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today illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. hello welcome to the last altie sports show of twenty thirteen coming up to twenty six minutes of sporting world sounds deeds for russia under around the globe with me. and here's a taste of what's to come. dream and down to figure skating star you have got a pollution guy with his help him take place on thin ice after finishing as runner up to teenager marks in court at the russian championships in sochi. plus ice battles spotlight moscow slumped to their sixth straight defeat crushing six mil. champions dummer moscow heaping more misery on the cash strapped club.
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and there's also doc off a seven time we're not lucky me a child in russian team come to a twelfth victory as their trucks gear up for the thirty fifth dakar rally. but first to the ice and yevgeny pollution might not be going for gold in sochi as the two thousand and six and the big figure skating champion good only finished second at the russian national championships which have a big say in deciding who will represent the country at their home winter games in february which is on course for the tussle. it might be the end of a dream for one of russia's most talismanic figure skaters guinea. after just missing out on a limb big gold mine coover despite before me a quadruple jum the thirty one year old had hoped to make amends at this home games but opera season blinded by a back injury the two thousand and six touring games champion put in
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a disjointed performance and so on she complaining of fatigue and a lack of practice as he could only finish second which could all but rule him out of contention as he says he won't compete at the next qualifying events the european championships and russia will only have one spot of the winter olympics in the men's individual program new york when you pour your body the warmest place i definitely won't be taking part in the european championships though i'd like to take part in the team event of the soul cheer lympics i think it's only fair that a young and talented skater takes part in the individual event but on her looks send to go to maxine coughed on to be brushing go to become the latest russian champion the eighteen year old is seen as one of the world's most talented young skaters and he now carries refugio hopes of a host nation on his shoulders to get satan has always been one of russia's bangas to bring home a gold medal such as been less excessive we see mir's however that wasn't the case
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in bank coover as the first time since nineteen sixty they failed to get a top of the podium finish russia's best hopes of winning gold again lined with tatiana. among seem drunk call in the pairs discipline the jew of the reigning world champions and were the first russians to win gold since two thousand and five when tatiana top man in the maxime arena and took top honors before going on to clinch olympic glory ensuring a year laid. out on trying to describe the national competition with casino style boredom fueled a chemo. claiming first place america since the misuse of their songs and all the russian jumping ships are always such a hard start to the new figure skating says they have such an impact in defining our fate for the forthcoming complain there are a lot of important people watching and there's a lot of pressure on us to perform there not just competing against your opponents
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but also against yourself. russia also has some outstanding talent in the women's individual events however the sochi games might come too soon for the lying sophist in your old you leap needs guy who finished second i'm the overall winner i did lean assortment of our who's seventeen zero for all but certain to go to sochi though unlikely to be among the middle contenders but sotnikova a former junior world champion believes she's gaining experience over time. and russian national championships are really important to me because in the other stepping stone in my career it's vital for me to compete as much as possible. what i stands bronze medalists you could be in a bubble of an dimitris a lot of your continued their dominance of bed in mystic events winning the national title for a fourth successive year however with the european championships to come in budapest from a first team till the nineteenth of january will be one more opportunity for
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russia's hope force to clinch a cover to the olympic berth within the host skating squad richard pombo fleet anti saatchi well meanwhile in our last such a up date for twenty thirteen the new kit for the russian olympic team has been unveiled in moscow where it was presented by n.h.l. ledger day and former i stars world champion. michael craft reports. with just over a month to go now until russia's maiden winter olympics official clothing sponsor bosco unveiled a new collection specially designed with such in mind and just in time for the usual shopping extravaganza during the festive period that's the way it was but in terms of recognition it's great to have a style that's already known around the world when you put on these colors these coats everyone knows you've been a part or are going to be a part of the olympics and every time it's bigger and better over seventy three
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thousand dollars and have been made specially for russia seven hundred fifty athletes from actual sports gear to formal wear for before and after competition and although the squad will be focused on producing the best results they'll also be looking good while they're doing it. yes there is the notion that every athlete should be able to perform regardless of what he or she is wearing so of course it's a great bonus to be able to perform in a quality kid like the one presented here today and while the male reaction was more subdued there was perhaps less doubt the new collection would elicit a few smiles from the female contingent. i think practically everyone likes to look good dress well and wear pretty clothes it's a state of mind really you know it lifts the spirit motivates you and pushes you to strive for victory. bosco has been the russian team's official partner since the winter games at salt lake city in two thousand and two and will continue to help push the iconic russian logo and patchwork quilt design until the next summer
