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brothers. this is our team tonight torture sexual abuse and vicious beating a damning dossier claiming widespread abuse by british troops of hundreds of iraqi detainees is handed to the war crimes tribunals. voting through the violence objections of deciding on the next constitution and the fierce clashes with police as critics call that a yes result will further empower the army we've got expert opinion coming up on where the trouble countries heading. so we've got the limousine that shows. the game plan it's no laughing matter for francois though right now he's trying to convince the country's got a grip on from says figures even though his economic relaunch has been overshadowed by a fair allegation. very
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good evening from moscow my name's kevin lowe and this is art international is just past nine pm here now our top story tonight senior british politicians and military figures could become targets for the international criminal court for alleged war crimes committed by the country's troops in iraq two hundred fifty pages describing the widespread abuse of detainees amounting to torture have been handed to the hague the u.k. fighting tooth and claw though to keep out of the tribunal as a london correspondent polly boyd here explains. up until now the international criminal court at the hague had mostly tried african dictators and tyrants but the i.c.c. has been asked to investigate thousands of allegations of war crimes committed by british forces in iraq a two hundred and fifty page dossier presented by
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a human rights organization and a british law firm contains allegations of beatings of electrocution smoke executions and sexual assault committed by u.k. forces and according to the all says of this report the finger of blame extends to the very heart of the british government at the time so the head of the british army the former defense secretary and the former defense minister could face prosecution for what this stuff cia calls systemic war crimes there are many hundreds of cases where the people have been interviewed in the provided reports about this abuse and it varies from what people might think are. relatively mundane examples of abuse to really quite appalling physical violence their report says that british military commanders knew that their forces were committing war crimes and moreover that their civilian superiors consciously
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ignored such information at their disposal but the u.k. foreign secretary william hague has already firmly rejected the suggestion that those at the top here in westminster knew what was taking place on the ground in iraq we reject allegations of systematic abuse but whether all substantiated allegations of things going wrong these things have been being investigated that does not require references to the international criminal court the position of the british government has constantly been or were doing enough the point of this is simply that they still haven't done enough there are right now. at the international criminal court two heads of state one of them a sitting head of state of kenya and the other the former head of state of called d'ivoire they're both on trial at the international criminal court not for getting their hands bloody they didn't do anything themselves but people under their authority or people they should have controlled for committing the crimes so if
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it's good enough for the african countries it should be good enough for the u.k. to the international criminal court has come. to act against war crimes committed by western countries it's now up to the prosecutor at the i.c.c. to go through the claims of abuse and to decide whether to call high ranking british officials into the dock at the hague ali boy k r t london. well the dossier is the most detailed document ever submitted to the international criminal court regarding alleged war crimes by british forces some of the harrowing testimonies it contains have already been made public among the abuses reported hoardings beatings electrocutions various types of sexual humiliation even rape probably members of some inmates who are also allegedly threatened by british troops and at least one case actually harmed well mom went on to describe how after beating him severely the soldiers brought in his eight year old son and hit him
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another witness alleges that during interrogation soldiers threatened to rape his sister and even the rest is elderly parents in different spoke to a legal adviser one of the groups behind this report about their findings. evidence shows that it's not only about individual single cases and incidents it's really a systematic pattern of reparative acts which are. finding in our report or communication to the i.c.c. it's mars and single isolated incidents ok there have been a number of attempts to bring the u.k. military to account for its actions in iraq none of worked what makes you think this war fare any different well we've documented many more cases than were submitted before to the international criminal court or to other courts. it's now is a time because the u.k. had ten years to investigate to prosecute the direct perpetrators but also the higher ups. in the u.k.
