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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 13, 2014 2:29pm-3:01pm EST

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because you don't states is the big dog the only hyper power and the cultural driving force of globalization it takes a lot of flack i mean globalization means the whole world gets hollywood and hot dogs and not the other way around so let's take a break from the negativity and talk about something truly amazing about america and as a guy who lives in moscow i could say that the constitution of the united states is something truly amazing in russia there is constant talk about needing a new national idea a new ideology or political theory or big changes to the russian constitution and so on and it's hard for people in america understands but twice in the twentieth century the system that russians gave their lives for collapsed and the current constitution was written quickly after a period of violence and said collapse not after glorious victory now you see why
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people here aren't exactly memorizing amendments and founding fathers quotes here in america there are debates between liberals and conservatives but almost everyone believes the constitution and it is america's greatest strength there is a national idea that is a sacred document with a list of rules as almost universally agreed upon everyone with half a brain on the street but sadly not in congress knows when something is against the constitution or should i see against america near universal belief in the constitution is actually something truly exceptional about america but that's just my opinion. as. a lowing welcome to crossfire all things are going to. peter lavelle not long ago
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western media and politicians told us al qaeda was defeated or at the very least on its last legs the same media and politicians today tell us a very different story al qaeda is very much alive and fighting indeed across many countries of the middle east al qaeda is portrayed as a deadly menace in this edition of crossfire we ask what is al qaeda today who supports it and who benefits from it. to cross-talk al qaeda and similar groups i'm joined by my guest daniel make adams in washington he is the executive director of the ron paul institute and in tel aviv we cross to your home sweitzer he's the director of the terrorism project at the institute for national security studies of tel aviv university all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it daniel if i go to you first in washington very simple question what is al qaeda today because not too long ago we were told that you know on its last legs it's you know small groups but nothing to be too concerned with
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and now you can pick up a newspaper or not read about al qaeda. it's tempting to view al qaeda as a kind of a manual goldstein you know from one thousand nine hundred four that is everywhere and anywhere you know it's and it's harder to not feel that way look in in syria groups that have been affiliated with al qaeda are benefiting from u.s. support and saudis support a great allies saudi arabia and the next door in iraq the so so-called al-qaeda has made a comeback and is now you know threatening on bob province so it is a good question what what is al-qaeda is that al qaeda in in somalia where you have small regional conflicts you know groups with no with no desire for a global jihad it seems to be a pretty convenient term that doesn't mean it doesn't exist but it certainly seems to be overused jarome in tel aviv would you like to reply to that i mean it is a term used very very often you almost want to get to the point where it's just
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a kind of a franchise. since a typical qaeda since its inception in one nine hundred eighty eight i think that we don't have to look for new new the phoenicians is one of the crowd sometimes referred. to this and this is a group within its own very person who spoke really now look the pakistan area and there are other groups that are closely cooperating with al qaeda and basically go to the french as from al qaeda central these are for groups al-qaeda in iraq and the islamic maghreb who just recently since. two thousand and twelve also was above all the others are supporters affiliates who are closely connected to al qaeda but with no commercials with al qaeda this is the phenomenon of cards and power for power because in many other affiliates ok daniel
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i think one of the interesting things the difference in looking at al qaeda in two thousand and fourteen is it before it was they attempt to discredit. damage the west when we're looking at the original al qaeda the bin laden al qaeda but if we look at countries like egypt syria iraq iran even lebanon they all have their own dealings real or imagined dealing with al qaeda i mean we can look at the egyptians and say now this is the reason for a crackdown on any kind of civil liberties and political activism is because there is al qaeda in the sinai. so i can mcdonald's franchise you know what's interesting is mike show your last month in december wrote an article that drove a lot of neo cons crazy for some of the things he said you know he was the head of the of bin laden unit at the cia and he he makes the point that there is no it is making gains worldwide but his question is why on earth is u.s. policy any everywhere in the world it seems designed to to
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increase. graphs to to expand them you know look in the in egypt u.s. intervention had led to a. weapons flowing everywhere look in libya the us invasion of libya weapons went to syria everywhere from syria to nigeria so if there is this dangerous threatening al qaida why does the us seem to be doing its bidding everywhere in the world you know you're in tel aviv would you like to respond to that to me because you know if you look at syria i mean obama and his people get still say assad must go i mean the house is on fire but assad must go when you look at the gains that al-qaeda and similar groups of made in syria there are still wanting to see the end of a secular leader in syria. let me stick to my the question of what is ok either in syria you have two principal groups one of them is al qaeda in iraq and in the shi'a and the other one is up in mosul happen most are. in
