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i'll be to them my island is mine so if you would fight for your land i knew mother of course i would land in me i could never leave my land. what's this worth right now that's worth a little over two million dollars two million dollars right now i touch it certainly hahaha really guys so having. the last years have made people more worried about potential of a major crisis than they have judged the stock market has just closed there has been a massive shell free pass machine to days this bad as has been a global bloodbath urgent mission has to be getting this economy growing faster actual discussed is recession pressure you name it things like buy gold to be seem like common sense. there's
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a movement brewing in america today that seeks to restore the gold back dollar gold is selling at a record high dollar store to one thousand dollars an ounce of gold prices jumped to the highest in the eleven weeks now is the time to retrieve your coin collections and jury box one they're about to get so scared they were ok with gold they want people to be afraid they are. gold keeps going up and up riven by a sense that the world is out of whack and gold can somehow keep us safe the price of gold said a brand new record this week that the hundred dollars an ounce down is a minus and joining a masonic gold rush a destructive goal for the poorest of the pool throughout west africa all lossing depleted gold gets attention is turning us to will be next swept up in mining fever .
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you know that the miners eat thanks to our goal not the midwest but in ways we eat thanks to our land of the me most would depend on corn beans and one other earth gives us. a market share so you in africa i am one of the people affected by the mining company and the truth is where witnesses to what has been happening. are wells and springs have dried out because of the drilling and the time know what is wanted it them be and also because they use the water to wash the goal it's not all
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. up. but they don't know where it. is them or where the resistance here in sun is i mean again for many reasons isn't that it is that we're fighting to defend our land salau to defend our water to defend our health. and this is why the company has denounced us so much. are you. going to go read won't be there but then you will see i have seven children i am twenty one years old. i am married.
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well that's my husband there was a bank bad enough we've been married. for twenty years they said if you work i work here in your house yes so you have seven jobs. and this is one yes so. when it was day yet like to tell you my life story tonight i think the whole world already knows it. i . see most in our world view. is
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this way of creating an economy of making money is completely illogical it's illogical because it destroys nature. beautifully learnt the lesson through if you destroy nature you basically destroy the person's soul three and what follows is you at the end of the day is that the person's life is destroyed and a little someone we're very close to nature and means a great deal to us which we are parts of the whole of someone told. me the conflict unfolding in the highlands started when the one tiny a mining company attempted to transport an enormous metal cylinder to san marcos being the pan-american highway. like that i think that i think. disentangle the most of these are some of the scenes from what happened yesterday in the west of the country in the mid to going up when about one thousand police officers and three hundred members of the army confronted hundreds of farmers from various villages in the region that is this interim and this and of the armed
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internal conflict in the one nine hundred eighty s. when they got to the city. i mean central america. has going through real or more as kids with them over the worst of the. hundreds of thousands of people were murdered and disappeared and million of them were displaced from their homes where they stand up against the modern army one hundred thousand died in one thousand nine hundred two the year that general rios montt mount a scorched earth policy and really devastated hundreds of my and villages is the most in that we are in a wall you know something that we have been saying that. is marvelous that odds we need to change. and the chains consists precisely all through me one imposing your
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will over on this reagan was praising the worst killer as it is the most a few sort of terms or rios montt real smart and close ties to the united states who gave in to fight against the guerrillas and the wounds that were inflicted by that conflict to continue to fester clearly and that has contributed to the current situation the repression of any type of economic change really created the kind of poison politics that they have and this leads to the lying story because i might of been dealt with these birds and you can't say they're responsible for the rios montt slaughter no but they're benefiting from the structures that were left in place after those many years of servitor ian repression. by. having to run the municipality of setting up
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a store khan here in there at the. event which is. sort of on top of the whole court minute and so we're going to follow the road down by the mine visited with. this. idea dora. certainly has a legitimate say. well first of all in defense of her rights what she is defending is her land she has refused to sell her plot of land to court because they were hoping to expand their mind through her part of way. along if you've been with theodora about thirty five years now of marriage yes. no i didn't you work in the mine didn't they offer you a job no no no. no because we didn't want to have anything to do with the miners on
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the side of these people are destroying everyone's health around here. i am involved in the resistance so is my husband she says it's great that to a fight but how do we get them to leave too much i ask god for them to leave keep going i want us to be left in peace you know. at my granddaughter is used to live with us last week was. the one hand i cry when they think about her future. cool. what will happen to her if they kill me. yes the sun these are the companies power lines when i saw that they had put these poles on my land i was very angry because i didn't give them permission and i am therefore. we have
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a custom you say where you say and you keep your word. but here they took advantage. i didn't one mining i didn't run anything. what i wanted was for them to take out the poles nothing more. we just took a wire and threw it over the cable to cut off the power this president got and after we cut off their tricity the company's hand the police. as opposed to say a t.v. show like this we're here to learn about guatemala suppose this becomes a trip where we're learning actually about no kid in the united states historically and on an ongoing basis today these are parts of our role they decided before the destruction that they would kill to day to day basically closed off the valve.
