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tv   Headline News  RT  January 15, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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live from the r t new center at midnight afghanistan accuses the u.s. of killing seven children and one woman in a nighttime strike despite calls to stop bombarding residential areas also this. poll the energy needed for the constitution referendum has been marred by deadly violence and claims that the vote no campaign was silenced with a live report coming up also to. the euro could become a burning building with no exits reform or decline britain's treasury chief warns the european union that they u.k. will quit if nothing is done to fix the clocks flagging competitiveness.
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i'm kevin owen here in moscow this morning very good morning to you if you just joined us this is our top story then a deadly american air strike in afghanistan has claimed more civilian lives the latest including at least seven children a woman those details from the president hamid karzai himself the attack took place on tuesday night apparently in the central power one province north of kabul but the details of only just been released foreign affairs analyst robert naiman told me the u.s. simply doesn't have afghanistan's interests in ending the bloodshed at heart he thinks. is directly tied to what's in dispute between the afghan government and the u.s. government is they try to negotiate an agreement on what's going to happen to u.s. forces after twenty fourteen what they won't be allowed to do the afghan government doesn't want the u.s. to unilaterally engage in military operations in afghanistan and particularly want
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to end all night raids this is this if it is an example of why the afghan government is so adamant about this in advance like this make it less likely that the u.s. and the afghan government will be able to reach an agreement yet you're saying is pretty huge source of a rift over the months over the years and they get the u.s. wants full immunity for its troops to. well sure who wouldn't if they could get it but as we know these are the kinds of issues that. prevented the negotiation between the u.s. government and the iraqi government from reaching a successful conclusion the u.s. would be happy to keep trying to keep troops there on their terms that they have been governor would be happy to keep. u.s. troops there kind of you know magical unicorn fantasy terms that they never kill civilians they never do anything the afghan government doesn't like those two
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things are in contradiction that the u.s. forces that magically do what the afghan government wants and doesn't do what the afghan government people don't want those u.s. forces those magical us forces don't exist if the dad can't people in government stuff. like this from have been in there going to send u.s. forces out of the country. project happening you know you're about ending the civil war in syria why shouldn't there be a political process to end the civil war in afghanistan a key obstacle is western also. he then hasn't moved seriously just started the talks starting with various levels of exchanging the afghan prisoners at guantanamo for the us soldier for go as being held by the job as long as that doesn't happen we know that the us government isn't serious about a political process to. name a man speaking to me earlier voting egypt's now wrapped up just over an hour ago in
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fact on whether to accept another new constitution critics say yes result will serve to secure the military's grip on future governments the ousted muslim brotherhood refused they've called it a sham referendum that puts the army before the nation violence during day one of the ballot killed eleven people let's go live to cairo artie's bell true is there hi bell i mean the build up to this vote the thought was that this constitution would get through one of the exit polls they're saying no they are backing that up or not. well the counting just begun the government says that we will have the results in the next few hours and certainly what we're looking at i mean it hasn't come out yet but some people are expecting a big yes there was a lot of feeding on the streets that this constitution had to be passed as a huge post a multi-million dollar post a campaign across the country saying yes the addiction media itself was calling for a yes vote there's been huge pressure from the military and the governments for the constitution to be ratified meanwhile we also think there might be
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a high turnout cabinet spokesperson. said to local media that he thought this might be the highest turnout in elections that have taken place since early two thousand and seven january revolution we don't have any details on that yet but certainly the government is looking for this big high turnout and i think that's what they're going to get it's very important for them they get a yes vote and they get a high turnout and this will be the seed of approval from the nation for the political group out they put in place after they overthrew president mohamed morsy back in july so really what we're looking at here at the moment is possibly you know a much higher yes spoke to this constitution than we had last year to most he's constitution and also very high turnout was what the government really wants big questions about what the brotherhood is going to do next if it does turn out the first twenty four hours of the two day vote brought violence what about the last twenty four hours of it. well the second day has been a lot quieter than the first day we had obviously the number of deaths across the
