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tv   Headline News  RT  January 6, 2014 9:00am-9:30am EST

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iraq's president calls on the occupied city of fallujah to expel islamist rebels that seized the city on friday as the army gathers forces for a full assault on the extremists. greenland opens its pristine arctic territories to oil companies for the first time as a country seeks cash and independence r.t.o. looks at the debate sparked by the decision. britain's prime minister toughens up the rhetoric on immigration but too little too late say his critics who claim he's only looking for votes. which aren't t.v. international coming to life in moscow
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a marina josh welcome to the program iraq's prime minister is calling on the residents of the city of fallujah to drive out insurgents the city has been occupied by the militants since friday when they declared it an islamic state that has the army prepares for a major assault on the city with several air strikes already been carried out are just mostly or has the details. elements with al qaeda links have overrun the iraqi cities of ramadi and thousands of residents are fleeing these area as government forces launch airstrikes and fire artillery shells the iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki has vowed that government forces will not leave this area until all these extremist elements are to quote him eliminated but he does admit that for now the government has lost control in these cities in recent days the militants received a boost as they were joined in the fight against the baghdad government by sunni
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tribesmen and what is interesting is that it marks a change from the years prior to the u.s. withdrawal when major sunni tribes turned against al qaeda what we witnessing now is that they join forces with these al-qaeda groups again government now the american administration has been slammed for creating the situation there are many who predicted that once the u.s. forces withdrew from iraq they would be a vacuum that would be created and that this would be fulled with extremist elements the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has promised support for the baghdad government that he has ruled out the possibility of boots on the ground he has said that the u.s. would not send troops back to that country to quote kerry he says that this fight is the fight of the baghdad government iran has also said that it is prepared to me and military support to the baghdad government and say troops to help fight al qaida there while enabling syria the al qaida fighters who are embattled with
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the syrian president bashar assad in recent months have been gaining ground and gaining strength. now it's not the first time polluter has been at the center of the violent battles during a war in iraq it became a stronghold of sunni anti-american resistance adam kokesh was one of those who fought in flu jab at the time and he thinks what we are seeing now are the echoes of political mistakes of the past i've come a long way since my time in illusion in two thousand and four and been able to step back and you know i've been involved you know in a lot of various efforts here in the united states to help veterans out with p.t.s.d. and things like that so i it's it's just it's incredible to see that you know a lot of the projections that those of us who understood what the war was about at least figured out when we got home coming true now because when you understand the nature of war as a racket you want to stand the true motivations behind the united states in very general occupation when you want to stand what kind of puppet government was
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installed in iraq your stand it was really only a matter of time before this happened. and we spoke to the president of the u.k.'s our lawyers association and he says the country's prime minister and his cabinet have completely failed to save the country from ruin the hasn't been able to stop the terrorist act which is the taking the lives of the civilians in both that he is now accusing the guy there which is someone else that being the one who was causing it he is the government that is totally incapable of controlling she didn't by that did south accept the people that are being put and very tight slow because the government is allowing people to go out on a beating anybody who comes out in the street even raising their voices it's this is really a tragedy now the un says two thousand and thirteen was the bloodiest year in iraq since two thousand and eight was more than eight thousand people killed in the turmoil arteta com has
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a special section dedicated to keeping tally of the violence in the devastated state and the human cost pays every month. greenland has given a green light to oil exploration in the north east of the country an area previously on touched by industry the move comes as a cash strapped country searches for a way to fix its economy and give it independence are just like here chefs takes a close look at the pros and cons of the decision. drilling and oil exploration off
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the western coast of the country particularly has already been underway for some time by the likes of shell chevron and exxon mobil but b.p. and its partners will now explore the concession in the north east which amounts to thousands of square kilometers some believe there may be a huge reserve of oil there up to one hundred ten billion barrels potentially the largest in the whole of the arctic the decision of greenland's leadership is a complete u. turn from what it said only nine months ago when a moratorium on any further drilling was imposed due to environmental concerns the latest move is understood to be tightly connected with greenland strive for independence from denmark for now it's been relying solely on its faltering fish industry and grants from copenhagen but it's also known to have vast reserves of diamonds gold rare metals as well as having the world's second largest reserve of fresh water but clearly it's the black gold which could make greenland both economically and politically independent and the government is happy to have more international oil giants on board to boost these ambitions however not everyone is
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as thrilled to colleges have already bloss that the move pointing a checkered record describing the arctic environment as a very fragile they say that even a minor oil spill in the crystal clear waters of greenland could cause a major disaster b.p. officials say they will take several years to carefully prepare for the challenging exploration work given the intensity of environmentalists criticism it's almost guaranteed that this period will be marked by the protests of those opposed to any drilling in the arctic by letting while companies into its waters greenland has joined the race for arctic resources and race in which manny nations are already competing from that hansen institute in norway explain to me why the region has become so important. well i guess we're all recent climate change that makes arctic ocean ice cover melt at. a record high paced however i don't think technology is well less prices oil and gas and natural resources
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overall matters a lot and explaining this new interest as well as activity taking place in arctic most of these resources are actually within in dispute. sovereign states control so i think we should. should more look at the economy and it rather than the potential scramble and clash between states when it comes to utilization here i thought having already discussed the environmental debate over the drilling in greenland where the greenpeace activist and he believes that it would be impossible to clean up there after an oil spill and that the government should look for other economic solutions the snow technology to clean up the spill whether it's because this cold means that you will have to move all the all the oil manually there will be no natural degree dacian and you won't be able to use technologies in my minutes like the greenlandic ones extraction of oil and gas would of course though give
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great as a color a much needed boost so should the country really be denied these cave results is because i. will be addressed anyway i want to me clear that that is not anti development agenda and we fully believe the green and the green and the population has a right to development. we don't disagree that oil drilling would be the way to go if you look at the consequences and the risks not only for the environment for but for for example the fishery state saying greenland it is just too big and mr chase if they can find one or two environmentally sound and financially feasible lawsky industrial projects that should be sufficient for. the country's economy. and coming out tonight you know national shake on the cheap as more times feel the financial pinch chinese kids are replacing the country's famous brand names.
