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i beg you please your father and your brother all here on who would think of your wife and children think of your family. please come out i promise you that not a hair on your head will be harmed you would come out into the yard raise your hands take off your jacket and show them that you're not wearing a bomb belt but just walk slowly towards our people and let them search you understand me. please. a minister of the republic of peels to his son. who refuses to listen as his father has him to surrender. he would soon be killed in a shootout with special forces. in the northern caucasus is the
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smallest and youngest republic of the russian federation for the past twenty new conditions he has lived through several conflicts terror operations and a string of retaliation. terrorism it's an islamic state would be cool to the caucasus emirate young people into the world with promises of a ticket to paradise when in reality their trains become terrorists and suicide bombers. at the age of eighteen most of went into the woods to join the militants this is the first time his mother since he voluntarily surrendered himself she hasn't seen him for two years.
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you've got a good. i didn't believe it until the end until i saw him on t.v. showing that he surrendered i was so happy that he's come back he had given himself up. i didn't want. misunderstanding about that. who should be killed but i didn't want to do that. just. like remember one time when they were talking about it i wasn't standing far from them and. thinking about how to escape from them as quickly as possible and. he talks quietly and his speech is a little slow. daughter around psychologists believe that exhibits the classic
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signs of autism back in the woods he was only trusted with menial tasks the only way he could earn the respect of his comrades was to become a suicide bomber. once he returned home from the woods cut his hair and took off his kemah flowers uniform his mother was relieved. grew up and lived most of his life without his father who was sent to prison for murder he says that he used to watch islamic videos on the internet he became obsessed with the subject and began to look for people. could introduce him to militant groups. you can just. met some people when i went to the mosque since. i asked them if they had any connections with the fighters in the forest because. they said nothing at first but later when they saw that i didn't go anywhere and didn't give them away legs they told me there might be some options as you.
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did make his way into the woods despite the fact that joining illegal paramilitary groups can be punished with up to five years in prison. and i wanted to go there a thousand times just to grab my son and take him away from the woods. i thought about it day and night it made my hair turn gray i just couldn't think of anything else. is yet another mother who lost her son to the forest. not long ago our son was studying to become a lawyer got a bright future ahead of him one day though he simply didn't come home. i came home from work in the evening he hadn't answered his phone since lunch and in the evening they brought me a note from him that read mom i'm sorry i've left i couldn't do anything else.
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it was like a bombshell this was it his friends gave me that note at around eight o'clock in the evening the state i was in is beyond description. it was horrible what can i do where do they go they usually go to the village of our city from here. is a small village in the mountain forest it's very easy to break away from here unnoticed and return from the mountains by the many small cobs that bypass the checkpoints it was here the sunniest friend saw his son or sam on the day he disappeared. i began to look for him very early the next morning while garlic was a season the locals harvested at that time of the year so i pretended to be looking
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for garlic and went into the woods. i was terrified of course mustn't before i tried to pass the message to my son. i told him i'm in the woods now and i won't go away until you come out if you wanted me to die he could stay where he was it was late march it was really cold and i fell seriously ill. and had a personal reason for escaping into the woods the militant group you joined was headed by the person closest to him after his mother. who could be my uncle was leading the group by joining to the i had admired my own goal ever. since i was a little boy i tried to be like him perhaps even for the reasons that he was there most of them we kept in touch from time to time through social networks now one point he told me to come to his home just to see him we met a couple of times when i followed him into the woods. it's hard to refuse when you . ask you to do something if it hadn't been for his mother would certainly have
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stayed in the woods perhaps forever. travels quickly locals told me that my mother had been searching for me in the woods for more than two weeks she had some serious health problems as soon as i find out about i tried to get in touch with her. i didn't have any means of communication i didn't have a phone. he sent a message to my phone number mom i will come out at twelve. she came in a taxi by herself she was totally depressed and looked as though she'd been crying . as we were leaving our village we saw a column of tanks heading toward said. there was a long line of vehicles so many they were still moving the next morning when they
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launched a special operation and bomb the whole group. where they killed almost everybody. yet i had been able to take him away from there maybe that was just good chance. r.s.n. went on to finish college he moved to moscow found a job and got married a baby girl was born but it wasn't easy to forget his past. our son was arrested in moscow because of a photograph taken in two thousand and nine in which he's seen in the woods carrying on. several months in prison during the investigation r.c.n. was found guilty and given a five and a half year suspended sentence. i got three years on probation so if during these three years with god's help everything goes well my criminal record will be cleared just i need to find
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a job now it doesn't matter what kind of work anything will do i hope there's a chance with god's help that i'll start working soon. we can with wood. in two thousand and eleven english as he introduced a special new program intended to reintegrate former members of amish militant groups into society. people who have never been involved in murder or other serious crimes can be granted immunity from prosecution. then given help to find new jobs even though the official unemployment rate stands at forty nine percent. if we did have work there wouldn't be so many people here. but it is a majority is out of work they just live off the land. jim says what the people do well that's what they've got there's almost no work i'm out of what myself and
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that's not true if you want to work you'll find the way. who had just escaped from the terrorist camp was also promised a job. house or sun still falling around that no everything's fine now. what are you doing i'm going to find a job somewhere. where. he'll work at a construction site for now. when i saw him on t.v. i couldn't see his face only the back of his head. and i still recognize my boy instantly what matters most is that i didn't lose him forever. poverty isn't the end you can make some money and everything to me put right as long as you don't lose your soul.