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ten years there are still hardly any prosecutions in the country so now it's simply the time that international courts have to step in. because lives you mentioned is not the first major returned to get the u.k. forces to answer for alleged iraq war abuses that are dot com we did by the previous inquiry into allocation of british soldiers tortured detainees and mutilated the corpses of killed iraqis and the reaction you got there from officials. next the voting in egypt for yet another constitution to be marred by deadly violence with the muslim brotherhood claiming at least eight people have been killed in clashes with police south of the capital security tense with more than two hundred thousand police officers on the streets but the massive deployment failing to prevent attacks and skirmishes just before polling stations opened a bomb went off in a cairo courthouse luckily no one was injured but opponents of the latest constitution played the document will cement the power of the military backed
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interim government next bell true reports the number of challenges and perils facing egypt's latest lesson in democracy. there was a bomb blast here in the capital in an area called the it's a court room that was supposed to house all the ballots about a particular area by the end of the day the explosion was so large that it managed to break the windows of the buildings adjacent to it however no one was injured nonetheless we have had violence break up across the country in particular betty suite which is an office in egypt where we just heard that the brotherhood supporters and supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi had taken to the streets and protest against the razor friend and. that descended into street battles with the police this also have been violence and when we've also had reports of the big an outbreak of street clashes between security forces and muslim brotherhood supporters and mohamed morsy supporters up and down xandra as well so really it's a very targeted day for the. day of this referendum and people here in egypt
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speaking to them they tell me they think it's going to get worse when you go into the streets at the moment it seems to be overwhelmingly people are looking for yes but there still is quite a hard core group of people who are saying i the no to the constitution or boycotting the people that have worried about this constitution say that it will only cement military powers over the next civilian president there are a few articles there in the constitution which basically say that military trials for civilians will be allowed which allows the minute to control that little bit of the judiciary in addition which is the key change here the defense minister which at the moment is the de facto leader leader sorry general of the fatah sisi his position will be protected for the next two terms of the president's office this is because the supreme council the armed forces will be allowed to say in the appointment say that's a big change that in addition the military budget will still remain secrets this is a point of contention for a lot of activists and revolutionaries as well as human rights organizations who want to know what egypt's military who are currently running this country and spending their money on top of the supporters of mohamed morsi just say the whole
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situation is illegitimate mohamed morsi they say is still president and therefore this constitution is null and void as his constitution two thousand and twelve should be in place. well true reporting from currie don't forget you stay in touch with with the latest development is that on twitter as for the latest there she's writing with some of the supporters the constitution of presenting flowers to the soldiers to guard the police station ok let's talk to me as a writer on islamic movements joining someone from london even she said thanks me with this egyptians are being asked to vote for their third constitution in as many years is this latest one going to be the panacea to all the ills in egypt while this constitution represents the interests of those who were disaffected by the twenty five january two thousand and eleven revolution in egypt it's mainly the military and the corrupt business community associated with the military and some
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of those who lost in every single election that was conducted fairly since the ousting of president mubarak of the defunct regime and therefore this constitution is just one in a series of measures that are considered from a purely legal point of view to be illegal and illegitimate the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization of course it's been branded as we know as boycotted this latest vote is a smart move on their behalf are they alienating themselves further well of course if you believe that this constitution as i have just said is one measure in a series of measures that are the product of an illegitimate who sees of seizure of power then you wouldn't parts. people who probably all the people who go to the polling stations today will have to vote yes because those who
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were intending to vote no had already been intimidated police force intelligence services the army all of this has been deployed in order to make sure that as many people as possible will come to say yes to this constitution rather than say no but if not this what in its place was written to legitimacy in egypt had an excellent revolution and it had a transition to democratization what we see today is. a destruction of the democratic process in egypt and only a return to genuine democracy will stabilize the country and will guarantee a future prosperity but how is not going to happen. those who committed the crimes against humanity in egypt will have to be called to account the perpetrators of the coup are criminals in the eye of the law and the
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egyptian people must restore their will and their free choice and i suppose this is you see this is paving the way then for general sisi to come to power here this constitution no other way for it indeed indeed that's what indeed every every single legal expert i have heard analyze the constitution talk about the fact that this constitution is a launching pad for sisi to become the next president of egypt and this is a repeat of what happened in chile in one nine hundred seventy three when the cia and pinochet. conspired together in order to remove the first democratically elected president of chile one of the very controversial points about this constitution is that it lets military courts military tribunals try civilians. to get a place in what you'd call a normal democratic setup how worried are the people of egypt about that particular
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clause they're already very worried because this is one of the mean achievements of the twenty five january revolution and now this is taken away from them like so many other things there are already tens of thousands of people behind bars behind bars many of them have not been even tried properly most of them are simply behind bars because the op was the coup against democracy picture thoughts or some to me royal expert on most everyone from london thank you. organic farmers in the us a found themselves helpless against the giant monsanto coming up then america's highest court says no it will protect them from being sued over crop copyright even if it will adverse atlee been selling monsanto seeds to talk about very shortly tonight also ahead to the pointless privacy invasion we tell you about the independent study that reveals the n.s.a.'s real anti terror
