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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  January 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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you can jump in anytime you want to. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek. the one. that i know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america. ready to join the movement then welcome the. hell i'm going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight as we picture. two major newspapers have now
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called on the obama administration to pardon or grant clemency to edward snowden that ever really happened what do you always talk about pardoning and closely say about the state of our whistleblower a lot more on that with mike happened on just a moment also and sea-tac voters approved fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage back in november progress is across the country cheer but now a judge has gutted that wage hike of much of its power but is this mean for the future of the fight for a living wage and all across the country americans are suffering is suffering because republicans are creating yet another don't want to call it our health care system tell you what that dollar hole is and what we can do to close it in tonight's daily take. you need to know this
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a former obama administration official has joined two major newspapers in saying that she supports clemency for n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden. earlier this morning and marie slaughter used to work as the state department's director of policy planning said on twitter that she agrees with the new york times. slaughter was of course referencing a new york times editorial board opinion piece published on wednesday that called on the obama administration to either pardon snowden or offer him a plea bargain at a tauriel argued that because of the enormous value of the information he has revealed and the abuses he has exposed mr snowden deserves better than a life of permanent exile fear and flight it is time for the united states to offer mr snowden a plea bargain or some form of clemency that would allow him to return home that's an editorial also said that in respect in retrospect mr snowden was clearly justified in believing that the only way to blow the whistle on this kind of intelligence gathering was to expose it to the public and let the resulting fear or
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do the work is superiors would not. a similar editorial published in the guardian the same newspaper the first published nodes leak spec in june argued that mr snowden through journalists in the absence of meaningful reliable democratic oversight and given people enough knowledge about the nature of modern intelligence gathering to allow an informed debate. of the real story has always been the n.s.a.'s orwellian spying programs it's important to remember that the debate we're having right now a debate that's well on its way to becoming a supreme court case would be impossible without snowden so clemency is the least we can offer him snowden has forced the powers that be to reckon with the reality of an out of control surveillance state and the reality of an increasingly terrified public and whether those powers the be a like it or not tides of change and they're now on the defensive so it's only natural of former obama administration officials people like anne-marie slaughter would see the writing on
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the wall and come out in support of clemency for edward snowden. even some people in the n.s.a. have openly discussed the idea. pardoning him in december richard ledgett. leads the agency's internal investigation into the snowden leaks told sixty minutes that he would consider an amnesty deal of stoughton stopped releasing documents. already said if i got amnesty i would come back. given the potential damage to national security what would your thought. making a deal be so my personal view is yes it's worth having a conversation about i would need assurances that the remainder of the data could be secured and my bar for those assurances would be very high it would be more than just an assertion on his part that of course you probably wouldn't be having this discussion about amnesty if our whistleblower laws were better back our whistleblower laws are so bad that contractors like edward snowden don't really have any protection whatsoever as long as that's the case the thin promise of
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a pardon will only cause future edward snowden's will be exceeded will be the only thing future edward sons can hope for more on this i'm joined now by mike papen tonio attorney and host a ring of fire radio. great and retired t.v. as well let's start with this whole idea of clemency for snowden what do you think is going to happen. well i don't think they'll be clemency for snowden oddly enough the snowden is getting the biggest pushback from private industry people like palin tear you know the story or barack o. technology where these are companies that are quite as i government private companies that are using the same material they're getting supposedly for the government to sell to industry so they don't look the thing that snowden did to scare the hell out of them is he got the american public thinking for once and i call it the drone analysis drones were fine until they started landing in our
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backyard this is the same thing happening here and now the american public is thinking about this they understand you know this is not just happening in some third world this is happening here they're now hearing stories about companies like c.v.s. that are selling their prescription information to various come to various companies they hear that their information is being sold to insurance companies that follow them daily on the on the media on there so. media trying to find out do they own a motorcycle that they can sell a motorcycle insurance do they have health problems do they are they boat owners all of this information started if you think about it as this notion that the government needed this information so the pushback to answer a question that could push back on the clemency issue is coming from private industry as much as it is from the government while in fact it's become a business model doesn't it's your head as it's pretty amazing. james clapper the director of national security lied to congress should we be having
