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you can jump in anytime you want. a little. today on larry king now a skill winner jeff bridges the dude opens up other know lustrous career they can typecast me just before that i was the dude you know sort of go from the dude to the presence you know that's pretty cool like that that gives me a lesson in the art of zen bolding is a love like zen and the art of marjorie you know before you even throw the ball the pins are down it's how your mind is set plus using if you're paying attention to your credit your comfort on this it really larry king of the world with the colors a sudden resolve oh no go back you believe you know all next on larry king now.
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we're in a place of my boy well brooklyn they used to travel up the hill and i did visit central park trump of course blocked the view looking for a little have a nice one anyway of the park and the with one of my favorite people the terrific that the jet bridges academy award when he stars in this summer's r i v day it opens this friday night he's opposite ryan reynolds r i b d stands for rest in peace police department right wrist and peace department rest in peace the part some people are calling it ripped rick. what do you make of this film i don't know what to make it is totally a crazy crazy crazy movie yeah sorry i like to make those a caged especially at summer time gives them some people to chortle at is it fun to do oh yeah especially when you've got guys like ryan and mary louise parker and you know and kevin bacon to work with and it makes it all but of the three d. is incredible yeah and all these axes scenes when you see it finished when you work
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at it you don't see all that but yeah i had the i haven't seen the three d. version here. and all of that if we leave yet that's really pretty wild but no you don't know when you're making it you know you know get to expose this atomic both it was i guess what they call it a graphic novel you know. how do you see your role koshare to the woman who you are is rather. the woman i have been receiving miller very very happy about my avatar people who write and i play dead cops i'm a i'm a marshal from the eighteen hundreds and run from modern times and we're both dead and where we're hunting down the dead people and they're going to be alive who are still pretending you know to be alive and normal people see us in different ways they don't see it as we actually look so people look at me and when i'm walking around the streets and they see bristol miller. kevin bacon is
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a wonderful fellow he's he's so he's so wonderful to work with a great actor and also he's a musician so we got to you know if you play well yeah yeah we play or listen to a little bit of music and yeah i said closing song my old buddy t.-bone and i wrote that tune in for the for the movies and it again it better man better man enjoy singing yes we were o's as you know we would list and we talking to the person i was at that did you always saying yes since i was a kid you know because i knew your dad and he never said your song oh no well he sung i mean you know my dad he replaced the richard kiley on broadway and mandolin montra lloyd. here yet right was the first one after richard kiley he did that song yeah by our go yeah oh yeah the dream made it all that great score but i'm going on tour here in a couple of days with my band the abiders and my daughter jesse is opening for me
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while so that's going to be a lot of fun do you ever just want to be a singer where you know when i was growing up. play music like that i thought that might be something i want to do but my dad. he loved showbiz so much and acting and he wanted all his kids to go in that and it was you know you see a little eighteen you know eight year old kid and see how that's that's made you know he encourages all that so i met if not into it should in florida and they shot solos overspray know your father well he was a great oh wasn't he a great interest as also a great tomic that oh very good oh very good oh you must say that charge i remember we were just came back from boston we made a movie there together called blown away and he played my uncle in that and when we were casting the part i went up to the. the director in the producers that i know
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a guy wonderful actor who looks a bit like me might be a good guy to play my uncle i said. lloyd bridges hadn't heard of him and he said oh your dad is great but he's really more of a comedian and more of a comedian i said what are you talking about maybe this is what it was all the airplane movies are so you got to be careful you can develop as strong persona you know and but that was a different career thing oh yeah we made him all welfare and see what you know from see what everybody thought it was a skin diver here they carried in our in in the new ones is that a lot based on the character you did it to good leather from the same period yeah and you know you talk about the baggage and with each each row and there's a bit of a rooster cogburn baggage for that but i kind of let that be that's ok i figure the best you know both from the same times and. it's fun to play cowboys oh you play
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someone that out you would develop that role in or if you think about him when you think about when you hit with a guy that's outlandish yeah well you mentioned my father being a comedian and he's my father quite a bit you know he do his you his you maria and a lot of that is. kind of a combination of things you know you got your make up usually how you look you know i have you know have a long kind of the stash beard long hair and then of course the clothing and all of that so every as you get dressed in the morning it is i mean about that where you even have to think about it just starts to you know you start to just become the guy it's a kind of crazy feeling anthony quinn told me once that it doesn't matter whether it's a b. movie a movie a low key movie while weston you give it all your best all the time oh yeah as you know never more for the more fun that way it is this is side action movie that far i'm going to be this you know i don't like to do that and i give it
