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tv   Documentary  RT  January 11, 2014 9:29am-10:01am EST

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on mine i'm down with regard to where i come from i'm the only man of fifty seven still working to grab a minute because i have no income to stay home and i have small kids. at. ease among. them on my own would be to i must feed my children i'm away have no other way to make a living only fishing you know what don't i can't stay at home. i'm on my at the moment i don't have the means i want more the strength to work alone. that's why they come along and help me. take care of the net and work the engine. grow more the movies that's why i'm forced to bring them to the pier. then we're
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going to. look at their age they should be studying and not working but we have no other income. because he has three more brothers at home and i have to feed them. the only mcdonald's in the past grandfathers would catch fish near the shore and. yet now the fish are far from shore more than we can't catch them he would. want to . get. morning value and we poor. we depend on our fishing nets to live.
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underwater. cranio a man who could move they have big ships. we want to be around more. we can't stand up to the king they destroy everything and there's nothing we can do moms that it doesn't work. that need. many people read fish. and don't know where it comes from industry or whatever as if it is a product of traditional or industrial fishing. he didn't care how the fish is cold . it's not. what to do with if it's fish properly
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legally in doubt when you.
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q when they enter territorial waters they fish they load the fish on to the ships and leave for china eight shows spain in europe. years of bottom trawl which destroys the ecosystem.
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they only choose the noble fish for which they have orders and they throw the rest back into the sea dead on that man. they throw away tons of dead fish all the time . don't so they kill the resources in that city even though there are not accessible to small fishermen to. get a loot the sea bottom and destroy the ocean. but seek cebu good reason is that the . where you once saw life complete where you once saw the gorgons this review to full marine plant was
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a no you see only garbage. the statistics the facts and figures they all. speak for themselves if we do not act today to combat are you fishing and we will have no fish some of the estimates are that you know within fifty to one hundred years our season will be devoid of commercial fish stocks so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. before we would see very big fish thirty kilo groupers. him on huge guard fish versus sharks we would see many big fish. come today if we see a group of this size we're surprised people for the thirst are getting smaller and smaller and we have reached the point where they don't even have the time to reproduce. the european
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union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth to meet their own demand for fish so they have destroyed their own fish stocks and now they are increasingly fishing in west africa and taking the fish out of the mouths of people that depend on the most here in west africa. a very great way cannot say that the year was a saint would leave their other way and we didn't important for addicts of illegal fishing and we thought we estimate that until two thousand and ten drugs in at least sixteen percent of imports came from illegal cinching. so in one way or the other i wouldn't say we favored to legalization but let's say we eliminated some of the better according to our own data and to u.n.
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data it was illegal fishing was officially the second producer of fish stocks globally that was the second producer do you understand or before grand we're told . in industries of approximately ten billion. deck of the sokoto maybe if. it's a day that illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. maybe douglas not billion dollars is a lot just five hundred billion francs if we could channel five hundred billion
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each year to one of our small states. mauritania synagogue any gambia that would allow those states to develop very quickly. by changing them and they from prosecuting law offenders are forcing law enforcing laws enforcing national security quote unquote it just means that they give them the right to break the law for corporations security agendas written by corporations in the energy policy written by energy companies the agricultural policy written by monsanto have this surveillance policy and present policy written by corrections core of america so the f.b.i. serves those corporate masters now they can break any law they want so they can serve their masters under the rubric of national security which is
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a joke. since what you are arguing for is that kurds should put that ethnic. to abolish that national identity let me ask you a personal question. occurred first or and iraq it first occurred first then i mean rocky. because let me ask you that question. you know i still remember the smell of the chemical weapons so what iraqi identity brought to be. brought to me the killing so people. four thousand five hundred villages were destroyed. not long ago western media and politicians told us it was defeated or at the very least on its last legs the same media and politicians today tell us a very different story indeed across many countries of the middle east it is
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betrayed is a deadly minutes we ask what is al qaeda today who supports it and who benefits from it. we are fearless and fierce in bright his indignation at injustice and that's what makes me move when i feel in my in my heart you know fire in my heart about the situation i can't not do something.
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you can want to make you can fish to find compared to the past. as many types of fish have disappeared this. bend for the past six to eight years because we can't find them here anymore. and. the kind of fishes there now only saw dean's. befall we wouldn't eat these danes. we used them as bait for fishing. one of what we would it group has a red mullet progress and so on they're going to tell the saudi and has become a group.
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for good then we're lucky maybe god will provide another way of living. but fishing is no longer profitable. for when i would go fishing alone. i'd catch a fish to ten group has. made a profit and had no troubles. but now you if i get a headache. and i need some aspirin which costs a hundred francs. that's not going to i will ask for help will borrow the money.