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housing for the mine workers some of the prices there are some of the take the high that over there and then there's the whole complicated processing plant holds here it's a very low concentration you know you're probably holding gold when you pick up this earth right here this is the cheapest form of gold mining the most destructive because you're getting one gram of cool for one time some of the estimates are one gram of coal for seven tons and because of the cost to build internationally because of the low cost of the money operation it's worth their while to just clear cut the whole region will live in endless mine and say there's no doubt that the gold piece is far as the eye can see. to the big gold guns are teaming up gold corpus announced an eight point six billion dollar us friendly takeover of glamorous gold it will be the lowest cost fastest growing on head score more any company in the world the goldcorp glamorous combination would pump out about three million ounces of gold a year making it the best biggest producer in the world and in terms of market cap
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it would rank number three we just reported earnings they were up seventy two percent year on year while we saw the gold price go up thirty percent so very pleased with that exposure that we provide to gold you have a prediction of where gold goes from here for the next let's say here i would say it could certainly get to two thousand dollars thousand dollars out and there are four hundred ounces in these gold bars i'm just going to tell that they're probably you know what it's almost to having to tell how much is this what about thirty five . that's they will have a. cross
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talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. much of your advice is centered around the negative aspects of american culture example mindful eating social inning avoiding of snacks how much of an influence do you think this american culture has on the rest of the was incredible. to do two things with. the world the snake on the wheel the food they did all the countries worldwide sleep.
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please. please. please . please please. please please please
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. with an oath on their lips and muscles and there are but men with the breed in our hearts ready to break them backs to sell their very souls put a bullet. transited here and say i love. the school where the. price of gold today is at fifteen hundred eighty dollars by going or some twenty bucks an ounce i don't know as a status i never understood gold quite frankly it's this item it isn't all that useful but it's valuable because people assign it a value why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think oldest money. know at the end of the day why gold you know it's gold because it's gold because it's gold because it's gold you can't look into
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deeply or the whole thing just set a good deal of the gold teeth why should we be mining gold at all. we already have huge amounts of mind to gold in the world of the value of the only place we have. of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to any gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to bait. we're not going to drink oh. you offered me the choice i'm looking at some sixty seven foot. of gold i'm looking at it all day and the alternative that was to have all the farmland of the country for a quick profit to get a piece of metal to stick and of walt so we can say we own it. we're destroying the very future that we want to there we're trying to secure all the litany of problems and by the nations to get this gold out of the ground and then you take this pool and you take it home to your country and you bury it under the ground. in the
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credibility under. those. on behalf of montana explorer dora and gold court system we are committed to being in san miguel issue. with a vision here a long term vision of moving people we feel part of this beautiful municipality we feel like part of the family of san miguel ishtar cried today that has been confirmed plenty of the moment but we're planning right now on exploiting this area . and we're going to transport minerals on the roads for every machinery over
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here in the malls we have a puny east expands almost in every direction. so. there won't be any problem with that for them honest. on the matter no say oh. it's first who didn't know if it was a gold mining company or a mine we didn't know nobody knew a thing is there are the workers says they're growing or kids a flower company. that's what when this to. the surface suddenly they were looking for me and when they found me that they asked me to sell my land here at least i said no see i can never get you know my because i didn't want to sell no and i was not thinking of selling. my yes down to one hundred so when they started working on the road it appeared to me to go and have a look at my land. again when they got back in that other machines were working on
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my land they were making a highway. as if the property was theirs yes. this is good. if if you all do a good job. if montana leaves if you get them out. there and create jobs i mean it creates jobs. for the brain is when you only want to chase away the money. and we're the bastards no it doesn't bother me no no no no way no my support isn't for the company my support is for my life. so they make good money. well i want to make money to support my life.
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you see of the celeb and i think that there are two groups there is one group that says i'm a precise lee and openly know to mining. there is another group that says yes but mine is good there's a lot of divisions in their own communities because some people have jobs in the mind etc having said all that the people in san diego and cells are trying to assist by starting to carry out their own postal taisha indigenous peoples. in their own processes of expressing their views about these projects and they call these processes consult us the want of food good food consultations and for uniformly that he was been in opposition to development projects like mines on the territory and the communities are saying the owners of the gold poor poor mean people and evil devils are just saying we don't want your companies here.
