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tv   Headline News  RT  December 30, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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twenty. breaking news on r t investigators say the explosive devices in both blasts in volgograd were identical and both were suicide bombings the two terror attacks happening within twenty four hours of each other killing up to thirty two people. two pm in moscow i matras there covering today's breaking news here on our t.v. a second terror attack in the city of volgograd president putin has ordered security to be tightened across russia this after the southern city of volgograd was struck by two explosions in the space of less than twenty four hours the latest blast terry if you are a trolley bus during the monday morning rush hour and what investigators now
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suspect was also a suicide attack both bombings claiming the lives of up to thirty two people are teens margaret howell is in volgograd with all the latest margaret are we any we are about the latest suspected terror attack. well what we do you is the son of law enforcement officials did say that they were able to collect these fragments of the body that. are now i'm standing here on site just behind me here and a thirty eight blast on this truly. bustling market on monday morning that's claimed. that she lives and we actually do have a witness standing by to observe take a listen. i was in my way from work did a u. turn and then i heard a blast i was already standing in
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a queue and one of the other drivers asked if there was an explosion there was no panic but i hurt screens so i drove by to see. the children and help people but they told me that only the driver of the bus was injured and so i took the driver surrogate to the hospital surrogate told me that the conductor had died he also said that the cabin wasn't completely fooled but i saw around six corpses myself. at the moment of the explosion i was at home that's about one hundred fifty meters away from the bus stop the shock wave was really strong so my whole family jumped up from their beds after ten minutes i ran from my place to the bus stop and saw a great number of dead bodies parts of bodies and clothes i could smell t.n.t. immediately droves of ambulances arrived police cars and governor's vehicles and the investigation began i just saw bodies lying on both sides near the bus ambulances took a lot of them i don't know which ones were dead or alive. now
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we did hear that eyewitness reports that one individual did see this morning dead bodies scattered he did mention that law enforcement officials were able to quickly on the scene and collect those bodies as well and you're twenty eight injured at all including one the one year old baby who was also among the ensuring that we do have an update on the investigation. it was just. based on preliminary results we can already say that a terrorist suicide bomber activated the bomb it was a male parts of his body were taken from the scene of the blast and sent for d.n.a. testing to determine who he was also we can say that the explosion had the force of no less than four kilograms of t.n.t. just as the device at the train station it contained damage agents and since there
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were the same damage agents discovered in both cases both attacks worked. they possibly could have even been made in the same place. so as you heard the explosive devices were identical actually the first one had. a larger. less claiming he lives and thirty two inch hole from both explosions so far. and margaret margaret still reeling from sunday's suicide blast at the main railway station there what are investigators saying about. the originally now if you recall they had suspected a female suicide bomber they were able to retrieve her from. and able to identify
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that individual as a male suicide bomber now health officials there are those who are still in the hospital here in the crowd as well as in moscow and so far have died from these cheap blast the investigation is still ongoing and information is still. busy train station it was rocked by the blast of a terrorist bomb on sunday afternoon shards of metal ripped through an area around a security checkpoint as passengers waited for their luggage to be inspected officials say the bomb was equivalent to at least ten kilos of t.n.t. and only the security barrier prevented this scene of devastation from becoming much worse but it's impossible to calculate the toll something like this has on its victims many are still reeling. from the i bent down to collect my documents when i saw a flash of light and there was
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a blast i was thrown back by the explosion when i came to my senses a man was carrying me out. only outside was i able to get a breath of air and sought the to understand what was happening so my son father and niece were inside the train station when the blast went off their old intensive care now they're badly injured they were headed for a train to moscow but never made it a second bomb was later discovered it had failed to detonate investigators are now looking into the identity of the person or persons who carried this out it's now suspected the attacker was male despite earlier reports of a so-called black widow suicide bomber this is the second time in just a few months that the southern russian city has been the target of extremist october suicide blast on a passenger bus which killed six and over thirty others is still raw in the memories of people here governments around the world are beginning to realize that
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finding international terror threats can only be done globally as both organized cells and lone terrorist continue to slip through law enforcements nets we're talking about asia how does the movement which is linked to al qaida that is operation just in russia but also in other countries including in syria as we know now now the direct motive is not different from the previous attacks on moscow on other locations inside russia and i would say is not so different from attacks that has happened around the world i'll call it a c.v. it's against democracies against countries that they want to consider as enemies with a tragedy like this one that hit volgograd just days ahead of the new year's celebrations it's no surprise authorities thought it more appropriate to cancel the festivities and to clear the first three days of twenty point as a period of mourning in volgograd margaret how will our t. . has been reaction to the tragic events of the last two days from senior international officials the president of the european council herman van rompuy