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a conversation about whether he should get inclined clemency i mean that's a felony isn't well it is and you know that it is amazing how this administration has avoided that discussion we would have never known about james clapper lying to congress had it not been for snowden but nevertheless what this administration is they're in a box tom they they understand that bush put some of this in to action but this obama administration has put it on steroids and so for him to stay for this president to stand back and act like gee this is not anything that i have too much direct knowledge about or involvement about is absurd but it almost has this above all this kind of attitude he's not above all this and this ridiculous added to that he has about he wanted to protect whistleblowers tom i handle whistleblower cases from all over america any time it originates with the government we see the biggest pushback from the government where they try to shut that whistleblower up whether
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it comes from the from the defense is it industry or the subcontractor industry of people working in places like iraq some of these cases are incredible and the biggest pushback we see is always from the government so this idea that you know obama has opened the doors for whistleblowers is just absolutely a lie and snow is an example of that on that issue. what kind of changes to our whistleblower laws do you think we need. well you need to first of all is there needs to be repercussions when you have someone with an agency that that specifically gets in the way of that whistleblower trying to tell their story and that the way the best way that you get in their way is to have laws written that they lose their job and they lose their pension rights and they lose any thing that they're trying to hold on to with both hands they do this in other countries that if a whistleblower comes forward in a place like france for example or germany as
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a government official gets in the way there's no question there's no protection for that government official which we just need to be more transparent we need to be honest about what we say rather than simply having a president that says it having the media buy into it when we should be asking the question is what he's saying really true. on another on another issue there was a train wreck i guess a train crash in north dakota on monday and two trains one was carrying sawyer the other was carrying crude oil collided and people up to five miles away had to evacuate you have some thoughts on this like it is sure whether what you know what we learned we learned a lot about the oil transport in refinery business from the explosion that took place in the gulf when b.p. just committed the most horrendous crimes down here on the gulf coast well we're seeing the same thing play out with the with the rail industry now what you have to
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is you have a rail industry that simply does not have the infrastructure to be able to handle most of this traffic where there's been an explosion the traffic traffic almost five hundred percent north dakota is a great example sixty new transport sections put together in tracks for north dakota well part of the tracks are still the old you know business as usual you have industry continuing to externalise all the risk for the american public industry right now is the rail industry is making a ton of money by transporting oil that doesn't mean that they're preparing for the worst these cars for example that exploded that burned for days that put been seen all over that community that cost taxpayers money by way of police firefighters in t.s.b. investigations health investigations all of that fell on the taxpayers' back now the people who transported that that the built that process knew that there were
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rail cars that they could build that fire would have been put out immediately but they didn't want to spend the money to do that it's the same story that we had something called the staggers rail add in the staggers rail act developed in one thousand nine hundred eighty tom and what it did it was it gave a free pass to the rail. industry to get away with damn near everything they wanted while they were getting away with the most horrendous things they still were not building any new infrastructure so right now we're left with yesterday's infrastructure with a four hundred percent increase on real transport of toxins in things like the oil we're talking about here there has to be a strong government involvement if this is actually going to take place you have canada who is saying to hell with the pipeline we don't care about the x.l. pipeline government won't let us have it so what we're going to do is we're going to take all of our oil sands oil our tar sands oil right through america to the west coast and then over to china with our rail system and you have private
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industry saying sure bring it on they're not admitting that we can't really deal with it simply bring it on and we'll figure out what to do with it while in the half minute we have left is this more analogous to price anderson basically the federal government picking up the tab we're we're picking up the risk for them it's always the case would taxpayers end up picking up the tab look the best way a corporation makes money is to socialize all the profits keep all the profits and then make taxpayers pay for all everything that's bad out there the rail industry you're going to see did them do that more and more this incident that took place is only the beginning north dakota i promise you has become in saudi arabia by oil exploration mike patton tonia thanks so much for being with us today thank you it's great to see you. coming up progressive bill democrat bill de blasio was sworn in yesterday as the mayor of new york city campaign a slew of progressive policies and ideas will he be able to live up to his promises
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and create real and lasting change in the big. i got a quote for you. it's pretty tough. to stay where it's about story. let's give this guy like you would smear about john stead of working for the people both
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issues the beech tree media were richer than dr brown's didn't. because. of it but rather it was. in the best of the rest of the news u.s. navy sailors onboard the u.s.s. ronald reagan were some of the first americans to respond to the tsunami and nuclear disaster in fukushima japan in two thousand and eleven now they are suing tepco the company in charge of the stricken fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant at least seventy one sailors on the u.s.s. ronald reagan have reported radiation sickness and is suing tepco alleging that the
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company knowingly downplayed the dangers of nuclear radiation at that fukushima site of those seventy one sailors at least half now have some form of cancer or to a lawyer representing and other sailors are dealing with thyroid and reproductive health problems so did tepco didn't knowingly mislead the world about the radioactive dangers at fukushima immediately following the devastating tsunami and could this lawsuit be the first of many to come joining me now for more on this is kevin camp's radioactive waste watchdog at beyond nuclear kevin welcome back thanks not always nice to see it thank you so what's the story i think i have i've seen absolute no coverage of this in any american media so first of all is it actually real that the soldiers aboard the u.s.s. ronald reagan off the coast of japan when. when fukushima meltdown were exposed by levels of radiation well it's a shocking story and i first learned of it last march eleventh which was the second anniversary of the fukushima catastrophe beginning in two thousand and eleven two
