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nutritionist but how is your diet the parisian diet different from all other dyes that you just referred to as fad diet because there are three people last the first one is that i wanted to get this very flexible the second one is the fact that this is sustainable because the time during your dieting is probably the men time you can learn nutrition and. they want to keep people their enjoyment even when dating but isn't it the case that all inventors of diets including yourself are essentially creating a product out of thin air because you take what is public knowledge what is the product of many generations of nutritionists scientists who worked on this subject you distill it in a couple of easy to follow rules you mystified
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a little bit by giving it this parisian a lawyer but essentially what you're doing is also branding you're creating a brand rather than adding anything. body of knowledge that we have and. this is not my intention this is the intention of every people speaking of my book but the real intention is to tell the truth and i often contest the fact that a lot of people wrote books just to brick a brand and a commercial benefit this is not the kids in this book i explained that the eating is a work and you have to take your time and i want this to be flexible because the flexibility is the only way to get a diet until the end and to never give up but this branding that i was a bit critical about in the previous question. it may be the crucial element because
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the problem with this it is of course not that people. don't know that certain foods or eating habits have bad for them they simply can't break their dependence their psychological dependence and i wonder how much of their psychologist you need to be in order to be a successful dietician this is a big mistake if your visit is a consequence of psychological problem you first have to treat the psychological problem and when i write a book about nutrition i just want to explain this that it's a fact that you have to really show food even when my men idea is to create a virtuous circle and this is the reason why i want to learn the people to be their own the traditionalist you mention this issue of flexibility here several times and i think you know this the stilling of losing your freedom and being essentially
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a scientist particular regiment is the most hardest thing about any diet but on the other hand people also need this feeling of oppression in order to embark on any change and to sustain that change so how do you draw the line between oppression which is a bad thing and discipline which is good you just. know what is difficult it is to follow it and when you follow this diet the two men problems first when you realize your weight and it means that you're dating and then your weight is not decreasing and the second problem is that every time you're invited you of. you have a restaurant and you don't know what to do so it created two thing the first one is that when you are on the plate to then you can get. very restrictive. this is
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just to boost you to kick start your your diet and the second seeing is that i created. a special. planned mill just the possibility to break the diets on times and then get on track image of the day after one thing that i could never understand about dieting and i also was a chubby kid and child many of them in my personal life is why do you need to have all those stages you just mentioned you have also three stages the cafe stage and so on and this is something that is very common about all sorts of diets but why do you need to have those stages when you i think the only approach that can actually work is just applying those nutritional principles throughout your life without going in and out of stages these are these are the words of somebody. being
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dated you know that's not true i dyed it all and pretty much lived this but the real problem of dating people is that there are real you know overweight and just. three four you know and i created these plans because i know the problem the problem is that it's very difficult to follow it during a long time and this is also the reason of the second pillar it means that you don't have to lose your enjoyment now you have your own t.v. show in france you are very successful there but now you are trying to break into other markets especially in into the american market and i wonder why is it so pylint here because certainly the united states has no shortage of its own diet prophets it's a part of my personal story because i was born in algeria and. my parents and myself we were served by american people and probably. so
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some memories this time and i. was a chubby kid and i also do a lot of. came back from friends and protected by american people so i have some something to give to american people interesting and i notice that much of your advice is centered around the negative aspects of american food culture for example you recommend smaller portion sizes. mindful eating social eating avoiding of snacks how much of an influence do you think the american culture has on the rest of the world not just in america but how powerful it is incredible they succeeded two things with. the world and with the food they did all the countries worldwide do you think that influence is mostly positive or negative
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mostly negative because for example a cheeseburger you need to have. a twenty percent of it and this is negative for yourselves also because the model of the american food is a very individual and there's no sharing and you eat alone and you lost the part of the pleasure now france has long been famed as the land of the slim and you use this image a lot and promoting your diet but your fans hasn't been immune to this spread of. you can call it american or convenience food culture because the number of obese people in france has doubled in the past fifteen years to seven million people and it is still increasing isn't it a sign that france too succumbing to these very you know eating on the goal lifestyle so the french model be. before wasn't touched by the american food and
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very recently. the american model is becoming in trance more and more and we also all models like japanese like mexicans and french people use no. response like this and this is one of the reasons why the obesity increases there is a reasons is probably the modern times and women and men. to take care of both what they buy and so the reason this globalization is the real factor of the. specter of the city and the first group to be affected by these trant is. people who are relatively young eighteen to twenty four year old where in france i mean increased by thirty five percent in just the past three
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years and when researchers ask those people about their lifestyle choices we can see a lot of american trans they're also like drinking soda you know prefer and snacks rather than males and so on so do you have any concerns about how sustainable your own culture really is because you know here. any habits you learned when you're young and when you're grow older they're increasingly difficult to change so france too may lose. their right and it isn't because the menfolk was. different of informations makes of people more free and making them more free. they can use all the of different foods and the french model is probably disappearing and i don't regret it i'm here to consider that the facts i don't want to contest it i just observe it and i try to write for explaining people
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what is or but you know tradition and family. which can help there's also. good on. hearing good advertising looking at the t.v. you just mentioned the world for them and my next question is exactly about that i know that the french government is very concerned about this growing obesity epidemic and you know on food minister your role called for talks with the industry because the french government is blaming that on the industry so he called for talking with food companies and even for forcing them to limit the amount of salt sugar and fat in their products and i wonder what do you think is the best way to deal with this obesity epidemic living it up to the people as an issue of personal choice or you know taking administrative actions government that
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the government governmental actions to direct the choice of the people is very difficult to government toll action because you're not sure of the result and it's very difficult to discuss with industry because the interest is are not the same industry tries to increase the. benefits government takes care of old olds and was done. it's impossible to do it so the industry very cynically. ministries change every four years and the industry is all every time so they win every time and they don't want to eliminate or decrease the salt except for marketing just because increasing salt sugar and salt is a way to increase the consumption but on the other hand it is the government that is
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. paying for all or so years diseases associated so they created the taxes and they decided to tax some products but the problem is that when they want to tax one product. was this brother not mine and not the other one and it's a very complex problem and. among this this complexity is they don't want to choose because they have to protect the economy and they have the to put their lives so there is no good initiative for the moment dr cohen we have to take a short break now but when we come back dr klein was very critical of period you can another french contrition as his diet is now taking the world by storm have the diet the kooris settle their differences that's coming up in a few moments and while the part.
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the beginning. to mention the feeds from life. into now enough temptation in. the darkness lasts for six months. as the people. and it is easy to hide the rifle as a scooter. because the island do so in a special or in an indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this era as could be read about. if you are. much of your advice is centered around the negative aspects of american culture example mindful eating social inning of voiding of snacks how much of an influence
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do you think based i am american culture has on the rest of the while incredible they succeeded two things with me and will dismiss. the food they did all the countries worldwide. such. as the country fourteen olympics what's this place like the one i use is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the game should be the city's present and future ludlow sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold snowy windy mountainous stuff yet beyond the olympics what to say today on our team. wealthy british style signposts
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sometimes. markets find scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports. welcome back to worlds apart we're discussing the politics of food with the inventor of the parisian dive john michelle cohen mr cohen just before the break we were talking about administrative staff in order to limit or. counter obesity epidemic and in many developed countries it is well established fact that the minority of patients in healthcare system take up the majority of free sources the lion's share of.


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