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saying i condemn in the strongest terms the heinous terror attack in volgograd this . morning and i sent heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and i saw their need to the government and people of russia meanwhile nato secretary general anders rasmussen says there can be no justification for such barbarous attacks nato would rather stand together in the fight against terrorism including by working together on technology to prevent attacks on public transport systems journalist and broadcaster neeld clarke ago as the international community should switch from words to action when it comes to the global threat of terror western approach to terrorism has been very consistent because we are told on the one hand the west implacably opposed to radical islamic terrorism and that it's the biggest school shooting manatee etc and yet on the other hand we have the west lining up we radical islamic terrorists in syria. you know back on the same side as al qaeda to try to topple eight secular government now the west has got to i think change its
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relationship with saudi arabia which is a major sponsor of a lot of these radical islamic groups around western to realign its foreign policy the trouble if you get syria for example the west is actually on the same side as a terrorist because it's because of its relationships with large between sweetly saudi arabia and israel who both want that regime in syria to be removed so i think we need a shift in the western capitals i think we need to get to work closer with russia because when they reach closer cooperation we saw that with the boston bombing scene we went we had the russian warnings about the south sarina brothers who were ignored by the americans because then again there was this tendency so it's russian warnings taken with a pinch of salt and so unless the west does work cooperate more seriously with russia as equal partners in this battle against the radical terrorist groups you know that's the problem that that's the major shift that's got to happen. let's go live now to go in central moscow arena what is the latest you're hearing from the kremlin well there was a meeting with when the russian president and the head of the federal security
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service and the ministry of the interior we have updated the president on the situation and of all graduates and also on the terrorist operations taking place in the ones that have also taken place in the nearby southern republics and regions as well and those places are traditionally unfortunately have been seen as sort of a hotbed for breeding terrorism now there is the result of those meeting those meetings was that the head of the federal security service is is involved or grab that in order to oversee the situation personally it was as he was instructed by the russian president there was also talk about. heightening the security level all over the country that was the result off the meeting between president clinton and the head of the security council the security council and speaking of that in fact a security levels have been arranged not just longer brad but also in various other
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cities and russian republics and in moscow as well there's been an increase in police presence on the streets now when it comes to helping those who are on the ground this is where the ministry of emergencies comes into play and we can now hear from the minister of emergencies himself who describes the work that they're doing. we are putting our forces on high alert in the entire region. president putin ordered every family that suffered from these attacks will be compensated we're also establishing constant communication with volgograd and from there will be transporting to moscow st petersburg and other regions and monetary compensation for those who have lost their loved ones russian president and prime minister have agreed that that will be in the. amount of one million rubles that's about thirty thousand dollars those who have been injured in these terror attacks will also receive military compensation albeit
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a slightly smaller one so these this is the extent of the reaction that we have up to now but of course we'll be getting more of it as the day progresses and perhaps as we discover more from the investigators who are working on this in volgograd all right arena thank you very much for that update will stay with r.t. for the latest updates from the volgograd attacks after this short break. good leverage. to build a. mission to teach me why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks of the interviews intriguing story. visit. fourteen minutes past the hour now and suggested that the timing of the attacks in volgograd is a link to the upcoming winter olympic games in sochi both cities in the same region but as you can see from the map the distance between them more than six hundred
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fifty kilometers let's go live now to sochi to our correspondent. who is standing by there so tell us how is the news of this new attack received in the spot where the winter olympics is soon to be. well the news have been received. and condolences going out to the families of those who have lost loved ones in the world now of course security has been beefed up already here in the city that's going to hazor the winter olympics and in fact to the olympic committee has spent a lot of money in the latest security technology making sure that everyone is a protected while they're here for the winter games i myself went to to one of the transport hubs the adler station which will see thirteen thousand people a day and i was rather going through its doors and i must say the security checks were even to go through and no one felt that they were being imposed by all the
