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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 30, 2013 2:29pm-3:01pm EST

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come on welcome to all the part of the year of two thousand and sixteen it will leave a mixed legacy as far as chemical weapons are concerned especially in syria where with his bold dire proliferation on prohibition over the space of a few months well to discuss based on knowledge joined by our math isn't due director general of the organisation for the politician of chemical weapons mr ism just thank you very much for taking part in the program. thank you very much separator now you call two thousand and thirteen a truly historical here i hear that so at the office the w. embark on probably the biggest challenge in its history trying to eliminate syria's
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chemical weapons in the midst of an active war but i wonder how much progress has been achieved so far. the progress has been cost says it will. several categories of chemical weapons have already been destroyed and chemical weapons production facilities have been rendered to unusable you know very short time all chemical weapons were identified and prepared for transportation to outside syria so now we are entering into a new phase but so far the progress has been very significant and now despite these successes that you just mentioned the dad won with the removal of category one agency most has are dismissed materials which were supposed supposed to be removed from syria by the end of this year that deadline is going to be missed i wonder whose responsibility do you think that is. actually for me the dead lying in of destruction of the nation of first syrian chemical weapons is at
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the end of june two thousand and fourteen and there have been each immediately price or timelines which have been very ambitious and one of them used as you said was a transportation of category one prior to our chemical weapons outside of syria by the end of the year which will not happen there are several reasons for that technical mostly you wouldn't weather condition is. the disrupt the transportation of necessary law just six equipment and measure you the russian federation as well as others of the other coast prosser of the process of the united states and the united nations have been very active in the past weeks in delivering the necessary equipment for transport. now most of the equipment made a little and we expect to see you know authorities take action soon so i wouldn't blame anyone for this distillate so there were some objective reasons for the.
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those delays now you just mentioned that we have extracted the syrian authorities to take action soon but i wonder how soon that could be the thing that very dangerous very risky process of transporting those chemical materials from damascus to latakia could be completed in time for the geneva conference which is expected now next month. actually i'm not a position to give a new timeframe for this phase. of the security striation on the ground is very challenging and is so we have to see the authorities archives who will take to mr measures in order to carry out this phase you know some which way but the challenging circumstances of course are there and we hope that they will be new deal ase now we already mentioned these plans of transporting those chemical agents to what tucker where they're supposed to be. loaded on to shapes and. i
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know that the e.u. wouldn't want to give too many details about when and how for the fear of endangering that whole mission but i wonder why base plan was publicized in the first place because some would argue that it would have been wiser to proceed quietly without tipping off you know those forces who may be interested in sabotaging the whole process. actually there was no plan to publicize it but the plans of course will have to be submitted to our decision making but these as you know that mark norway are generous to contribute to transport patients of chemical. weapons outside of syria and the necessary measures are being taken there was a very recent meeting in moscow on the maritime security of the russian federation the chinese authorities as whether. they're concerned authorities including the
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joint commission to present this as well this or pieces that when europe said to the world are there so i'm glad that there was a very positive outcome. of this meeting which took place three days ago in moscow i think the security measures will be adequate and i am not worried about them now you mentioned the security issues and despite some logistical challenges security is obviously the main challenge as far as these convoy from damascus to lattakia is concerned that a couple of weeks ago western powers flatly refused to provide the syrian government with the military equipment to protect that convoy from their tags by the rebel forces i wonder if there has been any progress on that front who will be ensuring the security of that convoy. in the transportation they're all transportation into syria is the responsibility of the
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syrian government the syrian authorities they will have to take the necessary security measures and day they will be responsible of the safety and security of transport ation face of course the is the scene authorities have requested some assistance and the russian federation and other. states parties have provided you know a lot of logistics support and provide this some equipment and financial support to so i hope that this support will be you could see the authorities will have to make also an effort in this respect now as far as i understand you were inspectors on the ground i'm not planning to you a company based convoy your wallet will delimited you there are flying below being processed in damascus and the offloading in lattakia and i wonder why not because obviously some members of the international community. distrust the assad government very much so why not go all the way in verifying be compliance of the
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syrian regime. you know our we have very strict rules of a fish and that we have been applying over the years old the past sixteen years and our experts have determined that the basic ation on sites where the chemical weapons will be a lot to two on trucks as well as some verification you know mechanism in place in that ikea before loading on ships would be adequate and that's what we are going to do i do think that will allow us to avoid questions in the past about how transparent the syrian government was because surely some of its critics are some of its anime's could i live in the future that you know along that the road some of the materials may have disappeared somewhere are you ready to guarantee here that you know that that cargo that hazardous cargo will be intact as it moves from
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damascus to latakia. it's not the responsibility of two pieces that would you you've got on the security of the transportation as i said earlier so what we are going to do respect is will have already made. tree of to chemical weapons in syria they will way to fry before they are loaded on trucks in sites. you know and stores and they will verify them a game upon their arrival to the taqiyya they will compare them and i'm sure that this rift and this it will be will be sufficient so as to the security of. transport ation face it will be the sole of the response waste of the syrian authorities now mr ism to my next question maybe not very politically correct but i would like to ask it anyway you mentioned that so far you have been satisfied with how this whole process has been going in the corporation that they have received