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that they had kept this very for two years two of the sailors came to a big gathering in new york city to mark the anniversary and they were suffering health effects from their service onboard the reagan turns out that the reagan was anchored just a mile or two off of the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant during the worst of the radioactivity releases which was news to me i mean i follow the closely as i can two years into this thing i find out that the reagan was that close to these catastrophic radioactivity releases so the crew on board that ship five thousand sailors were in harm's way for several long days on and not warned by top go not warned by the japanese government not warned by the united states government which had radiation detecting planes flying all over northeastern japan so what you would think the aircraft carrier in this day of dirty bombs and you know the that they would have radiation detectors on the on the on the ship well some of the first news that was really disturbing in the first days of proximity to was that the
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aircraft carrier detected radioactivity on the helicopters coming back landing on board the flight deck and so one of the sailors who has now stepped forward in a big way was servicing those helicopters another of these sailors that i met in new york his name is maurice anas he set off the radiation monitors below deck when he came down from being on the flight deck so there were lots of indications that there was something seriously wrong but they stayed in this contamination plume for days on end so they were getting the radioactive gases which they were breathing in they were getting the fall out onto them so they are being exposed that way what i didn't realize until this latest news about the relaunch of this lawsuit against tokyo electric even the water that the sailors were drinking was from their desalination system so they were good. the seawater that was contaminated with radioactivity it was being desalinated by the ship and they were drinking it they were cooking with it they were showering with that but those desalination processes
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don't take out the radioactivity because salt is a fairly large molecule it's it's sodium and chloride and if you've got just an individual atom as opposed to a molecule or a particle of the desalination zygote you need special filters you can't get tritium out of water period not as if it is water it's helium yeah it's hydrogen there are radioactive hydrogen and you need special filtering to get out the cesium to get out the strontium none of that was taking place so that ingestion pathway combined with all the others could account for some of these health effects are saying so what's the. you know has the government stepped up and done anything or are they testing the five thousand soldiers or is it just these seventy one who are sick or suing i mean what's the deal one of the common story i keep hearing from these sailors who are stepping up and speaking out is they don't even have health care i'm not sure what's going on but they're kind of on their own resources most have had to leave the service because of debilitating health conditions so they seem to be in you know desperate straits they're looking for you know some funding
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to help them get the health care that they need you know senator sanders is the chairman of the veterans committee somebody you should bring that to his attention . i'll try to do so tomorrow will be on our show. we just have ninety seconds here i'm wondering what's the you know we've heard the reactor three it's got steam coming out of it reporting it in a radio show that it's not you know there doesn't seem to be an immediate crisis what's what it what is going on and i think arnie gundersen at fairwinds has explained it well it's the weather conditions that make the steam visible but what people need to realise is that we're almost three years into this thing those releases are happening every day those releases atmospherically just that when it gets cold enough you see it you see the condensation but those releases into the ocean are happening every day they have been for three years so that. is the massive radioactivity release that's going on once in a while it becomes more visible because of atmospheric conditions that you would see you know you see your breath when it's cold outside so we're seeing this heated
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water coming out of unit three it's just the tip of the iceberg and you know for the one that was listing that had all the rods up at the top where they're going to start taking those rods out the hole in the cigarettes that have broken crushed going very little reporting which is kind of scary actually so one would assume that without the reporting there must be going smoothly but i'm not sure that that's the case maybe it's not going to be all we don't know we hear very little about what's going on there and the stories about the japanese mafia hiring homeless guys to clean this site up is that true you know it's incredible yeah it is true is this new state secrets act is making things even worse where it was difficult for reporters to get in and cover this stuff in the first place now it's against the law this is what happens state caesar secrecy that's right that's why he's given cameras thanks so much for being with us thanks dan good to see you.
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it's thursday let's get geeky on global warming we all know that climate change is the greatest threat our species has ever faced but it could be worse than even predicted according to a new study published in the journal nature that study found that climate change may cause global temperatures to rise by at least four degrees celsius seven point two degrees fahrenheit by the year two thousand one hundred the scientists behind the study came to this inclusion by looking at the role that clouds play in moderating temperatures on the planet if that is the planet continues to warm there will be fewer clouds that are able to reflect the sun's rays meaning temperatures will rise even faster stephen sure would lead researcher in the study told the guardian that four c. would likely be catastrophic rather than simply dangerous for example it would make life difficult if not impossible in much of the tropics and would guarantee the eventual melting of the greenland ice sheet and some of the antarctic ice sheet.