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compared to any other big nationwide institution i would see in the bank is almost free from all those mistakes. in the significant number of mistakes happen and we try to rectify it we try to put a system where you can detect any fault any any problem that arises in the system that does system is computer that just so that you can check it from your head office what's going on in the villages of the demote branches we work could all live this single village and i live there's physics to back microcredit program so we have all that around the country we have eight and a half million borrowers ninety seven percent of the women that are all connected to the system.
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millions around the globe struggle with hunger each. one of someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. against g.m.o. and we think that's. the. right products are. there is no. evidence that there is any problem. with genetic engineering what you make a deal. for is free cheese always in a mouse trap i don't believe that. for and that free. enterprise is profit that's. for sure. golden rice
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barkeep. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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welcome back you're watching on t.v. national the u.k.'s prime minister is pushing for a cap on european immigrants to britain and he also says there are needs to be cuts to welfare for migrant workers but critics claim david cameron is simply trying to window where voters who are increasingly leaning to the right artists are first reports. this is part of these wider plans that the prime minister has to renegotiate britain's relationship with europe and the prime minister insisting that he'd already made progress on those renegotiation plans he came under some ridicule on twitter from the ukip leader ninety four hours he said david cameron seems to be trying to sound like me the difference is that i believe what i say now of course that might cause some confusion amongst the public and it's felt by many that the conservative party line on immigration has been somewhat confused because you've had the borders opening up. garia and romania at the beginning of the year
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and say possibly a bit of confusion over the prime minister's strong words over what his plans for the future are with that renegotiation and of course the big question is that whilst the prime minister might be saying all that there is putting these very tough plans on the table the big question remains as to whether the e.u. would accept these terms of renegotiation and a lot of people feel that quite simply that won't be acceptable to the other members of the among those who think so is of course the u.k. and the paris party and these say brussels will not give britain what it wants. if he wants to make the changes that he suggested he has to actually get treaty changes and agreement from all the countries and they've already had the european commission in the form of a row so he said that won't happen the only clear solution is to get your control of your borders back in order to do that you have to leave the european union politicians are not listening to people in the streets of or into places around the
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country go to lincolnshire for example they are telling us that they have difficulties in their community because it's changed now that's not being racist is actually being realistic and listening to those people all that we suggesting you keep is that anyone who comes to this country has to be able to afford to work here pay taxes and contribute to this country but we have to have a sensible immigration policy which brings the best in and ensures that they stay here and pay for the future of this country in the same way that indigenous people do. now want to be in the guinness book of world records had to r.t. dot com where you'll find how polish swimmers did so just by taking a dip in the sea in the middle of winter. plus. could the rise of the machine be led by a drone as the u.s. military predicts that in a matter of years an unmanned aircraft will be able to carry out missions without human commands get the details on our website are.
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going to be wonderful for the moment a lot of these communities face i'm sure you know. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. welcome back you're watching on t.v. national a moscow is demanding an explanation from senegal over the seizure of a russian trawler the courage of the ship says it was an organized operation carried out with the government's knowledge the vessel was detained on saturday off the coast of getting the sounds in italy's officials claim it was fishing illegally
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but the ship has since been inspected and no evidence has been provided a crew of sixty two russians and twenty others from getting this hour still aboard their passports are confiscated. take a look now at some other stories from around the world key members of western backed syrian opposition are in turkey to decide on their participation in the geneva two peace conference aimed at stopping almost three years of bloodshed in syria last week another influential group the syrian national council reiterated their refusal to take part in the talks meanwhile in fighting between al qaida linked extremists and other rebels groups have left dozens dead in eastern syria. so dance president tomorrow bashir has arrived in the capital of south sudan for talks with his counterpart of ending the bloodshed in the country meanwhile fierce fighting continues across south sudan as peace negotiations between rebels and the government and if the o.p.'s are making no progress reports say an army general has
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been killed during intense battles in the town of bor over a thousand people have lost their lives in the violence in south sudan. two separate blasts in pakistan of left eleven people dead the first explosion occurred in the northwest of the country at the home of a local tribal leader killing ten including children it is reported the house was used as a weapons distribution point for local militants the other person died in a suicide blast near a school in the country's north reports say the taliban could be behind the assault . tennessee has issued a state of emergency as vast parts of the united states is in the grips of a heavy snow storm made while masses of frigid air and put the midwest of the country in deep freeze with temperatures forecast to hit minus fifty celsius in some areas schools in chicago interop minnesota have a closed and people are advised to stay home they extreme weather ass claim sixteen
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life so far the leopard is one of the symbols of the upcoming winter olympics in sochi and there is a reason for that the mountains of the caucasus are home to the endangered creatures who are fighting tooth and claw to survive to i would say is in sochi to find out what's being done to help still be hunted is resourceful scavengers persian lead has the smallest little while can someone strong these mountains in the caucuses now the soul of three elusive and skillful printed to be introduced to the natural habited after fifty years thanks to the caucuses nature reserve leopard sent to. its part of a program linked to the sochi twenty fourteen winter games that aims to preserve and improve the region's wildlife and environment.