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from the syrian authorities and you are going to zation was celebrated for do. doing this very risky job in syria last in a month ago you received the nobel peace prize and i think the awarding of it was at least partially connected to these mission in syria but what i think escapes global attention is that much of the job the most dangerous part of the job is actually being done not by your goodness ation by by the syrians themselves the syrians who work for the so-called assad regime and. you are there only to verify that very difficult. difficult mission and your stuff as you just pointed out does not take part in all the dangerous missions so my question to you is whether you're ready to share some of the credit for the success of this mission with the syrian authorities. actually the nobel peace prize in fact was a war to my organization
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a as it was announced by the committee itself was because of the soviet over the past sixteen years in the field of disarmament and there was a this as we understand that the syrian mission most challenging mission in fact in the history of the organization the stakes taking place right now trying not to mention arrangement for you as well as probably and let the absolutely it's it's a major encouragement major incentive for our stuff in fact to our especially working now in syria and you know very challenging circumstances when the price was a war that in october in fact on the one talks october we had two twenty six inspectors and a number of un stuff as well who were based in damascus and who were going to decide it's the storage sites in very difficult circumstances and they had
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completed this phase three days earlier than it was in fact the charmant is so i believe that they have done a great job in very difficult the security environment which was unprecedented in the history of jobs that we do certainly but even in u.n. standards it's seen the most challenging operation in the history of the united nations so that's something we should be recognized yeah absolutely but i wonder if we also have to recognize the afterwards. so far taken by be theory and authorities because after all you are very flying the war and that they are actually doing said did they deserve any credit for the work that has been done so far. i have. stated on several occasions that the cooperation of the syrian government has been satisfactory and they are satisfactory fulfilling their obligations to. from the commission and our job effect as your piece that we used to verify the
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compliance of the syrian government in this respect ok if i could ask you about the opposite side would it be fair to say that big main unknown factor the main factor that me in danger of these very risky operation is actually this rat posed by the syrian rebels. the syrian opposition we don't have direct contacts with the syrian opposition it's the united nations which is doing this infected using different channels and we have us to fact the un as well as myself their cooperation and their support during this process of elimination of syrian chemical weapons i believe that it's in the interest of everyone including the opposition and we hope that they will. they will be corporate events supported well mr is and you are being very diplomatic in your responses but if you said earlier that the syrian government has offered its full cooperation we also know
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that a number of countries have contributed that equipment there is a trust fund set up to finance this whole process so the only outstanding issue is the issue of security now and the security of the only party that is in danger in that security seems to be the syrian opposition am i exaggerating. actually everyone the cook that is to start the security straight sion is syria it's an important factor which may disrupt the effect the whole process. but as i said earlier for the security measures will have to be taken by the syrian government and we also expecting that the opposition will be cooperative in this process mr isn't do we have to take a short break now but when we come back politics have played a major role in a neighboring big groundbreaking o.p.c. w a mission in syria if that mission succeeds against all odds can it change the
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politics of the syrian war that's coming up in a few moments on while the part. of the two language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks of the art p. interview intriguing story for you. to find out more visit our big. dog called. the year that was two thousand and thirteen and what has made it memorable we ask in this edition of crossfire we excelled in who disappointed us what stories
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captured our attention because of hope or do you despair. drugs some of the sixty percent imports came from illegal since. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent. problem that needs immediate international action. on the territorial waters the fish they load into the ships and leave for europe. illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths.
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it's a. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. welcome back to well the part where we had discussing serious chemical desire meant we had the o.p.c. w. director general mad as a jew now i understand that the o.p.c. w. is doing its best to stay above politics and it's clear in your responses but we can't escape the fact that the presence of your inspectors on the ground is the result of a political deal that was reached between russia and the united states and given
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how much both of these nations have at stake in the syrian conflict i wonder if either of them have tried to interfere politically with your work on the ground. actually as we all know the the whole process in fact has begun. the agreement reached between the russian federation and the united states in geneva and there dick co-sponsors of the whole process and their contributions are you for a very substantial and russian federation also is playing a facilitating role in this process through its style look with the syrian government which we high they appreciate and i think they have to continue to play this major role in the whole process which has been very useful and they should they should remain fully engaged fully engaged but not politically you haven't directly answered my question they are they are there paul tickly engaged
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of course both here in the hague you know getting out their liberations both countries are facilitating the decision making in the. making or going to hear it the opus that would you but they're also politically engaged in new york so within the security council and i think their contributions have been cos there will well are they have they've been politically engaged for almost three years but so far that talks political talks lad nowhere. as far as any lasting peace settlement in syria is concerned i wonder if you if they this mission as they strategic mission led by your going to zation is successful and if indeed syria is free of chemical weapons by the middle or by the and of next year do you think it may have any bearing on the political discussions could it lead to any sort of. change on the ground political change on the ground.
