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apartment child protective services was a top priority as governor but it seems like she's been far more concerned with making sure all those brown people stay out of her state. of the. state are very hard to take that are the. one that had sex with her right there. at least.
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twelve guys i didn't think it was possible that the cia is officially ruined one of my all time favorite beatles songs that's right according to the associated press reporters out of goldman in matter who is zero one in mccarthy's classic penny lane was the code name for a multi-year long program to turn guantanamo prisoners into double agents goldman approves oh talk to nearly a dozen u.s. officials involved in the program and while they owe all chose to remain anonymous these are the same guys that uncovered the n.y.p.d. is enormous muslim surveillance operations so i think it's safe to say they have some credibility according to their reporting as hundreds of detainees began flooding into guantanamo in the years following nine eleven the cia just couldn't pass up the golden opportunity to put get no prisoners on the agency's payroll which is where penny lane comes in in two thousand and three it began as the unofficial name of a cluster of cottages just outside of guantanamo's administrative offices after prisoners were identified as potential candidates for the operation they were taken from the call. vines of guantanamo is main prison in place of these well kept
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cottages complete with patios full size beds and even a collection of pornography if requested by the detainee now keep in mind that during all of this the cia wasn't interested in the hundreds of prisoners that were sent to guantanamo on flimsy or nonexistent evidence nope in fact a prerequisite for these candidates is that they had significant and deep ties to al qaeda so they can be of use to the cia when released back into the world so while detainees with no terrorist ties continue to hold up in their cells of this day many of the most dangerous and violent detainees were freed long ago and placed inside of actual al-qaeda cells you know i'm beginning to think the cia uses the showtime series homeland as a training video for its agents so just to get this straight the cia release is the worst of the worst instead of trying them in an actual you call it trial court of law and with no guarantee that these so-called double agents won't immediately
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remove braze violent extremism and surprisingly penny lane was administered under the bush administration but when obama took office he called for a full review of the intelligence gathered from these double agents to help him carry out drone strikes because there's nothing like trusting in al-qaeda source to take out al qaeda and i write you know i'm not even surprised at this news anymore considering how the us has already bribed taliban warlords in iraq insurgents to not kill soldiers and private contractors during the occupations so i guess the real strategy behind the war on terror is that if you can't beat em pay them and then drown them. this year is the one hundredth anniversary of the federal reserve act you think that after of century people would have a better understanding of the history and role of america central banking. system
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while the federal reserve act was drafted in congress the roots extend back to nine hundred ten with a secret meeting between rhode island senator nelson eldritch a group of wealthy and powerful financial figures the select group of influential men convening for a ten day top secret meeting on jackal island just off the coast of georgia and what resulted was a plan for something called the national reserve association an institution that would handle government debt to remain privately run and one hundred thirteen president woodrow wilson signed the federal reserve act codified in america's most powerful financial institution one that is neither federal nor hold any reserves so we're going to help me break down some questions and this conceptions about the very complex workings of the federal reserve system i'm joined by the host of artie's boom bust erin ade what is a how do we have you here. you love you know i'm always ok. i know you all over this is what i've been i've been in love in having you explain this for the last couple days really mind blowing stuff and i think the
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biggest misconception that people have of course federal reserve it's right i mean it's public but it's not why is that not the case that's exactly what i mean the title is almost intentionally miss. misconceived because it isn't a federal institution it isn't a public institution it's a private institution that serves a public mission and it fulfills this in a variety of ways but basically it's a group of private banks that kind of got together like you mentioned jungle island initially to serve the needs of the public basically to serve the banking needs of the united states of america that is what the fed does it's not it is a private institution and was designed to be a hybrid of the to make no mistake it is not run by the federal government ever and this was not a new concept i mean other countries had several big systems of the federal reserve was the u.s. central banking system concocted a jackal and then the original intent as you said was the kind of. destabilize the
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booms and busts of the economy what it turned into though i mean it seems like it started off as a criminal. well actually it kind of came out like you said you know there was a bunch of the banking barons of the day were there and they all convened in pretty island off of georgia and they had this private meeting where they said it came shortly after nine hundred seven the big crash then and they all got together after ten days they came up with a solution they were going to create the national reserve association which would kind of morph into the federal reserve act which would morph into the central bank as we know it today and the central bank basically what they wanted to do they modeled it after the german model actually the term daddy warbucks came out of he was a big banking baron in germany there are plenty of countries the central banks but you know the meeting was to create the fed to help the country to ease the ebb and flow of the market hasn't done a great job of that. maybe maybe not some would argue some would argue no but today
