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we didn't know it at the time they didn't tell us it was g.m. food doesn't leave if i had known it at the time i wouldn't have allowed it so it. looked as though the flour many of the parents now regrets. that the tanit they said the food was very healthy for the kids they said something about spirulina or something we didn't really understand they only said it was very good that's why we signed the consent form and let our children eat the meals. so the rich i'm furious my daughter in law ally son were not in the cut they left their child in my care the day. you lot if anything happens i'm the one who's responsible this is coming i don't know what will happen didn't it we are we a cult. that's how it's just very frightening. these people feel
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betrayed what were the responsible authorities thinking the study was financed by the national health office of the united states and conducted by tufts university they made no official comment only that the research project was the subject of an ongoing investigation how does this story fit in with the inventor's humanitarian ideals veers into false if we assumed that everything was being done properly and i'm still assume that. i don't know the chinese partners but i know the partners from the us i actually still believe that they did everything correctly. why do they need to know why and how was the spanish produce that was used in the trial. how was the gelatine produce that was in the capsules that surrounded each of the doses of the beta carotene that was given in oil where did the oil come from
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there is no evidence that there's any problem with genetic engineering is genetic engineering of plants harmless an experiment involving rats raises a few doubts at the university of colorado friends rats were fed genetically modified corn for two years it was the first ever long term experiment with genetically engineered food the result that genetic corn caused tumors the study was conducted by french genetic researcher seventy. the tumors appeared as early as four months into the study as you know the earliest a tumor can develop is after ninety days they exploded in quantity as well as the number of kidney and liver diseases that resulted in the death of the rats beginning around the end of the first year that means after about half of the
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normal life time for these animals than any human. several leni interprets the development of tumors like this the genetic manipulation change the chemical composition of the feed corn that may have depressed the animals immune defense against cancer. if a result show that all the genetically engineered projects already being distributed really should be stopped this study elicited very controversial reactions in the scientific community genetic research is a highly charged topic politically and illogically several eenie calls for close examination of the risks also those of golden rice only if you take it seriously and don't want to play with the health of the public it's absolutely necessary to conduct a long term tests like this one before putting the rights on the market. and rice would hardly be approved for the swiss market without prior animal testing according to the federal health office but no such tests have been conducted for
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the philippines. you've got the study by the swiss national research programme or dish which states explicitly that from everything we know so far there is no danger and that there is no theoretical danger to be expected in golden rice we have the same substance wearing justing every day when we ate carrots of which we've already consumed hundreds of kilograms without any adverse effects as they were exactly the same molecules as has been scientifically clearly proven to and now with golden rice which protect children from going blind or dying we're expected to conduct long term studies for potentially fifty years before we accept that this rice is safe to eat that still sound a little crazy. but do genetically engineered plants have a known side effects should we really take that risk the island a boy or
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a province in the central part of the philippines doesn't want to take the risk the island's government has banned genetically modified plants so there won't be any golden rice here but according to national statistics the. people suffer from vitamin a deficiency how will they solve the problem. it's sunday morning we are visiting the olmecs family a typical family a rice farmers. cooking rice is one of the first things they do every day. the family is self-sufficient living from what they grow they have little opportunity to make any money to buy food in a store they have to depend on what nature provides a daughter ratio breaks off
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a few twigs from a tree its leaves are especially rage in vitamins and minerals including pro vitamin a. and a few blades of lemon grass for taste. the family usually eats red rice is more nutritious than the white kind we are told. along with the rice there's a little fish and aside a guy leaves from the family garden.
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we always know bryce what we eat with it depends on what we can harvest from the garden and what we can afford to buy that. meat is rare once in a while there's an ache depends on what their modest farm can produce. fruits provide important nutrients coconut mango bananas and. this one. i was one of. the well. you know one of the books were surprised how much the family is able to get out of the scarce ingredients available to them but it. shows us his rice fields he owns just a quarter of a hector of land most of the time there's not even enough rice to feed the six members of the family. in its current stage of growth the rice has to be flooded
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every two days that allows him to come back the main pest a snail using biological methods it isn't much but it works without the use of chemical additives he assures us that this method has proven successful on his small farm. we learn that the farming families on this island are organized in the so-called poor ox units of ten to fifteen households that are trained in agricultural issues if necessary they may even receive seedlings free of charge in addition the island's government also trains local health workers and that after you know everyone. at the book is good and cattle and these courses they learn for example which vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin e. that make them sick but they get better and i'm i said no you ought to have the the main goal the big man give up by the egg and become home
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so that we take advantage of the opportunity to ask whether there are currently cases of vitamin a deficiency on the island. and by that atheist and see those three would be nice is not what you just wait for the on off case i had seen before the let's say a cell was illegal e.t.c. that last bit back in the hearing the child. this is an amazing claim according to national statistics the island is considered a region deficient in vitamin a but the local health workers have not documented any cases they don't know where and how the national statistics are compiled. our visit to the island raised a lot of new questions we saw a population that while poor enjoys
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a well balanced diet and contrast to the official national statistics there's no sun in a vitamin a deficiency here. what does the inventor of golden rice have to say about what we have observed. does is for me that doesn't surprise me because. it is not very easy to document it is although statistically it is certain that these cases exist the philippines are not a very good example because in the philippines vitamin a deficiency is a problem for only about ten percent of the population with and for other countries provide better perspectives for girls and i was recently in india where i visited a village of traditional farmers i wasn't there for thirty minutes before i had seen two cases so the cases do exist as it is you just have to look out for them in the right segments of the population and for evolution in the us and.
