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this is why you should care only. on the finish line there's just a month left before the russian olympic host city sochi starts the ball rolling we talked to the chief organizer about how the city's going to run the games and keep everyone safe. iraq is losing control of its biggest province with key cities seized by al-qaeda militants flooding in from syria while the us promises to speed up drone and missile deliveries. sampling for a basic scientist warned out water may become a key factor in world conflicts with it already fueling tension in the arab middle east. and the youngest victim of the terror attacks in volgograd is on the man we're following the fate of the three months old girl who survived the blast that killed her mother.
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is there an international coming to you live from moscow with me marina joshing. it's exactly thirty one days to go until the winter games kick off in russia and all eyes are on sochi as the city gets ready for its big moment scott is in the u.n. picco city that's wrapping up its seven years long preparations for the international sports spectacle. organizes a saying that we are on track and that everything is ready. h of the eleven venues in the coastal cluster which you can see behind me on the mountain cluster have been completed and put to the test on more than one occasion by hosting international spy standard competition and also each of the new transport networks including the high speed rail service which is connecting the two clusters to one another they're also up and running now there is still some work to be done in and
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around the city but it's mainly cosmetic it's mainly superficial in terms of sprucing the city up so it is ready to welcome the sporting world come february the seventh from day one the security has been a top priority for organizers of the games but with a month to go today is the day that the security operation really kicks in in earnest and in many ways the security operation in and around sochi is no different from that that you would find for any major public event anywhere in the world a controlled zone has been set up around all of the venues in which there are numerous security checkpoints meaning any spectators or officials hoping to get into certain designated areas or venues will have to provide either tickets or some form of i.d. well more than thirty thousand police and security officers are going to be on patrol in the region as well and the chairman of the twenty fourteen organizing committee. told me earlier that everything is being done to keep these games secure . to host the most innovative games ever. reach
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the olympic mold from the beginning of the construction. security is the paramount importance of the corporation for the games and. for all international expert. russian as they provide incredible measures incredible things is the safest and most secure games ever. safety concerns are a clear priority for the organizers now as i said behind me you can see the coastal cluster or the olympic village which includes the fish stadium well that's going to be hosting the opening ceremony come february the seven forty thousand fans are going to be packed into that stadium rehearsals are ongoing but the content of the show is a closely guarded secret all set to be on veiled all not big day when the games get underway a month from now while the only thing missing in sochi is the olympic flame and
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it's now on its way through central russia on its longest really in the game's history and at a distance of over fifty six thousand kilometers its record breaking journey has been full of firsts with a historic space walk one of the most impressive records to russian cosmonauts to get outside the international space station and that's by the way the very torch will white the olympic flame in sochi next month our guest james brown has been following its voyage which he described earlier too and different from james brown welcome to the studio what do you have with you here the torch of the olympic games can you give us a look at this as you say this is my. personal torch it's as you can see very one of the color and souvenir let me let me have a look at it i mean this this is not light by any means heavy this is yeah it is what about for actually really yes i'm going to. hold that you know what about that is heavy quite and this is better record breaking relay for the olympic torch going
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places it's never been before you were following it which one of the milestones do you think was the last memorable or important i think for me i've been to several. going to by car was amazing they took the torch down under water into my car so you have the burning flare torches specially made and passed very impressive on the water and then flew the top barack with the man with the jets on to the to the show very good video so that was that was a sight to be seen but there was one amazing moment in a real once in a lifetime moment was going with the torch to the north pole you see on t.v. and you read it and then you think wow that must be really must be very interesting never going to go and then this opportunity came up to go on this nuclear icebreaker this huge. ship that can cut through to me to thick ice and is fueled by two gigantic reaction see your which is which is
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a strange feeling in itself yeah go and stand by. but we were going to go to the north pole with the flame and we maybe it's the. lesson for hope that it was a world record pace and arrived in the middle of the polar nights with the libby torch in the north pole for the very first time in history. a search of repairs to wow gas for the upcoming winter games local businesses appear to be winning the cities in a limbic ambitions are just about one take but a family that was actually so inspired they left moscow to start from scratch in such. yeah the caucasus mountains are known to attract days with a love for nature and now they become an attraction for new opportunities and business one family decided to leave behind the metropolis of moscow for a change of scenery and lifestyle and a new business saw them using that found in this landscape bad the city winning the
