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some men go. to people assange mingle are dying. we're asking the government to listen to what are the legitimate owners of our land . today but might be travel across the caribbean because go on more about you know. officers in crim white uniforms pick up their golden cargo and like we called from nano. there's no question that the united states has a history of intervening and america and fomenting coups and sasa nations the cia has admitted they were deeply involved in their own through carbons and want to well in one hundred fifty three mile a past a major land reform law this was going to have significant effects throughout all
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of central america it was right around that time that they began to to seriously contemplate a covert operation directed at overthrowing the government to out of. worse central carried off by the us there were major business interests of the company that was most offended by the reforms that were taking place with united fruit company on the board of united fruit was john foster dulles who happen to be our secretary of state and his brother allen dulles was the head of cia and so there was a convenient leak for these fears about appropriation of land with the cia the cia is not working to protect the american people its primary function is to protect american corporations events every month and days added. me already great to the americans to be fomenting or carry auto. or and if it were
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to do this without any kind of congressional approval i think would put some real strain on the goes to show we are an imperial nation and we basically have been and were nation throughout most of our history the rich protect their resources in the way to do it is with blue states that ensued her short version. to us didn't invent that. period. and i know. which will be for the people of liberty but if it really shows how small actions undertaken by the united states can have huge effects over decades away the history of another country. for guatemala it's been all unfortunate the knowledge you mean where but not a come from before they return. journey. hope you enjoy.
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life. to get some of you wish here only because we think there are minerals for them while in line people see them in the game i don't know if there's anyone here who has worked in the mine i know what i know you talk know nobody works here but if there are no minerals here will do nothing more and will leave you with us at the most it will be fifty days and will leave will stop you no one will leave. but he emperor example you can see here that all of the people came without weapons. nobody brought arms but on the other hand you guys came protected you as anyone is if you know i don't know what your fear is. underneath all of the sorties who have come here have come on behalf of the company but we as part of the population.
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nobody has taken into account our demands and needs so many times the store cheese only come to intimidate the people for treason so our intention is as part of the people of some me who well let's say that you get the company out. at nine in the morning i'll give a response and you will no response not a response no response right like remove the machinery that's the response all given the morning no no no yes that's what you want it to morrow move it sign it here. you need to take into account the petition and you will avoid this problem this is tomorrow we'll be here to remove the machinery. as soon as all of us here are suffering we have endured durst and hunger all
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because of one multi-national company that again i've got the paper written by the engineer marco many service much of it is. really a last night at six o'clock. oh yes we've been waiting here for three hours he's three hours late. to. get out of seattle and say we don't have anything else to say to mr market and so we're going to act that the people of san miguel is a con who have come here and gotten you a lot of human told from. where the people have decided i just set fire to the machine.
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you have to let me show you how are you going to feel good thank you i mean i know the greegor ease here so turn hand identified this man who is filming i want to see your id and i want to know why you fell manc. generously because yes i think you need to respect the law that is me it's my job. a lot about your job you know that we used to be anybody any good reason to have a few things. i
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do not for he does the company have a policy of criminalization and persecution against community members who oppose the company and both of us who were on two occasions. one was a violent assault on two members of our security force who ended up in the hospital . the other was a case where private property was damaged close to the marlin mine our property. worth we don't focus on identity or background. we focus on whether a crime has been committed almost a woman from a bit of it has been at the company files criminal charges or three people able to fight against the consequences they're facing at this moment. these people act because they have no alternative. this is called the resistance yet these people cannot choose to. criminals but because their intentions are most honorable. if
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they hear these people that risk their personal safety for their family. their community is a woman and ultimately their country to be able to serve people who are not in favor of but that does not translate into social conflict free labor there are no social problems and suddenly go well most are not social problems one must see the glass house all day and people are making an effort and enormous effort to be with their rounds of the law to be nonviolent but to express that they don't want this it's pretty frustrating and i think for these communities that that face these overwhelming obstacles and challenging corporate interests one of the huge problems that we have in this country in terms of our own democracy is the role that corporate power and corporate money play.
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pinu whose only limited impact on posy for admission to including lead high concentration of economic power which has an enormous effect on the decision. a c.e.o. of a corporation is never rewarded for being good citizens. they're not rewarded even for treating their employees well they're rewarded for the bottom line they were charge of the shareholder in two thousand and eight goldcorp agreed to it might impact assessment of the marlin mine lot of mine go towards new corporate human rights policy puts particular emphasis on recognising the rights of indigenous people and this punk isn't just brutal the only lesson becomes ill everybody let's plug goldcorp on the back for having done. now let's just turn away from this or now let's just trust gold where they may have a report like on common ground. that that he is trying to portray goldcorp as
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they are trying to listen i get very upset at those who the mining industry and other global industries they don't know hard binding law so they come up with all of the self-regulating codes volunteering tones of condos and i think they're fundamentally problematic it's all well and good let me graduate you but look at what it says so much of what. n.g.o.s and communities and individuals have been saying have been validated by your own process. but this if is i didn't take part that lying and that i wasn't involved i was there
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but i don't know who started the fire. we know much of a lot of police came for me i had to leave my house because i couldn't stay there for the years that basically i was afraid is through it i spent six months outside of my community. that time was very difficult for me when we. were married it was a very hard time because i couldn't be was my children. and i'm used to being with my family. the beginning of the lone politic night marks in the face is from island life. in the island of temptation. the dog was lost for six months.
