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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  January 11, 2014 10:01pm-10:30pm EST

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the the. saudi people's i'm at a martin and this is breaking the set so it's no secret that the u.s. military has over five thousand nuclear warheads enough to eliminate most life on earth but it may surprise you how much it costs just to maintain these weapons all new study from the center for nonproliferation studies just concluded that of the course of the next thirty years the u.s. will spend nearly one trillion dollars to either keep these weapons operational or modernize them because you would know the cold war never really ended and if there's one thing we need to be spending billions of dollars on it's in the mass killing machines so all this country continues to lag behind in education income equality and sustainable energy at least we can keep the people of the world up at night knowing that the cold war is alive and well and we got our nukes and locked and loaded i look break the set. of
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the please please. please take a look very hard to take. that back with that hurt right there. when people hear the word you photo they tend to tune out of the term does not necessarily mean little green. men from mars it's
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a scientific term that means unidentified flying objects and there are hundreds if not thousands of u.f.o. sightings and reports every year worldwide in fact just two days ago flights in bremen germany were grounded cancelled and i diverted to do you have photos showing up multiple times on the airports radar screen this comes on the heels of a july event that's now surfacing about a bizarre incident near london's heathrow airport where a pilot was convinced he was going to collide mid flight with a metallic object shaped like a rugby ball both incidents are still being investigated by authorities all these reports are nothing new yet admits the many many u.f.o. hoaxes my next guest alleges that a fraction of the sightings are indeed extraterrestrial his name is dr steven greer and he's the founder of the disclosure project organization that works with retired military and government officials in order to get congress to investigate photos as a skeptic at a lot of questions so i first asked him if he had one incident that he would pick
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to convince people like me that aliens have indeed made contact with earth. that's a tough question because you know it's the weight of the evidence and it's like jail and find out who is the air force blue book guy he said look he says it's an embarrassment of riches we have so much material we have so much information but if you take for one case that we have in the disclosure project and that's the man who was the senior guy at the f.a.a. and they were tracking this object over alaska and it was at one point this guy and once we put the radar it would be forty fifty miles away moving completely non-linearly not like an airplane and we have the radar cape we have the pilot report we have all the evidence from the airline and the government and this whistleblower who came forward john callahan he said i'm one of the senior officials in the government that only not only have the evidence was part of a cover up to keep the american people ignorant about it and to talk about a disclosure project is the organization that you founded and why and how did you.
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formulated. you know it grew out of an interest i had since i was a child my uncle was an aerospace engineer with northrop grumman and i had a sighting when i was a young child and started an organization later called the center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence to look into are we alone and what can we do as citizens to bring out this information and perhaps make contact and he was a really a visionary after twenty four years ago when we started disclosure part project started because in my early days i was naive and i thought well if we put all this evidence together government documents astronaut's cars minot's from the former soviet union who have seen these objects and we have all this and we give it to in this case bill clinton and his cia director who i personally briefed on this subject bill do the right thing in the secrecy bringing up this information to be one of the greatest discoveries in human history knowing that it will bring out the technologies which frankly it's the reason behind the secrecy we'll get to this in
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a minute well what happened was that the political establishment they want to touch this and so so what i just found is that little by little it was up to we the people to do it so i started a grassroots movement to identify people who would have the courage to come forward outside of their national security who had top secret clearances and give evidence on this and get materials and give documents and get photographs or whatever they have and it led to this big global effort called now the disclosure project i want to bring it to ancient aliens really quickly because it's a entertaining documentary series on the history channel it is that ancient cultures have also documented u.f.o.'s i'm going back hundreds of years if aliens have been around for thousands of years this isn't her why is their message been lost in this whole time why don't they deliver it well i don't know that their message have been lost but maybe it's been subsumed or incorporated in. various
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ancient traditions if you look at the hopis if you look at me to america south america there are a lot of traditions that may have actually come from encounters that happen with non-human or advanced life forms from other places now this it gets into a really tricky area and it's worth the theologians have a problem with this and that is if you were to encounter something that's hundreds of thousands or millions of years more advanced than we are every manifestation of their civilization would look miraculous would look like a miracle or something that you would hear about in a in a religious text so the question becomes how much of the stories with that we have from ancient times ancient cultures that we take as mythology might have been witnessing things that couldn't be explained even today nevermind two thousand five thousand ten thousand years ago i also can't help but bring up the phoenix lights because to me i think that's one of the most fascinating did i was there they were