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olympic bid play in influence to. sochi winning the olympic three it encouraged us to take action as we became more sure that the region will now be developing fast and world so yes i'd say this fact did have an influence on our decision to move here. leaving well paid jobs behind meant making a living was a number one priority so they turned to so. are using his head for business to help his creative like christina at first it was not much more than a pastime but the business blossomed to david product line consists of organic soaps shampoos show a gels and creams you might even for gadgil looking at a bar of soap as everything looks appetizing there's a whole arsenal of bottles and flasks with essential and cosmetic aisles and greetings alga nicklas source locally water from the local mountains is used
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alongside herbs and spices which christina picks herself with no previous experience in the soap making industry and no formal education in chemistry kristina studied up on her own time with the business is doing well their future looks even brighter with plans to open an eco friendly hotel but for now the magic happens in the kitchen. so you could i got a post about why the games themselves will add potential clients raw business future hotel i'm proud to say that. organizers of the olympics as say the new infrastructure created in the city will draw more tourists and help small businesses and the elim peaks a home based business source saying the local organic products and materials and herbs from our own soil she as well as the caucasus mountains now if the president is bubbling with fever for the winter games then it looks like its future the
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olympic and paralympic games will blossom if you take the example of upcoming businesses like this one with a in sochi. now the olympic clock is ticking and we're closely following sochi as a gears up for the games on air and online as well so stay tuned to r.t. international. i. at least twenty nine people have been killed as iraqi troops continue to fight for the cities of fallujah and ramadi which have been held by al-qaeda militants since last friday america has now pledged to help the government fight of extremist by
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speeding up to live areas of surveillance drones and missiles extremist reportedly from syria as rebel held eastern provinces have tightened their grip on bar province with the aim of creating an islamic state there and the country's leadership was left to battle al qaida linked insurgency amid deep sectarian divide since u.s. troops withdrew from iraq two years ago made while the conflict in neighboring syria is seemingly spilling further over the border as political analysts side are caught told us. you know i spent five years in iraq as the united nations spokesman in baghdad and i can tell you this is the worst experience and probably the the american occupation there was a fight in fallujah in two thousand and four but. this recent one is basically a very dangerous because it bodes ill for the unity of the government and it is predicated on pure sectarian lines aided by the syria conflict the border is so porous and it is really elastic so you have
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a nice worsley that are basically the same size i mean they call themselves and they slam mixtape of iraq and the sham which is syria so the spouse the same kind of of ideology there's been an influx of weapons and money you know under the guise of aiding the syrian rebels so that to find its way there are all these things come together. coming out for you in just a few moments britain's predatory banks are to talk to a couple of on personal lost everything after a high street bank decided to cash in on them with sleight of hand financing instead of being their safety net that's just ahead. he survived more atrocities. to make a psychologist says she. has changed his life and the world
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around him. by giving up. hope. and loves to so many children. nikolai the american worker on the street.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. international coming to us from moscow the youngest victim of all the grad terrorist attacks in southern russia at the end of december is now showing signs of recovery the come was just three months old had been in a medically induced coma for over a week he was in the hospital for us. we have received some good news from the russian health minister and the father of the youngest injured infant in the volgograd terror attack she's only three and a half months old. still in hospital while her condition she is no longer in a medical and medically induced coma her father told me that she even started breathing by herself and now responds to objects by moving her eyes her father was kind enough to provide us with some family food some home footage of the victorian baptism and here is what else he told me you can the there is still a long way to fool rehabilitation we hope it will soon be able to get rid of all of
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you to say we're hoping for a positive outcome she has had a neurological examination and everything is fine samurais again revealed no damage . the condition of another girl another injured in the volgograd terror attack and nine year old olga is also positive she is no longer in a life threatening condition she's showing very good signs of recovery and we also know that sixty more people more than sixty people are still in hospitals all across the country after the volgograd bombing thirty eight of them are still in volgograd and twenty two in moscow and one more in st petersburg and certainly we are keeping track and following all the details and developments on that story. controversial cryptocurrency bitcoin is hitting new highs again burchill loni's value has swung past the one thousand dollar mark after an online game company said it would accept it points from its customers all the details on the corner the latest success on r.t.e. dot com. also online for you a four month old giant panda cub in the u.s.