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although vitamin a deficiency is said to be more prevalent in india the miracle rice is planned for introduction in the philippines first we contacted innumerable organisations and authorities charged with document ing vitamin a deficiency without success. we would like to have spoken with the national authorities again no success instead they sent us an e-mail referring us to another office once again we were perplexed they were referring us to an office we had already tried to contact namely the national rice research institute phill rice. in other words to the same people who are working with the erie to bring golden rice to market as quickly as possible. and suddenly doors begin opening. them up and i have an appointment with them we have an appointment
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with antonia they did indeed let go of them and. this is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motions to cure. your party here's a poll. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . the playing. field limbic spirit travels with the flame from its birthplace in
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greece. joined james brown for an elemental and epic journey around russia and beyond. where i was because.
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i. right. and i would think that your. orders would.
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be in the. antonio of funds i was the top man in the golden rice project we asked him why we weren't allowed to film the golden rice harvest. what was wrong with us well. yes yes we received your. requests and our communication related it up twenty we did start with the process of requesting them to end the project the say that it's not that i think it's that it's not the proper time to do it and for what that is on i cannot tell you that we got all the same some golden rice what did you get because that's the secret i'm sure it did not come from the philippines because the philippines is this illegal in the us you don't believe it i don't believe it because there's no
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way for somebody like you in the media to be holding things like this because our policy is it's very clear in the philippians access the world invited should only be limited to authorize special and i'm not sure they don't have the authorization to have access to the world in the us. so well. can you explain what's going on with a golden rice often. you harvest. and then i just have to compile all those regulatory data those coming from the field is just one part of it there will be a date that i mean from the lab you know protein analysis positional analyses all these things all those will be form part of that regulatory set of data that will be submitted to the regulator and that's the department of agriculture bureau plant in the story so based on those data they will make an evaluation. it's gold in the
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days safe the. basic by safety requirements when we philippine people eat golden rice so where would golden rice become available from samsung for planting iris i can tell you that i wish i can have a definite answer to your question but i can't because it will depend on that. if and when they would approve god based on that he will submit to them if this group had its way the people of the philippines would never eat golden rice this is the rice cultivation center of the park an organization made up of small farmers it is a nationwide network with thirty five thousand members farmers who cultivate their fields using traditional equipment and who raise traditional types of rice which. in this way at the moment. i saw but i think the plant bed but they know it all.
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but some of them had been planted in the with the saw we have. two thousand six hundred. an enormous variety cheetah medina and his team document each and every strain with all their individual characteristics farmers can acquire tried and tested traditional seeds and multiply them on their own free of charge. sheet to medina takes us to the treasury of the organization. this is a presentation on. this work to decide and must be progress on the other side. because. most of them would be put in better mental conditions they should have to claim it jane.
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events so part of the sort of buy and in the world that only a new order to have something to eat they need to this day but it's about a this in the show on having this seeds in the hands of department is sent out of the words. development and bottoming because at this time the scenes that are being by the end needed to be bought by a us citizen at least this is part of bottom a space on subsistence in their own for them to do and for them to sort of buy golden rice is not essential for survival he believes a specialist in different strains of rice insists we take one more rice sample from his own collection and give it a try. oh. who in this country really wants the golden miracle rice the government the researchers the international rice research institute eerie.
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ultimately even the erie opened its doors to us after all the reason for this change of heart remains a mystery they even offered to show us real golden rice growing in philippine soil it wasn't outdoors in an open field as originally agreed but at a heavily guarded experimental field at the organization's headquarters. so this bruce tolentino led us to research most will guarded treasure so this building. this is called worth. it. access to this greenhouse is controlled you have to log in and we ensure that no animals birds or rats get into that we notice and spread the seeds around because we want to make sure that the research being done here follows all the protocols for radical science.