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this excess off this process of elimination of syrian chemical weapons can only have a positive impact on in fact on the efforts you search for a poll to so lucian regarding the overall problem in syria so if the geneva conference geneva two conference is going to take place on twenty second of january . i think we should be with all welcome. and they the international community in fact hopefully can build on this constance's on this agreement among the actors of the major players of the international community with your garcia chemical weapons in order to address why the problems in syria saw that's extremely important i think this was a successful you know process so far and i'm sure it will be successful in the end and the its racial community as well as the you know syrian government and the
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opposition should seize the opportunity to build on this concept you just mentioned the international community and one of the reasons why international community hasn't been able to do anything on the syrian issue is because of very different interpretations of that conflict that various parties had some of them believe that it was a genuine democratic uprising other parties like russia for example believe that terrorism played a major role in this whole conflict from the very beginning now given the logistical and security issues that we discussed previously do you think the international community has changed its understanding of what is actually happening in syria as a result of your own mission do you think it is now maybe you differently or what represents the biggest rat in that country. actually your question goes a little beyond my mandate you know we are dealing with
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a limited aerial for the nation of syrian chemical weapons but i think the fact that the international community could get together and reach an agreement on the elimination of chemical weapons is and it very important development a breakthrough should be welcomed by everyone and i believe also that to the call meaning of this gene about to conference and we have to keep the momentum the international community should keep the momentum and effective sit around the table and discuss the issues that you just measurement and a green on the on the concepts as well as on the overall that approach to the wider problem of conflict in syria mr ism to i already mentioned that you have being very diplomatic in your answers and that's probably because before joining the international organization you also work long hours in their turkish diplomatic
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service and i believe at one point here even served as a consul air in d.c. to offer lap and turkey is of course a country that played a very controversial role in this whole thing a syrian affair some would argue that without turkey opening its borders to the rebels. there the war may have never ask elated to that point but what i would like to ask you is how challenging do you find separating your current duties from the of previous experience as a turkish diplomat. actually i have served in the church foreign policy foreign service for thirty four years in the past and i searched as investing many positions and this where this previously in other positions but since i was elected as the director general of this organization and says i took over in july two thousand and ten. for the past three and a half years. i have an international you know civil servant and i make
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audible to the whole membership i don't represent any particle country including my native country turkey therefore i have to be impartial neutral which i am i have no doubt about that but i wonder if your previous professional experience helps you in any way because you mentioned that the open c.w. doesn't maintain official ties with the syrian opposition but surely as as a former consul you would have a lot of connections in the north of syria do you use them to well probably facilitate safe passage for your own people on the ground there. actually is spin quite a long time ago now thirty churchy actually churchy years more than thirty years that i certain know they pull but i have made to several public statements and. to the opposition having any direct contact with them that they should be cooperative and supportive of the process now in addition to serving as the consul in aleppo
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you also served as ambassador to israel and israel is obviously a very important party in this hall. process because for a long time syrian chemical weapons were considered added turn to you israel's also and declared chemical and potentially even nuclear weapons now that syria is desiring whether you think it believes israel. actually is one of fifty six countries which have not yet joint chemical weapons commission along with egypt and for four others i made to both you know the story my nobel peace prize lecture as well as in other public statements that those six entries in fact issue tree cost their their position and join the chemical weapons commission as early as possible i see no reason in fact to link this issue with the other issues and i'm sure that the those governments will will do it and there are some
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countries which may do it earlier than others but i would really welcome that all of them joined the peace that we as are disposable but speaking about is specifically israel i heard you make that statement calling on israel to join the chemical weapons convention previously and but i wonder how realistically how possible that really is because israeli officials on a number of occasions sad that they're ready to consider this issue only when there is peace in the middle east which by now seems to be a rather. top a and so do you think you are your calls for israel to join the convention have any chance of actually being heard. i'm sure they hear it but we have to acknowledge that the joining a treaty an organization is a soul and decision by so in countries so the dispute really up to the syrian government to take such as solution or not but in the circumstances especially
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after syria membership to the o.p.c. that would you i think that is a new strain and the region and i'm sure that to see if the israeli government is taking to see into a current and i hope that both israel as well as egypt and other countries will review their position and mr is and to have finally very quickly if i may i ask you you mentioned that there are six countries including israel that remain outside be comical weapons convention and that you hold that they will join the convention soon or later do you think that's going to happen while you are still our director general of the opposition w. i hope so i'll do my best metal you as this so my mandate has been renewed treasonously so i'm going to stay in as director of shuttle for the next four years and i hope that this going to happen well and best of luck with that we really appreciate your taking part in in
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be in the. moment on. a suicide blast in the russian city of volgograd kills fourteen passengers on a bus less than a day after a deadly bombing the ripped through the city's train station. russia's president vladimir putin orders tighter security across the whole country in the wake of the bombings. the security situation in the host city of the upcoming winter olympics. our other top stories on our t.v. artificial intelligence u.s. government hackers are routinely bugging computer gadgets purchased online according to fresh n.s.a. leaks published in germany. and syria misses its a year and a deadline for ridding itself of toxic weapons we speak exclusively to the head of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons find out why.


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