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must react now these newly predicted temperatures are going to make it hard for mankind and the rest of the animals came to him to survive and the plane came in for that matter that includes organisms that are living in some of the darkest coldest and deepest environments on earth that we once thought were untouchable study published in the journal climate global climate suited global change biology reveals that thanks to climate change and global warming sea floor marine life will decrease by as much as thirty eight percent in the north atlantic ocean and up to five percent globally over the next hundred years organisms that live in the deepest depths of the ocean rely heavily on the remains of the marine life that lives on or near the ocean surface stuff dies and suttles and the stuff on the bottom eats it as a result the head of the health of the surface ocean waters has a huge impact on the health of deep ocean waters in the microorganisms that call them home so as nutrients are being depleted on the. surface of the ocean to
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climate change organisms living in deep ocean waters can't get the nutrients of the food they need for survival. these findings on deep sea marine life prove that when it comes to climate change it's a fact nothing is out of reach to learn more about the greatest threat our species is ever faced and what's driving it check out last hour or and the documentary last hours which the organization eco watch just named as one of the ten best documentaries of two thousand and ten here's a short clip from last hours. earth without life we take life for granted but life has not always flourished here. has experienced dramatic loss of life or what we call mass extinction five times over the course of geologic history each one of these events is resulted in the loss of more than half of all life on earth today
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a sixth extinction is underway one that will test the survival of not just human civilization but possibly of the human species itself and it. is just. the good the bad of the very very multi-verse simply ugly the good ford motor company and upcoming consumer electronics show in las vegas the automaker will unveil its newest hybrid car the c.-max solar energy which is powered by a gasoline engine as well as a set of rooftop solar panels for executives estimate the car will get one hundred mpg and that three quarters of all trips will be powered by solar energy. owners in the sea of axle it will reduce their annual greenhouse footprint by about four tons per year and here's the best thing under the sea max or energy will get to buy american and go green at the same time. the bad jim garrow
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the node. you know does a conspiracy theorist laugh that deep and during a recent appearance on right wing pundit eric washings way to show he said that president obama is going to fake an alien attack and then use the canadian army to suppress those people who know the attack is a fake and why the canadian army may ask what's what jim explain. this you know well american troops swear allegiance to the constitution. for your lawful order kadian don't so now we have for the introduction of a new element a group of people in a position to overpower the population who have never sworn allegiance to a good thing that is supposedly right giving the rule of law. then again if the canadians do vegas we might actually get single payer health care
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and the very very odd way stuart varney the fox business goes on tuesday that the stranding of a russian research ship in the antarctic proves that we should be worried about global cooling not what will warm spirit it's like. all fifty two of the passengers aboard the research vessel stranded in the antarctic ice have beena rescued the ship sent to the on topic to study climate change has been stranded in the ice for ten days attempts to rescue the passengers using icebreaker ships failed rescue is finally got through using a whopping great big helicopter that was landing on the supposedly very thin ice they're all out ok so it looks to me like we're looking at global cooling forget this global warming that's just my opinion that apparently is what passes for climate change coverage over at fox so-called news the fact is this general is days and bad is very very. coming up the phone lines are now open for your take my take a live segment one chance to ask me a question or
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a live out here on the big picture give us a call at two o two four twenty one thirty four if you are talking with you after the break. there's a media leave though so we leave that maybe. i will see motions to the other your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests they deserve answers from. politics. the.
