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coming up. at our teen years we have a different. oh yeah because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not you know. if. you guys stick to the jokes we'll handle. that. oh my god. we go ok are you going to have to give me a second to think about this life for ya know a couple one. three. for. five well i know about seven people a good team by the guys so yeah it is like a run through my family does to close and my brothers i know about ten people who
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have that i. told them i brought us thank you every day i walk out my house i would feel right you know bus six impudence yeah they all died before he even turned seventeen this is almost imagine that you know somebody like you know nobody's son row which is. every time something like bankers they changed me on insanity. you to see somebody and i did in a cool way i don't know but i don't pull the seed a need to send out a young gays kind of explore in my life it's a lot of. the
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first that they have been because of violence it was like you know it was a shotgun but we came together. the second one it was odd but we still came to get it in a day when everybody just seemed just and just split up. one thing we do citizens one thing we tend to do is dehumanised human beings so we talk in terms of how many people were murdered norms what are the numbers so what do we do about that mindset what do we do you mean eyes murder the only way that we
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could think to do it was to name them each day is listed on a board with the name of the person there is a huge and how they were killed without respect to where they're from what their color is what they did or did not do for a living whether they graduated or didn't for moscow where they deal in drugs or not you don't know if you look a bit bored. shit like someone. was my. shah sometimes i look at our little church or our little walls and say you know how much wall space do i have here after a while this will get to look celie and stuff like that i suppose when we look more like maybe milwaukee and a half million people and they killed fifty three people not two hundred fifty the . los lobos.
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last by. the old la. la i was glad my name isn't me of iraq as a kid growing up in the projects of new orleans i saw shootings like this all the time and eventually committed acts of violence myself at the serving five years in jail i began to help kids to mentor but this story isn't about me this is a story about the environment in which i grew up. a wild night across metro new orleans someone sprays a crowd with bullets as they were leaving
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a high school basketball game five people good evening and all nine people were shot tonight including an eleven year old to be in five separate shootings in new orleans and jefferson parish and nine year old boys are covering tonight after another drive by shooting in new orleans east it's much like the one where the two year old girl was shot and killed several kids playing in the middle of the afternoon when the gunfire broke out a shooting happened just after seven i was called in the crossfire as a way that is able to record it was the target shooting. this is a story about what it's like being young and surrounded by family but it's also a story about finding solutions. you tolerate as unable. to tolerate as an adult children have to see this day after day. and it. and one nine hundred sixty new orleans had his largest population and as
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small as murder rate but in the course of fifty years over ten thousand people have been murdered and since two thousand and five more people have been killed than those who lost their lives when the levees broke. at this moment there is a battle being waged each and every day on the streets of new orleans it is a battle for the heart and soul of this great city by the time you wake up tomorrow morning i will have likely received another message. the worst part of my day that says exactly the same thing mr mayor was sorry to inform you that earlier this evening police officers responded to gunshots when they arrived on the scene they found a young african-american male face jail in blood gunshots in the back of his head he was announced dead on arrival there are no witnesses.
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the first script the prime. dead in all the son's right that culture next one that's a load of crap and over there you know got to the next one that's ok i would go to the next one extra room can you i'm a real live people have to be by listening to tell you i'm tom i take children.
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across the street from the shoot there's a screen printing shop or rest in peace t. shirts are the most popular item they give us or when a person passed away it's like giving follows this basically to remember that person to show that this was my friend this was my loved one the day he died the next morning in the shop get my shirt and you go to church every day until that person is better dressed. similar. to. when you hold a shirt you write your worst and sometimes. heard so much that people don't have words and now it's me to come up with words on x. me to come up with words our actual what type of person was am from there the designs come from mighty many shops have opened to meet the demands for shirts about twenty all together with a three mile square radius there's not a soul as i basically wanted to do birthdays for every old planes more living
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than you can survive without the one rest in peace or with your business will never grow because i'm the world's. first face to my whole family dressed in trees dressed in jeans. pressed. he was the quiet person he was the hard work but he worked on the riverfront and he loved the spin and time with his kids which they were babies when he was killed with one and three he had a nickname goof troop after the the disney character goofy because he always said funny things you know to make people laugh the boys there plays back in my head all the time is like what's wrong with my what i can remember about david is when he's twelve years trying to. scratch records on my little k.-mart stereo hours and hours and hours of david spending at his turntables mixing music and making music i think we were watching like american idol or talent show i can just remember that