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polar bears than people. and it is easy to hire a rifle as a scooter. because the island is so in a space of there are no indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this is could be. if you are. on their way to antarctica the crew of the i can to make sure that a face many challenges. here you have to look out for yourself crashing on to rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme conditions anything can happen and article always comes up with surprises you have to keep your eyes open because if there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel as well as helicopters and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for
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anything even an apocalypse she's really an incredible ship. calling all antarctica stations this is academic a field that of radio check please respond. we saw that some people surrounded the house. but they were throwing stones and shooting in the. but it was at night so we couldn't see who was shooting. more and you go on and like i said they were wearing balaclavas so.
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i was scared. in tears as only you know then i saw the containers of gasoline in their hands. yes. and they started throwing it inside your i said my god what are you people doing you know quando your eyes. i heard my brother's voice she said my god what have you done to me. i haven't committed any crimes i haven't done anything. yet and i turned around and he had his hands like this and they were in flames his whole body was on fire all of it. what have they done to me i haven't done anything he said. we were fighting to get him a doctor. not
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really but found those people who wouldn't let us go they wouldn't let my brother go to the hospital was that if. they put staunch and logs on the road come you know my brother couldn't go. on and he stayed here screaming in pain lol. it was murder. about the.
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only you know they got the signatures throwing you play shanta threats but here in the village of sammy gallant we have never been consulted the village of san miguel does not want the mining company in the mine does not comply with relevant international human rights standards including those specifically developed to protect the rights of indigenous peoples so that alone. makes for a problematic situation when indigenous peoples aren't adequately consulted about a miner an operation of the scope of a mine like this that is placed in their midst. are.
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multiple and didn't ask people if they're to benefit need to benefit on their own terms their ability to take control of the reins of economic development around them. a living economy economy is actually serving real people as a local economy. first of all is a question whether mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's lives resources environment and so on well you know those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia. in africa and south america and central america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states. you know a sunrise that's more valuable than an ounce of gold or clean water but that's not
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something that your mind will take it's it's you it's your heart. if. you don't know that it was just a. scene. since you.
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told. you. about his work and thank you for staying with as and here is more in the news we have been covering it i mean the interim american human rights commission modified to precautionary measures issued against a modeling gold mining project in question guatemala the order now permits the
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campaign to operate was total freedom in. this country the commission came around to found said yeah we find that based on the process we don't need to suspend the mine we rescind the order for recess for suspend the mine and we're obviously pleased as the company but there's no longer a suspension order from the commission for the marlin mine. the mine just keeps chugging along and so it's it's an extremely hard struggle. against the surface the company has brought a great sadness into our hearts and it is this that i know some of this is the
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focus where not against the mind for fun of it. it is through others it is the most they were defending their right. then and right for a healthy life. son for a decent told me. he and even a. kid like this out as a company came and tore this community apart in just school. ending up in snap at him i thought i mean when he came i thought he was going to kill me you know make it past sorry i said there is no call for my copy then we could just sort all by side your copy and why one company i'll go one i know there is none he lifted his jacket and then to enter into my eye i know that i'm never
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sort of this but it's going to read now it's a problem i don't want to sell my. and up there and when i went to the hospital i heard them say that i obviously one of these days she's going to day. she has one and my son has two. you have three grandchildren i have three grandchildren now and there will be plenty of lent we're going to be abundant. and getting more and more abundant but it isn't with us i mean. this plan we've created to give us an idea of what we can work on here in twenty fourteen twenty fifteen what do we need to do we need to talk with the government we need to talk to those who have been affected by the mine here they feel the purpose of this fight this fight is not in vain it is
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a fight with dignity i cross quote amala they know about your fight they are learning about your fight crossed central america they know about your fight and they are learning about your fight and we in canada and the united states are learning about your fight you're driven by your fight that's why i tell you today thank you very much.
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am also is resisted strongly. inmost. which suffered terrible persecution. in oil we haven't made any progress like i said this is where we'll leave this is where we were born. he is a mind continues at the rating for the next five years to learn could knows what will happen and. the. savage you're up a bit but our experience here in san miguel. has been very difficult.
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when rather a test where fighting here to defend mother earth and the best of it to defend life . lives that we hope to win this fight.
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he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. he has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and loves to so many children. nikolai the american work up on ati. and pearl.
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perks and and. and. going to. and and. clip. unexplored antarctica what is it in this icy expanse that attracts the people who come here. to go to the.
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a new generation of polar explorers is coming. we have a new group of specialists here now all of them are young how are they going to get along with each other and i don't know. but i used to be a bureaucrat. seriously. what adventures await in this mysterious land. to the east and what are they actually doing you know. if you. start to construct. gangstas in. the time that the
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king came to be we can see. you just me because i was and i. said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young .
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you from moscow ten pm here tonight the network of terror iraqi troops fight militants for the city of fallujah while another branch of the extremist organization carries out the deadly attack in yemen tonight we find out why the terrorist group's been thriving despite being hunted by governments in the region and the u.s. . we came here to try to understand how the world's been able to carry out large scale devastating attacks like the one i'm right and right here look behind the ribald highway here and that is the u.s. really understands that fine but let's. also headlines a hero in the face of terror. she was so brave she didn't even cry i was talking to her all the time.


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