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one element of the rehabilitation is regular visits to a local mosque under the supervision of a police officer every friday afternoon the faithful. doing for an hour and a half and get together for obligatory press they use the central mosque in the area where they live the latest news is discussed before press begin. once inside the mosque everyone considers themselves face to face with. a fourteen centuries ago. predicted that the time would come when children would disobey their parents now our children say that the parents don't understand islam . diverted from. the children say about you we abandoned islam during the
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communist era the children cannot be blamed for this it is the fault of their parents parents who failed to pass on parts of their own upbringing and education to their children these parents did not teach their children how to be true muslims . with the collapse of the soviet union many muslims of the north caucuses began to return to islamic values there was a shortage of the people and funding needed to establish proper centers for faith education. the religious vacuum was soon filled by charity foundations from countries where wahhabi islam still underpins ideology. there are almost six thousand such organizations in saudi arabia alone. that characterized by calling on the faithful to take up arms and fight for the purity of islam they believe that no state can be secular and anyone who recognizes and or thirty other than i love is declared an enemy.
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they aim to recruit young people and encourage them not to study islam but to rise in rebellion in the west they say if you rise up and everything will be in order and thought it doesn't work that way that's not high order is a stablished. on their way to antarctica the crew of the i can to make sure the face many challenges . here you have to look out for yourself crashing on to rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme conditions anything can happen antarctica always comes up with surprises you have to keep your eyes open because if there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel as well as helicopters and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for anything even an apocalypse
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she's really an incredible ship calling all antarctica stations this is academic a field of radio check please respond. to the sochi palm of the twenty fourteen olympics what's this place like and why is it so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games shaping the city's present and future what sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold snowy windy mountainous stuff yet beyond the olympics what they say. on our team. right on the scene. first straight to you and i think picture.
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on a reporter's twitter. instagram. to be in the know. on. and of the fia a few of us spent almost a year with militants she was on the federal wanted list. she left the woods during the ninth month of pregnancy she went to live with husband who was the leader of an illegal paramilitary gang. bismillah. very active. she surrendered herself all entirely he did not she was cleared of criminal charges she wasn't today he she receives an allowance for bringing up a child she's moved from her old shabby house into
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a new apartment. i'm raising my child alone he doesn't have a father of course that we better if he did but it worked out this way and i can't change that i have to move on now i have someone to live for. i'm bringing up my son. and is to see it was very young when her father died though her mother was russian she had no choice about what religion to follow islam was her only option she always knew she'd missed out on her father's affection she married early and says she loved her husband and shared his values. but i became attached to him. i couldn't imagine living without him so as i was leaving i thought of nothing else i didn't think about my relatives nothing at all . i just wanted to be with him. and soon as i left i began to realize
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that what i had done was wrong. used to tell me that it was the duty of every muslim take part in the jihad and more five the religion of islam. he said he wouldn't stay here he had already chosen that half so there was no talking about it he was very far. was born one month before his father died in a shootout with police officers. four other militants died with him they all wore suicide belts and carried a whole stash of explosives. he was a good man and i became attached to him. he wasn't rude or anything he was a good man and always kind to everybody he tried to help people he did this for these people and that for those people. understood
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see as good man. was on the federal wanted list he was eventually found guilty of taking part in several crimes which included killing servicemen and police officers and if the cia is not yet ready to tell him about his father. i don't know i don't even think about it i can tell my baby about his father when he grows up a little when he's three or four when children start understanding these things. to sign up for lost two of us sons in one night bokes one policeman. it was in two thousand and four when armed terrorists attacked police checkpoints
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and throughout the republic and in the city of mexico. this is all that has left from my sons and husband these are my boys and my husband . it was a youngest son who had to deliver the terrible news. came to me in the morning. i told him to tell me everything to conceal nothing from his mother. i asked him what happened he said. i don't know for sure but it seems that you. have been killed. but then my father came to me and he said i know this is hard to have to say you know now that your sons have been killed thank you have already endured he does will it.
