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tv   Headline News  RT  December 30, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EST

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for our annual two hour news literally. clint eastwood. with our. breaking news on r t there are powerful explosions strikes volgograd this time on a trolley bus killing at least twelve people less than a day has passed since a suicide bomber killed at least sixteen people at the city's braille wayne station . knew and in moscow i match reza bring you today's breaking news coverage of events happening in volgograd we go back with our team margaret howell live in the city with more on the latest in this incident in this tragedy that has struck this city now are we any closer to more details about the suspected terror attack.
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will not i am standing here in the marketplace where that trolley bus experienced that blast just behind me this morning around eight thirty in the morning killing twelve and enduring twenty eight so far is the number that we have including a one year old baby know this busy market during that time law enforcement. collecting bodies off of the streets and carrying some off from moscow we did receive word that some help was on the way for the ensured that they were they were flying to help those entered citizens and military personnel and law enforcement on the ground here in. a lot of very tight security now littering the streets of this marketplace where the troll. did experience that blast this morning now we have an eyewitness accounts of what happened this morning take
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a listen. to the explosion i was asleep. because. in the first stories of the building i looked at. people who were running away from it screaming. people were running around the street it was exactly everybody was. there were lots of people and that's. traffic always there people were waiting for. buses stops. everybody.
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people. looking for. did see. the. bodies being away by people. well as you heard that eye witness accounts of what happened this morning coming on the heels less than twenty four hours ago from the first bomb blast in the volgograd train depot less than twenty four hours ago yesterday that one involving a suicide bomber this particular blast involving potentially a detonated remotely controlled bomb not a suicide bomber and margaret i understand that we know more about the possible identity or more clues about that suicide bomber in yesterday's train station
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incident tell us more about that. that is right matt if you recall reports initially came forth that it was a female twenty six year old female bomber no that report has since been deemed inconclusive and law enforcement officials were able to find a male finger inside the pen of a grenade and they were able to determine that the bomber was in fact male that killed those fifteen people the sixteen person to die believing to be the bomber himself now we've covered that report extensively yesterday take a listen. busy train station it was rocked by the blast of a terrorist bomb on sunday afternoon shards of metal ripped through an area around a security checkpoint as passengers waited for their luggage to be inspected officials say the bomb was equivalent to at least ten kilos of t.n.t.
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and only the security barrier prevented this scene of devastation from becoming much more but it's impossible to calculate the toll something like this has on its victims many are still reeling. from i bent down to collect my documents when i saw a flash of light and there was a blast i was thrown back by the explosion when i came to my senses a man who was scaring me only outside was i. able to get a breath of air and sought the to understand what was happening. my son father and niece were inside the train station when the gloss went off they're all in intensive care now they're badly injured they were headed for a train to moscow but never made it a second bomb was later discovered it had failed to detonate investigators are now looking into the identity of the person or persons who carried this out it's now suspected the attacker was male despite earlier reports of a so-called black widow suicide bomber this is the second time in just
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a few months that this southern russian city has been the target of extremist october suicide blast on a passenger bus which killed six and over thirty others is still raw in the memories of people here governments around the world are beginning to realize that finding international terror threats can only be done globally as both organized cells and lone terrorist continue to slip through law enforcements nets we're talking about a jihadist movement which is linked to al qaida that is operated just in russia but also in other countries including in syria as we know now now the direct motive is not different from the previous attacks on moscow on other locations inside russia and i would say is not so different from attacks that has happened around the world i got a cd it's against democracies against countries that they want to consider as enemies with a tragedy like this one that hit volgograd just days ahead of the new year's celebrations
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it's no surprise authorities thought it more appropriate to cancel the festivities and to clear the first three days of twenty point as a period of mourning in volgograd margaret how will our see. it suggested the timing of the attacks is linked to the upcoming sochi winter games both cities in the same region but as you can see on the map the distance between them more than six hundred fifty kilometers we spoke with a former member of the special forces unit who says there is confidence in the massive security efforts being put forth in sochi. all the attacks in volgograd are part of the same chain the terrorists are trying to incite fear ahead of the winter olympics so that people become scared to go to saatchi no wonder they've chosen the holiday season for this to make it even more painful for the people and to draw plenty of world attention but i believe this won't have any effect on the olympics and the people who are planning to come will still do so if they can be sure of their safety because almost two billion dollars have been
