside the pen of a grenade they have concluded that the suicide bomber was possibly most likely male the role of the female is inconclusive but that is correct that blast that ripped through the corridor of the just. and in that blast and thirty five injured those are the numbers so far and fifteen
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including one they believe the sixteenth person was in fact the suicide bomber i covered this extensively in my report last night take a listen. volgograd busy train station was rocked by the blast of a terrorist bomb on sunday afternoon shards of metal ripped through an area around a security checkpoint as passengers waited for their luggage to be inspected officials say the bomb was equivalent to at least ten kilos of t.n.t. and only the security barrier prevented this scene of devastation from becoming much worse but it's impossible to calculate the toll something like this has on its victims many are still reeling. from the i bent down to collect my documents when i saw a flash of light and there was
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a blast i was thrown back by the explosion when i came to my senses a man was carrying me only outside was i able to get a breath of air and saw the to understand what was happening to my son father and niece were inside the train station when the gloss went off they're all in intensive care now they're badly injured they were headed for a train to moscow but never made it a second bomb was later discovered it had failed to detonate investigators are now looking into the identity of the person or persons who carried this out it's now suspected the attacker was male despite earlier reports of a so-called black widow suicide bomber this is the second time in just a few months that the southern russian city has been the target of extremist october suicide blast on a passenger bus which killed six and over thirty others is still raw and the memories of people here security has been tightened throughout the country but
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officials stress that security in russia's olympic city of sochi has never been in question. just about always you naturally the main focus is now on the way security will be provided in so. but it's worth mentioning there's a great difference between volgograd railway station and the olympic games in terms of security so worries about the safety of the olympics absolutely baseless. governments around the world are beginning to realize that finding international terror threats can only be done clovelly as both organized cells and lone terrorist continue to slip through law enforcement's nets we're talking about asian harvest movement which is linked to al qaida that is operated just in russia but also in other countries including in syria as we know now now the direct motive is not different from the previous attacks on moscow on other locations inside russia and i would say it is not so different from attacks that has happened around the world
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got a c.v. it's against democracies against countries that they want to consider as enemies with a tragedy like this one that hit volgograd just days ahead of the new year celebrations it's no surprise authorities thought it more appropriate to cancel the festivities and to clear the first three days of twenty four team as a period of mourning in volgograd margaret how long are. we as dr your and kahaani from the international institute for counterterrorism what could be done to avert such tragedies in the future where such attacks are not always. prevented and as you know that takes place in other parts of the world and just look at the last several months ago in boston in america again by people all regionally came from chechnya for this it up to be all subject talks to be prevented you must need a very good intelligence i think that it just could be with the hands of the country concerned or they services that they have to have of course call
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correlation between countries because sometimes an attack is being planned in one place at the expense of the different part of the world completely. a reminder of the tragic developments from volgograd this monday morning there's been another xplosion in this city it happened at a trolley a bus pass by a market during a busy morning rush hour at least ten people confirmed dead up to twenty three others wounded including a one year old child this is the second deadly blast to strike volgograd in the last twenty four hours investigators suspect a bomb was planted inside the bus and it's likely to be connected to the suicide bombing at the main train station that happened sunday. leaving sixteen people dead and dozens wounded stay with us here on r t as we get more information on what's happening in this city of volgograd we are in fact going to talk with alina she witnessed this latest blast in the city of volgograd thank you very much for talking with us during this very difficult time can you describe what you saw this morning.
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at the moment of the explosion i was asleep. because of an enormous blast to heard . glass shattering in the first to two stories of the building i saw. i looked out of the window it was still dark and they saw. the. ribs but blessed and people who were running away from it screaming some of them were wounded a lot of people were panicking running around this street. within a minute a police car and ambulances and fire engine drew up old the routine streets who were were closed nobody could do it. people got evacuated nobody could approach police keep moving looking for a bomb planted nearby this is all that they saw and it was
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a horrendous sight i was you scared. tell us please about this scene how how busy was the street when this blast happened or a lot of people around. yes it was exactly russia where everybody was going to work or do schools there were lots of people and that's old sue busy spots located next to him or could there's a lot of traffic always there lots of people were waiting for buses or trolley buses at bus stops and actually the trolley bus exploded well it was rolling and there were lots of people in the street everybody started running away from it and screaming that's what i saw what happened after the explosion did you see a lot of debris lying around did you see anybody obviously wounded or any bodies.
