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tv   Larry King Now  RT  January 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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steve. off to. go medics join the fight for the lives of those wounded in two terrible loss in volgograd we report on the most vulnerable victims of the violence. in the u.k. braces itself for a new wave of immigration is the e.u. this was requirements for bulgarians and romanians calls for david cameron to safeguard the border go on hate it. and. residents in new york have a new form of brutality to contend with spreading like wildfire by phone lines and on the streets.
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are you watching international with me. moscow doctors are trying to save the lives of a baby and a small child critically injured in the volgograd terrorist attacks they've been brought to the russian capital for specialist treatment after the blast and. joins me live now for the details on this. what further information do you have about their condition. and well we're talking about two girls in this particular case one of them is nine year olds nine years old another one is just a three month old baby at this point the doctors are saying their condition is serious however they are talking about a positive dynamic and that is obviously very important especially in the case of two very vulnerable children now the nine year old girl was actually the victim of the first bombing that shook volgograd train station on the twenty ninth of december her mom was also wounded in that blast now when it comes to this second
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victim this three month old baby she was in the second blast which call grad just less than twenty four hours after the first bombing attack that bombing took place on the thirtieth of december in a trolley bus unfortunately for the little baby she lost her both her mom and her grandmother in that terror attack and according to some reports from the doctors the only thing that literally saved the baby girl's life was her blanket that prevented her from receiving some very serious wounds from the debris that went flying however again she was in a very serious condition and that is why both of the girls are in this hospital behind me this essential russian children's hospital to a little dark but you will be able to see it once it gets lighter now total a total of eighteen people have been brought in from volgograd to moscow to receive treatment however the two terror attacks took the lives of thirty four people more than forty have been injured and remain in hospitals in volgograd this is
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a day is just the second day off the new year generally a festive occasion in russia however things are anything. brad where a funeral is off the victims of the two bombing attacks have been taking place since the thirty first of december they are going to continue throughout this week . the first three days of the year are a period of mourning for volgograd region where things really remain quite tense thousands of police and internal troops have been brought in in order to scour the area of the region for possible other terrorists lurking in the area so there are empty terror raids going on there is also a fifteen day terror alert that have been issued for that has been issued for their region so though it doesn't seem like any terror attacks are bound to happen there . does things freely remain quite tense in the volgograd region and really aren't
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that festive and overall in the country at the moment thank you. with the reporting live from moscow. now on our website we have more on the terror blast that rocked russia do head to watty dot com for the pictures analysis and reaction to the tragedy. starting from the first of january the u.k. has lifted its seven year migration restrictions on remaining bold garia following an e d y drooling poll say most britons are ready to welcome migrants but only if they integrate and work hard however a quarter say they want immigration cut back no matter what e.u. law or say. reports on how the u.k. is bracing itself for an influx. leading up to the new year the british government hadn't released any estimates about the number of remain ians ambled carians that
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they expected to arrive in britain now that immigration restrictions have been lifted for them and that since he hasn't done much to allay the fears of the british public and although romanians and bulgarians now have every right to live and work freely anywhere within the european union skepticism and public concerns over mass immigration are written all time high if you're coming to claim benefits you shouldn't that shouldn't be allowed and if you flag your work you shouldn't be able to go on paying benefits you should be asked to return to your country for the latest report by the institute of public policy research dismissed these as symbolic gestures saying the person can cope with very many and ample garion migration according to the paper instead of alarming the public the government merely needs to implement some minor contingency measures in order to help schools and housing stretch this deadline has been known about for precisely seven years so
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the idea that we should be rushing around by making about it now it's completely absurd it's the duty of not just government but all over the to be responsible action to explain the facts which are on the whole margins are considerably less likely to claim benefits. than made the burtons rumanian diplomats to say that their citizens are deeply offended by that portrayal as scroungers and criminals in the u.k. press they point out that most of their citizens are hardworking and will contribute to british society something that economists have a happy to back up it's quite important for politicians to step back and explain that this is not the end of the world but on the whole immigration and indeed free movement within europe and you have been quite beneficial to the u.k. economy despite the politicians tough talk in the tabloid headlines fears of a lot of migrants have been dismissed as nonsense and according to remain in