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automatic my jack a lot of our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call or two and two i know for twenty one thirty four out side the us at a one in the country go to the same atlas or with gary in seattle who left a message on our rant line. oh hi tab louise i want to make a prediction about what will happen in colorado as a result of the legalization of recreational marijuana nothing will happen nothing will happen the people who like pot already were smoking it getting it by their various ways the people who don't like it will can continue to lie and continue to sniff at it and think it's bad the only difference is that the police will no longer harass harmless people for doing a harmless if not beneficial thing they won't be ruining people's lives for no good reason i don't think civilization will collapse i don't take anything bad will
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happen i think it's a great thing and i think other states should jump on and get some of that tax revenue and they should finally leave us alone with our harmless herb that we like so low. in fact from the george washington administration up until the one nine hundred twenty. all drugs were legal and i recall the republic going down in flames because you know during the jefferson ministration of the jackson administration of the lincoln and then a strange an a or the grover cleveland in a stray ssion people were you know doing too much cocaine and too much marijuana or too much opium and you could buy all of those things over the counter in pharmacies you know coca-cola was originally a cocaine beverage i totally agree with you i think this whole thing is stupid and anything that you can grow in your backyard you should be able to go and read in your backyard here's dan left to some message about the minimum wage and. tom a recent guest cited a study of study some berkeley on how raising the minimum wage displaces young
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workers the i mine study does have a chapter do minimum wages really reduce teen employment but the conclusion is put simply our findings indicate that minimum wage increases do not reduce employment among teens thanks for your great work i'm an english teacher at kent state and i always have looked out for examples of false citation. thank you dan dan is referring to as last week or the week before we had one of the one of these conservatives on who said oh god just read a study that said the. raising the minimum wage causes more teen unemployment and so dan actually looked up the study and turns out the. guy wasn't so we say all to get the truth so surprise surprise richard in los angeles hey richard thanks for watching thanks for calling with a new month and. happy new year and god bless you thank you in the tsunami region the u.s. supreme court said that they are going to decide whether employees who suffer big
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losses in retirement accounts can sue their companies if it encourage them to invest in the company's shaky stock right now federal law says that administrators of an employee retirement fund heavy duty to act as prudent trustees but it is still unclear whether they will be held liable for the loss personally level. yes and what do you think our chances are that the supreme court. typing the. average joe six-pack well a i mean it's really two issues one is will anybody be held criminally culpable. and i consider that pretty unlikely and is joe six-pack is for a one k. got wiped out going to be made whole and i consider that extremely unlikely also john roberts the roberts court and been generous before he was put on the court
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consistently ruled in favor of corporations over people in favor of law enforcement over. people who are charged with crimes in favor of. actually i guess that part in favor of big banks over average because anonymous is a multi-million dollar. so stocking fancy corporate lawyer and he's not the only one of the bench who you know comes from that kind of degree so no i don't i don't think that there's going to be any here the bigger story is for a one k.'s themselves. these were invented during the reagan administration and the whole the whole idea here was if we can get people to stop thinking in terms of pensions and start thinking in terms of savings and putting their savings in the stock market then we can get average working people who before the nine hundred eighty s. had no money in the stock market at all they got out of the stock market after the crash in twenty nine and they just avoided it like the play they said well you know
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if we can get working people to put their money back in the stock market then they will start being in favor of the policies the reaganomics policies that were being promoted that would help big corporations and rich people because they would inflate stock value is. and that's sure enough what happened in the lead to this current stock market bubble that we have right now that i think is fixing to bust so the whole for a one k. thing from the beginning was a scam and it continues to be ronnie and philadelphia hirani thanks for calling want to talk about fukushima yeah. they have all these tanks all this radiated water why don't they usually old water to cool the. reactors they have a lot of water must be cooled by now which. was a good question it's a good question i. guess in that the answer has something to do with you know physics and mechanics somebody would have to go out and put pipes between the tanks
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and put pumps in the tanks and service them and all that would require physical people being on the ground close enough to those reactors that they get badly or radiated but that's just a wild ass guess i honestly don't know the answer that's that's an interesting question iranian and i mean it's possible they are recycling that water and we just don't know about it i just don't. so thanks thanks a lot of the call appreciate it corey kentucky a corey what's up. i love your show by the way and i just won. on. the n.s.a.'s for if you will snowden that it's a. great. for the documents you think that the n.s.a. is overriding this. for the for the record cory what happened and thank you for the call and for raising the issue what
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happened was not that the n.s.a. made any kind of offer to snowden but a fellow who works at the n.s.a. was on sixty minutes was being interviewed on sixty minutes and he said personally not speaking for the agency but speaking personally for myself i would engage in that conversation with snowden but i would have very high benchmarks for him to meet. he has since largely walked back those comments where the agency or whatever has walked the back the. jay carney was asked about it and he said no there's no you know we're not planning on doing so i would be astounded frankly if the obama administration or any administration was to do what might be perceived as rewarding whistle blowing in the government sector pattern tony of pointed this out earlier in my radio show today that whistleblowers in the government sector are well in any sector you know they're just persona non grata and that's that's the culture that
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we need to change we need to turn whistleblowers into heroes again as they as they sort of once were but we need to also codified into law a bill in garberville california a bill thanks for calling i don't talk about the n.s.a. and their funding. part and it's a funding bill oh ok my question was. i first saw a special on r.t. about the elephant. in africa how they were being poached and all that and you know it brought another question brought a question right it's like how can any decent person in america have any respect for our government at all if our government you know we've got billions of dollars a year to spy on us but we can't even go save the poor elephant you know it's really speak. to be peeping to the surface and belittle thanks for the call i you know i guess again what you're saying and i don't disagree what if i can speak
