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ten days before the peace talks in syria by the opposition still silent on taking part spied russia the u.s. and the u.n. warning the summit cannot be delayed and a longer also iran may take part in the upcoming geneva two conference on syria amid a slight shift in washington stance russia and the un's invite makes iran's presence a real prospect with the u.s. saying it will welcome the stab but under certain conditions. britain's prime minister is accused of bribing local authorities and homeowners to accept controversial fracking in their areas with a cash incentive to sweeten the deal. muslim riots take a leap forward in germany we hear people's concerns about spreading islamization at a cost to other faith.
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it is expanding mosque a watching on t.v. national with marina josh welcome to the program of a peace conference on syria can be delayed any longer and must happen at the end of the month that's the joint message from russia the us and the un after talks in paris but the main challenge is convincing the syrian opposition to take part as a group still hasn't given a definitive answer europe is going off has been following the discussions in france but one of the first things that we've heard from u.s. secretary of state is that russia the u.s. and the u.n. are completely on the same page that the only solution of the conflict in syria is a diplomatic one mr kerry also said that both the soon enough and to the opposition are equally responsible for the atrocities committed that we've also seen a slight shift on iran since so a lot of barbara he needs u.n. special envoy on syria. and so he allowed we're off the ball for saying that they
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want to see iran taken part in the geneva two conference this is a key player in the region this was something that the u.s. has previously against but now according to u.s. secretary of state washington wouldn't mind seeing tehran there at geneva two if it supports the agreements reached earlier at the geneva one now mr labral also said that the authorities in syria have now confirmed that they are going to take part in the conference although one of the sticking points right now is that it's really unknown whether or not the opposition is planning to do the same although we are possibly witnessing now positive tendencies somewhat of a positive tendency when it comes to the relationship between the opportunities there and the rebels since we've heard today about possible exchanges of prisoners and allowing humanitarian aid to get in but according to sergei lavrov right now regarding humanitarian aid the rebels are the key obstacles that's why moscow
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doesn't want to see the terror threats among the key issues to be discussed to be on the table there at geneva two now today we've heard nothing about calls for president assad having to step down which is different from sunday since yesterday the french prime minister when he met with the syrian opposition he did make these calls for the syrian president to step down which shows that right now even though the key players now working on organizing this conference they are completely on the same page when it comes to lots of key issues some countries in the west are sending mixed signals which could theoretically undermine the success of the conference while the world's top diplomats court the syrian national council to get to join the geneva two talks there is doubt that the group has any weight within the war torn country and the longer. it seemed clear there since he is fair to credibility on the ground it can deliver nothing. all the rebel factions are what
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are socially people but they're saying see or most of them and we have the fake teeth to other groups so are the us administration is increasingly desperate to try and come together of some kind of syrian opposition and they can do business but but the syrian opposition itself the city national council no really only exists say of syria and it only exists. u.s. patronage so this is increasingly it seems like a field process that is about to hit the buffers. the spy the blamer of progress in paris and fighting between though once united syrian rebels has worsened al-qaeda linked groups have executed dozens of rival islamists in the last couple days bringing the total number of victims between the rebels to over seven hundred this month alone today's crossed off an r t explores how the terrorist network has managed to gain so much ground in the region. but one of the western media and
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politicians told us it was defeated or at the very least on its last legs the same media and politicians today tells a very different story i'll quote it is very much alive and fighting indeed across many countries of the middle east it is betrayed as a deadly menace in this edition of crossfire we ask what is al qaeda today who supports it and who benefits from it. britain's prime minister is being accused of bribery by either activist after he announced a lucrative incentive to areas which allow fracking for gas despite widespread concerns about its safety david cameron is letting local councils keep all the money raised from the business tax levied on amadou firms who drill in their patch and he also backed cash payouts to affected homeowners as well as the details local
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authorities that allow drilling to take place will receive one hundred percent of the business right from the scheme that's double the fifty percent the kid currently would see the government estimates say that that could be worth one point seven million extra a year each site that a council agrees and there are other estimates as well that say that the industry could attract three point seven billion a year in investment and support an extra seventeen thousand jobs so it all sounds like great needs the financial incentives that have been laid on the table for the local authorities but campaigners and environmental groups of expressed their anger at the plan saying that it amounts to nothing more than a break we might have seen the government crack pipe pushing the benefits of this procedure but the extraction of shell gas from the ground to schools why it's but controlled to see in the country we've seen large scale protests. in the recent months in fact on sunday we saw protesters from across the country marching to soul
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food to an area where exploratory drilling is taking place and campaigners really concerned about a wide variety of issues with this controversial process including contamination of ground water the potential for the triggering earthquakes we've already seen work on exploratory site here. it was thought that that was linked to the quake that had taken place in a nearby area this is a really huge amounts of anger we've seen for painters and protesters of course the announcement coinciding with the expected announcement from french energy giant who are expected to say that they're going to be investing millions in u.k. drilling licenses now that's causing anger because you look to france it's actually got a ban on the process and campaigners are asking why when there's a ban in that country the energy company can then exploits the u.k.