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olympics in rio and possibly beyond now while all the russian athletes will be getting limited edition versions of this new set of clothes for the upcoming olympic games as a fan you'll be able to get something look similar. in coats and scarfs just like the one i'm putting on now and no doubt will be plenty of them tsotsi in the stands come february next year one. thank you marty. so with the clock ticking down to the games four time olympic by x. one champion aleksandr taken off says his sport has always been one of russia's strongholds and the former great hopes this success continues in sochi. research and to go to russia in the soviet union before it has won at least one berth on gold at every olympics since nineteen sixty four and i really want this winning tradition to carry on in sochi and beyond i know they can do it russia's
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other medal hopes include cross country skis figure skaters and probably curly but the main theme is ice hockey you can't get away from it and is talking of ice hockey k h l powerhouse tesco moscow came from behind to be czech side with gets a stale three two in overtime to reach the semifinals of the annual sixteen spangler cup in switzerland the first period ended goalless in davos but the second saw the czech side snatch two goals within a minute the first richard daley before getting near such a net grab the second however says guy rallied with ten minutes to go in that second period ruslan zone and pulled one back and for thirty three seconds left on the clock beyond the men search the equaliser the fly for four can with a long line shots or make it to two and says got completed that come back in overtime jack over middle of pride in the winter set of the last four encounter with host h.c. dallas. well let's stay with ice hockey and
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a success story for the czech republic as relative newcomers left prague are cruising to their second playoff spot in two years in the k h l comes under but has more. two years ago ice hockey quad believe progs work seat is and contras moving from this the base of corporate to the czech capital and then made the occasional debbie in twenty its wealth as it was a lockout season in the n.h.l. many homegrown stories a return to help make it at a new level including boston bruins captain and stanley cup winners than a chara however after the big guns went back to north america the broad side was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs but this year finished form a ton of bad on head coach gary yellin into charge and aims to make the most of his cage hill experience in the quat second yeah that was to me the easter dishes and a call to. drop their biggest so i know i know dolly
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a little bit different culture player stare budget anyways it's fun to work at two levels the roster is a mixture of western european and canadian players but now russia and the team are looking to find their own distinctive style and write their own history and also trying to make in name for themselves in the city that's home to two more ice hockey clubs but only left are indicate shall check player cents lower than a canadian spears and for his birthday adelaide a little bit. different culture in their hockey but background so now we have to find our way into it and how we playing in the same time we have to be in a same place show i think we have sexy that you know life it's my mission but one thing you know it's a different style a game lot more skating and maybe less having. more pop control so that's. just right but it's been a lot of adjustment and i really enjoyed my time here this season left are on their
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way to their second consecutive playoff sport however in this campaign they are aiming to go even further with the help of experienced queers who have already leave to the coveted going caught up and ready to bring a. to the most western of the cage squads. i did one but every years old are different because you're a different team and. of course everybody wants to win every season but. to me experience maybe maybe some of them say no better than the other guys but. that's about it i guess we're fighting for there a playoff spot and you know like hopefully we're going to make a dot dot for him everest and call friends and then play of his play offs you know like me i think we have a good chance to. win there too is the cage shell extends its expansion into the west two year old left represent one of the most ice hockey loving cities in europe and have already put their name on the map but now it's time for titles. r.t.
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. and all that ice hockey action brings us to the end of part one but we'll be back with more and to be a sport after the short break don't go away. to you that was two thousand and thirteen and what has made it memorable we ask in this edition of crossfire who excelled and who disappointed us what stories captured our attention because of hope or do you despair. at least sixteen percent imports came from. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action.
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but they are territorial waters they fish they load this fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. least he told language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's all here. reporting from the world talks about six of the yard p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in troy. because it's. called. one of the new. face.