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your you're shot each time you know makes it more fun more enjoyable you know how do you pick a role what's the determining factor that kind of a mixture of things you know. i'll be right number one is that the kind of movie that i'd like to see end of movies going to movies and i like those movies where. you know the filmmakers surprise you you know you're thinking this can go one way and it goes another way and i like that and then off you know the people you work with we were in a movie together we were in the same scene the contender oh rosario that was a good one bar that goes al and i don't i got to interview her or she saw a group or you're a great president i love to have character head. and. you look at the anchors on that girl. that's what you're into ankles that's what does it for you today women they dress very conservatively that makes you way less creepy. when exactly was your day. one thousand nine hundred body
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a mobile used to call the law. marshall was pulled over right she said go to barry scheck in name at the time got rice receive it right just call me royal we're back with jeff bridges who's stars in our ip day opening friday he also coauthored a book it's him and bernie glassman called the dude in the zen master what is that so i'm glancing through it looks it's just a conversation here he has basically a conversation bernie glassman who is the zen master who is in the past he's a wonderful wonderful guy. he came to me once and he said. we've been friends for several years he said you know in the buddhist circles. your character in the big about how ski the dude is considered zen master i said what are you talking about he goes oh yes as you know the the movie is filled with you
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know koans you know these humans and questions that you have to keep the experience you know to really answer them properly and i said i don't know you talk about he says sure is look the coen brothers man. come on the me. so he says hey let's write a book about that i want to bring some of these you know zen ideas into modern day and so yes ok sure so we went up to my place in montana and we put down this book how do you know bernie glassman noted that a dinner party. i set the tween rum dostana who roamed us as you know be here now and bernie and you know we let's was struck up and that's and we just became we kind of hit it off right there had a great time definition what is what is in very good i. mean what is and i do not know all of. it maybe that's it you know not knowing you know to be open
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to or heard of my dear friend jackie gleason in the book right yeah oh yeah and our and our current well art carney is they see a bike and make this kind of a truncate the story a little bit when i'm doing the bow ski. and by the way the dude who you know loves bowling you never see his bowl in the movie shrek but we originally were supposed to do some bowling we had a bowling master competes. and i was wondering how how the dude my prepared to bowl you know you remember art carney when he would prepare you know he would pick up that water and he would you know he would you know prepare him self for there's a boy he addressed the you know it would to sign something you know in jackie gleason. in the parable you know. i told the guy this and he says and he hadn't assisted with and he started to laugh hysterically and i said what's going on he goes no no i get to you guys tell me what's going on anything and the bowling
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master finally said well you know bowling is a lot like zen in the art of archery you know before you even throw the ball the pins are down it's how your mind is set you know with the cocking of the head which is very much like. norton you know you know what that what so i said yes so what happened he says well i get up there and i would. you know. you know i think this isn't a big tournaments you know until all the guys on the bed would say. and i said well what happened how did you know what that meant that his it would literally pick me sometimes five or six minutes before i could throw the ball and it was really a problem i went to a schrank and you know work it out you know fine as is so what do you do now i says i just throw the ball you know loving hetty oh you know oh but i did enter jimmy and. was a great man you know all of you loved him oh man i used to watch him all of the
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time and i bet you have some great stories as though a zero million stories about you know a lot of that was improvisation and he would he never you'd appreciate this he never rehearsed a scene but he had a guy built like him who did all the rehearsals and he would watch that he would watch the tape of it and so he would do all the movements so when you do the honeymooners. the first car he walked in the first time he saw jackie was on the set to the show life. and that one fresh felt that god would have when a cast that was so one hasn't responded you'd find that that you know like i asked you about earlier feinstein said it's called acting. he was a master the zen is the living in the present right yeah that's a good yeah there you go he was in this i'm not my position is yeah i do my you know i give it my shot you know you awful philosophical i mean i sit i sit you know
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i meditate you know you do better. help me with that when you're meditating what are you thinking. whatever i'm think whatever whatever's there you know i'm in the ideas to you know you know i mean the you know the kind of the technique is to just follow your breath you know you know just pay attention to hear your breathing is or going well what happens is your mind you know just like you know your salad very glands are built to salivate your mind's meant to have all kinds of thoughts and ideas so you sitting there you know paying attention to your breath and here comes the thought what i'm going to say we have larry king i wonder what he's going to wear i wonder because suspenders with you know the back you're breathing you know and so you do it you do this so it's not about it's not a matter of but not you know stop thinking you know don't don't think whatever you do that you know because that's that's not again i'm not you can't can't i just kind of comes and you just go back and you try not to be so attached to your
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thinking you know because. i find that that's one of the challenging things in life where you you know your mind thinks and you'll have a fun. and that thought will. you know and then you'll start to tell stories about it you know until you work yourself up you know and it's just your mind going on but if you're not the if you're not you know realizing that it's your mind it's not really a serious concrete thing you can cause you some suffering you were in new york when jeff bridges he stars in all right he'd be a while one that opens friday but don't go away.