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for you i think that. my going to try that it sounds to me like bill is saying is we've got our priorities all screwed up i mean we're spending half our annual budget on defense we've got. expenses are equal to that of pretty much the whole rest of the entire plan. it's crazy and you're right you know it's like if we're pouring all this money into these things the problem is. the thing is driving this is that so much of the defense budget is now privatized so a seventy percent of the n.s.a. budget large portions of the defense budget. budget the army the navy the all of them they're all privatized and these private contractors are bribing congressman to campaign contributions to keep pumping more and more money oh we don't need some cases the military does not we don't need that plane we don't need that oh you're going to have it anyway because i want to make it my district or because you know
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the company that makes it just give me the campaign contributions as a member of congress we've got to get money out of politics and we get money out of politics then i think we'll see our priorities be appropriately orders bill thanks for the call thomas in seattle a time if you want to talk about medical marijuana. i wanted to talk a little bit about the medical marijuana thing in washington state and i've been a medical marijuana patient for two years but i have been a personal medical marijuana patient since i was fourteen years old i've also been smoking cigarettes the entire time and read a study recently from harvard that said the reason that i don't have lung cancer is because i smoke marijuana the whole time i smoke cigarettes and i'd also like to mention something about what you just said about the ways that we can fix this country i have an idea which is a new department of government called the department of the constitution which would be allowed to have twice the budget and twice the manpower of any other
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department of government other than military and complete military backing then it would be able to go through and get rid of every department of government that is an unconstitutional including the federal reserve the i.r.s. and the list goes on and on and on thomas thanks for your call would you. know there's a lot there and i'm not even going to try and package. i'd suggest you quit smoking cigarettes. chaffin san fernando jeff we've got about a half a minute got a quick. chop if you would like to any good movies of which we have to rid. of the tara wants to. hear obama stop doing that which you know thank god i mean it was like enough of the scare the people scare the people all the time stuff and jeff thanks a lot for the call the thing that i remember most vividly about that was when tom ridge who was. george w. bush's director of homeland security or whatever when he was on and he was on the letterman show and he was asked you know how come you kept going to red alert
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during that election with john kerry and he was like i don't know the white house called me up and told me to go to red alert or words to that effect they were clearly using it for political purposes and it's just wrong and you know that's it for your take my take alive tonight thanks for all your calls if we didn't get to your call tonight trace back next week and keep the video questions commie it's easy just grab your phone or point your computer at yourself and record your question or comment then e-mail that little video file to us your take my take g.-mail dot com. coming up republicans love donut holes and i'm not talking about the ones you find to your local don't shop i was partisan politics cause in five million americans to be without health care coverage this year and what can you do about. it.
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i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking. on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. a
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lot of these. things are. going to have you with us here today i'm sure. in screw news five years after the start of the great recession income inequality
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remains at an all time high for many people the american dream seems as far out of reach as ever at the same time though the progressive wing of the democratic party or the democratic wing of the democratic party is as influential as ever elizabeth warren is often talked about as a future presidential candidate raising the minimum wage is a hot button issue and the man who more than anyone has become a symbol of this year's progressive surge has took office in new york city and wednesday bill de blasio was born sworn in as mayor of new york city and is a model address he said that inequality was part of the mission of his news cities. but we know that our mission reaches deeper. we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. of course tackling inequality isn't just
10:44 pm
a goal for new yorkers that's why voters in sea-tac a suburb of seattle recently approved a ballot measure mandating a fifteen dollars minimum wage for all hotel restaurant and airport workers that law went into effect on wednesday giving many sea-tac workers a much needed new year's pay boost but not every seen tack worker is celebrating because last friday a cow did judge responded to complaints by the airline industry and ruled that businesses inside sea-tac airport are exempt from that new wage requirement because the airport is technically under the authority of the port of seattle not the town of scitech this means that approximately four thousand seven hundred workers will not get a pay raise under the town's new minimum wage law joining me now for more on all this is our political commentator sam sax sample and to good to see you again that good zero so at sea-tac i mean this is pretty amazing because wasn't the original rationale the way this was sold to the voters of of the town to see that there's
10:45 pm
you know the major employer in town is the air for the airport has forty seven hundred people there they're contractors some of them are making seven bucks an hour this is crazy let's pay a minimum you know and there's a there's lots and lots of money in that airport business the vast majority of people who this law was supposed to affect are not going to be affected by this all now because of this court ruling it's a pretty narrow ruling dealing with jurisdictional stuff they're basically saying that the city that the voters of sea-tac didn't have the right to approve of the minimum wage hike for the airport because that's under different jurisdiction the port of seattle so they don't have control over that which is said i mean this was a success story this is raising the minimum wage from just over ten to about fifteen dollars an hour and we're talking about airport workers here who have been on the front lines of this sort of corporate capitalism this kind of bain bain type of capitalism where instead of hiring full time workers who are getting benefits
10:46 pm
making seven. a thousand dollars a year you start hiring contractors who are going to get benefits were making twenty thousand dollars a year and can't make ends meet and that's what this legislation was most to address that the people voted voted for that this court is now striking down for the majority of these airports has there been a challenge to that to the challenge there will likely be a challenge coming to the challenge and one thing yet that is it just makes sense i mentioned bill de blasio what's what's the word the big the big question everybody's asking what is he going to do what's going to do first what's going to do what's what's his agenda any ideas well you know it's i guess for progressives it's don't be cynical don't be cynical don't be cynical i mean someone coming in pledging to be a progressive hero has been heard before so you have to take it with caution but the stuff that de blasio is talking about that are public housing community hospitals paid sick leave taxing the rich to pay for a lot of these things sound like good ideas and he seems committed to to want to do that it is interesting that you see kind of this n.b.c.