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allocated to security measures that's even more than the sum for the london olympics with the. more on this i'm joined live by our to arena glue show who has the latest from the view from the kremlin there so what's the russian administration's stance on all this at this point well of course this is something that has been the tension of the entire you can see the top of the top president putin has already met with. the head of the federal security service and within that is tear off the interior they have briefed the russian president on the situation in the volgograd region as well as on the end to terror operations which have just very recently taken place and this element probably of dug a stand in the region traditionally sort of an easy regions when it comes to terror . danger in the south of russia there are also quite close to the volgograd region as well and now the head of the f.s.b. is actually flying to volgograd as spare request from the russian president there's
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also the issue of course of compensation president ezer to put an end to prime minister admitting he did it have agreed that the compensation for the families of those who have lost their family members in the terrorist acts will be one million rubles that's roughly thirty thousand dollars now of course those who have been wounded or injured in these. in these attacks will also receive a slightly lesser monetary compensation of course there's also the ministry of emergencies which is keeping very close tabs on the developing situation involved a grad and this is how the minister of emergencies himself describes it. we are putting our forces on high alert in the entire region also as president putin ordered every family that suffered from these attacks will be compensated we're also establishing constant communication with volgograd and from there will
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be transporting all the injured to moscow st petersburg and other regions now there was a mention of the heightened terror alert in volgograd region that is correct been extended for the next two weeks and also the first three days of the new year will be a days of mourning in the volgograd region and in fact there are russian russian t.v. channels are changing their entire scheduled wheels programming so as to get rid of advertisements and possibly some of the entertainment programs and the security measures have also been heightened in russian capital we're seeing an increase in the police presence on the streets and the public transportation particularly in the metro so we're keeping our we're keeping a very close eye on the situation as it develops of course we can so we can bring you the latest all right arena thank you very much for that update while author attire from russia's strategic institute of research told us that all three attacks that happened in volgograd last few months are interlinked. this is the seared
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explosion in a short time starting from a tuber and they are definitely related even though no leaders of terrorists ever assumed responsibility so far we know preliminary information about the people who pulled of yesterday's terrorist attack but definitely those terrorist attacks are interrelated and they are aimed at destabilizing not only north caucasus but also to joining a territory areas that are close to the zone of instability is the purpose is to destabilize the whole of southern russia especially in the run up of the winter olympics in sochi which will be the major event in the world of sports the sponsors this serious attack pursued the goal of showing to their own sponsors their own
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investors in turn to shoot to them that terrorism does bear fruit that it does be a profit and that it does have a potential in southern russia we are starting from the international institute of counter-terrorism what can be done to avert such tragedies in the future such attacks are not always not always easy to prevent it and as you know it takes place in other parts of the ball just. the last several months ago in boston in america again by people originally came from chechnya for this it up to be or such a cops to be prevented must be a very good intelligence and intelligence could be with the hands of the country or the services that they have they have of course call question we get when countries because sometimes an attack is being planned in one place at the expense of the different part of the world completely. just to recap everything for you the city
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of volgograd in southern russia hit by its second deadly blast within twenty four hours the latest happening on a trolley bus as it approached a market during the morning rush hour at least twelve people confirmed dead up to twenty eight others wounded including a one year old three of them said to be critically wounded it's expected that a bomb was planted inside the bus and probably the incident was connected with sunday's train station bombing that killed at least sixteen people and left forty five others wounded in this city stay with us for all the latest upgrades on these tragic incidents in volgograd after this short break. its technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we. covered wealthy british style it's time to. go.