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going to yes my goodness i want let's play a clip really quick for audience who don't know about this incident one thousand nine hundred seventy. if you were ten years ago and standing out here and looking up there at the lights in the view you would have been astounded you would have been amazed governor simonton is referring to what is now known as the phoenix lights an object videotaped by many and seen by thousands over several nights in the arizona sky in one thousand nine hundred seventy four a major sighting here it was described by witnesses is larger than a football field and silent and i suspect that. unless so the defense department proves this otherwise that it was probably some form of million spacecraft it's so dark dark and very you have the arizona governor you have thousands of people in arizona who saw this how the possible that this is kind of an open and shut case right when you know so many people saw this and even he's saying hey i'm convinced well in the disclosure project files we have hundreds of cases like that some of which were. better the public don't know about so i tell people people should go to
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our website it's all up there the videos the testimony from all these government officials it's all on our website and so we haven't hidden hope hold anything back is that some confidence i've had to keep when i've had meetings with pentagon and elsewhere but what i tell people is that the reason it's it's hidden in plain sight is that the establishment doesn't want people to know not so much that there is life out in the universe that two thirds of the public believes that there's intelligent wide somewhere out there over half believe we've been visited. in this is consistent in polls it's the technology how do you put something like that up in the sky and move it no sound completely quiet you're not dealing with fossil fuels you're not dealing with conventional rockets you're dealing with an entirely new area of physics which if it was disclosed would mean the end of big oil the bit at the end of the petrodollar the end of public utilities as we know it it would be an
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entirely new energy paradigm and so the macro economic power behind the secrecy is what no one's been looking at and this is what the minister of defense of canada and i did a press conference on a few years ago paul hellyer and i did a press conference about this that it's the energy and technology part of this story that has led to the extreme secrecy and also the extreme ridicule let's talk about your documentary series because you're mentioning earlier that people you spoken to people who've actually taken these bodies out of crafts i mean dr drew where are these bodies i mean in the in seriously discuss the atacama skeleton found in chile is an extraterrestrial being however scientific analysis concluded that it's human d.n.a. but i know as you know we never said it was we said we don't know what it is and the d.n.a. analysis from dr nolan stanford is that nine percent of the genetic material isn't matching to humans now but as of last week we just discovered that the stature of this being which is. now this is
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a six can i finish my question to quickly because i think even making these allegations before you know i mean you're saying that we don't know does it discredit your larger attempt to expose the truth about you know if you're saying these things we can't see that did the beans that have been that you know supposedly were no i don't and i have never been to a facility where they've been autopsied however i know men who have been there those are the people in the disclosure project who have gone on the record who actually have been on retrieval teams so those are firsthand things that remember you know if the new york times had three people to confirm a very controversial political story they'd run with it we have over one hundred ten digital video tape with top secret clearances name rank and serial number these are not anonymous so i tell people please don't take my word for it as for the atacama humanoid very controversial you know the huffington post had five million people on their site when this thing broke a few months ago we still don't know what it is now but people who say it's human there are jumping the gun the people who say it's the tea they're jumping the gun
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how can a equating of those aliens be credible at this point when we live in a world of drone technology existed i mean now it's so prevalent and it probably has existed for decades prior doctorin how can we ever tell what's a drone what's a u.f.o. . you have to know the science behind it the drones that people say you make a noise like this case it just happened in germany it's very noisy those things are not quiet now this was open up another whole discussion of what do we have in our classified projects that might look like a u.f.o. and do those exist the answer is yes we have been designing and building what are called d.m.g. electromagnetic gravitic anti gravity pop culture term not proper but things that defy gravity that float and are silent since the fifty's since the one nine hundred fifty s. highly classified material. you know the main writer one of the big writers for jane's defense weekly nick cook wrote a book called the the. point talking about pulling energy from the zero point
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energy field and how that's been applied into antigravity systems that are very classified at boeing northrop grumman walky martin so i think that we have to have enough information if you're investigating this to know that some of them are just misidentifications some actually are extraterrestrial vehicles because there have been creatures and being seen associated with them like the french government case where one of these objects landed and there were four creatures outside the u.f.o. in a lavender field and this is in the official japan are there is quite another nasa report so don't take my word listen to the french government's report same thing at the bent waters case in england an object landed there were e.t.c and associated with the landing but if it's in his official reports how come there is no official documentation of them being that's what i don't understand well that's a very good question you have to ask the people keeping the secret i mean i wasn't there when those things happened we've just interviewed and found the people the
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men who were there and some women who were involved hands on with these and encounters so the e.t.a. issue i think is very clearly established through the body of evidence we have but there's something i think even more spectacular and this is this turns this whole question you asked on its head if some of these objects that are moving at one hundred thousand miles per hour making right hand turns without decelerating. our or ours what are we doing using jet engines and rockets. what kind of technologies or ixtapa. are out there that might give us an entirely new civilization without pollution poverty what have you this is what i think where this is the biggest part of the story isn't the a.t.m. of it it's that it's the high tech energy and propulsion part of the story which is at the heart of the secrecy. that was dr steven greer u.f.o. all adjust and founder of the disclosure project stick around you guys for my take on chris christie and bridge gate.
