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on the earth here where we're related to and everything that is comes from the black hills the black hills my grandfathers told me you know it's really par for a spiritual it's not on those no money a price you can put on that and so that's the reason why we never sold all the land with then this red border that is not dark brown was stolen by the federal government and given to the white people the black hills should be restored to its proper ownership. aside from the force destruction of a culture and the genocide that took place against the indigenous population of north america and one of the darkest stains that carries over to this day is the
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blatant violation of over five hundred longstanding treaties between the federal government and native american communities every single one of these treaties is either been changed or destroyed over the years despite the words of andrew jackson who stated as long as the grass grows in the water runs these treaties will never be broken so to talk about the meaning of these trees in the historical context of where pine ridge finds itself today i spoke with floyd looks from buffalo hand heads going to the sioux nation treaty council i first asked him how christianity has played a role in the of this aeration of native culture. in american immigrants was takers do not give yours and it all started from christianity di ark you have the pap of will so what has happened since that they used good tool of christianity europeans to control and because of the military
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and i kind of felt outward afterwards going from this country to another country. because that's my not the way i was brought up if a european are so smart why can't they speak our language. if that doctorate degree and everything i can to speak our language and live the way we live they forget their very important part of their upbringing as the curriculum they call family tree every one of you we are bloodline comes from a different. entity from iraq so so this is what sas taken control and divided over thirty
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four million native people killed here on behalf of christianity in the united states government used the native. cultural standards to formulate united states government everything that the united states government have done. after the imitating a native people even these tires everything that was made here drunk made it depletes disproves these are all under our language which is the treaty this is under our law seven laws we have as treaty and people need to look behind when they come from europe in south fine don't want to live behind who they are they do really don't want to
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find out of it what do you say to people who say we can't go back to fortunately the only way to move forward with the treaty and treaty is you. why do you think you live here freed. my ancestors come here and live here. and grab the given and the indonesian give them billions of dollars because you give a right to bring up your children give you a house has to you know rip the country to this important. people niang generation need to know why do the europeans are always under that should violate the treaty and forcing themselves on to destroy mother earth destroying the language destroying it that were rightfully ours when we're not angry we speak the truth
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we're not frustrated we speak the reality of the european people develop a curriculum that all chinamen black man red man white man strips stick to their own cultural languages data forcing themselves out to believe in something that the other nations don't believe in afghanistan korea vietnam we have no business over there and we're going to lose is there any way to save the earth from ourselves we believe in the great spirit which you call god we all believe in god and you guys been created a book that you can read it yourself and they'll tell you things that are common there but you did a little read between inline it tells you how to save yourself and majority of
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the people who go to christianity out in the world only know between that line and that's very simple very simple as is given you shall receive it's simple it is give well their self and humble yourself and respect yourself and they would ask for anything in return and there guide you to the point where you can be free earlier you were speaking about fighting fire with fire can you talk about the conflict between the ira and the traditional government tribal councils in acted by the united states government so therefore the only limit that they don't have sovereign authority. they don't have the no sovereign protection was to raise your hand to the united states government to serve the united states
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government using colonization and simulation with get away where thinking of native people in telecom said to live you know so that that's where they would need that money but i needed people had been talked would give me i remember when i when i screwed that in there not a well mechanic lay bricks and butcher and the fifth one was. create bricks. and so when we came out of high school we had a welding. we had a trade we can go to work why are the black hills not for sale i believe is that if we ever lose control. of that area that we give in to prey and
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protect self-destruction will be brought on in place of that nature has language i live by looking not every day and finding out what the weather is going to be tomorrow. and now is prepared myself with the animals could they tell you what coming off and on two thousand and sixteen to two thousand and twenty is the big change that they had also in our prophecies what was prophesied they call that the seven fire he said those that would live as. hard as a say the people that have come from afar with their gifts and those that brought the gives to not listen and but still stand what the gift that they brought which is technology. they in turn will
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destroy themselves for it is there anything else you'd like to say. when you say treaty just our way of life. it's a way of life just the way we think the way the the way we you know and that we live with totally you don't see anything machon mcenaney. you go european house play everything's got a match curtains and chairs. some you can't say don't cut a said don't break and i don't want to tend to hurt anybody streaming split i want them to look within themselves the hearts fear and make a decision before it's too late because people need to think about the next generation. seven generation for the children and i have a clip where we are going there we met you know that for the trajectory. thank you
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very much it was a pleasure sitting down. you must part one of our coverage of pine ridge yesterday be sure to watch where hope meet the spare i'm sorry where despair meets hope on you tube dot com breaking the sun i'm also pleased to let you know that yesterday was our three hundred episode and that we just had ten million views on our channel so thank you everyone for watching and subscribe in the ground and more in pine ridge right after the break. from some of the sixty percent imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. on the territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for
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europe. to do illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. it's just pure twenty four to thirty six month scam to make five percent on the money that was given to them from the corrupt marconi the bank of england to begin with and it will result in ecological all cost who cares more debt to the u.k. economy so what and other consequences that will result in lifestyle being degraded more to answer you know to look kids are. dramas to be ignored. stories others refused to notice. faces changed the world lights never.