10:47 pm
talking about how de blasio is is this progressive and then also drawing connection between him and clinton there seems to be a disconnect there if de blasio is going to be the new hero of progressivism and be so affiliated with bill clinton who's kind of considered a somewhat corporatist centrist democrat well historically clinton also represents big money and there's a lot of money in wall street a lot of money in new york and you know i have a cousin allies here to try and get something but even cutting those deals can make some people on the far left a little a little uncomfortable and to to do something about wealth inequality in the center of the find it world's financial district the creator of all the wealth inequality is a monument to get all the interest i think you know clinton was doing by showing up and hillary in particular was reduced seen the possibility that bill de blasio or progressives in general but very particular press is out in new york are going to be pushing for elizabeth warren residents you know they want to kind of neutralize that. and. and you know so this is the largest
10:48 pm
a regional economy in the united states so if it is true if de blasio wants to engage in this progressive experience experiment of the country hasn't seen in the last three decades and really jump into it this would be a great test model for the rest of the country for what what's worked what's an alternative to the reaganism that we've seen over the last three decades yeah you know. it's the challenge is going to be the city council does he have the city council well if he wants to also well he does but if you want to raise how like a lot of his plans involve raising taxes he's going to have to get the approval of the citizenry in the governor with that sort of stuff and that is not something that he can really get but if you can get the ball rolling and start with these community hospitals and paid sick leave and things like that but he does have that more power to do than get momentum same sex thanks for being with us.
10:49 pm
dynastic crawl to go roberts and start to hit any show doc dynasty has become a cultural lightning rod of sorts over the past few weeks he was suspended from the show for making controversy over marks about homosexuality during an interview with g q the christian right took up his claws where they say it is suspension was a symbol of political correctness run amok or it's especially is now over the christian right has had his for the moment and satisfy the real controversy is just beginning and no that's not because it's come out that phil is a fan of teen marriage it's because as comedian dusty smith recently pointed out robertson and family are really just a bunch of multimillionaire fakers. but look here's the really interesting part these mothers. these guys make their living pretend to be rough around the edges backwoods read that when. the reality is they're actually nothing more than yuppies
10:50 pm
look at these actual pictures of these dug guys the dude's before they got on t.v. there are rich yuppies it's own just look at this young boy here's some before going any here soon after and here's another one of these rich. yuppie before he goes on t.v. as a teen in the seventies oh a period redneck and here is yet another one he's dug down as they do so before television your typical claim cut rich white bread america but on t.v. and he suddenly a callous lies weren't hard core back was well. that's right the hillbilly thing is nothing more than that phil robertson the far right is new hero and the sun is a religious pink polo wearing frat boys in disguise and that is just total curry's .