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officials most of their countrymen would prefer to live in spain or italy anyway. judging by the weather here who can blame them probably boy i see london. despite the concerns we heard there writer and journalist john wright believes migration actually benefits the u.k. he. be available evidence is the migration to britain has been an expose of both in terms of cultural enrichment and economic investment if you just take the health service for one example we are a national health service ridge be nonexistent with migrant labor all levels of skill. doctors consultants and clinicians we have to remember that one point six million britons british nationals are working through the youth and they enjoy the benefits of that so if we start setting up you shouldn't draw benefits from migrants we can expect
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a quid pro quo. molyneux of funds is the tough economic challenges are becoming more and more extreme still to come on our t.v. right wing groups are gaining ground from the u.k. to greece and their voice is said to get louder we queue european parliamentary elections looming in the spring. hill to become the. as new tracks and not just to be at this time stay with. the newest addition to the south she's infrastructure that will both stand in the van used in simple quick time. now a new form of violence has hit the streets of new york and police that seem unable or unwilling to do anything to stop it rena portnoy has more now on the new gang craze that's spreading fear across the city. you're walking down the street minding your own business and without warning police say they are investigating yet another knockout attack attackers mainly in their teens targeting victims at random it's
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called the knockout game the goal of this violent and twisted so called game is to knock a stranger unconscious with a single punch a feared phenomenon across the nation the ongoing brutality has claimed lives in at least three u.s. states here in new york city more than ten people have been randomly assaulted among the youngest a twelve year old student among the oldest a seventy six year old woman was walking along warman avenue when a man struck her in the head this man too scared to show his face on camera says he was attacked last month while walking home from work surrounded me one of them as i tried to get away one of them stepped out towards me and. with the close is the in the face in some cases suspects have been arrested and charged however exacerbating the problem these videos uploaded on you tube have been viewed
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by millions raising concerns about copycat attacks many knockouts have taken place in broad daylight as victims were walking through their own neighborhoods and as the n.y.p.d. a department of thirty four thousand officers continue struggling to curb the string of violence citizens are seeking alternatives to stay safe. former n.y.p.d. officer rabbi gary moskowitz is offering his seventh degree black belt skills for free to knock out victims and others seeking protection we're going up to someone who works worker you must learn how to be aware you must learn how to fight if some girls are time for the knockout attacks or throw him into him ready to moskowitz believes are likely motivated by gang initiation it's something the n.y.p.d. hasn't officially acknowledged if they acknowledge or there's a guy who had a problem is they have to really try to curb or going from they can't do that so for three or so a long time they don't want to put
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a name on something right away because if they put a name one of them they have to go after r.t. reached out to the n.y.p.d. to find out what america's most powerful police department is doing to combat the knockout epidemic our questions and interview requests were ignored it is not fair and the pleas for parm to be able to be assigned to everybody in the shrewd they can protect. us from new york city streets the big apple's mass surveillance system does actually allow officials to know where and when many of the crimes are occurring but so far filming the knockouts hasn't helped to prevent them marina. new york. online we've got more stories for you including mysterious fumes arising from the fukushima meltdown signed by the company responsible for the. painting up the worst nuclear disaster since you know as failed to explain the nature of the stain saying it's too radioactive to approach you can read more about this story dot com also the united arab emirates makes it into the guinness book of records
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with the world's biggest firewood display four hundred thousand rockets are already in the new year you can check out the stunning footage at all to come. the beginning of the long politic night moxley fades from island life. in sanaa enough temptation. to douglas last for six months. there are more polar bears than people. and it's as easy to hire a rifle as a scooter. because the island is so in a special there are no indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this is could be right about. if you're on the conductor.
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if you've got nothing and you've got no opportunity. to start to construct your own little curtains. no want to be bit gives don't want to be gangsters you don't want to be drug deals they don't want that blow you know the time that a kid came be we can you see. you just needs a hundred dollars a night oh probably the hook and what is right with thirty round clips. about i said. i don't want to die. i just really do not want to die young young.
