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and his suicide was the result of a two tiered justice system that puts profit over knowledge rest in peace erin now let's break this said. some of the. games they all are very hard to take that are the. ones that you ever had sex with her but there are those. that are like. little. like. thirty three years ago
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a cruel and infectious disease reached epidemic levels in india over thirty eight thousand people were stricken with a paralyzing and potentially life threatening illness polio but today marks an incredible victory for both india and the global community it's now been three years to the day since the last polio case was diagnosed in india and next month the world health organization is expected to officially declare the country polio free this chart shows the rapid an exponential decline of india polio cases but the monumental achievement didn't come easy besides an incredibly high population density and birth rate poor sanitation and inaccessible to rain in many parts of the country officials had to cope with a large swath of the population refusing to accept polio vaccination for religious beliefs from two thousand and nine to two thousand and eleven nearly two and a half million volunteers medical workers and doctors vaccinated children across the country and gradually eradicated the last few cases of the horrendous disease
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so they polio still exists in places like nigeria pakistan and afghanistan but the destruction of polio and. india is an encouraging sign that one day the world may rid itself of this debilitating disease altogether other vaccine preventable diseases such as diptheria rubella mumps and measles are virtually almost been eliminated in the us but it's still common in many many scuse me developing countries so big shout out to india today of course is a long way to go on so many other issues but it's a future generations from confronting this terrible fate ever again. last friday one of the most devastating u.s. health disasters in the deepwater horizon oil spill took place in west virginia over three hundred thousand residents were unable to use their tap water after the
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west virginia american water company admitted that a storage tank of the chemical for meto cycle hexane methanol had leaked into the city of charleston is water supply so you think a story that actually affects hundreds of thousands of americans would garner round the clock coverage from u.s. media this weekend we all know that hollywood celebrities just don't get enough air time. hollywood's biggest names line in the red carpet for the annual golden globe awards caprio got friendly you've got guys walking around with. our love would you think of last night. it was a book hollywood does two things really well water is give out awards to themselves and the other is to throw parties and last night good good both. now to be fair c.n.n. was largely on the case in the beginning but i can't say the same for the other partisan hacks on corporate television thankfully the situation has improved since friday according to west virginia's governor earl ray tomblin and officials are
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gradually lifting the water drinking ban on a zone by zone basis but what damage has already been done and what does the lack of regulation when it comes to chemical spills mean for the future safety of the u.s. water supply for me now to discuss is r t correspondent megan lopez who has been at the ground at this little site thank you so much for coming on megan first briefly explain what the heck about chemical that i just said is all right well just to repeat the name it's for meth a cycle hexane methanol or m c him for short it's a phony agent that is used to clean coal right before it goes to market so it's described as somewhere between a detergent and an air freshener beyond that researchers really don't know all that much about it i really haven't find that much research on it anyway but we will even if the water's drinkable now i mean what kind of damage are we talking about that's already been done and the long term health effects from those who've already come in contact with the chemical well the short answer to that is that we simply don't know and that's because there is so little research that has actually been
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done on this chemical so things that we don't know for instance let me read a statement first the material safety data sheet for the occupational health and safety administration says no specific information is available in our database regarding the toxic effects of this material for humans so they don't know the effects that it has when it comes to this kind of disposal in the water this delusion of it they don't know the long term effects in the air or they don't know the long term effects on the animals they don't know the long term effects on those lead pipes that travels through they have no idea if how to get rid of it they have to come up with a way to actually test for it in the water in the first place. draw those so comforting and you are saying that even on the company's website i mean it is virtually no information at all available but what this is unbelievable how is the leak reported in the first place and how did this company react when it came out all those very interesting just to give you a short little timeline between seven and eight am people started noticing a licorice smell in the air so they started calling it into local authorities
