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hello my people i'm out of a barn and this is a break in the set it's a question i never thought i'd ask what the frak is making up to in ohio so last month the radio disney employees travel twenty six schools and science centers across the state promoting a program called a rock in ohio sounds innocent enough it turns out this initiative was entirely funded by none other than the ohio oil and gas energy education program which in turn gets money from you guessed it the oil and gas companies or the demonstration the kids were shown interactive presentations about gas pipelines and encouraged to spread the message about the industry not just guessing here but i doubt these kids were also taught that infertility and cancer causing chemicals been found in fracking water supplies and the practice is responsible for artificial earthquakes
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and youngstown ohio no one surprisingly in the fracking indoctrination of ohio's youth isn't sitting too well with environmental activists in fact one online petition urging disney's c.e.o. to shut down this program has already gathered over eighty thousand signatures so if you think the magic kingdom and oil belong together as well as water and oil let's break the set. it's. very hard to take. that. with great care.
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it's been over twelve years since nine eleven now what happened that day is like a lasting impact worldwide perhaps none are more affected than the thousands of first responders that selflessly rushed to ground zero in search for survivors over one thousand nine eleven first responders have already died from cancer and other related illnesses as a result of breathing in the highly toxic especially the dust from the pulverized buildings dust that the government knew to be dangerous and assured the people of new york was perfectly safe so wall street could get back up and running according the second annual report released in november by the nine eleven victims compensation fund only about one percent of the first responders who have filed the
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claims have so far received financial help although the corporate media has mostly ignored the plight of the first responders and the nine eleven cover up as a whole amazingly they're finally picking up the story. some retired new york city police officers and firefighters lied about health problems after the attacks of nine eleven to get millions of dollars in federal disability benefits among those charged luis her child oh who prosecutors say was storing in instructional videos. as a six degree black belt in the new york police department he was disabled with neck injuries and psychological problems the accused include seventy two former n.y.p.d. cops as well as city firefighters and correction officers many reportedly started post-traumatic stress from the nine eleven attacks for their inability to work yeah instead of focusing on the insane struggles the dying first responders face today the media has chosen to put all the attention on a couple days. allegedly fraud at the fund great job guys are earlier i spoke with
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someone who's been researching nine eleven for years his name is john gold he's an author and investigative journalist i first asked him why he thinks the media is latching onto a story about nine eleven fraud rather than nine eleven illness. well the government the air and water quality down around ground zero and as a result thousands of nine eleven first responders have gotten sick over a thousand of. the founder of the feel good foundation john feal posts news what seems like every week of the nine eleven first responder dying no one was held accountable for these laws and it's essentially an issue that they don't want to dwell on you know it's easier to just talk about you know a couple people fighting the system and the massive cover up what that health related issue and john the talk about an even bigger story when it comes to nine eleven which is the cover up specifically of the latest regarding saudi arabia's
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complicity and the cia's for knowledge of it to what extent do we know that saudi arabia was involved logistically and financially backing the hijackers and the us. well i think we need to release the twenty eight pages of the joint congressional inquiry to find. this is something that the families have been fighting for for years and right now i believe representatives stephen lynch and walter jones every number is illusion and asking obama to release those twenty redacted pages. kristen brought wiser the one of the famous jersey girls obama to his face to release those twenty redacted pages he said he would look into it and get back to her. one thing about those twenty eight redacted peaches is they're just the tip of the iceberg the nine eleven commission has yet to release all of their documents and the documents that they have released are greatly redacted and how much did the
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government know beforehand about this operation. well there's a multitude of information out there that suggests this government knew what was coming one of the jersey girls talked how they met whistleblowers in maryland people that the nine eleven commission refused to subpoena and they essentially had information that should this government do the day the target and the type of attack. unbelievable it was that what does that say exactly i mean considering how we now know also that the hijackers were living under the roof of an f.b.i. informant john do you think it's possible that u.s. intelligence agencies weren't just turning a blind eye to the operation but intimately involved in it. i certainly do i recommend reading the book there is connecting the dots by kevin fenton which essentially makes the case that the cia was seemingly protecting those two