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and i welcome back now nothing seems to be able to stop europe's to the political right with only tentative signs of economic growth and precious little good news for deeply indebted countries like greece and france is a movement that seems difficult to reverse it seems peter all of it takes close in the continent in search of a new answer to a hard problem. from the d.l. and britain in the north to golden dawn in greece and the south far right groups are making their voices heard in europe. this financial crisis affected everyone
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and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they were cruet greece has seen a marked increase in support of the far right and neo nazi groups golden dawn and organization the right did by their critics is hooligans and third heralded by their supporters as the savior for greeks for the greeks and they systematic and not only preach and cultivate. but they attack systematically immigrants present golden dawn have made it further than most they have elected officials on their books including current greek m.p. elias custody at us it's not only in politics that extreme right to abuse the permeating this goal celebration by. athens just kept the artist so the
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midfielder banned for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what the salute meant but the clearest indicator of the popularity of the far right will be when europeans go to the polls in may to vote in the e.u. parliamentary elections one of those parties on the rise and france's muddying lipans national front. of the european people are realizing that the year is an empire the soviet union that in fact is destroying their freedom despite insistences that they want to take part in the political discourse we've seen repeated violent clashes involving these groups even in some of the most stable nations like austria where around a third of people voted for parties that are considered right wing in a recent election. so we need to slow down immigration i have nothing against
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foreigners but enough is enough. e.u. is saying where the money should go to allow again poor countries on each of their own country and they used to wouldn't be like. dictate everything. to us it used to be that all parties interest spruced and the e.u. second now it's only. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more people are seeking says the right peter all of r.t. germany. your husband is an expert in social trends and he says the poor state of the economy explains europe's lean to the far right the financial crisis is really the key piece of my these parties have gained support in recent years the crises and distrust of politicians is it has led to distrust of immigration or immigrants
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and i think what they're offering is not a very concrete alternative in terms of policy in terms of economic policy support for these parties is really based on you know and dislike of the established political regime whatever that is and so people are looking for some alternative and these parties come in and provide that but i don't think it's clear to people what they actually represent or what the consequences of their policies would be. and in the next hour max kaiser puts his finger on one of the reasons europe struggling to emerge from its economic doldrums politicians who simply don't know what they're doing. we now know that people who are in charge of economics know absolutely nothing about money for example none of their economic models include money they just are modeling based on certain assumptions that don't include debt so in the u.k. economy as close to a thousand percent debt to g.d.p.
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inclusive a bank their national debt household debt corporate debt that's a thousand percent what you iceland before blew up but i was born tells us this is a good this is a recovery this is good news and this to paper the times of london carries a story saying he's the britain of the year he's the clout of the year he should be getting the clout of the air meanwhile the clown association over there at the festival of red nose day what i call a calm. relief they say they're out there actually investing in cigarette companies gambling companies energy companies they're the ones investing in the worst the worst of the worst in terms of companies so the real clowns are investing in death and destruction and this guy is not supposed to be a clown is out there doing a clown or team getting people more into debt. to take to the kaiser report coming up a little later on now in just over a month with just a month to go rather until the when the winter olympics kick off in sochi and the
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final preparations are underway in the city r.t.c. banknorth say took a ride to the venue said border specially built state of the art. there's a new olympic track in town this one's not just for the. skyline has a new landmark a state of the odd railway station which will help seamlessly transport the tens of thousands of sports fans to the games come february fifteenth all the people will go through this terminal at the adler station going towards. where the olympic park is as well as in the mountainous. let's take a look at how long it takes. to one of the venue. security is paramount but keeping people moving is really is also a priority especially when dealing with so many people to the city. this is a hot little give visitors where they need to be throughout the olympics and
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paralympics. mind you in your way in a new country can be daunting particularly if there's a new language that you haven't seen before now what so she as well as the administration have done is made things easy for you making all those signs in both english and russian so you never again is easy. as well as the games. will be getting one then zipping around this year as well as world cup spectators come twenty eighteen. really really. areas. won an international award