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i did not see any wounded people but i did see buddy's dead bodies lying on the ground near the trolley bus in i saw bodies being carried away by people what can i say it was you. i heard survivors screaming who were probably hurt everybody was covered in suit and it was difficult to tell things apart this is all i can tell you and was a quiet morning up to that point was there anything that gave you any thought or indication that there was anything suspicious going on before the explosion happened you. know no it was everything is usual up until the blast itself. all right alina. just before the blast everything was calm and peaceful there we'd always was we were sleeping at home
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because today is a holiday and just after the blast attending to cough before that everybody was just people who were going to work and it was normal. all right i would let you know there is a calm working at the place of the of the tragedy. all right we have to leave it there thank you very much for your insight alina when i witnessed the blast in volgograd who we were just talking to a via phone there now i'm going to be joined live by gordon hahn he's a senior associate at the center for international strategy joining us live thank you very much for taking some of your day to speak with us about this we've got two deadly explosions in the space of twenty four hours in volgograd here what do you think can be done to try and secure a city especially if this is confirmed to be a terror attack in the event of what law enforcement has to call these lone wolf attacks where it's a person determined to do
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a evil act and how do you guard against something like that. well it's very difficult to guard against lone wolves or even. organized. with like plots. very difficult indeed unless the intelligence or police or the nation before hand then it's up to local citizens to be vigilant but generally speaking for any country any city. it's very difficult to prevent these kinds of attacks. i'm not sure how familiar you are with russian geography and cities and such here but why do you think volgograd in this case is being targeted rather than say moscow or st petersburg or even for example sochi would be a side of the olympics. well they may have decided that it is harder for them to penetrate moscow other than a couple of slots than fibered by the security agencies and the police in moscow over the last few months so they have make it come to the conclusion that it will
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be easier to strike the russian city. closer to the north off to the east and will regret it which would fit the bill also remember there was an attack earlier this week in getting more stuff. which. could also hasn't been determined yet who was behind that attack there was an explosion there searching for two people with the parents so we may have actually have a third attack and maybe attack involving involving probably saw them and the guy does the last week. now in both these instances we have major transportation hubs that have been targeted what practical steps are people doing officials doing and what can regular commuters and officials do to make sure that transport systems are not so vulnerable for it to attack like this. well the best thing you can do is have people. one or more entrances checking people watching people.