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that golden rice growing in a hermetically sealed greenhouse. is the security intended to protect animals. what would happen if burris started eating vs beta carotene grains. the answer to this question has yet to be investigated. dearie demonstrates how the genetically modified plants are harvested one by one. well this varieties are being planted and we are testing a range of varieties to find out which of the varieties can yield the great this level of beta carotene and we try to improve the varieties each step of the way and at this stage it's been an improvement from the varieties that
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are planted out in the field but we keep working because the beta carotene content needs to be improved sort of you need some benchmark standards that have been set apparently the rice is still in its test face still the authorities are expected to consider approving it for the market within the current year. once again we are perplexed the authorities have already approved several genetically engineered plants. a magical moment the yellow green first appears when the show has been removed the authorities seem confident that the success of these greens will start soon half the world's population it's rice every day so if you can enrich rice if you can fortify rice with white them in a beta carotene you can help a lot of people with no additional expense we've been hoping that this race could be available this year i would not be surprised if in fifty years. people
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look at white rice and think what nurse is that anemic stuff and when their grandfathers tell them it's what we're used to we. they will hardly believe that. initially golden rice was planned to be marketed only in the philippines and in bangladesh. that was the plan set out by the gates foundation. as the principal donor and gets to make the decisions but the inventor patroclus wants his miracle rice to be introduced worldwide preferably sooner than later he is irritated at the dictatorship of money and i think they came into the project at the end just as we were almost finished and we worked for twenty years to develop this rice without any help from the gates foundation and then in the end gates comes in with his riches and takes the entire project over for turning it into
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a gates project single into forwarded its research material to erie and later in collaboration with the gates foundation also relinquished rights and responsibilities regarding golden rice to the erie. the inventor did not approve of this agreement made in two thousand and ten. but his objections were ignored today to try because feels he was booted out. that iseman data rice they are working with in the philippines today doesn't it belong to you anymore in the good ones morally and legally it still belongs to us but on the basis of the material transfer agreement which is an agreement between the gates foundation eerie and single we were circumvented italy is a good. that means at the moment we have no direct influence on what has been going on at the erie for the past two years in the. us it isn't if we are
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not happy about these developments we consider it not only unfair but also legally improper. of the we don't intend to take. over as it is and. send us a letter saying they claim that the erie contemporarily determine what happens with golden rice is incorrect they went on to say we would like to state that our interest in golden rice is of a purely humanitarian nature. a noble motivation but one that was unwilling to state on camera we are perplexed for weeks we tried to persuade to participate in this film without success. and what about the disappointed inventor patroclus he is still optimistic.
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i will have achieved my goal when the rice is being eaten by the people we mated for that is to save the poor people in developing countries who are in danger of developing serious medical conditions due to a lock of vitamin a. i know seventy nine years old i don't know whether i'll still be here in a year or two or three i hope i will still be alive when golden rice is finally in use in the philippines maybe in bangladesh additions. with a genetically modify golden rice created by trike is actually benefit the people in developing countries the way its inventor hopes it will why are the authorities hiding behind closed doors if golden rice is approved in the philippines the floodgates will open and there will be. consequences once a genetically engineered version of people's most important basic food stuff has been approved it will be easier to gain approval for additional genetically
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modified fruits. with the economic down in the final. deal and the rest. will be a prickly. sink
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estates mar the u.k. equivalent to american ghettos council states with high levels of economic disadvantage and often blighted by high crime rates but there's a new sort of think a state in the u.k. and it's not in. charleston or gospel oak though this sink estate is right here in the city of london this moral sink estate is. also nurtured by the government dole but rather than locking in high levels of economic disadvantage this state is plagued by intergenerational economic advantage that instead of being impossible
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for the residents to succeed it is impossible for the residents of this banking sink estate to fail to. prevail sleepy's compress for a profound concern with monitoring p c o's again at post conflict environment nowadays they are increasingly asked to operate in a high risk while the only bible is to leave it all reduced. motionless with these people who have closed over almost twenty years four million people killed millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped tens of thousands of children recruited those soldiers who were slaves know. when you are followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of
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someone this is the beginning of the end of your freedom. to save me keenly intercept american citizens. text messages you know. where the calls text messages so you just see everything without my knowledge actually basically and there's no legal absolutely yes when you bareback with the internet your bareback brothers. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. faces change the world writes never. so picture of today's. politician from around the globe.
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it's ten pm right now here in moscow on r t tonight torture sexual abuse and vicious beatings a damning dossier claiming widespread abuse by british troops of hundreds of iraqi detainees is handed to the war crimes tribunals. pointless previously invasion of independent study reveals the n.s.a.'s real anti terror was significantly exaggerated by the white house. voting through the violence of gyptian is a deciding on the next constitution with fierce clashes with police as critics war the us result will further empower the army and. so we go. back to. the go down it's no laughing matter and he's trying to convey.


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