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hijackers in san diego i also recommend the works of reign of the shell ski. rory o'connor and john duffy which elaborate on this issue what are some other things that they say in the books that we should know about can you summarize that in a. while they talk how the cia agent supposedly sent a memo. talked about how these hijackers entered the country and they never sent this memo but they lied about it and said that the. this is just one of the things that they talk about a lot of lies that's for sure and likewise everywhere you look. at eleven commission report also said that the funding behind these terrorist attacks were of little practical significance that's actually an exact quote john is that true. well as i said prince bandar's why is that what you really connected to money of
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those two hijackers and see and i think that's significant don't you. if the funding works pose where you think it would trace back to other than just bandar. well i think it would lead back to certain saudi royals i think it would lead back to elements within the pakistani i.s.i. as well what makes you think. well there's been news for years showing. well the pakistani i.s.i. lieutenant general mahmud order a maid omar saeed sheikh to wire transfer one hundred thousand dollars to. the hijacker and was that guy having breakfast with the bush administration on the morning of nine eleven well he met with george tenet in the months before nine eleven he met with. certain pentagon officials during the week of nine eleven he met with people within the white house he met with porter goss bob graham. senator
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kyl. during the time of nine eleven so yes that's the same guy and tristan what did the government do to cover up saudi arabia's role after the fact. well the bush administration and the obama administrations did as much as they could to make sure that the courts sided with the saudis over the nine eleven families i think that's discrete feel absolutely absolutely disgraceful. what did they do to side with the saudis instead of the families. well for instance there's i said kristen brought wiser asked obama to release those twenty eight redacted pages he said he would look into it and get and never got back to her and alina kagan on behalf of the obama administration. filed their brief with the supreme court i believe if i remember correctly asking them to protect the
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saudis to make sure that they could not be sued that's just one of the things that they've done. and of course you know flying out the family and they they claim that bin ladin was the black sheep of course we know that that isn't true also what's your response to people who say that the cover up was just a cover up of the incompetence of the administration for not acting on. the warnings john. the bush administration was anything but incompetent they wanted war they got it they wanted to make billions for their corporate friends they did they wanted to expand executive power the did that is well they committed crime after crime after crime during their time in office and essentially remained throughout they were anything but incompetent as far as i'm concerned and you know i know bob graham is obviously outspoken about this saudi cover up but why do you think not more members of congress are putting their hands up an air and say
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no hold on i mean we have been higher form jose agenda and domestic policy based on this event john i mean this is a pretty shocking cover up going on. well you know you know as well as i do that many people in washington d.c. are essentially bought and paid for nine eleven has been used to scrape fully to do a number of things over the years. you know it's used to justify the warrantless wiretapping the the torture the drone attacks. to help the centrally the military industrial complex so you know many in d.c. work within the military industrial complex so it's not in their interests to do so what does it say lastly and john about the fact that our government was aware of saudi arabia's involved at the very least chose to completely ignore it and cover it up and that saudi arabia remains to this day to be closest ally to this country
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in the middle east. saudi arabia and the united states have been partners in crime for years it does not surprise me at all that the united states would cover up saudi arabia's involvement. you know. we would be foolish. in two thousand to. be it was still the chief finding it's years. we would be foolish to think that the united states was not aware of this and yet we've sold them billions. and so on and so forth this is another thing that's absolutely disgraceful and of course there are horrendous human rights abuse there as well john gold amazing to have you on author investigative journalist everyone check out the timeline history kamens that's what you said to me earlier really great research thanks again for coming on john thank you very much abbi for having
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me on today. stick around you guys for coverage of one of the most unreported issues today because. you cannot preemptively restrict your freedoms because of the fear of what something or how something might be used everything that has ever been developed has been used for a bad purpose baseball bats which are fun for you know for baseball players to hit balls you know they've also been used to be people today i mean we cannot restrict ourselves because something might be years in the wrong way. millions around the struggle with hunger. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. and
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. there is no. evidence any problem with genetic engineering. or is free cheese always in the most tragic i don't believe the. poor and the free. enterprise is profit. for these golden rice. we are fearless and fierce in bright just indignation at injustice i mean that's what makes me move when i feel in my in my heart you know fire in my heart about the situation i can't not do something.