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good to have you with us here on our team today i'm wrong researcher. welcome back to part two of the sports show and let's return to the ice where spotlight must go slump to the six straight defeat six mil a time to lead is and defending champions do not my must go heaping more pressure on the under threat club model craft trying to reports. it's been a december to forget the spots on the historic ice of the club face the threat of bankruptcy and the elimination from the cage shell after their main sponsor went bust while
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a six game losing streak hasn't helped matters on the ice the first three of those defeats were by a single goal but then the off ice problem seemed to take that toll as the muscovite side with thrashed six one at home to make a lot of magnitogorsk on wednesday spock followed that up with a spirited performance at moscow region side that he has only to lose again for three in a shootout leaving the team heading into that dobby clash with tabletop as nama moscow tenth in the western conference in contrast opponents nama were in a six game winning run the last victory a five nil demolition acceleration newcomers need this check and it didn't take long for the champions to take the lead taking full advantage of an early mistake from the spot that defense they swiftly made to nil a spot that self belief began to dwindle and unama fixedly killed off any challenge from their opponents with a third goal before the first interval. spot tackled deflated and out of sorts every time they got the puck but despite conceding another goal in the second
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period looked to have stated the ship had four nil i only four more errors to create been during the final stage allowing the nama to school yet another to announce of goals. you know no games are easy but today i think we've got a bit lucky women it's just core three goals in the first spirit which swung the game in our favor but other than that the game was tough we're working hard and just everything seems to be going against us you know we get a lot of things off the ice that are causing a lot of problems and you know it's it's hard you know you trying to the best you can but. it's tough for now things are in the off the ice aren't going well so you try not to bring it on the ice with you but you know we're all human and you know of course it's in our minds and you know we. we get the we got to get it figured out because we need to start winning hockey and so the nama and the year with the seventh straight victory and seven points clear in the west while it's small woeful
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spartak both on and off the ice as the moscow side hopes for a happier new year like of jericho r.t. moscow. now moving on to other news in football where arsenal manager also then go says resilience and team spirit have helped the gun as we're getting top spot in the english premier league after a second off goal from maybe a share route gave them a one zero win at newcastle which is something in the team especially or not found on the men to form many times been questioned you know that. you're shown not the time we won you down you're sure not again today will be back to the wall in the last fifteen minutes and it's a great solidarity and a great spirit in the in the side. meanwhile barcelona star under his iniesta could remain a one club man after the twenty nine year old midfielder signed a three year contract extension to stay with the catalan giants until at least the sum of twenty eighteen it has done has helped basel win an impressive twenty one
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trophies over the past decade while also playing a key part in spain's two european crowns either side of their maiden world cup triumph in two thousand and ten. tennis and world number two novak djokovic has had some great preparation for the new season as the serbian storm boss david ferrer out of spain seven five six two to win the lucrative invitational tournament in abu dhabi for the third straight time watched on by new coach boris becker and longtime girlfriend you'll notice that the trying to secure old converted his third much point with a spectacular ace dock of edge and back at her famed six grand slam titles a piece of chalk a bitch will be looking to increase that tally when he picks up his title defense at the australian open in two weeks time. while earlier in the day while the number one rough on the doll was also a happy man after the spanish king of play beat fronted joe wilfried tsonga in the
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third place match it went down to the wire in the first set before the doll prevailed in a close tie break and then stepped up a gear to take the second set six three on the match and twenty seven the doll has won thirteen grand slam titles and will be looking to defend his french and us open crowns next season after targeting a first australian open title five years. while elsewhere women's world number five agnieszka advance that has led poland to two wins from two to go top of group a at the eight nation hopman cup in australia swept aside flavia pennetta six two six two is the former wimbledon finalist and her partner jed washburn phil beat italy three nil in their opening time i before also be. in canada too one drug needed three sets to outclass teenager usually to show off six three seven six six two. i remember russia starting with i
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must go posted his third and double double of the season but it still wasn't enough to save the denver nuggets from an eighty nine to eighty one defeat at home to the golden state warriors the hosts were in front of by five points early in the fourth quarter before god dunked the two of his forty points to keep him in front he also had eleven rebounds but play thompson rallied the warriors to hand the nuggets their fourth straight loss. while the sacramento kings rallied to a seventeen point deficit to beat injury hit defending champions miami in overtime one hundred eight points to one hundred three on home court bron james scored thirty points in the first hole for the heat but after the break sacramento fought back limited into just three more as the kings began to rule only level at eighty nine points apiece and they were wrapping up victory in the extra period to end miami's six game winning streak de marcus cousins finishing with twenty seven points and seventeen rebounds. now the
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dakar rally traditionally kicks off the sporting new year getting underway in argentina on january the fifth and finishing thirteen grueling days later in chile and russian team kamaz are back with new engines and among the hot favorites in the truck category come to them but out of reports. two years ago the previously all conquering kamaz muster team dried up in the desert as they failed to reach the podium for the first time in eleven years but the russians bounced three back on the new driver. who were at the squad to reclaim all three top police it and now they go to the argentinian c.t.o. for a zarya with this week's engine aiming to keep up their domination managed by seven time former when their bloody murder charge in in the thirty fifth edition of the world's toughest and europe's race. we hope this year's rally will be even more in throughly we know the competition is getting tighter all our rivals are improving