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opening its tools to shell gas exploration in this way so despite the financial incentives that we've seen on the table i think a lot of people going to remain unconvinced some brits may be eyeing up a bumper fracking payday but across the atlantic there's a squeeze on those in need. like putting somebody in prison commit a crime what do we do because this deficit. automatic budget cuts for some of the most vulnerable americans out of their homes find out how later this hour. and trying to be accommodating to religious sensitivities is proving to be divisive in germany regional governments are increasingly incorporating muslims feelings into local legislation a couple of district even went with our christmas lights the season for fear of causing offense to non christians a recent survey suggests more than half of germans fear the growing islam is ation of their country and spit on our report.
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daily prayer in bremen. this region was one of the first in germany to make islam an official religion nearby lower saxony is the next in line with at least three other states expected to follow in the near future the change of status allows worshippers to have their religious holidays officially recognized burial rites carried out and classes taught in schools. but what does it mean to the islamic community in this part of germany to have their religion officially recognized by the state. perhaps in the future it will help the building of a mosque or a school it will also help to bring communities together over the last ten years both sides have made efforts to build bridges and aid integration and they combined critics of the move claim this is being done to score political points here by hundreds of you can interpret this as a slam of the cation of germany but i see it as more politically motivated
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politicians telling muslims islam can belong but the majority of germans don't want this. only nineteen percent of germans believe that islam is compatible with german culture that's the lowest in europe thirty percent had specific concerns such as terrorism and almost half thought there are too many muslims in germany only around five percent of people in the country are muslims giving leave to the idea that the real issue for germans may be immigration not islam and i think it is more a question of getting people in big numbers into germany than having a problem with these. they mix it up and they don't recognize it's a different story islamic leaders recognize that they have work to do to improve the image of their religion. we have a duty to change perceptions and prejudices unfortunately the media plays a big role they only show negative stories about this makes it harder for us.
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whatever the public perception of islam in germany more and more federal states are set to follow suit and germany's almost four million muslims the same rights as the christian and jewish communities. and coming up a final the buying for the man who was once israel's most powerful figure solemnity hundreds of soldiers and an anti-missile defense system to secure a save barrel for the former prime minister. plus britain's told it should be softer on its most dangerous criminals as it says jailing people for life without parole is not fair to prisoners more on the u.k.'s fight for its own laws in just a couple of minutes here on r.t. . i think that the fact that these weapons can fly semi autonomous lead for seven
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thousand miles to you know the locations we're unfortunately my military and the cia are attacking people in countries with which we are not at war to me is simply horrifying and as many you know already argue it's a violation of international law it's assassination i do not support assassination by my government period. previously peacekeepers for a profound concern with monitoring peace deals you know post conflict environment nowadays there are increasingly asked to operate. by. still angel all we need to stay. motionless what these people have closed over almost twenty years four million people killed millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped tens of thousands of children and recruit to us soldiers who were
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slaves no. it sucks but. i would like to know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy trek albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press semi-colons we've been a hydrogen why handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing up to find her job ready to join the
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movement then walk away from the big picture. dramas the chance to be ignored true. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world right now. to picture of today's news. from around the globe. look to. go back to a certain international israel has a bit of a final farewell to former prime minister ariel sharon but the atmosphere around
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the ceremony wasn't exactly peaceful the army and police have been on high alert with anti missile batteries dispatched around the burial site our middle east correspondent paula sleep has more. the iron dome anti-missile defense system was deployed over the south of the country with extra drones also being deployed over southern israel for the funeral process now this is because the ranch where sharon was buried is in rock of range from gaza and in recent weeks there has been rockets fired from gaza into israel of course israeli security did not want to take any chances of there being any kind of disruptions during the funeral itself in addition to this there were kilometers of roads around the burial place that was sealed off now the irony is that sharon always justified any kind of military or political action he took by saying that it was in the interests of israel security and here we seeing him buried in such an atmosphere of insecurity sharon is a very controversial figure for most israelis he is regarded as