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i mean when the ships are here you know everyone in the business us problems but as you say molest us when we share the same area in the sea and they destroy our nets . you know how many boxes of fish if you caught four boxes of fifty kilo as each family nothing how much would you sell them for one wants fourteen thousand francs about twenty one euro's for each bikes. but it's barely enough for the fuel it's not a. good
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. day no no limits. they do whatever they want at sea we see the fish there. but we can't catch them because of the foreign ships. that we will save the percent of our needs any animal protein is provided by fish. the day the fish disappear. could deliver food safety of the senegalese will be endangered if. the peanut boats and fishing are going to have always been at the heart of the life of the town's inhabitants but you see here we are born among fishermen and become fishermen who do would have been here our whole. lives revolve around fishing but.
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what they saw even babies from the cradle their first choice is a boat you can go. a lot of the age of four to five they have a boat and go swimming with the deputy. nine or ten they go out to see. all our lives from the cradle to the grave we fish. on the graves you will see fishing nets he says of wood from boats which shows that fishing is a cultural thing pick. up when they take away the boats and the fishing from us they take away our lives only about.
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her. why he did not put money in the bank for the future. would be competitive. as we live day by day we spend whatever money we have been for one to solve our problems . one to me good when you when i come back from fishing you might give away the first piece. there's employment in my list second one is for my family and the rest is for selling. one of. we realize. we have.
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not. enough but you may not have a single koinonia if you come to the sure with nothing but your basket you would know men to be when the boats arrive will give you fish all to go to waffle. to limp with it's a social tax if you're an old fisherman and can't go out fishing anymore it must be since there is no organized social security well you can but they will always give you fish for you to sell this is for that is your pension. and if. you need to move toward a new ticket landis's should arrive the merchant buy eat and the women like the rest of the fish which would otherwise be thrown back into the sea they preserve it so that the people would be able to eat decision of some day the fisherman can go out to the sea also give to other areas and that is very important to end there is
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no safe. place over the.
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we think monitoring fishing boats over the last couple of days and what we do they found by fishing a legally or didn't thing of recent it was fishing illegally in the past now we have fisheries inspectors on board from guinea and will continue to patrol the area and a race to any fights that a court fishing illegally. if they. want to give yourself a little. bit about what. you
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were trying to make. some of them what you could you know. all you do not. know who's not on the list. it's very good for him to want to do whatever we want to know if not. come to. who did he you know i got we've got to i'm just you can for all of. the race to see it out like she. would never expect to control civilians been told that's for sure because they know that you know so if you don't have the means to come that's. the one said she was found and arrested dozens. they're doing exactly the same never again.
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and get used to that you know how to get sometimes i can see foreign ships here it doesn't add up but there's nothing i can do apart from reporting them to dhaka if. they. are a lot of good at it if we call decca. but the ship would have left before they have time to arrive numbered.
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the same even when we had a small ship here that if they had time to escape so you really couldn't print it means they have watchman here you know and in deca. too confusing what we do now is not important this importance will be. in peace we are unable to fight those ships through the book to see to glow but they are a big ships armed ships faster than our patrols would put to you because of warfare i've been on was that we had made an appeal to our friends our friends will move. they won't move go good morning as long as we don't have to ask the trolls are as well armed as those ships there's nothing we can do against illegal fishing.
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here we have even caught european and american friends. but until now there is absolutely nothing for him for they only say they are informed and that they are sorry but until now none of these states have provided ships with you in order to pursue those pirate ships. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope.
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and love to so many children. nikolai the american worker on the ati. if you. start to construct. q don't want to. give don't want to gangsters you don't want to. deal with they don't want to blow with no time to tell a kid came b. we can see. you just heard there i was and i was in the hood. i said. i don't want to die. i want to die young
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young. to least be cool language. all programs in documentaries in arabic in school here. reporting from the we'll talk sports the v.i.p.'s interviews intriguing stories are you. still been trying. to. visit. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. against g.m.o. and we think that. there
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is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. is free cheese oh crap. this profit. golden right.
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where the innocent or guilty is not our job right here. we go in total gray prison marks the twelfth anniversary with more than one hundred fifty inmates still held behind bars despite never being charged they want to display a place that we can treat people however we want to whenever we want to takes a look at the history of the city see as people across the u.s. prepared to march to munging and then to the infamous prison. also this hour the white house warns of the risk of a war with iran if lawmakers initiative to impose further sanctions goes through the number of senators backing the controversial paparazzo doubles. the fourways rated prime minister ariel sharon dies at the age of eighty five after eight years in a coma.


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