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to the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. places change the world. to picture. from around the globe. to me. quarter past the hour now we're covering breaking news here on our t.v. the city of volgograd in southern russia suffering its second deadly blast within
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twenty four hours latest happening on a trolley bus as it approached the market during the morning rush hour we now understand fourteen people have died this morning's attack up to twenty eight others wounded including a one year old child three people described as critically injured it suspected that a bomb was planted inside the bus and the incident was probably linked with sunday's train station bombing in volgograd that killed at least sixteen people and wounded forty five others we also spoke with some of those who witnessed this morning's bus blast here's what they had to say. i was going home from work i was given a lift to a woman's. work of my sister's who lives nearby as i was turning around i heard an explosion this is why i was already waiting in the queue and another driver asked me what was happening in somebody said there must be an explosion somewhere we heard a cry a way ahead i drove up to save children but i was told that the only one person
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there was a driver so i drove up the driver to hospital his name was siggy i was told that the person was selling tickets on the trolley bus i saw about six dead bodies myself i was at home doing the explode i was near the. trolley bus stop. is located some five meters away from the. trolley but there was a very strong explosion my whole family poured outside from the apartment we saw debris we saw remains of bodies there was a very strong smell of. things burning and of. in the place we soon police showed up and repetitive that of the government of the governor should our. investigative activities started there were a lot of people trying to offer help i don't know how many people were hurt or
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killed i don't have any information about that we also heard from gordon hahn a senior associate at the center for international strategy who told me that trust between governments is essential to combat in the threat of terrorism. very difficult to guard against long wills or even. organized. suicide plots. very difficult indeed unless the intelligence or police uncover the nation before hand then it's up to local citizens to be vigilant generally speaking before any country any city. is very difficult to prevent these kinds of attacks it's very possible that the attacks are more driven by the upcoming holiday sometimes these specific germination of the timing of the attacks is that simply the suicide bomber and or planners are ready to go and they don't want to wait in the event that they might be uncovered or that the suicide bomber might act out
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to be talking about the calculations of the handlers so it's hard to tell generally speaking these things are planned you know a couple of months in advance against they made this may have been something they wanted to take and hold off on to do just on the eve of the olympics to scare people off from attending but circumstances force them to act earlier what do you think could be done on an international level to help combat global terror like this well the most obvious thing is we have to have good international cooperation between all countries and we have to you. here in the united states. sometimes we actually want to believe what the russians say about the nature of terrorism in the north caucuses. we have was defending the united states not to think that iraq is a serious about for the north caucuses and that's one of the things i think that led to this lone wolf style attack in boston although as you remember when i of the
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elders and i rather someone tempted to join up with the dog that was last december when he traveled to the region in two thousand and twelve so again. i shouldn't. the relations between western countries and russia could be a little bit more trust when it comes to the issue there has been reaction of the tragic events of the last two days from senior international officials the president of the european human council and sorry president of the european council herman van rompuy said that i condemn in the strongest terms the heinous terrorist attack in volgograd this morning i said my heartfelt condolences to families of the victims and my solidarity to the government and people of russia meanwhile nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen said there can be no justification for such barbarous attacks nato and russia stand together in the fight against terrorism including by working together on technology to prevent attacks on public transport systems the un secretary general also called for those responsible for the tragedy
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in volgograd to be brought to justice and terrorism also unanimously condemned by the u.n. security council and the war activist don de bar thinks that it's up to the international community to join forces against global terrorism people on the ground who did this perhaps may be you know anonymous players just individuals who are incited one way or another but you do not move weaponized explosives into a major city without the aid of very powerful forces state actors usually and so i think that the focus should be for the entire international community to take a look already at who are the state actors that are enabling these things and to make them the international pariah is that they should be and to impose criminal sanctions on those responsible within those governments joined again by our teams margaret howell live for us in volgograd to give us the latest from the scene there please. i'm standing here in the market where this morning at eight thirty that