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efficiency was significantly exaggerated by the white. stuff might for president or law and he's been a spender the past couple of earth explaining to himself on the mass media in the country even though it says more personal domestic problems that's on everyone's minds the beleaguered french leaders aim is to convince people he has got to stay on the country's debt ridden a sluggish economy with a national now on headaches. just so that that is why i have not done this video clip mocks consol announced tax policies which are among the major reasons he's become the least popular president in france as more than history though he couldn't move ultima thule to much more together with belgium france's tax grab is the highest in the euro zone the one thing to do but so much of the way here for. the last two hours french i want to talk so is whether
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two thirds of the country's population is clear topsails aren't right eighty per cent of the president's economic policy is misguided i don't inefficient gianluca is among those eighty percent and entrepreneur he was forced to close his business down after taxes became too big to bear a second here thyca this is a vicious circle my business has stopped working which means i cannot provide jobs for others and i can't pay taxes to my country to help its development it's like everything falls apart. the current taxation policy was part of the finance strategy chosen by the french government to fight economic crisis but almost two years later critics say it simply hasn't worked the country's credit rating has been caught the unemployment level all those table recently is still at its highest in almost sixteen years and for twenty fourteen the european commission for costs
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just zero point nine percent g.d.p. growth in france against one point seven percent in germany and two point two percent in britain people and businesses alike oh my god another tax and another it's not that they're too high but there are too many and a combination of all these taxes makes it really heavy taxes today really break an economy it seems that's also finally beginning to dawn on the country's leader examples out of new rule all rule taxes became how we do have a usually known for very optimistic speech in his new year address ponce what went wrong sounded rather concerned at least severely the economic crisis turned out to be longer and deeper than we could have predicted. the socialist leader pledged some truly liberal changes such as cutting labor costs and public spending making people talk about a new all moaned and knees hopes of the country's recovery but critics are still
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vocal as they say longs plan is short on details and some are afraid it could simply be too little too late raef nationality from france thanks but with a slight we'll be watching around the world in a few moments having to stay with maybe a good expert opinion coming up why washington still reluctant to see iran among the participants of the long awaited syria peace talks in a week's time. thanks i'll.
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cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. to. i. i. i i i i . sink estates mar the u.k. equivalent to american ghettos council states with high levels of economic disadvantage and often blighted by high crime rates but there's a new sort of sink estate in the u.k. and it's not in. harlesden or gospel oak though this sink estate is right here in
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the city of london this moral sink estate is also nurtured by the government dole but rather than locking in high levels of economic disadvantage this state is plagued by intergenerational economic advantage that instead of being impossible for the residents to succeed it is impossible for the residents of this banking sink estate to fill. a soon as the national security agency's astonishingly widespread surveillance became public knowledge the white has leapt to defend it preventing numerous terrorist plots but it seems that's not the case by a long way to put not been funding. when edward snowden first revealed the u.s. government's indiscriminate collection of every american's phone data u.s.
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president barack obama defended the program insisting that dozens of threats around the world have been a bit courtesy of the national security agency and i say chief general keith alexander claimed metadata collection has thwarted fifty four different terrorism related activities post nine eleven now unfortunately for the white house a new study shows that the numbers they're using well they've been slightly inflated because an analysis of two hundred and twenty five terrorism related cases in the u.s. since the september eleventh attack has found that the n.s.a.'s program has provided evidence for only one case and that the study by the national based nonprofit new american foundation has concluded the bulk collection of data by the n.s.a. has had no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism researchers found that in the majority of post nine eleven terrorism related cases tips or evidence
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actually came from traditional law enforcement and investigative methods now these findings come as president obama is preparing to address the nation friday outlining his proposals to change intelligence operations and oversight geo political analyst eric draitser doesn't expect the president's promises to equate into significant action i think that the reality is that what we're looking at is a vast infrastructure with billions of dollars invested in it over the course of multiple decades so whatever obama might be able to say politically using whatever rhetorical cover he needs the reality is that the infrastructure is not going anywhere the scaling back is only going to be superficial because as we know the surveillance program itself is all pervasive it goes to hardware it goes to software it goes to the companies themselves the servers the the cables themselves so as. they said it is a closed system that they've created so for obama to be able to say oh well i can scale back this system this is merely for public consumption just last month
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a task force appointed by the president himself also concluded that the n.s.a.'s counterterrorism programs are not essential to preventing attacks reporting from new york growing up or nile r.t. online in britain go undercover and apparently you cannot go over the limit to on our website we've got a story about how spy you need to speed up to get in the green light to put the pedal to the metal so to speak more about that from us to the first expulsion of an american journalist from russia since the cold war is happy to find out what prompted moscow to david souter from the country.