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a military war hero who fortune almost all of israel's wars he's seen as a powerful politician and fearless leader he has the nickname of the bulldozer and this is because when he set out to do something he allowed nothing to get in his way but among many in the arab world particularly palestinians he is despised and resume to you see him as the mastermind of crushing military action and military offenses against palestinians and for killing thousands of them since the war back in one nine hundred forty eight is this regarded as the butcher of beirut for the world he played in one nine hundred eighty two when tele students were massacred in the camps of supper and shifted the eleven on by christian militia groups and there's a lot of anger still on the palestinian street that he was never born to go for the role he played in those massacres and muscles also issued a statement saying that should one's death is a historic moment that marked the disappearance of
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a criminal who is hands are covered with palestinian blood so certainly a very controversial figure that was buried in israel today. and among the stories we have kong right now the rana guns behind a spate of suicides american firearms firm is now banning hiring out its weapons after costumers we're turning the guns on themselves. cyber security in russia the government goes online to ask the people what they think about the country's strategy to stay safe. please please. please wonderful strong arming a lot of these new policies i think you. should have you with us here on t.v. today i'm wrong.
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now low income families in new york are feeling the pinch of the so-called sequester the automatic multibillion dollar spending cuts which kicked in last year after congress failed to agree and budget people are being told to find smaller and cheaper apartments or see their rent skyrocket are met one of them. my brother and his family inside and brown's home this is home for me a lifetime of memories are displayed everywhere you look one of my friends went down with me doing this in eighty three year old has lived in her one bedroom new york city apartment for thirty seven years this is the first played out for mercy from h.p. but a few months ago city officials told her she has to downsize her options move into a studio apartment or see your seven hundred dollar rent triple the only thing i know is they heard the word sequester whatever that means they have this thing is
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the city agency that subsidizes rent for low income new yorkers is facing a thirty six million dollars reduction due to budget cuts known as sequestration. as a result thousands of seniors like ann are being forced to shrink their lives into smaller and cheaper apartments and that physically able. to a will or i'm going to do it my friend if you're there send it on as i can't afford to stuart so what i'm going to do with my life and this is in this disappointment civil rights attorney norman siegel who represents many sequestered seniors calls the downsizing campaign inhumane i can't dismiss the possibility that the effect of this will impact disproportionately on seniors and poor people because in the bigger picture the people who are in power and make these decisions. know that
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seniors might not fight back and it's a problem playing out nationwide potentially affecting more than two million local income american households in the coming year that's according to one washington budget think tank but it's when social cuts drag in the nation's unprotected pension nears that experts say the effects will prove explosive what happens to a family watching the government of the country stick it to grandma when she's eighty years old you're making enemies you wonder why people join the tea party you wonder why people join occupy wall street while many times the reasons are grandma in the current era of budget cuts the country's elderly most in need of government assistance and stability are being displaced vulnerable citizens forced to spend their golden years suffering the consequences of washington's debt and overspending is like putting somebody in prison that didn't commit a crime that's the way i see it what did we do because this deficit and why are you
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going to balance it on the back to the seniors marina porton r.t. new york take a look at some other stories from around the world and bangkok a slowly growing to hold and thousands of protesters block major intersections during. city wide shut down it's aimed at bringing down the government of prime minister shinawatra the sister of the former premier who was ousted over corruption claims in two thousand and six some twenty thousand soldiers have been deployed to security and officials say a state of emergency may be declared if there is fresh unrest. heavy rains have caused floods and landslides in the southeastern philippines forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes at least thirteen people have been killed more casualties are feared with swathes of the country still living in rough conditions after it was battered by super typhoon haiyan last november. there seems little let up in the violence in the central african republic capital despite the interim president declaring the fighting over and claiming that the surging troops