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that's what it's doing with quantitative easing which i'm sure you're going to ask me about future but you know it's just seems like you know we see this revolving door between industry and regulation all the time business and government but it just seems like the federal reserve is just so open and shut i mean you have bankers literally running this industry that is directly directly influence is a lot of policies and government. other central banks and other world economies have similar collusion that we're seeing now or in the americas kind of i mean yes they do sometimes it worsen sometimes much worse actually you know there's a whole whole country. that has an entirely public banking system so yes they have there are central banks have been around for as long as history has been around you know the roman empire had a central bank but the revolving door that you talk about it's like why is it only big heads of financial. situations that come to run the fed that's actually not
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always the case sometimes it's economists like larry summers who is up for the job janet yellen now well is going to hold in january as head of the fed you know chairman of the fed he was an economist by trade and one of the also like mostly response of the deregulation during the clinton you were i was right he was secretary of the treasury as i mean to people that should be right get to know your point is that it's a little. it's not just guys who ran banks and it's guys who read big pension funds and down in funds or girls or women or other who ran these things but you have to understand large scale financial institutions and how they work in relation with the federal reserve and i'm sorry if these are really rudimentary questions but i think it's really shocking even how little i know about the theories of how a little and understand about economics so thank you for. the layout of the dimension of it all because the betting that are his most people don't understand this and it's the minutes if you've ever read the minutes of the fed it's just try it fun you get
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a really put you know this or yeah. you know with insomnia let's talk about the tools the fed to has at its disposal right now to either help or hurt the economy now the real tools like here's the here's the sound they can buy and sell bonds that's what they can do they can buy and sell bonds by buying and selling bonds they affect interest rates but really the tools that they have are to buy and sell bonds us the tools that they use currently with quantitative easing they're buying eighty five billion dollars a month worth of bonds and those bonds are securities but just think of it as bonds higher for argument's sake they're buying these bonds and with doing that what they're doing is basically keeping interest rates very low by driving. driving up the price of bonds because they're creating a market that doesn't actually really exist they are the market for all these bonds but they're buying from the treasury that they aren't ok for the record they're telling the treasury but they're telling the treasury to print these bonds by. from
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the treasury inflating the price of the bonds and then keeping interest rates low and what's really shocking is that you explain to me very clearly is that they're not just buying them from the treasury they're buying them through these third party banks that are actually doing the buying and selling to keep this free market and i. think what a bizarre it's really shocking let's talk about quantitative easing because if that's bonkers then this is a really messed up what you know i mean this is like a relatively policy that's completely and saying it's over the past eight years and you know the fed it's it's what it morphed into can be argued that it's horrible that it's going to what the fact the matter is that something different than what it was in the one nine hundred eighty you see them and with with quantitative easing they buy eighty five billion dollars a month worth of bonds buying these bonds inflates the press these bonds but they are also inflating the price because they're they are the market they're buying so many they're pretty money into the market and they do this via primary dealers primary dealers are they have ranges between fourteen and twenty one i believe it's twenty one banks today but it's always range between fourteen and twenty one banks
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that that basically are the brokers think of it as a real estate broker they will sell you bonds. u.s. bonds and by doing that they get a cut they get a fee that's what the jurors out they've actually always went in the system and let's talk about solutions here because i hear all the time the fed is the source of all corruption the fed is the ultimate evil we have all of the fed if we and the fed everything will be great the problem is i don't necessarily know what would happen tomorrow if the fed was a ball or should i am i'm just wondering i know that you had some interesting points about the solutions that we could actually fix the fed well we haven't figured out how to. abolishing the fed you know that has to do i think overnight lending rates but one of the big things is abolishing the fed we had crushes the market went up and down way before the fed existed in one thousand thirteen and it always has having the fed their kind of uses it it's again it's designed to ease the tensions that come with it you know what you could do it takes out. more than
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thirty seconds to explain but i think that. some argue get rid of it have it be totally free markets but it's never really going to be free. of crashes that was always the intrinsic a free market system if you want to let that be it or anyone are all casualties of the market area we're going to talk about this pick it back up later thank you so much r.t.s. boom bust and eight thank. you guys all sit down with author and investigative journalist amber lyon no one on the set. why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think gold is money. know the value of the only place we have to live of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to a bull i mean gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to be gold. we're not going to drink what clearly what i'm all is and it's in
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a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say therefore any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with we're a part of the geo political economic system that's extremely exploitative. first was a question where the mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's was resources in the arab. world you know those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states.