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security checks are early on we spoke to a former member of the alpha anti terror security unit and here's one he had to say . most of. all the attacks in volgograd are part of the same chain the terrorists are trying to incite fear ahead of the winter olympics so that people become scared to go to saatchi no wonder they've chosen the holiday season for this to make it even more painful for the people and to draw plenty of world attention but i believe this won't have any effect on the olympics and the people who are planning to come will still do so they can be sure of their safety because almost two billion dollars have been allocated to security measures that's even more than the sum for the london olympics. right imo in terms of the plan for the olympics we know that the construction workers who have been brought out here to sort she will be sent back by the end of
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december they'll be limited to vehicle are allowing us on the roads in terms in fact if you don't have an access pass to be on the roads will not be allowed to be there in terms of what the policy planned for the olympics they say that they have about twenty three police officers who will be on standby for the olympics they'll have ten thousand military troops as well as twenty three thousand ministry of emergency trip. who will be deployed here in sochi come the olympics the olympic committee has already said that they trust that the russia will provide a safe haven come at the winter olympics in february so we're all hoping that this what's happening in vocal. officials will be looking out to see how they can if they want to extend some of those numbers to more match or to stop buying might say lara for us in sochi thank you very much for that update from the. well more reaction is time from the british capital let's bring on the host of our team show going underground our sheraton see you have some reaction from london so how is the
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news from russia being received in the u.k. at this point well i wonder how it will be received in the foreign office here because of course as being the case as we've heard on our t.v. the reasons behind this tragic tragic bombing have their roots in the middle east and of course it is british policy in the middle east and specifically british policy misa v v saudi arabia that is important here quite ironic to hear the secretary general of nato so quick to condemn what happened in volgograd in the past forty eight hours in these double explosions and yet of course what nature has relations with saudi arabia and what are the roots of the financing and strategic reasons why volgograd just chose him and why a campaign is under way any words of condolence for or civil solidarity from number ten for example as i'm speaking right now we haven't heard do doubt they will. be
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forthcoming but it has to be sent to a lot of people are going to put the spotlight on saudi arabia in two thousand and fourteen where is the funding coming from as has been said and this is this city is under its of miles away from the sochi olympics that's too much can be made of that connection. a bigger connection might be that of course volgograd its previous name was stalin granted it's a very important city for the whole of the west is configured in any kind of islamist. hobby imagination and so what are the exact reasons and. will the condolences be met by actions in the west in terms of really trying to stop islam is terror so you're saying that you think doku umarov and his cohorts who are fomenting. could be fomenting unrest in the north caucasus are getting money from the saudi royal family there's no doubt that the saudis are intricately
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involved in these islamist movements it was only fourteen days ago that we've heard from the u.s. congress that they suddenly realized that the nine eleven attacks. the government the u.s. government deliberately hid saudi involvement in nine eleven saudi government involvement in nine eleven it's a kind of conspiracy ideas that are actually now being raised in congress so many years after the fact it looks like that whereas with the afghanistan in that would you had been financing by the united states and saudi arabia in the late eighty's they had to wait more than a decade for nine eleven it looks like the syrian war and u.s. nato defacto support for islam is groups the fallout is already being the fallout is already there whether it be here on the streets of london or indeed in russia seem like
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a lot of conspiracy theories being bandied about public transport in the british capital a target for terrorists who struck the day after london was chosen dose the two thousand and twelve olympics how do the people and authorities react back event. law enforcement authorities are always so quick to say that it takes a terrorist only to be right once whereas with or at least law enforcement authorities have to be right all the time over here it was more to do with that the privatisation of. security and the dangers lie in with the economic model of policing but of course the people here in london were quick to. get on their feet as i'm sure the people of all the grad will as well but what's really at stake here is that the world needs to look more closely at the roots of this terrorism rather than even national governments looking at the cells and the regional movements that are trying to seek autonomy let's see where the big money is let's
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see where the big interests are and we know that the tween figures between nations and israel and saudi arabia are at the core of of terrorism at large what we need as much closer collaboration floor authorities rather than the n.s.a. spying on every country resident not knowing it people actually finding out about what's going on and do you think there's reason to be concern for those traveling to sochi after what's happened in volgograd. well it's hundreds of miles away so to say that there's a any particular relevance of the sochi olympics of course journalists will be very keen to draw. draw comparisons and relations between these two things it's notable that with some western leaders aren't coming to the winter olympics the western leaders don't tend to go to winter olympics it has to be said so the connection with sochi baby over eggs what's crucial here is that international law