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closely and then again the population has been as the these are vigilant but all you can really do. at this point what kind of conclusions could you draw about who could be behind it. well odds are that since all the suicide bombings that have occurred in russia have been carried out by these huge boxes them or the mujahideen about now this would be if this is if this was a suicide bombing and then the first one of those greg was this would be the fifty third fifty fourth since the founding of the foxes interests it's very likely that this obvious son network of all dogs done with the prophecies emirates was involved in if a talking about ethnic russians to decide bombers they've been very active in trying to recruit ethnic russians to side bomb with for example the october blast of overbroad involving a. female suicide bomber we will organize by as nic russian mujahideen working with the sons of the and the perpetrator perpetrated was also an ethnic
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russian so that's the most likely to be another possible for their mission is there is a look at the who joined the club with a convert to islam about a decade ago and then eventually joined the new courses in which it means he's a former russian military person by the name of bubbles because a lot of the news from will regret and he was involved in the train bombing back in two thousand and seven and there were other bombings and he also claimed that he was evil and as expressed bombing of a train in two thousand. and nine will him he believes what progress has been rather silent ever since that two thousand line that we could conceivably have been planning all these. years for you know the show running up to you know what do you make about the about the timing of the attack and why now as opposed to say in february for example or during the nationwide holidays that happened at the beginning of january here. that's
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a good question you know it's very possible that the attacks are more driven by the upcoming holiday sometimes is that the domination of the timing of the attacks is that simply the suicide bomber and or planners are ready to go and they don't want to wait in the event that they might be uncovered or that the suicide bomber might act out to be talking about the calculations of the handlers so it's hard to tell generally speaking these things they're planning you know a couple of months in advance against they made this may have been something they wanted to take and hold off on people to do just on the eve of the olympics to scare people off from attending but circumstances worse than the act earlier. what do you think could be done on an international level to help combat global terror like this and just a note to our viewers here this is live video from the scene of this latest incident in volgograd that we're looking at here. well the most obvious thing is we
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have to have good international cooperation between all countries and we have you. here in the united states. sometimes we actually ought to believe what the russians say about the nature of terrorism in the north caucasus. we haven't seen the united states not to think that iraq is a seriously about sort of the north caucuses and that's one of the things i think that led to this lone wolf style attack in boston although as you remember when i have the elders and i rather someone tempted to join up with the dog that the boss is emerson when he traveled to the region in two thousand and twelve so again co-operation and. certain terms of relations between western countries and russian countries a little bit more trust when it comes to the issue of their. already gordon and senior associate at the center of international strategy thank you very much for your time and insight thank you very much. a reminder of the tragic developments
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from volgograd this monday morning this is a live video that you're looking at right here of the scene of this latest incident another explosion in the city that happened on a trolley bus as a pos by a market during rush hour at least twelve people now known to have died or up to twenty three others wounded including a one year old child this is the second deadly blast in the city within twenty four hours time investigators suspect a bomb was planted inside the bus it's likely to be connected to the suicide bombing at the main train station that happened there on sunday that explosion leaving sixteen people dead and dozens injured stay with us here on our as we get more information on what's happening in volgograd after this short break.
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economic down in the final. and the rest. will be really. the pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm.
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staying with us here on r t twenty minutes past the hour now and we're staying with our breaking news events in volgograd this city had barely started mourning the victims of sunday's train station bombing when a fatal blast targeted monday morning commuters within the past couple of hours we know that twelve people have died in this latest terror attack to strike a trolley bus artie's margaret howell is live with us in the city of volgograd so any clearer about this latest suspected terror attack we have any new details. well as we understand it at eight thirty sometime around eight thirty this morning there was a nother suicide bomber reports are indicating that there are now twelve dead confirmed twelve dead and up to twenty three endured including a one year old baby now this happening on a trolley bus less than twenty four hours ago a separate terrorist attack happening on the train station of course here in
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volgograd and now this less than twenty four hours later a second terrorist attack now as i understand it medical personnel is flying here now private planes to aid the enjoyed in this attack this happening on this troll the bus this morning just outside of a market meters away from the bus stop and twelve confirmed dead so far. all right thank you martin for that update we'll keep checking in with you for more updates as we get them and as you get the details here on our team but it suggested that the timing of the attacks meanwhile is a link to the upcoming winter olympic games in sochi both cities in the same region but as you can see on the map that we're about to show here the distance between them is about six hundred fifty kilometers apart and we spoke with a former member of the alpha special forces unit who says he has confidence in the massive security efforts in sochi.