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he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the lyrics work on. one of the new cultural phenomena washington d.c. thank you all the same i think sometimes you know.
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it was. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. what they're trying to do you know it's so. another myth to us which is that one group of slightly less radical fundamentalists are now attacking the i.s.i. . and taking care of them who is the major supporter of these groups i mean they have to get money and arms and training from somewhere and the country that's been named so far in this program is saudi arabia what is their role in all this i think it's a. misinterpretation of. the five the fact that saudi arabia from its own reasons with american.
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position because this. is proof. of the future of. those groups when. it's quite clear. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we. covered. guys it's been a really busy week for news you know between the polar vortex freezing niagara falls and dennis rodman flipping as little as new best friend can john noon on
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c.n.n. but amidst all of this madness there's been one story so gripping so captivating that it simply demanded nonstop coverage from the corporate press. as the george washington bridge political retribution scandal continues to gain momentum a total of four people have now lost their jobs as governor christie announced today in an epic press conference your thoughts about governor christie tonight. well i thought the news conference was classic christie direct blunt to the point they think that people are hearing is that chris christie bullied someone they don't like bullying now i don't like it they don't like it when they see it in washington they don't like it when they see it their own communities oh my god newsflash you're right this is not national news yes governor krispy kreme may or may not be a bully and i'm not trying to downplay the fact that this political stunt shut down a bridge and ruin a perfectly good day for hundreds of people but look if we're going to start
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arresting peaceful protesters for shutting down bridges to prove a point of hockey player wall street then should we also rest public officials for doing the same thing more importantly though why is this the controversy about christie but the news chooses to latch on to where was the outrage when christie shelled out two billion dollars in corporate tax breaks to his rich friends all the while slashing public education by a billion dollars in new jersey but i digress my point is that we don't need to be seen the entire press conference on repeat the incessant coverage is distracting us from a much larger issue yes even bigger than chris christie himself the t.p. . the seawall. cameras ron christie the senate introduced fast track in the transpacific partnership with a t p yes it's happening guys right now members of a bipartisan congressional committee took all advantage of the christie distraction to introduce legislation that would give obama fast track authority to move forward
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with the corporate coup d'etat see while the t p p is being touted as a beacon for job creation the so-called free trade agreement is anything but not only have negotiated has been conducted almost exclusively between advisors representing powerful multinational corporations but the talks have taken place entirely in secret. yes the big banks global telecom companies pharmaceutical giants and fossil fuel corporations that are standing to benefit immensely from the passing of this deal if you know all the corporations that we trust the most and what the t.p. p. would do confirmed by portions of the leak tax is bring about a whole slew of potentially devastating impacts that range from increased prices for medicine erosion for internet freedoms and resident and corporate power so at the crux of this bill is the establishment of an international trade tribunals of corporate lawyers whose authority would usurp the national sovereignty of every country involved and override domestic law if it hurts their bottom line but
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because of growing awareness about the troubling aspects of the deal these corporate negotiators have launched a campaign to force u.s. lawmakers into an up or down vote without having a chance to even review the content of this international agreement and that's where we stand today as senators have officially introduced the fast track language see if the t.p. is fast tracked obama will have more leverage on the negotiating table to appease his corporate paymasters folks we cannot let this happen fast tracking this already conniving trade deal goes completely against democratic principles look i know we don't trust congo. believe me coast of them are already bought and paid for but they do ultimately answer to us so we please take one minute of your day to learn more visit stop dot org and call your representative to voice your concerns about the shady deal already your voices have made
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a huge difference and force the team to be delayed time and again the more light we shine on this deal will force it out of the shadows and give us a chance to have a say in our future. as you know i like to feature independent musicians on my show and excuss is an open bass singer songwriter and also a personal friend of mine as name is remote conscious and is a hip hop artist with a politically charged message among other theme music as senator and police brutality u.s. imperialism and political corruption was also featured in the documentary film lose change joined me earlier to break the stage in a play his song war. began . in the.