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this good friend has to go to one hundred get sellers that come from the mine group of fifty cents stays in san miguel well if you read fifty cents will stop in the hands of the central government in a way they neuer and ninety nine kids is for them. one hundred people in the us you know this kind of business is totally unfair for the community but it's it's a robbery practically. i mean the mining company says it has generated a lot of development in san macau is this the truth is that the only development that they have created is an increase in violence or complain if there are more than forty eight bars and some gal the rest prostitutes. and here in san miguel there is everything that is in the game so we haven't seen any development no real change that the mind has brought to this town. and this is the big buildings in the communities the profitable projects and whatever else could be done with so much
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money so if these things don't really exist it's a lie when they say there's a big change it doesn't exist there's nothing really. the economic models that we were bringing them to countries like bottom all were really about making rich people richer. you know to take a step back and look sort of academic liam and she shouldn't be employed such a perfectly awful piece you start with mr manning even some military tribunal because people have been living in this valley for at least ten thousand years so
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to have this project dumped on top of their heads like this is the classic. imposition of a so-called development project. selling the development projects that really. usually indebted countries may be profitable world bank didn't really deliver a lot for the for the poor who maintain those burdens of the world bank was aware of the violence being used to displace these people. listen to the big show. like. this. but it didn't take the banks and if there's going to play for just a little bit of what is good it is a similar process to what happened with the gold mining story that was a key. playback of calls into the some of the communities they were given no option as to whether they would need to move or not the whole serious of structural rules that were imposed on guatemala and many other countries through the international
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monetary fund in the world bank with leadership from the united states a pattern throughout. of large scale development projects mining hydroelectric dams and so forth within indigenous territories but without in many cases even minimal consultation what clearly what i'm all is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say there for any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with we are part of the geo political economic system that's extremely exploitative i would argue that the legacy of my spins precisely that that it has some short term economic benefit both most of those economic benefits accruing to investors and has
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a long term ecological consequence that is very negative for the for the ongoing development prospects of the region. it wouldn't surprise me at all if many of you directly or indirectly are invested in the pool or through a pension fund through a trust fund through an endowment through a little bit of savings you have you're probably investing goldcorp and dozens of mining companies that are operating around the world and contributing to harms to one degree or another. and what you'll need i know my lifestyle diet since i came to leave here when i cry . the wooden breach in my car when to drink a water and what happened. so they don't have water. because. that. there
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was no water and. that they would let me know miles a mile in mine has used millions and millions of liters of water water that no longer flows now that you have the mines are blowing through the amount of water that one family uses in twenty years or more every hour. there is a clash of cultures in the way that the govt or uses water is just another resource . and it's extraction process and to the millions who really regarded essential to life itself the water is completely. contaminated it's no longer fit for humans because again i can't they say there is no pollution so where does the poison go when they're done with it oh i want to process the gold where does it go i mean and if you are saying it's not contaminated then let's go to the feeling and you have
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a drink drink it then. the government isn't supposed to grant license without the community's consent. but that's exactly what they've done in san miguel he didn't think. that. before we were not away. here but now the people are awake. you know. the company got us one by one that that's how people sold their lands to the company wouldn't have been able to come in. we're starting to figure out what's going on because. you know.
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the sochi was the country fourteen olympics what's this place like the wind is is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the game shaping the city's present and future ludlow sochi it will bring you this is a momentary pause you from a very cold and snowy windy mountainous tough yet beyond dylan picks what to say today on our team much of your advice is centered around the negative aspects of american culture example mindful eating social inning avoiding of snacks how much of an influence do you think this american culture has on the rest of the wild and crazy they succeeded to things with me and the world this nature of the food they invaded all the countries
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worldwide. the beginning of the known politic night months in the face from island life. in sin the enough temptation. to douglas last for six months. as the people. and it's as easy to hide the rifle as a scooter. because the island is so in a special there are no indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this is arise could be right about. if you are.
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do we speak your language or not of the. news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you. use a little turn to tip angles stories. for you here. in troy i'll teach spanish find out more visit. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children.
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nikolai the miracle worker on the train. to say a three month old baby injured in one of the volgograd terror of losses on a ventilator in intensive care we're live from outside the hospital with the latest in just a few minutes. of the u.n. says violence in the central african republic has reached a vicious new level despite french to quell the bloodshed that their own troops. and as it lands oil wells and two bodies lying face down in the sand we report on the mysterious goings on in libya a country now viewed as almost entirely.


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