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and as we have a new engine we have no other choice than to start preparing for the next race right after the last one finished we devoted a lot of time to physical training the dakar rally is a real insurance test and the twenty four team version returns to south america for a sixth time starting out from rosario in argentina the stages of the route are now almost twice as long with believe it becoming the twenty eighth nation to host one of the legs and includes a marathon stretch for the boy chorus at the halfway point before everybody finishes in wild what are you saw in chile as this unique rally continues to push the boundaries of off road motor sport however the russian team's proven tactics will stay the same. we'll stick to our strategy and each of our race crews is given all the help and support they need to achieve the best result they can last year our youngsters set the bar really high as they swept the podium or iowa we'll do
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our best not to let our fans down. teamhair chargen is the most successful driver in any category in dakar history and the forty three year old's experience of winning seven races means he gives his common school leagues a unique insight and a unique advantage. no one in the world has a coach like we do jack and spends a lot of time with us sharing everything he knows all his invaluable experience and . i was lucky enough to win seven times had ducker and i know the key to success i owe all my experience to commands and some are the head the that the drivers have coached can now also when. the come ons muster team will field five of the seventy one trucks taking part as the big blue vehicles with their new engines will tackle the longest stages looking for victory number twelve and to maintain their status as the czars of the desert constantine bought out of archie and finally to
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one of the world's most spectacular sports cliff diving and is twenty thirteen was the year when our russian was crowned well number one i'm still janko won the sport's most prestigious competition the red bull well serious want as robert father now discovered the twenty nine year old still has another tree. risky. breast taking. incredible whatever you call it this is cleve diving the sport we have big three burgess on the art of survival there was ultimate platform for high diving daredevils is the red bull world series the combination has traveled across the globe for the fifth consecutive season decide who is the best on the planet in two thousand and thirteen he was russia's
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the term solution. for such a long journey to this victory through injury stuff entries and now is completed i reached the pinnacle of the sport is an incredible feeling. demonstrating one of the most spectacular and complicated i diet claiming the highest scores the combination has ever seen and regarded as one of a kind the twenty nine year old russian had achieved it all within the last five years before finally clinching the world series crown in thailand in november. i needed to gain experience of very tough competition in the last couple of years skill wise i caught up with the level of the school's elite like the two thousand and nine champion orlando and last season everything went pretty well that's when i tried my new dive that it cost me a number of podiums and victories in our sport when is it going make mistakes and
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this year i wasn't flawless but some of my dogs were just awesome and i won with. three time champion and this year's runner up garry hunt the brooklyn bridge has been and probably still will be suited to stuff with rival in the upcoming seasons . but gary is smaller lighter and faster it gives him some advantages as he can do more somersaults and twists although in the first two dives it's the clearance and trajectory that matter. as most first where i compete him plus my trademark an armed standoff with a blind entry is considered in judged as one of the most difficult dives and i'm going to keep on following choosing it for next season. by doubling from twenty seven mirrors and the nominal intense four seconds it all takes outstanding body and mind control these guys seem capable of out of this world things but they're
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still human. i think it's actually brave men who aren't afraid to say they're scared because it's true fear is always with us when we dive of course is a bit tougher at the beginning of the season after having several months off you have to get used to that high once again and your body in mind worked better from dive to dive. and even after becoming the world's number one. there is still something to dream about. i would love to take part in the olympic games it's not clear yet but there's a possibility our sport will be represented at the twenty twenty lympics in tokyo i'll be thirty six then a prime age for a cliff diver. who knows perhaps it will be the land of the rising sun and it will see our dumb solution highest die from it but only on r.t.
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and that's all from the fourteen to twenty thirty i have. wealthy british style. that's what i'm trying. to put in. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tuning in to cause a report on our. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope.
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and love to so many children. nikolai the miracle worker on the tape. on their way to antarctica the crew of the i can to make sure that if face many challenges. here you have to look out for yourself crashing on to rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme conditions anything can happen and article always comes up with surprises you have to keep your eyes open because if there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel as well as helicopters and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for anything even an apocalypse she's really an incredible ship calling all antarctica stations this is academic a field of radio check please respond.
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unexplored and tog. what is it in this icy expanse that attracts the people who come here. now i only go to the duchess. and enter into. a new generation of polar explorers is coming. we have a new group of specialists here now all of them are young how are they going to get along with each other and i don't know. what i used to be a bureaucrat. seriously. what adventures await in this mysterious land where do they live want to the east and what of the actually doing in antarctica. the year that was two thousand and thirteen and what has made it memorable we ask in this edition of process we excelled in who disappointed us what stories captured
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our attention because of hope or do you despair. breaking news on our t.v. investigators say the explosive devices in both the blasts in volgograd right dentical and both were suicide bombings with two terror attacks happening within twenty four hours of one another killing up to twenty three people or thirty two people. one pm in moscow i match reza continuing today's breaking news coverage russian president vladimir putin has ordered security to be tightened across russia after the southern city of volgograd was.


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