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though the animal has been spotted in the russian caucasus a few times there is no viable leopard population there our program is designed to start the new population of the persian labyrinth in the caucasus mountains and to restore the species in its natural habitat there has been success here two cups born at the national park in july with a bruised ever born in captivity. their parents have been brought in from lisbon zoo in portugal to two years with them to get used to their new home and each of them. the connection wasn't to mediate but it didn't come and there for his kids was captured on camera the health of the family will be wanted today using g.p.s. chips well the next twenty years all in all the center now has ten leopards it's home to this group can lead to a resurgence called the species the leopards live in
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a temperate open eight cages in the reserve which i quipped with cameras there observed closely while the adept before being released into the wild their food is pig released in the cages to show up in out their hunting skills. one cob that wasn't shy about cameras was groom his mother neglected him after he was born now the keep his act as falls to parents taking them for walks feeding him and giving him extra love and attention. now growing he is only six months old he's pretty happy and he will be here making sure that there's more of him out of this nature park to bomb would say in so she's a nature park forty well tomorrow will be just a month before the winter olympics in sochi and we'll get updates from the organizing committee head and much more to stay with our senior national for our
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special coverage. out of the midst of a financial storm italians are turning their backs on the designer brands that have made their country world famous and they're increasingly turning to chinese producers for cheap goods sometimes even a label made in italy artistic orbits cut off as more. on july first i four generations of this family have made their living from the textile business italian kashmir silk garden you name it these people have quality clothing in their d.n.a. any quality which fewer and fewer customers are able to afford it now we declare this the people they they are interested in the nice thing sir but that they have
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no money to buy and they go to buy a cheap pair of boots and this is ladies and also why is the proud i call rubbish brad the junk food the drunken clothes. as the economy struggles through the longest recession in half a century demand for watch three goods among italians is going down but for some the crisis has provided great opportunities just like many other cities across the world rome has its own chinatown as well whole district in the center of the city filled with showings businesses which go way beyond cities to take out and include shops or even boutiques and chinese walls which have been spreading all around formal casual sporty every size and style of clothes and foot were are presented here and with a price tag sometimes as much as ten times lower than the competition it's flying off the shelves there is nothing to think about here i'm not going to spend my last
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cash under such i buy chinese stuff yes name a good cotton clothes sometimes but i always check the label first and here's the punchline the chinese clothes are not made in china anymore the materials are imported yes but since there are assembled here who are just lieschen allows the made in italy stamped on every item something italian companies want changed if you need. off the prog about there we are working extensively on quality and not. quantity but large quantity and lope. prices have proved the perfect tactic for the chinese who poured into the bank of italy general at least one and a half million dollars out of italy to china. you've got this going on our tea room . now it's probably hard to imagine that going out of their way to help the poor but next sophie and co hears from a bangladeshi economist out of breath for using them to bring millions out of
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there are many internal battles in society liberals and conservatives will never agree on gun rights or abortion but there is one battle that is often more generational than anything the battle for school uniforms teachers argue that uniforms eliminate a big distraction in the classroom and break up the caste systems that can evolve at school between the cool festival kids and the ones who can barely afford lunch like me in my younger years but teenagers will scream uniforms crush their freedom of expression and that they have a right to express who they are their individuality who has the right to dictate to them what to wear the thing they don't realize is that if the school doesn't tell them what to wear that big corporation. and m.t.v. will all the cool individuals who dress alike and blindly follow all the trends are just obeying corporate marketing instead of their parents yeah for some reason it is bad if the school punishes you for dressing improperly but if the cool kids make your life a living hell for not wearing the right brand of shoes well that's all well and good for some reason hey look at it this way school uniforms are cheap which leaves more money for parents to buy you video games be an individual in your actions and
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not a fake individual in trendy clothes but that's just my opinion. it was a. very hard to take care of. that exact thing that her make her look. you can. kick you can't sleep sleep. q.q. k.k. . q.q.
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execute the put. wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two kinds a report on.
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