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told pictures of today's bloody punches none from around the globe. looked like. if he. plays luckless. the live. the live . in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to.
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live. good luck. to building a new. mission to teach music. this is why you should care only.
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to situations i have read the reports. and know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your play of the month please. please. no more. question be prepared for. when you have to be ready for a. critical ops peach. down the freedoms of christ. in my time i'm rich i was fortunate to state a solar powered lodge in the heart of the reservation is built singlehandedly by
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henry red cloud a fifth generation descendant of chief red cloud the only native american lawyer to ever defeat the us army at war one of most important leaders in american history today had her uses his lodge to conduct workshops on renewable energy and teach the oglala sioux tribe everything there is to know about solar and wind power i sat down with henry to discuss the legacy of his great great grandfather and how renewables and help build a sustainable future for the reservation. we grow up learning about crazyhorse american history but not red cloud you're his great great grandson what is the legacy of red cloud mean to you basically his whole life being a warrior more to leader of the good people diplomat peacemaker. all of that gives me an understanding you know direction on what they saw you know grandfather specter which included you know sitting bull big for this spot it.
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a young man afraid of his horses red cloud and the various ones that was able you know fortunate to go out and you stand in one state return day they said you know people were living on top of beach other and there was no way that oh war can continue and be won so they need to re strategize and look to seven generations on how. can we will survive how they can adapt to this new way so that's what i'm doing here today is offering the old ways in. lookin towards renewable energy to become in a sustainable well why was red cloud such an important figure in american history. he he was able to you back when they had the gold rush out west out there they had
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this trail that they called the bull was meant to go in in you know history books. they called it red cloud's war and he was. he in the cheese that i mentioned as well as to wrap a hole in the china and were able to shut that or shut the road down which encompassed you know three forts along the way nebraska wyoming and montana forts feather men career and bozeman forts he was able to. close to road down stop stop the. western. everybody was had at west everybody decided are there was there were stories over and you know gold you know gold nuggets laying everywhere there was a huge you know a stampede of people and at that time there were just only protecting and.