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and america's patients with syrian opposition members seems to be wearing thin they're now threatening to rethink their support if its main function decides against attending next week's geneva peace talks and other potential player in the region whose participation in the year two now is a run with russia on the u.n. urging to run its presence but washington still sending mixed signals i spoke to hillary mann leverett snow experts on iran and u.s. foreign policy says if washington truly wanted to solve the syrian crisis it would take a different approach. what it demonstrates is a real incoherence in strategy and policy coming out of washington out of london out of paris which seeks to somehow not just have a negotiation but to have essentially a table where syria just comes to surrender and that's not something serious going to do that's not something iran is going to support i don't think that's something that russia or the vast majority of countries around the world would support but that is essentially what washington london and paris are trying to do but it ends
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up being incoherent because it's just not possible when i was at the white house and the state department with the u.s. government i negotiated with the current iranian foreign minister mohammad java over afghanistan we negotiated with the iranians with the russians very effectively to deal with the taliban in afghanistan so there's a real track record of the united states being able to work with with iran and with russia on a really difficult problem it doesn't make sense that the united states doesn't want to solicit iran's participation and work with iran on this issue. a brief. the should do was and says she will stand still that's despite his second must protest to try and bring hope to a standstill tens of thousands of demonstrators have going to tell you the blockade of my roads the buildings while radical demonstrate is planning to storm the stock exchange your position accuses should award of trying to get a brother of corruption charges and put it back into power. they've been skirmishes
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in northwest england as least we've been on anti tracking campaigners it's thought several arrests have been made at this site in manchester as protesters try to prevent shale gas drilling of fears for people's health on the environment on monday the prime minister though tempted to win over local authorities on the public was saying they could keep the tax paid by fracking for years. before say security forces in bahrain vandalized a shiite shrine during monday's anti-government protests the gulf kingdom's main opposition party says it take shows leaders animosity towards the people since the beginning of the uprising in twenty eleven around forty religious sites are said to have been targeted by security forces. over two hundred people fleeing the violence in south sudan have drowned after the ferry sank in the white now river and it's thought the boat was overloaded at the time meantime the army's repelling attacks from rebels trying to take over a key city in the oil producing upper nile state and heavy fighting is also continue near the town of bor it's the largest under rebel control.
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genetically modified foods monsanto's one of the battle against american farmers the u.s. supreme court says the firm can sue organic growers if they use its lab engineered crops even if the fields have been inadvertently contaminated with monsanto materials we're mandals written about g.m.o. he says the company's terrorizing farmers. the implications of this are huge because first of all monsanto lied in that statement to the supreme court the law it brazenly by saying they never heard it never will sue farmers for inadvertant as the term is inadvertent. contamination of their fields but they have sued countless farmers percy schmeiser a farmer in canada is a little bit example of that but the monsanto has a team of lawyers that go out and terrorize farmers in the us and canada when the wind blows the seeds from a mob field across to nominate sort of feel that says ok you know you have to play
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well for some monsanto's public image is arguably the worst in the world let's take a look at why research is point the dozens of health risks to us all connected with genetically modified food including a tremors premature deaths in animal tests that were carried out and this is promises in turn a campaign for g.m.o. products to be clearly labeled but one cent has refused to do that the company's also setting aside millions of dollars each it's a lobby for its interest it's a big p.r. machine it's becoming the world's single biggest seed producer and food for thought for you too coming up next about the subject as we hear whether those g.m. scientists should really be dicing with rice as well after the break.
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well. science technology innovation all the least developments around russia we've got the future covered. sigrid laboratory to mccurdy was able to build most sophisticated robots which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care watch only on the dog calm. down you know did you give consent for your child to eat golden rice.
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we didn't know it at the time they didn't tell us it was g.m. food. if i had known it at the time i wouldn't have allowed it and it. looks as though the flour many of the parents now regrets. that. for the tanit they said the food was very healthy for the kids if they said something about spirulina or something we didn't really understand they only said it was very good that's why we signed the consent form and let our children eat the meals so let's. say. i'm furious my daughter in law and my son were not what they left their child in my care. you model if anything happens i'm the one who's responsible for this is coming i don't know what will happen didn't it we're only.


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