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for. the the. three years ago an earthquake and subsequent tsunami crippled the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant in japan a meltdown of astronomical proportions began the true scale of the disaster remains largely unknown but based on what we do know things look bleak so i shipped those who rushed to help when the crisis began and certainly the case of the five thousand sailors aboard the u.s.s. ronald reagan who were sent to help with the cleanup and as they were floating offshore they weren't given any sort of preventative treatment or iodine tablets until after they left japan eighty days later in fact they weren't even told there was a nuclear meltdown for an entire month all the while dosing themselves daily with radioactive water sailors on board were told to sign away their liability and for good reason over one hundred of them have since developed radiation sickness and
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cancer which brings me to the u.s. pacific coast conflicting reports of their pain a rosy picture or that we're in big trouble not to mention the some of this information coming from tepco and japan's government to help me sort through the madness i was joined earlier by meager men with a radical cast dot org i first ask her what sources of information we can trust no . the true scope of this disaster. it's been very difficult as of late with finding materials that you can trust. there's been a just information campaign both from i think obviously tepco and the japanese government with its secrecy law coming in which is made things extremely difficult down to you know who's giving us correct information on the ground and i'm one of those people on the ground and i have to look at that as well so the people that i trust are primarily at this point citizens who have monitors i do trust us
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we have it we've made an effort to create a monitoring team of people across the united states across north america canada. europe everywhere south america to read what's coming in in the air and try to detect as best we can what's happening in the ocean and what's coming down in fallout so that that's where i go i go to the people first thing goodness for that before we get into the actual radiation levels and what red causes doing let's talk really quickly about this latest news about the mysterious smoke coming radiation levels at the regime are too high for any human and or without receiving obviously a dangerously high dose so when all these people are saying that this mysterious steam that's been rising from reactor three is perfectly normal without being able to check firsthand i mean how can we know for sure. one of the things that is interesting when you've been following this as long as i have and the people who
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have been following this who are my teachers longer than i've been following they they tell me that there's been that steam there's been smoke there's been all kinds of events going on since the beginning of three eleven so this isn't new it might be a new occurrence for the moment but there's nothing new about it as far as. you know the melt through is our. occurring and wherever that korean is we're getting intensive heat and i am not a nuclear engineer so i don't profess at all to know anything scientifically about what's going on there from that perspective what it do know is that watching the readings that come in in the air to the west coast which is where i am i can tell that there are things happening there and people i know who have meters can tell that these are happening here as well and your organization radagast dot org monitors the radiation levels across the us as you were just mentioning talk about your findings on the pacific coast. our findings within the last year have gone
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up our averages have gone up slightly and that's something to look at we are aware of where our quote unquote normal background numbers were before and around three eleven and some people have been monitoring the air for a really long time in we've all been in touch with each other and it's really important to get that backlog of data. for the most part we can only make inferences from preet three eleven but we do have some sound data about that as well but since twenty twelve when i started wondering i know that our averages here in oregon have gone to about forty to forty five percent in averages so we're seeing something going on and i'm sorry i just want to interject really quickly i mean that the obvious concern is seafood coming from pacifica ingesting radionuclides from profession that can be deadly just today though scientific american published an article saying that quote any radionuclides from fukushima have been diluted by the vastness of the pacific the actual radionuclides from fukushima are simply not enough to create those large enough to cause any human
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health effects me is it possible that the threat to the u.s. coast is being blown out of proportion. i don't think it's being blown out of proportion at all i think at times we might get some readings from people that are incorrect but overall we think about radionuclides going into some of these. what we know is they're never ok they can cause cancer and you can't get rid of them once they enter your body so because of the way that bio cumulation works in the food chain. we know now that the seaweed has been infected since a while ago now about a year and a half and those findings if not longer we know that the tuna has been affected we know that the herring has been affected and we know in canada on the west coast in vancouver lots of sources have been affected so when we hear that we have to look at everything in between and then we have to look at who's testing and not for the
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accuracy of the tests but for the fact is anyone testing how often are they testing the e.p.a. shuts down it's testing whenever they feel like we can't get significant readings from them many times whenever there is in fact when building three happened recently this recent steam up we cannot find e.p.a. readings around that time so what i'm saying is we need to know that the governments are testing is that groups like you know are testiness constantly so that we can get accuracy and it shall we get accuracy. and we allow some time for the bio accumulation to read out in greater numbers i can only advise people to not eat the fish from the ocean brad has also connected with independent monitors in japan what do you learn from them and how does it differ from the reports we're hearing on the media well fortunately save cass created a monitoring system for the japanese people immediately after fukushima happened
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and because of that monitoring system the citizens monitoring what was going on with their meters we knew that what they were saying and what have go is saying we're two different stories tepco it's not that they could continue to lie to us about their findings while we were seeing in video on you tube results from citizens meters saying that there. readings are so high they're finding particles in tokyo they've probably there why i'm sure their water is affected their drinking water due to the aquifer that's right beneath daiichi and i i'm i'm devastated that the japanese government isn't doing more to protect their people and i'm also devastated that we have so many people not just on the west coast in the united states but all over north america who are. it who have been hit especially in the beginning with the particles in the fallout and we know that you arnie gundersen at fairwinds through his testing and we know that through numerous