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their way of life there in all culture language it's one thing to buffalo and all that so. he made a huge impact back then with a look at the dakota to rappel wilson in a shine and. what do you see as the biggest threat facing our city today we're livin you know two lives here we live the western culture eastern culture is ballers our own so we're livin it's like. two different patterns. and. it's to rally the community we still have that concept here. family extended family in that. community. and to to. to do
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small things rallied you know community you know bring in the community together do small things small projects and get everybody involved because at the grassroots level people want and they would like a change they would like to see a change right now or sitting in a solar powered lodge that you yourself built with your own hands what drove you to do this and what made you devote your life to renewable energy thinking of my grandfather's. dream his vision on how to coexist with the non-natives he said it was like a like a cup of water non-natives or like a couple water of if the water. should fall over the water goes underneath things around things just floods the whole place to anything and that's
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its path that that takes out. and he said that we need to live in balance with this new way in order to survive we're looking down seventy you know generations so in turn all of these grandfathers they feel their pipes made a. sacred pack and prayers and. you know generation here we are i'm the fifth my children my grandchildren seen in seven in the generation so thinking about the changes that he won it. was because he was a warrior or chief defending their way of life of being the local and . and was able to see go out to new york city washington d.c. back in one thousand nine hundred and seeing how much you know people were out
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there ok this is what we need to do we need to come back make some kind of peace agreement and then we need to look to the seven generation going. so people can still live and this generations to come so utilizing take in my understanding that he said is take a look at the it's it's a good way of life and then take the non-native and there's a few things in their debts good take those combine them and come up with a unique thing that you understand and then non-native understands how realistic would it be to implement renewables across pine ridge and what renewables and work right now on the reservation were in the area we were put in the area or so windy
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in the sun shines all the time to get so high. we we have here here we have over three hundred days of you know sunlight you know poor year and in the wind blows all the time so we're put in this all these areas we're over time now it's been a hundred and forty forty years over time we have something you know and. it's something that we're already in bracing in a real sense our language culture and all this and so we have all of this comes back full circle we have a commodity we can do something. but we think big when farms solar farms. i have been. doing renewables now if or fifteen years here on the rest started out doing it just as
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a hobby stumbled on the fact that hey this works this can really in as well as creating new jobs when it comes to the overall problems humanity is facing today materialism consumers an endless war what knowledge do you think humanity can learn from the oglala sioux tribe i believe that you know at some point in our lives we all your north some people you know where you report to it it's a walkabout where you know really connected so we go out we leave we get to a certain age then we go out and even say ok take a walk about it can be work in here or you know searching and not really you know some people walk all their lives and walk about all their lives it's getting reconnected to your you know getting reestablished taken risks and getting
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. in and you know some people take this walk about be gone for three four years and say aha i know what to do now and then i know what i have to do and it's basically just get reconnected through everything that's you know natural of the earth the wind that blows through your hair and the sun and all of this stuff just didn't get reconnected where do you see pine ridge ten years from now. thirds or change there's a change coming we've been. i believe that you know pine ridge is. where had it for something really good. economically everything that we've been trying to do for the past hundred forty years things ever are going to happen because all of these old guys their grandmothers their grandpa was at that time
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that made it sacred pack for seven generations here we are ok we got that each outgoing no babies are are here so the next you know ten years it's going to be a positive change things are are going to change of course when there's a huge you know change are there's a change within oneself there's always you know something and they're on a roll a stumbling block or something but we nevertheless just you know move forward. i see a good within the next you know ten years with you know a curtain current knowledge of you know people here on the rise there's going to be a huge story and henry what do you think your great great grandfather red cloud would say if he saw pirates today. probably cry i think he would he would cry he had. one of the grandfather said vision
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but i think he would cry through a bad brace people and tell people a real you are sure people that you know things are going to be good. to give that power hug that's what we all need to do is get each other you know power hugs pat on the back you're doing great just you know keep on going how can i get involved how can i help and. so you know. if you should you know come back i think some emotions will happen but he'll be happy he'll be happy hopefully seeing what you know people are are doing not only myself but there's a whole array of you know people here doing stuff in here of and encourage unity. which you know needs to happen at one time the tribe was all all unified
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tries to were working together moving together harvesting together doing all of these things together. going to war together you know defending their way of life defending children grandmothers you know females and. i think. he would reassure you that things are going to be great well clearly the spirit of red cloud lives in you and lives in the minds of people still today thanks for sitting down means a great inspiration to talk to you thank you thank you. finally from pine ridge hear their prayers for the tribe and the world. oh oh.
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if you nothing and you've got no opportunity. to start to construct your own currency. kill the little bit give the want to meet gangsters in a lot of. drug dealers they don't want to blow a window of time but k.k. maybe we can see. you just meet the fockers i was like oh probably the good. thirty round clip. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young.
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he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and loves. so so many children. nikolai the american worker on the train. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone
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offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can the very strong push against g.m.o. and we think that's. the genetic anymore the fight products are pretty cool. there is no. evidence that there is any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the most tragic. the . poor and the free. enterprise is profit. for social justice says golden rice.
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tribal groups in iraq set up to drive out radical islamist militants while the embattled government in baghdad is offered help by both america and iraq. erica. i love the radiation cracking no hard life or death amid public anger over fracking in the u.s. a new report says there are many more complaints of contamination than authorities and drilling companies are willing to admit. the nation's deal with that by joining the great european fire sale we look at whether it's actually helping patch up national budgets.


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