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he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the miracle worker on ati. unexplored antarctica what is it in this icy expanse that attracts the people who come here. now i only go to the doctor. and enter into. a new generation of polar explorers is coming.
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we have a new group of specialists here now all of them are young how are they going to get along with each other and i don't know. who. i used to be a bureaucrat. seriously. what adventures await in this mysterious land where do they live what do they eat and what are they actually doing in antarctica . here in the d.c. bubble it's rare to find a journalist who has not only left the corporate media but is actively fighting against it when such pioneering muckraker has done just that amber lyon left c.n.n. after the network censored her documentary about the brain and ever since she's
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been on a crusade for the truth her new book peace love and pepper spray presents various activists movements all across the west through photo collage as an in-depth storytelling amber lyon joins me now what is going on every day you know i'm such a fan of the show it's a pleasure to talk to you and studio amber this book is so beautiful i've been looking through it for the lot like ever since you sent it to me it's just gorgeous what drove you to make it well i just saw that a lot of these images were getting lost on the internet and there are some incredible beautiful images of protests and i wanted to compile them all into one book so maybe twenty years from now people can go back and realize the true history of what was happening on the streets of the united states also i think this will be a book that can ignite some heated conversations in living rooms nationwide and you know it believes to be something a dog. that's about love is that it's a coffee table book and of course you know you have your. politically biased uncle
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over are going to think about you know the dinner table thanksgiving it's a perfect thing to have with your families over here don't necessarily agree with you a good conversation starter as someone who's been to one of the worst police states in the world how do you compare the protests going on there to the ones here well unfortunately the protests happening in the united states are looking more and more like they're being policed like protests in bahrain and what i notice is a disturbing trend of police military zation nationwide abbey and this is something that could concern i saw i was at some protests where police showed up dressed as if they were literally headed to war in afghanistan wearing full camouflage outfit combat boots to police protests that consisted of mainly women and children and we should all ask ourselves why are police being. forced to dress like this is this an effort to intimidate and i believe after what i witnessed on the street it definitely is absolutely a social scene in a response to women and children and there's really no direct threat to these
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police so why are they armed like they already are engaged in a riot and close that riot gear i mean it just amazing that they use those methods on peaceful protesters here amber. you featured dozens of activists throughout the book which i thought was a really interesting facet of it what was the inspiration between covering these specific people but i felt that some of the people were really taking the lead in these protests and that they were also showing a lack of here i enjoyed that even though. a lot of police dressed like this. to police the protests these activists still stood strong in this photo right here is actually from anaheim california you can see the police are just firing indiscriminately into crowds and i remember taking this photo and i almost gasped and i cannot believe they were just shooting there was about one hundred people at the other end of the weapon that's firing rubber bullets an incredible shot right there look at the right of them and they didn't even care they didn't seem to even
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care or notice that something they were doing was wrong they just started firing indiscriminately as if the people were animals and ironically this was not an anti police protest where they're just going to leave bahrain and being extremely brutal you have entire chapter in the book devoted to the go topless movement what is this all about you know i can't help but when you when women protest about the right to be topless does this somehow overshadow the fact that our reproductive rights are actually completely being assaulted right know these women are serious about this that they want the right to walk down the street without a shirt on these say that if you guys have the privilege to do so it's a gender equality issue also it's part of a a larger sphere of their beliefs that the body is more of a temple and not something. it should be censored and most cities nationwide have ordinances banning women from doing so but one thing i did notice when i was covering this protest was it was very difficult for the guys on the sidelines to gawk going so i don't know how productive i think it would lead to