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trolling bus a bomb was detonated on the bus killing twelve people and ensuring a over twenty eight others twenty eight as of right now including a one year old baby now this cowardly and heinous act we assume is tied in some way to the terrorist attack that happened on the train station less than twenty four hours ago we do have an eyewitness account of what happened this morning a bystander and take a listen. we're. at the moment the whole place has been cordoned off i'm standing two hundred meters away from the site of the blast from afar you see people who bomb experts there are plenty of ambulances here traffic is at a standstill which is very unusual for. there are also many civilian people here many are calling on their cell phones others crying they're trying to find out if
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their relatives were on the bus that blew up what's horrible is that that incident happened in the morning close to the market as people came to buy things for the new year's holiday it's also now tough to get so phone connections many people are trying to figure out what to do next. well as we heard him say in this act that happened this morning this horrific act that some killed twelve people now from what i can tell the military personnel law enforcement have littered the ground here they are everywhere on every corner marching down this street and the blast happened just behind me where this trolling a bus literally is shattered inside this marketplace. all right barbara thank you very much for that update we'll be checking back in with you later. or earlier my colleague elysia valvo spoke with a security expert at moscow state university marques lobato who talked about the developments in volgograd mass transport has always been
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a target of these islamic terrorist attacks in russia we've seen several terrorist attacks on trains previously as well as on metro stations within moscow over the last decade plus i think they calculate this as it is extremely disruptive to the fabric of russian society creates a true atmosphere of terror when any and every citizen can be affected who uses public transportation which is the majority of the population although grad is a principal focus simply because it's an easy and close target to the south of the caucasus and is going to be the driving force of the terra threats that. the terrorist the terrorist threats are a loosely based coalition that is off from both the islamic caliphate. that is centered around doku umarov who has taken over several
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years ago of the larger chechen caucasus terrorist groups doku umarov has taken these groups in a much more strictly islamic fundamentalist action than ever has been before they have largely been displaced from chechnya itself due to security measures there over the last decade but they still exist in the fringes in the hills of the august on a round and have support from outside the country. they operate regularly in turkey in saudi arabia and they keep getting support which keeps them going despite their small numbers. or do you think needs to be done to prevent french attacks in the future too. complicated question and i don't think any government in the world that is quite recognised how to stop. terrorism particularly terrorism inspired by
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a fundamentalist visions of islam this expression be more difficult in russia because it is a homegrown terrorist albeit one from a very restricted southern area of the country i think the combination of what has worked best in chechnya which is a combination of large amounts of federal aid to restart the economy restart employment cooperation with the local moderates sufi islamic. mosques and institutions along with a firm hand of security such as ram as i'm could your office has shown he i think this model needs to be extended. as well to august on and. and this is the best chance of combating a problem that has no easy solution. just to recap for you the city of volgograd in southern russia suffering its second deadly blasts within the space of just twenty
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four hours this latest happening in a trolley bus as it approached a market during the morning rush hour we now understand up to fifteen people were killed in this morning's attack up to twenty eight others wounded including a one year old child three people described as critically injured it's a spectator that the bomb was planted inside the bus in the event probably connected to sunday's train station bombing that killed at least sixteen people and left forty five others wounded more on the latest from volgograd in a half hour's time remember also continuing to give updates on r.t. dot com and on our twitter feed up next kate partridge has all the latest sports highlights. if you leave with the economic ups and downs in the final months day the longer the
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deal sank i and the rest the life it's going to take it will be everything on. hold. to. put it under a bushel marginalise should be all the face of a certain people alone. was . a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. he survived war atrocities. to make
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a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the american worker on the tree. approximately sixteen percent imports came from illegal fishing. in the. european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. on the territorial waters of the fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day
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illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. hello welcome to the last altie sports show of twenty thirteen coming up at twenty six minutes of sporting world sounds deeds for russia under around the globe with me. and here's a taste of what's to come. down to figure skating star you have to get a pollution to help him take place on thin ice after finishing his runner up to a teenager. at the russian championships in sochi. plus ice bottles sponsor slumped to their sixth straight defeat crushing six until . done by moscow keeping me.


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