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most. of all the attacks in volgograd are part of the same chain the terrorists are trying to incite fear ahead of the winter olympics so that people become scared to go to saatchi no wonder they've chosen the holiday season for this to make it even more painful for the people and to draw plenty of world attention but i believe this won't have any effect on the olympics and the people who are planning to come will still do so they can be sure of their safety because almost two billion dollars have been allocated to security measures that's even more than the sum for the london olympics. earlier my colleague spoke with a security expert at moscow state university marks. about developments in volgograd . mass transport has always been a target of these islamic terrorist attacks in russia we've seen several terrorist attacks on trains previously as well as our metro stations within moscow over the
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last decade plus i think they calculate this as it is extremely disruptive to the savard of russian society creates a true atmosphere of care or when any average citizen can be affected who uses public transportation which is the majority of the population although grad is a principal focus simply because it's an easy and close target to the south of the caucasus and is going to be the driving force of the terra threats that. the terrorist the terrorist threats are a loosely based coalition that is often well the islamic caliphate. that is centered around doku umarov who has taken over several years ago of the larger chechen caucasus it's terrorist groups doku umarov has taken these groups in
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a much more strictly islamic fundamentalist action than ever has been before they have largely been displaced from chechnya itself due to security measures there over the last decade but they still exist in the fringes in the hills of dog a stop on a round and have support from outside the country. they operate regularly in turkey in saudi arabia and they keep getting support which keeps them going despite their small numbers. or do you think needs to be done to prevent attacks in the future. a complicated question and i don't think any government in the world that is quite recognized how to stop. terrorism particularly terrorism inspired by a fundamentalist visions of islam this expression more difficult in russia because it is a homegrown terrorist albeit one from
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a very restricted southern area of the country i think the combination of what has worked best in chechnya which is a combination of large amounts of federal aid to restart the economy restart employment cooperation with the local moderates sufi islamic. mosques and institutions along with a firm hand of security such as ram as i'm could your office has shown he checks i think this model needs to be extended. as well to august on and. and this is the best chance of combating a problem that has no easy solution. parties schon thomas joining me now live from central moscow with more on this sean what have you heard from the kremlin in the light of this morning's developments well matt as you can imagine two terrorist attacks within the space of twenty four hours it is
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a very high interest to the federal government in fact the head of the f.s.b. alexander board macof and the head of the interior ministry. they briefed president vladimir putin today on the latest developments about security operations happening in the southern russian regions of dogs stan and stab a pole where terrorist operations have been disrupted through on going projects down there and several terrorists and suspect suspected terrorists have been killed in those operations the interior ministry has also briefed the president on measures that they are taking to maintain security within the volgograd region itself and in fact the local. emergency ministry says that they are bolstering troops in fact we've gotten word of another plane of. people and supplies coming into the city in fact the latest information that we've just gotten in is that the emergency committee has established regular communication and an airlift operation to bring the injured from volgograd to moscow so that they can
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get the best medical care now also. putin and medvedev both together have discussed what they're going to do to help the families who have been harmed in this situation the injured and those who have been killed and they've decided that they are going to be giving those families one million rubles which is the equivalent of thirty thousand dollars in u.s. money that's the latest that we have right now of course this is a fast developing situation and as the information comes in we're going to stay on top of it and keep you posted from the federal government side all right sean thank you very much for that update the u.n. secretary general has called for those responsible in sunday's tragedy in volgograd to be brought to justice this bombing also unanimously condemned by the u.n. security council and the war activist don de bar things that it's up to the international community to join forces against the global terror threat people on the ground who did this perhaps may be you know anonymous players just individuals
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who are incited one way or another but you do not move weaponized explosives into a major city without the aid of a very powerful forces state actors usually and so i think that the focus should be for the entire international community to take a look already at who are the state actors that are enabling these things saudi arabia comes to mind for example and to make them the international pariah is that they should be and to impose criminal sanctions on those responsible within those governments. reminder of the tragic developments from volgograd this monday morning a second deadly blast struck the city within twenty four hours latest happened on a trolley bus as it passed by a market during the morning rush hour at least twelve people confirmed dead up to twenty three hundred others wounded including a one year old child it's the second deadly blast to strike the city within twenty four hours investigators suspect a bomb was planted inside the bus and it's likely to be connected to the suicide
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bombing at the main train station that happened there sunday that explosion left sixteen people dead and dozens wounded stay with us here on our team as we get more information on events in volgograd. wealthy british. market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds of reports. right.


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