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asking them to check it out ten thirty am is when the president of freedom industries which is the company that leaked this chemical gary southern said that his employees had first noticed this leak it wasn't until eleven am when the d.e.p.t. went down there and started knocking on doors and asking what was going on and then at twelve thirty freedom industries finally called the emergency hotline saying that there was a spill but it wasn't until five pm when residents were finally notified about this spill and do not drink water ban was actually put on so nine hours people were drinking the water using it to wash their hands their dishes their clothes everything under the sun and they had no idea the that this water was potentially toxic now in terms of how the company responded they had promised gary southern had promised in a friday briefing to be transparent however that statement and that consequent press conference was anything but transparent he actually tried to walk away two
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times from the press conference and then came back and sort a couple of other questions but they haven't put out a statement since well take us through how this actually happened maybe this seems to be the age old question is it how does something like this happen with safety inspections and supposedly oversight on these sites well there is supposed to be oversight however i can tell you for this specific science there has not been an inspection since get this one thousand nine hundred one it was a different company under a different name with a different owner now the reasons for that is the reason it hasn't been inspected since one thousand nine hundred one is because this site was. subjected to most regulations because it's a storage facility and not a processing or manufacturing facility the science really fits in this kind of apparent loophole between who should be regulating it and as a result it really hasn't been regulated now the e.p.a. also doesn't regulate above ground chemical storage sites for many industries but
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it does ask them to have some kind of a backup plan which is usually dumping it in the river if there is some kind of i just asked her feet so they had a containment wall but that that also failed. you know i can't help but notice that during my research that on the spill first of course the numbers were much higher and now it's saying you know the ban is being lifted on a zone by zone basis i'm just wondering do you think it's possible that the governor is trying to kind of alleviate and quell the hysteria and that it potentially isn't as safe as people are making out to be i mean we don't even know what the this chemical it's that it's is a very good question honestly to the best of the governor and the government's knowledge to their credit this is everything you say however all those reasons that i've stated before about not knowing the long term effects are exactly the reasons why there is just it's still questionable at the moment honestly if i was living there right now i'm not i'm not sure if i would be drinking it or not just because just because of the question mark still surrounding this chemical now when it comes
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to the residents and how they're responding most of them are not mad at freedom industries most of them are not not if a coal industry most of them are not asking for more regulation they're mad at the governor because there isn't a and merge and see water resources available to them but you have to understand coal industry in west virginia is a major industry industry it supplies direct jobs for twenty thousand people and indirect jobs for a number seventy thousand people is a six billion dollar industry in that state so obviously these people are really depended on the coal industry and they're going to support it no matter what it what happens and you know i can't help but question what does this incident say about the kind of born or ability of the entire. u.s. water supply here it's very vulnerable that's what it says honestly most states are not any more or less prepared in west virginia then charleston was was at the moment and it says that in an emergency crisis you have to call in departments like the department of homeland security and fema and the national guard and all of the
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troops to come in to respond to just three hundred thousand residents so on a larger scale that could be very scary oh yeah i mean what if you know if there were someone that wanted to poison the water supply i mean i wonder how easy it is to access these things and really put an entire city out or even bigger megan it's kind of really scary to think about is there anything on the hill being done about water safety right now there is but it lessens water safety and so on it does seem to me on the same day that this leak was reported in charleston west virginia the house passed resolution two two seven nine known as the reducing excessive deadline obligations act so the vote was split pretty much down party lines with republicans all voting yes and democrats pretty much all voting no and what it amends is both the solid waste disposal act in the comprehensive environmental response compensation and liability act so what that means is it says that these companies don't have to have enough insurance for the cleanup in case something spills it
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also says that this is the government has to consult with states before it puts more regulations and place now something else that came up with west virginia state law that passed seventeenth of two thousand and thirteen says that there's another chemical called solenn which is used in mountaintop removal processes and then actually raise the threshold to be able to have that in the water supply so a lot of more stripping of environmental regulations more kind of you know increased. benefits for the corporate masters here megan thank you for coming on breaking this down for being on the ground a really important issue thanks so much. so ground you guys after the break i'll be talking about all things with a pedia if you want to set the. lead
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. player . play. a little. league please. list.