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a noticeable percentage of decrease in percentage of productivity in society if women were allowed to do so but you know that's what they wanted and i was glad to be there to document it what do you think. one strong female to another what do you think about people who say massaging is not an issue and in fact misandry is an issue now where sexism against women just is not an issue and that men are actually being more discriminated against in society you know i think that i think there's a little bit of both but what i've noticed as a woman especially you know women in media tends to be a man's world and many corporations and it's difficult you have to learn how to navigate it and fortunately something that i've been able to do and it seems like you've been able to do as well but it's an uphill battle. thank you for i know that you mention anaheim that really terrifying image of the rubber bullet coming out of the gun was that the scariest moment for you when you were documenting all these
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protests and when you're traveling around the world following these movements it was actually because it was such a shock to me. just the fear in the people's faces as the police just started shooting down the street also one point i was just standing there photographing a trash can that had been set on fire and there was a wall of police officers who started firing myself another journalist how dare you stand there next to the truck and photograph in and out of it all just a little bit i know they were upset because they told all the journalists to you know they corralled us like cattle and told us to stand behind the police line so that we wouldn't be there to document all the injuries from these poor people who were being hit and never been much of a rule follower so i didn't follow the rules and i was photographing this dumpster and then they opened fire on me and i. you submersion journalism a lot but i didn't know you know how severely i'd be using it at this time and i really felt the fear that those protesters felt because when i was hiding behind those trucks i didn't know if i was going to be hit yeah and you know i was
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standing next to scott olsen who got hit and almost died i mean you know they call them less than lethal for a reason because they can kill you very easily if you're in point blank range in the whole point is that amber that being in the heart of crane during this horrible crackdown that you can feel more intimidated and scared from l.a.p.d. i mean that is just really shocking shocking thing and you know it's let's talk about the upside of this what was the most inspiring thing that you saw during your documentation well i saw that the protesters were coming together from the far left and far right and they're really uniting saying that this left right paradigm has been created just to divide us and i really witnessed that at the democratic national convention protests when you saw some of the majority of the protesters were actually former liberals who had woken up when they saw a bomb a pass the n.d.a. when they saw a bomb of war on journalism and said this presidency is becoming just a joke and so it was inspiring to see all of these sides unite and really say that
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as a whole we're just we're just upset with what's going on in the u.s. government and i love that i love how across all of these different movements everyone has a different issue a different passion you can see breathing through them through their souls but they all have a common thread which is we all want justice we all want to countability and we all want freedom and i was a really beautiful thing and you know you bring up obama and occupy wall street and i i just can't help but wonder why is there such a general. is it really just obama stifling the activism because yes we saw the by wall street it was an incredible moment in time and i just wonder what happened with protests in this country i think a lot of people wore. after occupy kind of fizzled out they thought that it wasn't a success and they lost a lot of their drive but really there were a lot of movements within the occupy movement that were successful including this one occupy century aluminum group of retirees they had lost their health benefits
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of the company had promised them and so instead of just giving up like so many people have done they actually set up an occupy camp right outside the smelter and ended up winning back their health care benefits millions of millions of dollars and we also sell the home foreclosure protests people setting up barricades out in front of their home saying we have had enough we're not going to let you take over our rights again and come in and take over our homes and they ended up being able to keep their homes for months longer than they would have had they just given up so i think protest is still alive and well i just think we're not highlighting the positive aspects of protests the wins and i hope to do so in this incredible you know occupy sandy the all these efforts but of course go overshadowed by the mainstream media i cannot bring up the infamous time magazine cover comparison to those eleven showing international additions with a picture of the arab spring. europe and then the us why anxiety is good for you amber. what is editorial decision all about and do you think there's