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iraq and both are connected to al qaeda closely connected to al qaeda basically al qaeda in iraq is a part of al qaeda and we jump in most recently announced and basically got the blessing from our heavy to be part of either although although it was not officially announced. i would say legal we so you have these two groups in syria closely connected to al qaeda in egypt the answer because marcus which is the most prominent group operating in the sinai recently also in iraq in egypt itself is not part of al qaeda but an affiliate so when you call every organization that is affiliated or have any. close affiliation with al qaeda al qaeda you enhance the image and the power the image the power image of
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folk either that's i think one of the mystics ok ok let's stay with that daniel a bit lot of governments would like to say that i mean you look at the the prime minister of iraq he saying you know it's al qaeda all over the place he wants more weapons he wants more money no one likes to talk about it too much in western media but he has caused al qaeda to come to iraq as you know what before saddam there was no al qaeda there. you know who's who's to blame for the new york who talked and lied us into going into iraq they claimed we would go in there and democracy would break out all over the place and now of course is screaming that we need to go back there screaming that it's all obama's fault for pulling out in two thousand and eleven that doesn't make sense at all because if if the us action in iraq was supposed to create a democratic paradise or even something better than it was under saddam hussein why now is the whole place falling apart and we have to go back it doesn't make any sense even by their own measurement even by their own prescriptions the entire
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thing is failed and of course. it's ironic that. is back in in in in on bar that is the the great myth of the us invasion of iraq was that this surge had secured an american victory number one and that this great awakening was the the homegrown fundamentalist groups had risen up and attacked al qaeda and driven them out well neither of those two have lasted very long you know so it's. it's quite ironic ok to reply to that because you know if you look at iraq specifically because we can look at so many countries now where the black flag of al qaeda has risen real or imagined and then don't get me wrong i do believe it exists but to the extent that's a little bit different because that's the politics as you see it on the ground but i mean look at iraq here i mean the invasion the occupation this is what's brought it about i mean doesn't western foreign policy create the seeds the seed bed for
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these kind of groups to come about in the first place. the question of course is what would have happened if there was of any reaction to the presence of al qaeda for example afghanistan the bad old days you cannot you cannot fix things by just looking from a distance i think that the case for example in afghanistan shows the if the united states had not. removed the taliban from power and. run after al qaeda it wouldn't make things better or what happened because the united states went to iraq for different reasons not have anything to do nothing to do with the fight against terrorism and basically relieve the pressure from al qaeda. here but you know you have become such that's
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a fundamental mistake which is don't you agree that was a fundamental mistake because you basically gave oxygen to the fire agree or disagree. certainly when you look back it was a mistake but the reason to go to iraq has nothing to do isto isn't it has to do with maybe false idea of weapons of mass destruction but even if you look at the al qaeda in iraq today al qaeda has been in iraq since the united states invaded iraq through lowish to iraq you took advantage of the presence of the united states now the war shifted more than against it for occupy l.a. but then secondly that purpose for i agree with you that's history but if we look at syria right now again the united states to one degree or another is supporting groups that a take the mantle of al-qaeda and because the united states wants assad to go i
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mean i just don't get this here ok there's some good al qaeda in there some bad al qaeda. well that's what's funny peter. and i don't let you go ahead like you are i'm speaking answer this one i will go quickly back to dan you go ahead sir go ahead first of all the united states you know the u.s. has been criticized all over the united states and the president is reluctant to be involved in syria in order to avoid inflating the support for al qaeda because of its invasion and he's being criticized i think the united states is very cautious not to interfere personally in the. conflict in syria and be it there are elements of al qaeda i mentioned two of the groups that have been most when i say this both groups when they're regarded as the united states presence so i think we have to also look at the strategy of al qaeda for its affiliates regardless whether the western powers are involved in this conflict all
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world. funny it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. please. welcome back to cross talk we're all things are considered on people of l. to remind you we're discussing al-qaeda and similar groups.