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enforcement authorities get to the bottom of this and realize that it's it's riyadh in saudi arabia that is the key linchpin of the global fight against islamist terror all right the accusation coming from option return to the host of our teams going underground. security being stepped up across russia after the southern city of volgograd struck by two suicide bombings within twenty four hours the latest happening on a trolley bus as it approached a market during the monday morning rush hour up to fifteen people now known to have died up to twenty eight others wounded including a one year old child three of them said to be critically ill investigators say the attack carried out by a male suicide bomber and the event possibly connected to sunday's train station bombing that killed at least sixteen people and left forty five others wounded in volgograd sources close the investigation have named a suspect in sunday's attack. who was allegedly a member of a dagestan based militant group r.t. has been speaking with more witnesses in the attacks to the attacks in volgograd
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here are some of their firsthand accounts at zero eight thirty five am i walks out of the apartments and got into their the that's where i had the explosion it sounded like a pop not like a blast a pop a pause a crazy one it was so scary there was a lot of screaming a lot of soldiers running around a plume of smoke coming from the trolley bus i saw six injured people lying on the ground as for the bus itself it was filled the severed limbs. we also heard from gordon hahn a senior associate at the center for international strategy who told me that trust between governments is essential to fight the threat of terror. very difficult to guard against long wills or even. organized a suicide plot. very difficult indeed unless the intelligence or police uncover the nation before hand then it's up to local citizens to be vigilant like
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generally speaking before any country any city. is very difficult to prevent these kinds of attacks it's very possible that these attacks are more driven by the upcoming holiday sometimes the visit to the german nation of the timing of the attacks is it simply the suicide bomber and or planners are ready to go and they don't want to wait in the event that they might be uncovered or that the suicide bomber or not might act out to be talking about the calculations of the handlers so it's hard to tell generally speaking these things are planned you know a couple of months in advance against they made this may have been something they wanted to take and hold off on to do just on the eve of the olympics to scare people off from attending but circumstances force them to act earlier what do you think could be done on an international level to help combat global terror like the most obvious thing is we have to have good international cooperation between all
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countries and we have to be. here in the united states. sometimes we actually want to believe what the russians say about the nature of terrorism in the north focuses . we had was sending united states not to think that iraq was a seriously about toward the north caucuses and that's one of the things i think that led to this lone wolf style attack in boston although as you remember when i have the elders and i rather someone attempted to join up with the dogs that this office is never going to travel to the region in two thousand and twelve so again. i shouldn't. certainly there is a relation between western countries and russian countries a little more trust when it comes to the issue of. bring you the latest from volgograd in a little more than half hour's time in the meanwhile you can stay up to date by following online on our coverage on r.t. dot com and also on our you tube channel and twitter accounts up next on r t the
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story of a russian soldier who died of heroic death in a fight against terror and if you're watching from the u.k. more of an option written see coming your way with his show going underground. i middle school kind of guy i like tradition and heritage and all that stuff when i look to the past i see that there's a lot that we could learn from our ancestors however one thing we don't need from them are debtors' prisons which according to a fox news report are somehow on the rise in the united states in the twenty first century the a.c.l.u. and the british center for justice claim that the local courts have been sending individuals with unpaid fines and fees jail which the courts may not even realize is illegal these courts are locking up people with fines that have exploded in size due to interest imposed an initial amount and for the representation they had when they were in court which i always thought was supposed to be free but worst of all
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some are still in prison for fees they occurred while being in prison like having the audacity to use toilet paper hey that's taxpayer money down the toilet the kicker to this all is that throwing people in prison for their public debts costs more than the debts the prisoners have to pay off that's right the local governments lose money doing this someone please resurrect the founding fathers america is running out of time if you aren't worried about this comeback of debtors' prisons are you think those rednecks deserve it so let me ask you something how's it going with paying off all your loans and bills i hope for your sake you don't miss a payment but that's just my opinion. right
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see. first. and i think that you're. on a reporter's. instrument. to be in the know. on. the jamie you. are with the assault section of the second platoon third special forces unit. and we're always on the alert for a long conflict because if we get intelligence about militants in the neighborhood
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it's usually reliable it was the squadron has played a part in conflicts before but this was the first attack of its kind on terrain like this. when we were expecting them we were ready for them at any moment but it was a very difficult area and they were able to open fire first. was not. his movement . for a special forces soldier thinking is paramount but was that so he makes the right decisions. during that five militants tried to outflank the three soldiers led by the gulf war and started throwing hand grenades at them. off covered one of those grenades with his own body. of course i was frightened but i tried to compose myself i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me this is a thought.


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