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tonally through the environmentally sensitive led. efforts which paid off to give passengers a more pleasant one. fifteen minutes later. thirty minutes later. followed with a glance it's a little bit cold here. too we're going to warm up with more from the be on the olympics with me tell them would say in the city obviously lympics so i will leave you with that a very warm welcome. we have more reports from the winter olympics city through act the way. search for
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the twenty fourth genome because what's the story is like why is this so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games should be the city's resolute future what more sochi will bring you this is the moment they are reporting from a very cold snowy windy mountainous start beyond the olympics what does it say. on our team. let's have a quick look at some other stories now in egypt anti-government protests across the country have descended into violence at least two people have been killed in clashes between police and supporters of the muslim brotherhood in the city of alexandria it comes after security forces take gas probably more since students rallying the defense ministry in the nation's capital cairo egypt has been hit by a wave of violent protests with hundreds killed and thousands arrested since president morsi was ousted in july. a third explosion has rocked
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a five star hotel in the somali capital mogadishu near the international airport it came just an hour after twin car bombs went off in the same area killing at least eleven people and injuring seventeen reports say that an exchange of fire followed the blast the hotel is popular among politicians and high ranking officials the islamist militant group al-shabaab is suspected to be behind the attack. and about fifteen thousand ukrainian nationalists have taken to the streets of kiev they march carrying torches and flags to commemorate the hundred fifth anniversary of stepan bandera he was a controversial political figure who still divides opinion some mostly in the west of the country see him as a roic leader of the liberation movement while others call him a traitor pointing at his collaboration with nazi germany against the soviet union . elsewhere at least not. people have been arrested in the u.s.
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has dozens of activists tried to disrupt the annual rose parade and pass dana their main reasons for discontent this year including fracking unemployment and real estate foreclosures hundreds of thousands of spectators coming to c.b. event that dates back to the eighty nine to. the coming up in our teens we board a research vessel and take you on a journey to antarctica. much of your advice is centered around the negative aspects of american culture example mindful eating social inning awarding of snacks how much of an influence do you think this american culture has on the rest of the wall incredible they succeeded two things with. the world this night. the food they did all the
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countries worldwide. do we speak your language any time of the war not a day in. the music programs and documentaries in spanish more matches to you breaking news a little turn to bangalore stories. are you here. to try to alter the spanish find out more visit. the. economic up and downs of the find out they belong to the old song. i.
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think we will be if we all think. unexplored and talk to go what is it in this icy expanse that attracts the people who come here. now i only go to the doctor. and enter into. a new generation of polar explorers is coming. we have a new group of specialists here now all of them are young how are they going to get along with each other and i don't know. who. i used to be a bureaucrat. seriously. what adventures await in this mysterious land where they live want to eat and want to be actually doing it on top to go.
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we're talking about. you know a large scale wholesale spying meanwhile things like. fraud real crimes are going on and the governments of devoted almost no resources to actually come about in those things you know it to me this is an obvious things like if you want to spend money making the internet a safer place you don't spend money spying on everybody you spend money seeking out criminals and prosecuting them. cape town south africa the i can to make sure that if diesel electric research vessels the sport. the flag to show the ring pilot is aboard an officer with unrivaled knowledge of these waters he still has to ship out into the atlantic and then returns to dork. this is the very last opportunity for
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several weeks to call home with a cell phone very soon will be far out of range the ship is setting sail for a vast and inaccessible area if there's any kind of emergency no one to provide any kind of help. the russian ships. to the land of eternal ice and snow to antarctica. the first officer will now explain the code of conduct on board there are twenty three passengers aboard the i condemn explore the rough and for some this is their first trip to the antarctic zone but for one passenger it's become a familiar journey this is the twenty sixth time he's followed this route. back in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. trip we went. who i thought was the
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first time i felt so acutely just how far away. ten days and nights of ocean like. this is the rate of these. things as you can see there is nothing there. any of the ships just icebergs. here you have to look out for yourself no one to relay messages except. ships or rescue centers are miles away now. it's now much antarctic autumn winter in the southern hemisphere begins at the same time as the northern summer several times over the short summer season the academic field will approach the coast of the most remote. this is her final voyage of the.


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