10:51 pm
republicans sure there are donut holes back in two thousand and three republicans in congress who helped president bush pass the medicare modernization act it's created medicare part d. medicare part d. helps pay for prescription drugs for people who are using medicare unfortunately there's a medicare donut hole a gap and how much the government is willing to pay for prescriptions under medicare part d. for example if you spend up to twenty seven hundred dollars on prescriptions in two thousand and nine under medicare part d. the government paid for most if not all of your expenses but if you spend anywhere between twenty seven hundred and sixty five six hundred sixty four fifty one on prescription drugs in two thousand and nine you pay for the drug straight out of your pocket. the government didn't pay a dime and you were in the donut hole then if you hit sixty four fifty one and more in government in prescription expenses the government again picks up most of your
10:52 pm
tab fortunately obamacare addresses the medicare part d. donut hole and is making their scription drugs under part d. more affordable back to medicare part d. donor hole is going to be in slowly phased out it will be completely closed by two thousand and twenty because of obamacare but as one dollar out hole is closing another one's opening up the red state donut hole when the supreme court ruled on obamacare chief justice roberts and the rest of the right wing wackos on the on the bench left it up to the states to decide whether or not they were going to take federal money to expand medicaid state health care for poor people under obamacare but thanks to that decision twenty five states which are either controlled by republican governor or public and legislature every fuse to expand medicaid coverage to their citizens under obamacare and what are purely political moves i mean after all federal government paying one hundred percent of the cost of
10:53 pm
medicaid expansion through two thousand and sixteen and ninety percent of the costs forever after that as a result of the republican refusal to expand medicaid around five million americans won't have access to health care this year they find themselves now in the red state don't hole so what is that red state down a hole look like let's take a look at texas for example where governor rick perry's refused to expand medicaid in texas in two thousand and fourteen medicaid will cover the health care expenses of texans who have a family of three and to make up to nineteen percent of the federal poverty level roughly thirty seven hundred dollars a year but texans annual income falls between one thousand percent and one hundred percent of the federal poverty level will be without access no coverage at all under medicaid and they have and so that's a million americans that's a million texans five million americans. however texans who make more than one hundred percent of poverty level they're eligible for subsidies under obamacare and in many cases of the low end they get all their health insurance for free so free
10:54 pm
no health care her and them free. so if you make between thirty seven hundred nine hundred five a year you live in a blue state you get free health care through through medicaid expansion but if you make more than thirty seven hundred but less than one thousand in taxes you're screwed texas won't help with your medical expenses because rick perry won't take federal medicare expansion money and pretty much the same is true in every other republican run state country thanks to partisan politics five million americans are being left without in child health care coverage in twenty fourteen and made more than a few thousand less than around fifteen grand they're too rich according to republicans to get free medicaid for themselves and their kids five million americans won't be able to afford routine physicals or life saving medication or health care of any kind five million american taxpayers are being denied services that would be paid for with their own tax dollars that they'd earlier sent to washington d.c. but that rick perry and other republicans say they don't want coming back to the
10:55 pm
states. over a million people just in texas don't have free health care because rick perry told washington to keep the tax dollars the texans sent there to d.c. . republicans across the country to put politics aside and put the interests of the most vulnerable of americans first by fully expanding medicaid coverage under obamacare let's close the red state don't at all once and for all call your lawmakers a lot of saving lives is more important than playing politics and that's the way it is tonight thursday january second twenty thirty and twenty forty don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get back to your. this immediately though so we leave the media. by the sea motions she truly play
10:56 pm
your part of the physical. issues that no one is asking with the guests they deserve answers from. politics. the a piece of legislation was terrible to say now i'm very hard to make out a letter to get along here is a plot that you never had sex with others make their lives let alone. lists le
10:57 pm
may. live. i. guess time has a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the wife and a great thing rather that there has to be ever read dark and a court of law found online is a story made for movies playing out in real life. should
10:58 pm
millennial have to keep paying for benefit programs they probably won't be receiving themselves financial expert meal gross was here with a warning for generation w.t.f. plus the nation's katrina vanden heuvel. cohen are here with what they call the growing antagonism of united states russian relations it's all next on politicking with larry king. live the politicking with larry king we begin with neil grossman financial expert managing partner chief investment officer of t.k. n g capital and author of the new e-book generation w.t.f. how millennial can stop the mushrooming cost of social security medicaid and
10:59 pm
medicare what is what is w t f well i'm not sure i can say this on the say a lot when it stands for what the. really that's what people it's amazing that you have a generation that's got one hell of a problem in front of them. who are the millennial as well you know they're generally thought to be. people under the age of thirty and they're a growing part of the population obviously but they're being in combat with a massive headache by you know my generation the baby boom and you know generations that have preceded this is you're saying they're going to face future problems in medicaid so sure in the eye because the burden we put on them because of a burden we've been putting on have been saying that since these programs started i've been here i'm eighty years old yes you are all my life i've heard you people going to pay for this is keeps on working but it is there actually you don't see it as directly but you know the bottom line is that the deficits have been growing fairly significantly over the last fifteen years a significant part of that actually is tied into the fact that we have been
11:00 pm
spending the accumulated surpluses and running them down you know so medicare medicaid is going to be actually functionally insolvent within next three or four years social security runs out of money in the mid two thousand and thirty's but in fact if you look at what the expected and solvent see day was ten years ago it was four or five years longer so it's been shortening and shortening and shortening as well that is true what do we do well there are a couple of things first of all there are the financial solutions number one but i think that the reason i wrote this book is i think this is really both a political and emotional problem and the problem politically is you have a very large aging population demographically there are forty million seniors now in twenty years they're going to be eighty that's going to be almost twenty five percent of the going to take away their social a very very difficult to take that away they have an amazingly powerful voices you know and my first point and what i'd like to see is to motivate the younger people this country to realize that that if they really.


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