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be strong because she's behind has also been killed. but we buried all three of them like that two brothers and one grave. they're all lying close to each other. but we have to live with this pain and grief. several years later police officers again came under attack. the internal affairs department was blown up and does run more than twenty people were killed and one hundred thirty injured. it was
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discovered that these terror attacks. of the commander of the criminal paramilitary units from the. policeman himself he knew the strongest and weakest points of law enforcement agencies. but eventually he was found. among the many charges was attempting to kill the head of the republic. of two bodyguards died. they met again in the courts in two thousand and thirteen. as a witness. i never did harm to any man. even if you have done no harm. still repent for not having done good we're not against syria we follow the qur'an and the. anyone who is against that and.
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if you all just hide behind islam. try to cover it up with islam but it's not against. militants to leave the woods in two years fifty four people voluntarily surrendered . i've always said this ninety nine percent of the work is prevention it includes negotiations and making requests there's nothing wrong with the authorities asking and trying to convince criminals they're doing if he surrenders because of these negotiations it can only be for the better it means the authorities worked well we have a rule that was introduced here preventing anyone who has surrendered ever working for law enforcement he will never work with weapons. he won't be drafted into the army. to repay his. in two thousand and thirteen the police saw
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their first calm day and many yos the day's report read no incidents for twenty four hours. so far there's been only one such report. these years kids they were cheated now they were covering their senses when they start thinking about themselves about their families about their parents things are returning to normal people start travelling which they didn't do before because they were scared that militants would come out of the woods. criminal prosecution was brought to an end he will be under the constant supervision of his neighborhood police officer for two years and he will not be
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allowed to cross the republic borders before i went into the woods i wondered for a long time if life in that was as they said. i was satisfied here with school and everything out that while it was just that i couldn't decide what i really wanted. then with other militants in the woods he'd given up hope of ever walking with his brother to go to the river. a lot of changes have taken place since then and everyone's grown up my friends used to look different to tell you the truth i couldn't even recognise my brother. today is simply able to watch the water. fish. to bite instead of gunfire and explosions.
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not long ago he might have made a very different choice. is offered us a deal we sacrifice our souls in exchange for that i'll admit c'est paradise. this is an anti-tank shrapnel mine. is a word i use a lot of everything there are lots of ball bearings and screws here i'll show them to the camera you see. just like well. this suicide bomber is the son of a former head of police he used to work for the police himself he blew himself up at a neighborhood police officers funeral seven people were killed he was decapitated
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by the bluffed. early suspicions in the investigation pointed to another man. idea of a son in these photographs he's in the woods carrying a gun and wearing camouflage he was on the run for eighteen months. with this they brought everybody together at the school that that comes out of dia of had killed seven people. there and this teen were badly injured. but. i think that he couldn't have done that. yeah i'll go with you on took were no more than the puppet government did when they showed me a picture on a mobile phone that head of a man that had blown himself up and i said that's not my son. that's not him. from that's mother even took a d.n.a.
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test to see if it was actually her son who had blown himself up two days later the author was he's formally apologized for their mistake but reminded her they was still searching for. him him. to be showed us that photo too. if you have even the slightest chance to come back i have become ill because that you know i have developed diabetes and my blood pressure is now very high. i beg you to come back since you left my blood sugar levels are. dangerously high no. please come back. nobody here is going to harm you you will go to prison.
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why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think oldest money. know the value of the only place we have to live of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to bill i mean gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to bait with gold. we're not going to drink up what clearly what amal is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're running to do is say they're for any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with we are part
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of the geo political economic system that's extremely exploited or. first of all it's a question with the mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's lives resources environment and so on will you know those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states. these locals have been consol hammer braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giants chevron. this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some
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have dubbed the gulag of our times. as an undeclared global battlefield in which young and it's just one of the front lines. now is that it's all. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world lights no. food picture of today's you know. from around the globe.
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brokenly. breaking news on aussie international as suicide blasts in the russian city of volgograd kills at least fourteen passengers on a bus less than a day outside deadly bombing ripped through the city's train station. russia's president vladimir putin orders time to security across the whole country in the wake of the bombings. and while some are suggesting that stocks are related to the upcoming winter games and sultry but the international olympic committee she says it has no concerns about safety ossie investigates the security situation and the host city.


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