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are returning to their barracks the provisional government has also issued a stern warning to rival muslim and christian militias to and clashes weeks of turmoil in the country has killed more than five thousand people. a top european court is trying to make britain ease up on handing down whole life prison sentences for its most dangerous criminals judges believe that offering no chance of parole even to those convicted of horrifying murders breaches international human rights but the u.k. is fighting back to stop brussels muscling in on its justice system as well as smith now explains. if we're talking prison sentence it's already very breath and to me. but if the european court of human rights has its way it will become impossible for the courts in this country to hand down the most severe punishments that exceptional criminal but never become eligible for parole condemned to die in
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jail the a c.-h. all got involved convicted killer complains with the courts saying it was the moralizing no it's to have a child. for least last year the courts the greens and rules having no rights to review contravene big european convention on human rights the justice secretary is set to fight the decision in a lengthy legal battle but many say he should go a step further and leave the court altogether the legitimacy is pretty much nonexistent. not a proper court made up of. often of politicians rather than lawyers many of. members a tiny countries or countries with. very poor human rights record i mean we're getting a lot of interference and up and up a legal system. from them and i think it's completely completely unreasonable i
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think we should make our own decisions aren't arrangements about the but sentencing there are fewer than fifty prison is serving whole life terms in england and wales for the severest sprites one of them's bridget he was sent down last year for murdering well schoolgirl april jay he's close to the pale another killer ian mclachlan has already avoided a whole life because of the c.h.l. he mudded a man while on day release from a mud is that said meanwhile the u.k. government is entering into a lot of expensive fights but the pig cools the team and right to stop the courts interfering with british justice and next nobel peace prize winner jody williams tells us about her life to rid the world of deadly germs.
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because you don't states is the big dog the only hyper power and the cultural driving force of globalization it takes a lot of flak i mean hate globalization means the whole world gets hollywood and hot dogs not the other way around so let's take a break from the negativity and talk about something truly amazing about america and as a guy who lives in moscow i could say that the constitution of the united states is something truly amazing in russia there is constant talk about needing a new national idea new ideology or political theory or big changes to the russian constitution and so. and and it's hard for people in america understand this but twice in the twentieth century the system that russians gave their lives for collapsed and the current constitution was written quickly after a period of violence and said collapse not after a glorious victory now you see why people here aren't exactly memorizing amendments
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and founding fathers quotes here in america there are debates between liberals and conservatives but almost everyone believes the constitution and it is america's greatest strength there is a national idea that is a sacred document with a list of rules as almost universally agreed upon everyone with half a brain on the street but sadly not in congress knows when something is against the constitution or should i say against america near universal belief in the constitution is actually something truly exceptional about america but that's just my opinion. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world writes now.
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to picture the six days. from rose to. brooklyn don't get me. hello and welcome to sofia and co i'm selfish ever not say jody williams embarked on a crusade against land mines in the early ninety's with few people behind her within several layers are motorists n.-g. o. had grown into a globe spanning network landmines where international event and she was awarded a nobel peace prize now she's on a different mission and killer robots are her target she is our guest today. from spears to go from chariots to tanks humanity stops at nothing to invent new
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ways to kill. and with drugs already making college sister e. driblets are on their way this is song finite make coming to life. but the mercy of machines and what does it say to stand up and stop it before it's too late. now our guest today is jody williams political activist and a winner of the noble peace prize jody it's so great to have you on our show so you work to get it thank you for inviting me yeah so you work to get lend lines bands and that want a new a noble peace prize now you're targeting what you call the killer robots fully autonomy's weapons tell us more about them for those who don't know what they are in simple words sure i think when we say killer robots most people
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think of drones but killer robots are weapons the would make drones look primitive. at least with the drone there is a human being who looks at a computer screen sees the target and pushes the buttons to fire the missiles and kill various militaries are doing research on weapons that would have no human being involved in the targeting and killing of human beings and we found that shocking and horrifying that people are really thinking it is ok to give the right to target and kill human beings to machines so these things haven't been used yet right tell me what tell me more correct. but there are many many precursors to kill what we call killer robots.


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