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the people on t.v. saying and they sounded really bad for van want to go out on his birthday to celebrate with when i would never feel in this car pulled up into a parking lot that was there was nearby and told them to come here. and that's when the nightmare began we hear and it would sounds like an explosion that pop pop pop but boom boom the whole house shakes he shook me was like my get up shoot ninja mangas shot and then i looked down and there is my son lying on the ground there's a hole in his chest where the bullet by in his chest behind his ear a die instantly in the core and then they know at with the blood on the sidewalk the neighbors the police tape much i was killed for no reason no reason he's saying is that he done it because because my son just was standing there he was
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going to be a witness somebody here that much power in your life that they woke up and decided another human being would not walk the plane or another day. it's. magri is a high school life document is life video cam i want to let you guys see. how hard i'm trying to get to my goal. i want to be a courier so you know that's not going to be easy there's going to be tough challenges in life but i really want to be a congressman i know what it takes to get this and i'm striving for you know stand
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on their road of what it takes right now in this moment the struggles are similar to many teens but matt is extremely frustrated what is it you cation all i want to do is just do this right but sometimes just want to just do the simple thing a simple blood test was right just kind of no more you know specially when you get kids churning so you're in the teachers trying to make you feel stupid about you breezy an excellent question you know no met took a video camera to school to record a class was not going to run if you're a student or my question was oh i know anybody. over to. somebody you know i can hear it when it was. you know his dad if i knew where he. was going to be you know what you want to know you do you know continue to throw
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k.b.'s meet somebody who is younger than obama you know make you hit you with. all these courses basically like fighting for the teacher or when you know you know what it was all of this. and you know what we're looking at teacher got a girl you shoot at you you're not miss okada years ago even to webster. what is in this will you. you know even dated. a girl did all. that is missing. what. do you. think the ancient near east.
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part of what you had a real may have made you i'm about. to know there. were. proximately sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. give once the territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths.
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do we speak your language anybody will or not a. news program says documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news that will turn the tip angles stories. for you here to. try to alter the spanish find out more visit. all tito it's called. have been many changes to the public school system in the last few years but you see classes like math still come students with this manner issues may be punished but in many cases the root causes are not addressed often these problems escalate to heart was. was and sometimes their resume after school where there is greater access to weapons was.
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in growing up a certain neighborhood make you feel like you need something to protect yourself and you know this is not going to take you these days because you can punch a bully although find them on time this is a lifeline isn't school mike we can give sam just then he'll minor just cause why i think kids have guns is for all different type of reasons and i think protection is the main reason why people have what do you protect yourself. out of people who. are native. it's something that they get respect from. most people have. a k forty seven. week a week or a chaplain i was still going as we easy to get them to take a look now yeah ok for a feller like. bad to pull about in textbooks are way more expensive to get to some
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people get it from point. some time most of the time and be a little good to order them on line and stuff like this you can't just walk into a store and buy and i don't see the textbooks like that in wal-mart. take. the rap group you t.p. featuring juvenile produced a hit single no you clapping two thousand and four the group also included the rapper skill who continues to perform as a solo artist in addition to on the call for me. to. change. i made a sound about eight nine months ago when i had like a string of murders in like five murders of six murders in three days and i was right and it was too weak and out you know like somebody is gonna care for i was made a side of the whole percent of the violence people starting to man was like
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a parade. and academe estimate there was i know that to be an easy thousand and fifty homes and be easy right i have friends that it might have been murdered thirty years and i see the amount of the some papers and be it on like classics like i didn't really feel may not be like i really figured to i might be afraid to name my style name in air but i might be afraid the name was in a frame i just want to see if it became like jack it was a really nobody fandom nobody really doing that and they're like man in my up to remember that night and like i did what happened and i'm like man no everybody came feel like. they had a gun shop it was on the borderline of like new orleans and jefferson parish called elliot's and it was. you get could just this was no paradise a lot of hunting going only it is normal and then in the wheezy the last station you must be twenty want to buy a hand but you can buy a hunting rifle at the age of eighteen assault rifle falls into the hung rival
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category so if you have look class s k s n a k hundred eighty nine it's no use i didn't say you eighteen to buy one and how did. he just makes a hundred dollars and i hope i was in the hood a chaos out right with thirty round clip if you let the people instead of them going to operate in the office with fifteen twenty years it's the cumulation of go . to the streets it's got to be astronomical and you wonder why the bird to read because everybody got to start right. it was at one time i live i just i'm going to i was tired of going for a man i love him i was i will view the body i'm a fan of both but i've got a friend on the way repass i'm just kind of. has too much in.