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has made its debut before the media we've got food from that meeting on our in motion page. right to see. first street view and i think the jury. on our reporters with their. instrument. to be in the. to get a business off the ground most of us would need the help of a bank but choose carefully because not all of them seem to have your best interests at heart parties or smith spoke to two businessmen in britain who found their lender blame them rather than protecting and discovered they were far from alone chris richardson and bernstein used to own this hotel but not
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anymore three years ago out of the blue they say the bank took it from them nat west style hotel this hotel beyond me here these hours always will and it will be coming back if there's justice in this country these guys will be arrested. we will be giving this october back in two thousand and ten chris and ernie had a loan from now west to do up the coniston hotel and conference center in north kent they were just eleven days from opening when their bank manager told them there was a problem releasing the latest tranche of their loan he said no worries don't worry about it. and that is the last we've ever heard of. if we have not heard from him later the owners know the bank was saying they'd run out of money despite having one point six million pounds of their agreed loan left now west then revalue to the
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hotel at just over a third of its original price so the hotel found itself in administration from where it was snapped up by west register the bank's property. the kicker r.b.s. and its subsidiary now west are majority owned by the taxpayer but it's a ruse r.b.s. has been accused of many times over laurence tomlin from is a small business and by the to the government his recent report exposes the seemingly duplicitous nature of banking operations my report focuses on r.b.s. and what we're saying is that restructuring division georgi acted in a way that the businesses that they were supposed to be helping get back to health were taken into distress for the benefit of the bank we actually see. property company called west register and we're seeing r.b.s. owning those customers property after they've been in distress tomlinson's report
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is twenty pages of examples and findings under headings like engineering and defaults and extensive fees in response r.b.s. said in a statement no evidence had been provided to support the allegation that the bank had systematically profited on the backs of their customers and they'd be looking into it fully christened ernie's hotel is now a thriving business fitted out exactly as they left it but it belongs to the bank and their lives have been destroyed. from a very wealthy man back on tax credits. family suffered heavily through this. banks property company in the hotel in the was last year. she sadly. got cancer and march this year and she taught him only. for three three girls that one also isn't
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justice determined to fight back chris and they cling to the idea that one day they'll walk through these doors onus of the hotel again laura smith otty kent and the world's resources have always been cause for better disputes among nations but for many it may be a surprise to hear that it's water rather than oil or gas that's becoming a reason for conflict and you can see on this map right here that the world has witnessed close to one hundred eighty disputes over water resources since the nine hundred fifty s. and these include small clashes and protest as well as more serious large scale conflict one example is the tensions in the middle east where the struggle for water is a key issue and some ongoing conflicts are just falsely or retorts. the bible tells us that within a short distance from here jesus turned water into wine two thousand years later the great american might be turning the wine back into water bubby carballo has
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been living in the golan heights for over thirty years each day he attends to seventy odd an orchard keeping his wine in a center that was once a syrian bunker he is proud of the wine he produces but knows that in the absence of water none of this would be possible but i know usually water isn't working because it's the second main resource that we have other than the land. needs water and without it you will destroy all the crops and destroy all the farming here you can turn the golan heights into exaggerated and it's not just about the golan heights rainwater from its catchment feeds into the river jordan providing a food of israel's water supply the disputed region was seized from syria after the six day war and residents of the golan remember that water was a key issue in the conflict and one of the stands here understands the importance of the work that all the water supply of israel because every door was raining here
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all but one is prone to the security of god so we can say that it is and must. respect the resolve to have all over it's what the fox says it's a worldwide rule that whoever controls the water controls the land but the problem is in some places there's very little water to go around bring you have the common water souls shared by several sovereign nations is always the possibility of a clash of riches conflicts that should be manageable pulls it out of control and examples of possible conflicts are plentiful syria's major water sources travel through turkey and iraq making it vulnerable while jordan is reliant on a river with syria bill today egypt. recently expressed concern of a countries using the upper now to generate electric power in the dry landscape of the middle east water is a prize most precious thing diamonds in its absence famine and drought are quick to
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follow but this is a region that very seldom needs an excuse for war and water shortages might just tip the balance for this year our teeth in the golan heights. and as mentioned in the report egypt is becoming increasingly concerned over a construction project on the upper nile the country rely is greatly on the river or upstream of the opiate is currently building a massive dam political science professor cited access egypt may face serious consequences when the project is completed in two thousand and seventeen we have to remember that egypt has only six to seven percent of its land and the rest of the egyptian territory is there's a lot that can really be a serious effort to national security and that's why immediately when sylvia and raise the issue of the high there the world some experts here is that the work of about to go in to war was this your beer because if you cut water we would be