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ok daniel i'd like go back to you in washington you know in considering all we heard in the first part of the program i agree you know it's easy to be a monday morning quarterback fine ok that's fine but i don't see any lessons being learned if we look at in the aftermath of the illegal occupation of iraq we have and we have a prime minister in that country now begging for the united states the somehow reengage in that country where it was an utter catastrophe for everybody involved i would say and now we look at syria and we look at mali and we look at libya you know i mean where is the leadership here is there any lead learning curve here or is there just another plan involved go ahead daniel. well i think what's happening with u.s. policy over the summer at least is i think there are many of the administration have realized and we've even heard some former and current intelligence and military people come out and say there's been
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a realisation that assad's enemies are far worse than he is and so now it's trying to walk back wrongheaded policy from the beginning and your other guest said earlier they would have been there anyway but the reality is the u.s. through the cia has been providing enormous amounts of assistance to these groups we're told that they're going to the moderates this mythical free syrian army that seems to only exist in the minds of the interventionist and in real terms they've been providing support they've been turning a blind eye to saudi arabia spending billions of dollars to prop up groups in syria who are tied with al qaeda if saudi arabia such a great ally and they're doing this and we're worried about al qaeda why doesn't washington tell them to knock it off what about turkey's role in it as well so you have you have a realization i think that's dawning on people here that there is
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a disaster happening and i think what they're trying to do now is sell another myth to us which is that one group of slightly less radical fundamentalists are now attacking the i.s.i. yes and taking care of them but we saw in a recent interview in the national which i believe is from dubai where there was an interview with the free syrian army representative who said we're working quite closely with. you know that they have all the guns and they're doing all the fighting when they've gone in and one we take the credit for p.r. reasons so they're really trying to put another scam over us as well you know. i asked in the introduction this program three questions what is al-qaeda and who supports them and we'll talk about who benefits but who is the major supporter of these groups i mean they have to get money and arms and training from somewhere and then in a country that's been named so far in this program is saudi arabia what is their role in all of this. there is support that is being given
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by the by saudi arabia to elements within the islamic community that is fighting in syria whether it is going to the new islamic front or whether it's going directly to a. i don't have any intelligence to back it up but this is the information that is being spread on the in the newspaper but we have to take into consideration the fact that there is a shift of. the. activity of mainly al qaeda affiliates to. regions within the middle east and in africa that. have allowed them to take control of certain areas and provide themselves with finances with your sources. but they would never be able unity they would never be able to do this without the funding from such countries
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in saudi arabia correct or not. no i don't think so i think that. in mali for example al qaeda affiliates not al qaeda. with the affection of the partners as well i'm referring to a car going to slavic maghreb basically with local groups took control of parts of money in syria the. success of the islamic front the partners in syria to see is to take control of the territory in northern syria in eastern syria has to do with their own capabilities not with the finest in the backing of so we are in full capacity i think it's a little bit. mis misinterpretation of reality i don't be fired the fact that saudi arabia for its own reasons without the american backing but with their own reasons
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is supporting certain elements within the syrian opposition because the saudi arabian government is preferring now to try to blow. rather ok take care of the future when those groups will operate against saudi arabia it's quite clear ok daniel if i go back you in washington i agree with what we just heard here because you know washington these look they look at these nation states here and they look at suppose geopolitical interests and maybe a little bit of oil is thrown in there but you have the saudis there with a stack of money and it's just all about iran and you know and that's the prism that they see everything through and the united states continues to trip and fall and walk through a minefield in that region because they don't get the same interpretation because they don't understand they don't look at politics that way and their greatest one of their greatest allies in the middle east that's exactly how they think. sure you talk about a learning curve you know and there clearly is none and the irony is the u.s.