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testings in fact the canadian government. they have many reports out talking about the levels. that they found which comes from vision in arnie found particles of plutonium and he sat there every individual in seattle and he later said in portland this well was receiving about ten hot particles a day during a maybe it was two or three weeks or so right after fukushima and when he did his testing when you would just particles they don't go away they will affect your d.n.a. i'm sure congress is on the case or had cast is also running its findings to members of congress how are they responding to me. we have gone to senator widens office numerous times over the last year and a half to report to them what it is that we're finding and. look at is yes senator wyden very concerned of course you know he went yes we know that and we expected more from senator wyden and i feel good about saying this that senator wyden needs
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to because he went to fukushima because you saw the devastation he needs to use his power in the senate and make people pay attention and get that international community together to get over to japan and deal with the situation we still don't have an international team over there on the. we have almost thirty years of age or great like i said i mean this is the most important issue going on in the world everyone should stop what they're doing work together what can the average person do because i think i mean i'm feeling really helpless you telling me those i'm from california my family is there i mean what can we do to combat this any advice i can get we have to look at medication and we can't get rid of the fallout we can't get rid of what's happening at the no one can that's the problem with you because shima it's going to be a perpetual disaster. everywhere on the planet for you know thousands of years to
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come so what we can do is if we've got monitors for instance we can do our own testing in our own area you can depend on your own monitor assuming it's a good monitor and you can see look you know we're getting a little bit of hot rain today and it's a little bit of radiation in the rain and even the slightest amount of radiation that we see above our background is something to look at and you get to make a choice do i want my kids to go play soccer today in the rain or do i want them to come home no matter how disappointed they are do i want to go take a hike in the rain what about my animals. rag cast is working at sourcing out really good food supplies so that you can go and know that these vitamins have been tested the ingredients that went into them food sources green products things like that will only have sources on raw casts that are tested specifically for radionuclide sake you so much i know that you guys have radiation maps as well that
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you're providing everyone go to radical check it out thank you so much mimi germann really appreciate your time thank you so much for having me. yesterday marked the fiftieth anniversary of president lyndon johnson's war on poverty this policy was in response to a sky high poverty rate of nineteen percent establishment of welfare programs that millions of people rely on today. as medicare medicaid food stamps and job corps now let's not kid ourselves borders on pretty much everything never work and since one thousand nine hundred sixty four the national poverty rate has only fallen by four percent while forty six million americans live just barely above the poverty line but consider this according to a study last month by columbia university if none of these government benefit programs were implemented in the first place the national poverty rate would have reached thirty one percent by two thousand and twelve so all you haters out there who scream about the socialist takeover can be quiet because one smartly
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implemented these programs can and do work as perhaps no better example of this phenomenon and the poverty rate among the elderly community in one nine hundred sixty the official poverty rate for americans sixty five or older was an astonishing thirty five percent today thanks almost exclusively to social security that rate stands at just nine percent all these successes aside this country has a bismillah a failed one vital demographic when it comes to poverty children according to the two thousand and twelve census nearly twenty two percent of those living under the age of eighteen live in poverty when it comes to minorities the statistics are even more dire thirty eight percent of black children and thirty four percent of hispanic live in poverty compared of twelve percent of white kids considering that children have little no political voice in this country it's no wonder there's such a disparity and poverty rates concerning these different age groups of course the cause of this devastation is complicated and rooted in everything from decades of
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failure to patient policy to institutionalized racism and classism. guys this is our future and if we don't start putting more of this country's vast resources toward reversing the poverty tide drowning in america's children and the gains we've made since nine hundred sixty four will be all for not. and that's our show you guys tonight. again tomorrow when i break the old over again. since what you are arguing for is that the kurds should pull back after making identity above that national identity let me ask you a personal question are you a kurds forest or an iraq it first occurred first then i mean rocky iraq you bet i'm a kurds because let me ask you the question i'm from. you know i still. weapons
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so what iraqi identity brought to me iraq and in the brought to me the killing soft people mass graves four thousand five hundred villages were destroyed. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around them. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the american worker on the trade.
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basis leaves them with the economic ups and downs in the final months they belong to the old sang i and the rest of life it's going be a single day every week on all things.
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americans traveling to syria are being recruited by al qaeda to carry out attacks when neighbor turned home details from new york coming up. meanwhile washington is considering resuming lethal military aid to syria despite radical al-qaeda linked rebels gaining strength and controlling crucial in neighboring iraq. europe susteren is hitting those at the top with the blocks leaders earning some of the lowest approval ratings and debt ridden countries. is killed but u.s. soldiers after being mistaken for the enemy this is washington's failing to get kabul to sign a security deal with expert opinion from london shortly. and sports safety russia launches a massive security.


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