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i marinate joining me. for that impartial and financial reporting commentary interviews and much much. only on the best and. i'm the bad. guy but i think corporation kind of can. do and i think that all about money and i'm a family that for politicians write a lot and write. well rick thanks for coming out. here
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just to pledge. today by. we're back with the great jeff bridges his stars he is a just a great act to sing a great performance great guy r.i.p. great family was a great guy to go up with you back home just lower was a win at this time eighty two things like there's a sect you know he was such a physical guy that when he's you know he started to is body started to kind of he took it as a betrayal kind of he was kind of you know angry at the thing and he got you know the heart you know heart they are they want you don't oh my god that he was mean it is oh he loved acting and loved show business you know and i can remember him in the days of sea hunt him sitting me on his bed there teaching me all of the basics you know and and bowed to you under the hood oh and bowed to but i think the thing that i learned most about acting from him was just the joy in which he'd approach
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the thing you know i kind of get a similar hit with you actually i can really know that you enjoyed doing it we loved this love it and it's kind of a when you joyous it's contagious you know and that whenever my dad you probably felt it with my day you knew my dad all over there when he came in and you hung out with him you said oh yeah we're alive this is kind of fun you know what where we want to go here and he lived you know man i like your mom. did you ever meet my mom oh she. she whether it was a mariner she passed away while she was a cared she also wrote a book i think the end of the title is. you caught me you caught me kissing or something like that but she titled she wanted that the publishers refused was. but the life of an actor's wife cueing in screwing.
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and she was out and you always were a close family you know you're very close there was it fun to work with your brother oh god in baker boys that i was in a dream and out now how do you resist not going a poem a shelf life. going on the piano. i'm an ape over my wife man you are oh yeah yeah she's she's my my main leading lady you know it's amazing to have that kind of relationship where i can go out and and act with all these you know beautiful girls but. you know nobody beats my wife you know and the fact that she is open to that and knows i'll come back because we got such a good thing we've been married what thirty six years nasa like how you look at your career the one thing you did say about it is diversity right you have in able to they can typecast you i try to do that now because we were as we were talking
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before my father kind of struggled with that you know with c. hunt. people thought he was a skin diver which is a wonderful compliment but he got typecast and those are the kind of roles he kept getting offered so i took a kind of a cue from that and really want to about trying not to develop to strong a persona so you mentioned it and yet again the contender i love the thing just before that i was the dude you know sort of go from the dude to the press you know that's pretty cool i dug that i love the greats in the contender when you confront that pompous ass oh that there's a scary moment but that is that a man they got is going to be vice president. they're going to rest of us and order food for us. as well written so they have a very you have a favorite role. not really this kind of like your kids you know that oh corny thing actors. i really have such
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a good time doing each one and it's usually you know the the freshest one in my mind you know the last one i mean another one since i've i had i did one that will be coming out next year called the seventh son was out about i play a witch hunter from the from a in the in the dark ages you go around all the horror to write you know it was always now whether well you know iron man iron it the bad guy that got to be bald and. you love all that right yes for too good had to be fun oh well there you are working with the masters you know the coen brothers they're the same right are you know they're not another overly ambitious and yet their movies but you know working with and they're very. very cool you know there's not too much you know phonetic joking around or anything else very no it's very kind of straight they're not you know somber by anyone you want to work with you haven't like woody allen he would be wonderful to work with i mean you know all
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the all the wonderful you know great filmmakers and actors i'm i'm up for how do you explain in an a hollywood age the longevity of the marriage. well probably one thing is the example that my folks you know went through you know they they were married to the end you know they were they met at u.c.l.a. and fell in love and you know. live to my father passed away were you know were married. and maybe it's you know maybe the kids have said this is before bed seems to you know pop into my mind the key is not getting a divorce. just going when that when you get that well wall when you think of a wall how to get through that well that's like there's a buddhist. kind of practice that i'm working on called low genre when those tough things happen those are really kind of gifts they're really opportunities to