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buying eighty five percent of the water. and water comes from and so it's serious in fact that in two thousand and fifteen years it will be one hundred fifty million people and we would be needing in addition to the fifty five point five billion cubic meter when you one billion cubic meter of extra what would happen to egypt in . two thousand and fifty if we don't have more water. and let's now take a look at some other stories from around the world in turkey three hundred fifty police officers reportedly been sacked overnight as part of a crackdown over a massive corruption scandal in addition several high profile officials have been thrown behind bars following an investigation the revelations sparked fears and a government protests on the streets the prime minister of iran claims the affair is a foreign conspiracy designed to discredit his cabinet. shiela now
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were anti-government protesters have marched to drum up support for bangkok shut down operations demonstrators are planning to blockade major roads in the capital to sworn government work and continue their calls for the prime minister to quit. has already yielded to pressure from the streets and announced a new elections for a family that protesters claim that's not enough and are pushing for citizens' councils carry out reforms before any new elections are held. a whirlpool of dan's air has hit america's east coast with thousands of flights being canceled across the north american continent a shift in the weather a pattern known as a polar vortex as dropped temperatures in some parts of the continent to near record lows and it's also causing a number of deaths shut schools parks and businesses it was reported it was so cold that even the polar bears in chicago's lincoln park zoo had to be kept indoors. now moscow has demanded an explanation from senegal over the detention of
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a russian trawler the ship and its eighty two crew were captured at the weekend off the coast of guinness oul in western africa later on tuesday it's hoped the vessel will be freed as russian diplomats are due to meet with the president of senegal to discuss the issue at least two people including the captain were reportedly injured during the seizure of the official reason is all were on the licensed fishing but the senegalese side has failed to produce any evidence to support the accusations sixty two russians are still held on the ship with their passports confiscated. it's christmas day but there's no need to rush to your calendar because it's orthodox worshippers celebrating the holiday this time here in moscow it began with a grand service in the christ the savior because the rope arches refinished that was there. this is a holy time for old russian also looks believe that there's around eighty percent of the country's population but there are also others who live abroad special christmas be jewels held in around ten thousand churches and monasteries all across
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russia including christ the savior cathedral here in central most of russia's main church where the ceremony is led by pay triple mosco and all russia the real every year around five thousand believers attend the ceremony in this particular cathedral including the country's top officials these here prime minister medvedev attended the ceremony here but president putin celebrates christmas in seoul to this here where he traveled several days ago to monitor preparations for winter olympic games the trasher will soon be hostage in a holy relic a very important one for old also dogs believers. brought here to see christ to save a cathedral from greece's aphis mourner street which is paul to all of the magi gold frankincense and myrrh that according to the bible and christian tradition were given to jesus when he was born by
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a group of foreign travelers who covered thousands of kilometers to see the newborn and to own to him as a king and starting tuesday morning and for the entire week off towards all those who want to come here and see them will have this one with whom to end just a legitimate question that i guess our t.v. audience may still have is why iran is also exchange celebrates the birth of jesus at the beginning of january not in december as most of christians do that is because of the julian calendar the thrushes. follows and the end which differs from going to go in calendar used by others after christmas we are going to see a week of so-called. this is a holy time for all believers as well. up next here on r t we meet the family of a russian orthodox priest who opened his home to seventy abandoned children the
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miracle worker is happy. there are many internal battles and society liberals and conservatives will never agree on gun rights or abortion but there is one battle that is often more generational than anything the battle for school uniforms teachers argue that uniforms eliminate a big distraction in the classroom and break up the caste systems that can evolve at school between the cool festival kids and the ones who can barely afford lunch like me in my younger years but teenagers will scream uniforms crush their freedom of expression and that they have a right to express who they are their individuality who has the right to dictate to them what to wear the thing they don't realize is that if the school doesn't tell
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them what to wear that big corporations and m.t.v. will all the cool individuals who dress alike and blindly follow all the trends are just obeying corporate marketing instead of their parents yeah for some reason it is bad if the school punishes you for dressing improperly but if the cool kids make your life a living hell for not wearing the right brand of shoes well that's all well and good for some reason hey look at this way school uniforms are cheap which leaves more money for parents to buy you video games being individual in your actions and not a fake individual in trendy clothes but that's just my opinion. and a chill be given you. find knock and a chill be open done to you.


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