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wants to be this great global empire but it this eight hundred pound gorilla but isn't it funny that it's being led by the nose by its so-called allies you have you have israel and saudi arabia forcing it forcing its hand in the middle east you have france telling it it's got to attack libya and it's got to help them out in mali you know the reality is the u.s. government cannot get foreign policy right they can you know i'm reading this great stephen kinzer did a great book on the dulles brothers and i just finished reading it and you go back to the fifty's it was the same thing every one of the cia's covert operations produce unintended consequences the whole history of u.s. covert and overt foreign policy has been a disaster we can't get it right which is one of the reasons we should stop trying to run the world ok the third if i go back to tell of eve you know on the third question i asked in the introduction was who benefits from all of this activity can you list the name of people or organizations or countries that benefits from the spread of this what i would call
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a disease in the middle east. i'm not sure the states are benefiting from the situation actually i think in the future there will be a benefit even less. we see for example if we pick syria we see local disputed turn into a regional dispute the two or with global impact we see the united states and the soviet union russia slowly looking at the situation each one has its own side to support we see turkey saudi arabia if you wish even israel and other countries that are looking closely at the situation even in these are itself there is a debate what is better for israel that us that we will follow in the jihad this will prevail over the other way around so i think the situation in syria has potential hazards for many countries and i really can see the
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situation any country that is enjoying the situation ok daniel maybe i'll give you my fanciful interpretation of all of this is that i think that there are powers that be particularly in the united states in the think tanks in neo-cons that the more the chaos the better because you know maybe we can get on the right side of the curve you know i mean i find it really fanciful because if you look at it he continues to give more and more destabilized and you know there's some people that think that the with the u.s. can still control it and i think history has told us over the last decade that doesn't happen you used my favorite term the law of unintended consequences what do you think. well it's the lenin thesis isn't it the worse the better maybe that is true the neo cons do want to remake the world they're the inheritors of trotsky they love global revolution you have you know it's interesting this there's been a big to do here in the us about robert gates his book has come out he was the
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defense secretary and had a career in the cia and he talks about on the left you have the responsibility to protect crowd and on the right you have the u.s. leadership crowd all pushing for the us to get involved in every in everything every time there's an oppression somewhere or an aggression somewhere or someone feels unhappy somewhere they want the u.s. military to get involved so it's a sort of an unholy alliance between the interventionist left and the interventionists right and the media is a course obsessed with all the little personality things that gates writes about in the book but the most important and most interesting thing that he talks about is the over militarization of u.s. foreign policy and he says we need to step back and stop thinking that every problem in the world is a job for the u.s. military to deal with and it would be nice if people would take that lesson you know in tel aviv you live in a very dangerous neighborhood what is the best way to deal with al qaeda and al qaeda like groups in your opinion is your neighborhood. i think the.
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most important principle is to be were of being dragged into the conflict that israel is not involved with the groups of that are affiliated with al qaeda or the partners of al-qaeda in syria and the affiliate groups in egypt would like very much to drag israel into conflict with egypt and syria is and should keep its. borders closed and safe and do not interfere in any of these attacks and in there is no meaningful tech that is going to be addressed against israel is a should turn to the other country to operate against it and to intercept it and if not to operate back and without being dragged into conflict with the border and countries that's for israel but i think we have to look at the situation now the global terrorism of the days of bin laden and this was his philosophy turning into what we call of localized. conflicts and these are the rich occasion of the what
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is called the arab spring and i think neither the united states and definitely not israel should not interfere in this business and lead the the local governments try to deal with it and if there is a need the united states to support the countries in their fight against al qaeda and not do the job for them and not sending any military intervention to abuse countries well that'll be a hard habit to break here and we've run out of time gentlemen many thanks to me to my guests in washington and in tel aviv and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here rocky see you next time remember across town.
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this is r t it's midnight in moscow this just over a week to go but now before the peace talks on syria the opposition is still silent . despite russia the u.s. and the u.n. warning the summit can't be delayed any longer also iran may take part in the upcoming geneva two conference on syria amid a slight shift in washington stance russia on the un's invite makes to run for president real prospect with the u.s. saying it would welcome the step but under certain conditions. britain's prime minister's accused of bribing local authorities on homeowners to accept controversial fracking in their areas with a cash incentive to sweeten the deal. with him writes take a leap forward in germany we have people's concerns about spreading.


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