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in the internet age most people get their information about pretty much everything from a little website called wikipedia in fact like a p.d.f. the six most visited site in the world dominating nearly every google search and clocking in at about three billion views just on mobile devices every month last year i found out that there was a thorough article about me on the site shortly thereafter was completely removed at a few months later the entry was recreated by another user but i was pretty cool that the people who watched breaking this i could find out more about me and the show will be online encyclopedia but last night someone brought to my attention that the website had deleted my entire entry for the second time on the blog dissenting democrat an article called abby martin banned from wikipedia so as quote the super editors that wikipedia have determined that abby martin lacks the notability one must possess to make a p.d.f. really every dunderhead on fox news gets his or her own citation every porno stars
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turn a trick on camera rates of wikipedia entry but not. look this is not about ego guys i really don't care if i'm on wikipedia or not but this issue calls into question the way with a pedia decides who and what is notable enough to be worthy of the text on its site on the deletion thread editor's d'anna and courtesy eric explain that i'm not notable enough for my own page because apparently they couldn't verify any information about me through third party sources and i found this interesting considering how there are dozens of third party sites that have talked in depth about my work as well as the show including one called white out press der spiegel max kaiser alger minor joe rogan stuart wilde global post and firedoglake yet none of these sites are apparently notable enough to allow me a sacred. the author of the article legend that i am banned claims that wikipedia
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is censoring me on purpose because it's now just another tool of the establishment but is this really the case the way with a pedia works is that literally anyone can edit and create content on a massive database as long as you have an account which is open to anyone that signs up many times completely incorrect information is locked up for weeks or even months without being edited corrected or verified but the ones that are heavily viewed and sourced pose another problem altogether the information on the more controversial of subjects death tolls of wars are contested government narratives are almost always back paged minimized or downplayed reference at all at the very beginning of the entries on both j.f.k. and nine eleven questions that boldly stated that most if not all of those theories have been completely discredited according to independent reviews media and government sources although only citing corporate media or the government to back up that claim the truth is that wikipedia works just like
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a democracy does mob rule subjects that are considered a consensus opinion are certain as fact and the editing process is rule by majority so if the majority of wikipedia editors deem it so then it is so it also works like a modern day democracy and that it can be bought according to her rights in two thousand and ten israel's council of settlements and another right wing group israel shailene barking on a wikipedia battle zionist editing on the web based encyclopedia the course was designed to teach how to register for contribute to and edit from wikipedia so israel's image can be bolstered abroad if the council also put up an official prize for the best zionist editor announcing that it would reward the person who incorporates the most zionist changes a hot air balloon ride over israel yes those who can spew the most hot air can get to fly in a hot air balloon. how fitting another glaring problem with a pedia has is sockpuppet accounts that can be bought and used by anyone really to
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spam or create at it or vote to delete content on the site according to daily dot there's a corporation called wiki p.r. that does just that claiming a roster of twelve thousand clients which if you are proudly both ability to quote directly edit your page using our network of established look at pedia editors and admins you heard that right it claims to employ wiki sacred guardian admins the privileged few that quote can restrict editing access to a page ban users and delete pages of wikis p.r.'s claims are true that means there may be sleeper agents among which a p.t. is most powerful users as we all know knowledge is power which means that the ability to buy an edit rights for the most visited encyclopedia in the world is more than trouble some in fact the unfair editing process has prompted aggravated web users to create wikipedia ocracy a site that catalogs and monitors the editorial failures of wikipedia so is there
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an active conspiracy among the league with opinions asylum sent including voices like mine on the site no and i'm not blaming the site itself for what it's become but it's clear that there is an open objective among existing admins to revise history through money and mob rule which excludes people ideas and important perspectives from the site that they feel are one of the based on nothing more than subjective bias so while you might not be able to find information about me or other independent media figures authors or other people you can surely review one of which appears longest standing and trees the second edition of dungeons and dragons monsters because ultimately fiction is easier to edit than true.
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after spending eight years in a coma former israeli prime minister at age of eighty five is likely the most well known of israeli leaders and perhaps most remembered for the one thousand nine hundred two invasion of lebanon as well as inciting palestine second intifada but as news of his death makes its way through the corporate media channels a more benign portion of the right wing leader has emerged. the former israeli prime minister ariel sharon has died at the age of eighty five earlier today and in the past twenty four as the official memorial service that site is right next to leaders gathered to pay their respects including u.s. vice president joe biden raising about it was colossal both his physical size and his reputation as being described today as a great defender of israel he was a former soldier turned politician really considered the last of the great israeli leaders here in israel a man who is willing to make tough decisions when the time was needed for tough
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decisions. tough decisions indeed for her to discuss what those decisions of weren't sure owns true legacy i'm joined by independent journalist with dispatches from the underclass runner college thanks for coming on rania examine me on a big so with the fact that media organizations are of the mindset not to speak ill of the dead all we're really seeing are tribune articles western leaders pain respected as funeral do you think the worst aspects of shrooms legacy are being left on your. absolutely is not is not only that they're being left out but sometimes they're being engines like the many massacres. helped facilitate their sort of given that sort of glossed over and he's given this you know we're given a whitewash version of him it's like this old man who suddenly decided to be a peacenik and is you know in his old age which is. untrue it's really you know when i was a mass murderer like the best way he can be described he was