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expand you know and to open your love and try to you know get more intimate with your spouse do it go to it yet that is still involved with ending childhood on growing very much so i'm involved with wonderful organization called share our strength and then we have to have that list yet have a campaign called no kid hungry and the summertime is particularly important for kids who are struggling with hunger because they get most of their meals at school and when school's out you know so are the meals and the. texting program to let families who are struggling with hunger know where these meals are summer meals are being served and if you text food to eight seven seven eight seven seven food takes food to eight seven seven eight seven seven you can find out where a meal site is in your area important we have some social media questions for you don mcgraw on instagram what was it like to work with your father and brother in
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sea hunt and i didn't work with bo in sea hunt but whenever i worked with my family it was just so great because well we're all coming from that same source my dad you know who is our teacher. so we had the same kind of style and i loved working with my dad in two films blown away and in boston and tucker. and tucker was so great because you know there's a certain aspect the acting is kind of like advance pretend you know when you're a kid you pretend and francis coppola has a lot of kid in him too and created a wonderful environment and uncle under-rated movie it was so it was a lot of fun but we played together you know it was wonderful halim adderley last was there any competition with your brother in regards to your careers no no it's kind of like being on the same team or root always rooting for each other you know and bo you know right next to my dad he was my mentor he taught me all kinds of act
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and stuff and we worked together what's your what motivates you every day. i guess it just you know breathe and you know i don't i don't i don't think. in terms that i want to. show it up there you go yeah early roxanne on instagram what was it like what would it take for you to star in the big lebowski sequel oh just the coen brothers say hey you want why not equal but they don't want to do it i don't thing but you know there was there were a surprise in it so maybe they'll but they will one could game of if you only knew was your favorite drink of choice the white russian is the dude strength and it's a little too sweet for me i just got off the straight russian i'm just doing red wine fayemi two favorite character named jack because you've been jack in the seven different movies yeah man well you had to put them up there but the one that popped in my mind i such a great time on and i love the result of the movie was wonderful was fabulous baker
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boys but now and now i'm thinking of the terry gilliam movie we made here fisher king was drunk and had to that was a good one to really good movie a first kiss. where were you living i was in westwood you know going to high school probably junior high yeah one not high school no no no junior high you know brother name yeah i think well the one that comes to mind there might have been a girl before you would please learn to spin the bottle and stuff back in those days but the can really count i think was maybe debbie olson that's got me also you know debbie oh that's. all right jeff bridges all right t v opens friday thanks for joining us see again i'm the king's things on twitter what's your handle. don't know what moment of my hand i don't think i have one to look it up.
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i know c.n.n. the most obviously on fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of a story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close it's of a different kind of might think. it's because one full attention and the mainstream media works side by side with joe is actually on we're. going to have. at our teen years we have a different press. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how.
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you guys talk to the jokes i will hand over the stuff that i've got to. the a piece of legislation was terrible and they are legendary hard to make out a letter to get along here a plug that never had sex with the target their lives let's play. lists le my. list. of the.
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that fact that. they were going to do the job did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy but albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the semi-colon we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built on my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate in a real discussion that critical issues facing america have a different feel ready to join the movement than welcome to the big.
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time of the new alert animation scripts scare me a little but. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the war and great things out there that there had to be either read or get a quart of water found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life.
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hello there i marinate it this is boom bust and these are the stories are tracking for you today. it's coming from inside the house google that is they just acquired nest labs for a cool three billion dollars i'll tell you all about it coming right up and jim rickards is on today's show the self-proclaimed gold vigilante and author of the new book the death of money joins me to talk gold paper he we inflation you name it work over in it and in today's big deal ed harrison and i discuss the new millionaires club it's called congress actually the true story you won't want to miss a moment and it all starts right now.


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