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a deliberate effort by the forces that view did not make people fully aware of the process of revolution and a lot of people when i tell them about my book people friends of mine overseas they had no idea there were protests happening in the united states because it's been so well censored and that's emblematic of everything that's going on the mainstream media right now with the censorship which is another reason i publish this book and as someone who worked in the inside i mean the censorship is happening as seymour hersh said in a guardian op ed he said that in order to change the media and really have accurate coverage of protests and just humanity in general we need to fire about eighty to ninety percent of staffers at these mainstream outlets and i agree with him one hundred percent you are about as you left c.n.n. you exposed in censorship but funding from the. the government talk about this do you think this kind of quid pro quo is happening other across the corporate media spectrum from crazy dictatorships like this i mean i would be hard pressed to trust any three letter network at this point just from what i witnessed from within and
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it's not just c.n.n. they're all being bought off right now they're their corporations they're their main goal is to make money not produce accurate journalism and what we did see with the bahrain regime is that they were paying off networks all of the networks so it wasn't just limited to c.n.n. and this is something people need to realize when you're watching these networks just know what to expect you're not going to get accurate journalism if you want that you've got to go to be independent outlets and you know. to be that honest i received a lot of flak for from russia today but i think people need to understand the sort of limitations that reporters have when working on corporate media i mean can you speak to that and you do a better job than most telling about the truth about what's happening in the united states so they obviously if they're criticizing you they haven't sat down and really watch the content of your show which is remarkable that you're able to produce this kind of journalism in this landscape because it is nearly impossible
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for muckraking journalists to to be on t.v. nowadays and to do their jobs most had to leave the field and go independent to do so i think a good question is. why is it. you know we can't criticize corporations or the u.s. government and really what's more important people it's like it's just so obvious when you have a hundred different interests funneling into an entity like that it's so hard to figure out really where their interests lie and why what they're you know what their message is and amber what's next for you we have a bit of a minute left i know you've been in mexico what have been studying there and what can we expect from you well i mean i think the greatest human rights tragedy of our generation is the lack of a bell ability of psychedelic medicines they've proven to be miraculous cures for. anxiety depression soldier p.t.s.d. and so i saw the way the pharmaceutical industry has has really just been destroying the mental state of this nation's i've been traveling the country to find solutions to expose these medicines that exist to secure
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a lot of these illnesses that are just turning people in the united states into into zombies so i'm hoping my next project i'll be able to expose those i'm not one to shy away from taboo topics so this is an exciting adventure for me and i love it i think it's a you know bringing it back to the roots the fundamental nature mother earth everything that really is the inherent huell humors of everything that's really wrong with this amber thank you so much peace love pepper spray everyone check it out incredible incredible book and that's our show you guys thanks for watching tonight join me again tomorrow when i break the set all over again. britain's climbing community fears its good name has been tarnished after incidents of people in clown costume scaring members of the public the copy cat craze
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believed to have been started by men known to facebook as the northampton clown involves people dressing up as the circus characters to surprise passers by in public places i know what you're thinking you're thinking that sounds a whole lot like the terrifying clowns of westminster george osborne with his big red nose and floppy feet scaring citizens into taking on ever more debt for fear of missing out on the property ladder or the stephen king like clowns of. wearing their big red frizzy wigs and tearing. through your window at night pointing. to the bankers. if you. and you got no opportunity. to start to construct your own. olympian bit gives don't want to be
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gangstas in a lot to. deal with it only then will we know the time that the kid came be we can see. you just me as i was and i was in the hood. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young. such. as the twenty fourteen olympics what's this place like the line is is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games shaping the city's present and future ludlow so let's bring it this is the moment everybody from a very cold snowy windy mountain is tough beyond the olympics what
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to say today on our team. welcome to twenty four team time both time zone by time zone cities around the world have welcomed the new year and the planet of course has been celebrating in style. but the new russia has always stood united in face of trial president vladimir putin saying he'll fight terrorism till the end of his new year's message to the nation before heading to the city of volgograd where two bomb attacks killed thirty four people. as lot enters the eurozone at the start of two thousand and fourteen we'll look at what this could bring for the country based i mean can you sing debts of those already in the club. and we gave you the chance to become more familiar with the host city of.


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