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a vicious brutal war monger who you know has a. full answer any conflict was violence and massacres and whether we're you know whether it's palestinians we're talking about in lebanon or whether you know in egypt or whatever the case may be so it's really shocking and he whitewash him but also not shocking i should say shocking it's not shocking but it's upsetting to see the media watch him and also these politicians like some of the most progressive ones like bill de blasio calling him a man of peace. is this really bizarre and. it's like i know that these politicians know better they can't possibly think that ariel sharon was a man of peace. he's regarded as the father of the settlement movement and there's no doubt that continued settlement process construction is the biggest hindrance to the peace process i mean how much influence do you think sharon's policies had on the israeli government as it stands today. well we sure own really was the champion
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of settlement in the entire settlement policy. you know he's sort of he's quoted the famous famous term of turning the west bank into a pastrami sandwich of you know there's a bunch of sort of non-contagious palestinian and to stand surrounded by jewish settlements i mean he was all for jewish colonization and you know jewish supremacy and greater israel that was his thing he was a very very systematic. and on top of that i mean we constantly hear about this praise of oh he disengaged from gaza yes he did evacuate some eight thousand jewish settlers from gaza which was you know settlers that he part of a policy that he put in place. yeah that is true he did that unilaterally but as you know admittedly. his reason for that was to freeze the preprocess that was it because he was in any way interested in and being colonization of palestinian lands
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and you know that was a call that that called evasion was ramped up in the west bank as a result. and i also mentioned that he is responsible for the separation of the goal separation wall the apartheid wall in the west bank that that is the whole point of it is to basically take more palestinian land which is done so i was definitely falls these are definitely continuing today there was also a staunch unilateralist how much influence of shrooms approach to governing israel have on the country's attitude of repeatedly defined the un. you know i don't know i guess he was big on unilateral ism and probably did a lot to really solidify that as a as a way the country treats the international community i guess but i think that israel sort of always in its history that's just the way it's responded to the u.n. resolutions it wasn't just her own but shorn definitely i guess have the impact on
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that you know you see hypocrisy this is what i love i mean considering her mandela just died a few weeks. i mean world leaders who gave praise and all those funeral only a month ago celebrated the end of apartheid in south africa and now given similar priest ariel sharon stone in israel. yeah it's a striking contrast you see the same people i mean there they were hailing mandela and the end of apartheid and you know in sort of talking to style jack about the days when apartheid was being protested and how they were a part of that a lot of politicians were talking that way and then yeah you look at now and they're like oh ariel sharon he rose peacenik this is a wonderful heroic statement and it's just a because it's really disgusting it's like it makes you sort of want to gag to see that sort of. not just the progress the but it's just a. good idea with how disingenuous our leaders are there are no you're right i mean i mean he's a man of a particle is also is for you know keep going. in fact i was going to say
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what mandela they were praising him is not a whitewash mandela in a way where they said oh go get him he's the peaceful man of the power brown of black people should act right. well like mandela totally was like oh wow he had a history of supporting armed struggle with nonviolent struggle with impossible. right and then you have like to contrast that with the way that ariel sharon of being portrayed as his hero and make one thing over his very very violent history where in some cases why his violent history as you know him being a tough decision maker it is it's really interesting to look at those two next to each other a lot of layers of historical revisionism going on there rehab about ten seconds love to do think it would be considered after everything you do as a war criminal or a hero around you i think it depends on you ask you on the arab world is a war criminal if you ask i guess the western imperialist. ok so put your honor
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gallic and a veteran journalist dispatches from the underclothes appreciate you coming on. that's our show you guys thanks so much for watching join me again tomorrow when i break the set all over again until then have an awesome night. millions around the globe struggled with hunger. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply. no charge. they can the very strong position against g.m.o. and we think that's. right and if you can see what the free products are released. there is no who. evidence to this is any problem with genetic engineering
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when you make good. free cheese. free. golden rule. when you're followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of someone this is the beginning of the end of your freedom. citizens. you know. you're the cool. so you just. see everything without my knowledge basically and there's no legal absolutely when you bareback with the internet your bareback brothers.
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sink estates mar the u.k. equivalent to american ghettos council states with high levels of economic disadvantage and often blighted by high crime rates but there's a new sort of sink estate in the u.k. and it's not in. our gospel oak though this sink estate is right here in the city of london this moral sink estate is also nurtured by the government dole but rather than locking in the high levels of economic disadvantage plagued by intergenerational economic advantage that instead of being impossible for the residents to succeed it is impossible for the residents of this banking sink to fill. with morning please post conflict environment nowadays there are increasingly asked to operate in the. bible is still illegal. to stay.
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motionless what these people have caused over almost twenty years four million people killed millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped tens of thousands of children recruited those soldiers who were slaves no sleep. discipline it was a family very hard to take a. chance to get on a plane that we never had sex with the earthquake there was. a little.
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bit. of. sleet snow sleet snow live a bit of a. right the. first strike. and i think. on a reporter's. instrument. tonight
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sexual abuse and vicious beating. claiming widespread abuse by putting troops of hundreds of iraqi detainees to the war crimes tribunals. poking through the. deciding on the next to be fierce clashes with police his critics will that a yes result will give a. sort of. show. to get down to it's no laughing matter for right now he's trying to convince the country's got a grip on from sales figures even those economic has been overshadowed by a fair allegation.


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