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engine of. a. wants you to take a little trip with a dog or to go back. to what you told her she. was. going to the fields in which to me like to point to the pool of my cheek only song front. of the public to go back to the old soldiers will moderate there's no way to get that from normal before you know when the president. six. of the six it's all part of the game all the way but it's all the fact. that he took it easy you know they want to fuck you. lol. lol.
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lol. i think it was. a. really great year for the job body chemistry that he had heard all exceed the fan but he didn't want. the disease and so did. he just again take a deep army navy air force smoking is now playing. politics with big business you can figure out some are all. so. happy to be told you know what it feels like a good deal it's not about so many of the people think about nominations military you take them by the coalition floor if you want to. come on take a stand they want to pull you. up take. a. full take it would. be. a.
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good. chief if you don't get the i don't give a damn about the color of skin. color or the puppet on a string what you are preaching look for feel all the philco the plaque filled by the flood took effect the manger the fear that empowered gunsmoke they want to hold in the face. of a. lot of us. who are a bit one who are healthy and take. what inspired you politically because i know that you've been an activist for a long time but saying it's all bush one's fault i got into politics because of him i started to kind of research what was going on what he was about what was driving
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him what the forces were behind him. and then just kind of got me started and i was reignited by his great. bush jr and that just really lit a serious fire fire and me and that's when i actually started to make more political music and. you know put out a single and just threw it out there to see if anybody would even listen to it or pay attention to it and it's just kind of gone from there you know as an independent artist activist very grassroots everything you do is very bottom up what do you see as the biggest problem with the top down music industry right now feel like music industry doesn't want to support music that talks about the real issues that are happening they'd much rather put their investment in music that is talking about you know making a lot of money and music that talks about sex women
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getting way and i think that has a trickle down effect communities that listen to that type of music you know i grew up listening to public enemy and carry a swan and that was really inspirational to me and they were talking about some serious issues things that were going on and what you could do to kind of fight back you know with fight the power you know so it's a whole different generation right now and it's. i do think it's sad that we see a lot of. mean to your music now telling people you know this is what's important money sex drugs riches it's just like wow it's so far straight from the roots of where this. came from a as i care same guy who got to make one. where can people find out more about your songs or work or they got going on or they can go to my website which is conscious dot com and everything there everything is there a lot our website thank you so much for coming on a. better day watching as long as gold which is in the rules to the knowing the law
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as much the law does the donkey they want to make it a things protect from something done a better job maybe it's me in a job happy and often always going to see these benefits i know that he can spin off email with details phone calls big order to put it back that he wanted to sit in a shop much in the pits dealing with the truth listerine the new. world order example he is now criminal acts with a golden moment for the president and made a few quiet gag order the best secrecy so they think a grand secret already shot when they get to the lady liberty to walk around she. was still in our right. and we put up a fight. good on the come down with cradle to the tree so she chose because gabby approved. the good news. and we put up the fight who found the
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gun was all about rights the collapse of privacy has been on a lot of big book is pretty much been everything you told the anguish when you told what to do what you like most immediate hit my d.m.'s it's the other night without a good deal out of the loop we've. taken on j.t. top our local colleges i'll fight the man sticking up that people want to have microscopic fix what just so what's the bed in a hole like like it's gonna be the water that he told me about how many folks like to be killed fifty one thousand nine hundred thirty years they get at that all time so they project. women are right we have a baby. so she goes with him and all right. and they put up a. picnic on the face of the cradle come about three. jobs because coming up.


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