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the bank mustapha you know a way to get the mr. you know the cow is a problem before it gets to that problem. when the more not the for these children more just growing up as well just to live and survive and just the work the system the judge the liberal justice is going to be in jail there the next five ten years is that you can see can think i like that almost two four six seven children over there under the age of ten ten more years
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where would they be if this can see on being like this you know. in two thousand and six lisa and danny fitzpatrick moved to new orleans to continues lisa's work with youth and the summer they started a daycare for kids who had nothing to do two weeks after some a kid a young man was shot a block and a half from here when that occurred and i'm driving home seeing that body on the other side of police tape and what's more than that seeing the kids and the neighbors it was a normal occurrence in their lives and i just said we're going to open a center now we're not going to open it two years from now and i'm going to five years from now we're not going away to the experts tell us we dotted all the i's
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and crossed all the t.'s at the descent over the fish patches quickly learn about the kinds of obstacles they would face lisa recalls a story about giving one of the kids a bike i gave him a bicycle because he'd been walking to work to the french quarter the donor had been generous with us so we decided to give him the bicycle to go to work he had had that bicycle only a few hours got a block from my house and officer pulled him over yanked him off of his bike threw him down face down on the ground and accused him of stealing about so now that young man he takes my six year old to the store with him for protection because a six year old white child is protection from the in p.d. . and two thousand and eleven report from the department of justice confirms the
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claims of many new orleans you are findings reveal the pattern of practice of unconstitutional conduct or violations of federal law in several areas these included violations committed by officers through their actions including the use of excessive force unconstitutional stops searches and arrests and racial profiling and ethnic profiling the report details day indeed the limited arrest data that the department collects points to racial disparity in a rest of whites and african-americans and virtually all categories were particularly dramatic disparity african-american youth under the age of seventeen. how many have imposed by police they don't know me so i might seem like i'm a bad person but you like you don't know me sometimes you know they do good deeds and they help people. that have seen the police raise people and beat people i've seen into people makes me and from my door playing basketball just the kind of
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break the whole basketball game going to go on shoes they are like nothing but a crown thanks. i think all police crooked though i would want to know some of them are bad but not not all of them because i met some police officers and say i fit the description. description and i saw a man. let him play i don't want to beg her on but to close this thing i can steal your typing by saying all of them a bit because that'll be done with someone new to me they start with so many times they go to call here by me like yeah yeah i'm a gangster that's what happened against theirs they get pulled over by the cops you know when really i'm not really a gangster is maybe still like that you know it made me feel like i was i wouldn't even wanted to my own society.
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might be pretty shortly to say. you know you saw the. man may be. i was just a little. bit ahead of the valuation. for those who do get arrested the rollies the courthouse in orleans parish prison known as opie p c c interviews two brothers about being locked up you have been all be. right there your parents about would be. right at the clearly the air mess does
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doesn't when you know. most the no beef with them. are a fill throughout the list of might be to get it up as a case of. when you were black in the cell for twenty three hours i do need to get one hour of free for. oh how did that make you feel. i don't want to cage them and they are like their niggaz in a sale and they're told to sell just get it how you live don't you think that is one of the most extreme examples of the city's arrest mentality is a story of kevin griffin very first run in with the first offense ten years old never done anything remotely as bad i got a lot of fights as a kid you know without the children but never so this experience and kevin was a kid he was cornered by three bullies he broke a bottle to the finish and the short blinded one of the boys kevin was arrested and
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tried for attempted murder my legal came to court drunk every b. he greet the alcohol every time so i don't have a great defense kevin served five years in it to lure you prison and not the easy and it was a lot of that a lot of thinking going on you know is like wind me a lot and then by me being a christian i was like a lot of tall going to get out and leave next but mason is like i'm ten and i'm sitting here say oh. i'm so. all i can run circles around kevin into the place more brutal than the place he left behind a lot by guards a lot of chaos among among the four inmates there as well but a lot of the stem from the abuse from from the guards a few years out to kevin's release to lulu prison was closed down for mistreatment of makes by the department of justice what assistance from the juvenile justice project of louisiana you know there's
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a lot of misconceptions about what are the most effective ways to reduce juvenile crime or to improve public safety across the board well we too often see is putting more money into building more prisons or you know the solution is more police officers on the street. wealthy british style it's time to. find. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports. you cannot preemptively restrict your freedoms because of the fear of what something or how something might be used everything that has ever been developed has been used for a bad purpose baseball bats which are fun for you know for baseball players to hit
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balls you know they've also been used to beat people to death or i mean we just cannot restrict ourselves because something might be years you know in the wrong way. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can very strong against. and we think that. the genetic anymore the fate products are a priest. there is no. evidence that there's any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the most trash i don't think that. for anybody free. enterprise is profit.
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that's for sure these golden rice are cheap. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refused to notice. faces changing the world lights never. on full picture of today's events no longer runs from roads to close.
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to. fifty. civilians that question in the crossfire between al qaeda linked militants under rocket troops one expert tells us the divisions called by the american led invasion is the real cause of the cold. a u.k. government report says it's miters on the imminent threat because the public no longer knows what it's for example how it got to this point. in time and nice you want to make most of it you're one hundred percent committed. also you need the family behind russia's sledge talking in our latest report on the national party scene pairing to take on all comers at the winter games in sochi.


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