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country on the first day of voting today has been fairly really without any problem is there any violence there were however protests how by the missing brotherhood and that support is across the country obviously did not recognize this votes and they also very angry of course at the behavior of the security forces that led to the deaths across the country yesterday now they said they're going to step up the process if the constitution is ratified the constitution they say is a sham there are problems with rights organizations have said that this constitution may actually create a military state within a state because of certain articles pertaining to the military which will see among other things the military have to approve the appointment of defense minister as well as allowing military trials for civilian so the document is pretty contentious anywhere in the mizzen brotherhood don't regard it as the gist of it because of course they still think that mohamed morsy is president so they going to keep protesting irrespective of what happens i may step back up this constitution does
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receive a big yes in the country so we're looking at here is possible violence on the horizon and certainly more unrest on the streets and they seem so there's no true there in cairo thank you for the update. it's been nearly three years now of course of protests and unrest in egypt since the twenty eleven revolution political with. this referendum even if it is successful will not bring stability to the country. the whole environment under which the constitution was drafted and now the whole process. with a heavy handed security presence and dealing with any political dissidents of anyone who is trying to promote voting no rest of activists this whole environment discredits the process even though it in terms of procedures up to now it's been quite transparent to a great extent it's inevitable that we will have this constitution passed but
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however the support. to this constitution will not bring any sort of stability because the problem is it's a political problem the problem is not the constitution you have protesters on the streets will continue to be on the streets now given that. general sisi will announce that he will run for presidency this will more or less exasperate the problem and perhaps we might see egypt falling into more violence and pass even a civil war man in charge of britain's finances given the e.u. addressing telling the brussels behavior thirty eight stick lying a need to merge and overall george osborne's addressing a think tank on europe when he also warned that the u.k. will pull out if the e.u. fails to reform itself its artist or smith. said europe's like a burning building with no exits basically he sees the political block as falling behind india and china overspending on welfare becoming less and less competitive
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essential in the economic and political bloc in decline domestically of course here in the u.k. the e.u. is losing popularity people say it's very expensive increasingly power hungry and also the originator of an awful lot of red tape but also one central message today was that the u.k. is not pushing for reform for its own sake oh no it's pushing for reform for everybody else the stakes for europe's sake as a whole so he was talking about the tabling of legal challenges a year pin course of justice he said it's not anti european but in fact it's a way of preserving values that traditionally seem to be european such as known discrimination he talked about the calling for rejection of the financial services reform which of course includes a cap on bankers' bonuses which is quite controversial here in the u.k. because london competes with new york and hong kong it's not competing inside europe and anything that damages the city of london also damages london also damages europe as a whole but hey he is george osborne summing up for his central message was some on
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the continent like to assume this is just the u.k. pursuing its own self interest of the expense of the collective good but it's the opposite if we cannot protect the collective interests of normal euro zone member states then they will have to choose between joining the euro which the u.k. will not do or leaving the european union and these rifts and these calls for reform between london and brussels keep on opening up the latest as over introducing more human rights into the u.k. in fact brussels has talked about imposing. human rights on all its member countries which was possibly more legal challenges to businesses than to government the u.k. already opted out of that of nine hundred ninety eight so it's in the government it's sort of like going going back into the past and doing something again and that's the latest in a in a long line of proposals as brussels tries to ramp up the political union inside the political integration george osborne's message and the message of the
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conservative party here in the u.k. as a whole is reform or die our correspondent the u.k. were promised a coward seeking to renegotiate britain's membership in the e.u. and to hold an in out referendum by twenty seventeen what would all those from the new liberal bruges group think tank told me there's no point waiting there because europe's not going to reform itself i'm very pessimistic about the chances of the e.u. changing it's been created since nine hundred fifty seven it's about ever closer union it's about more regulation it's about less powerful nation states more powerful and unaccountable bureaucracy it is not going to change in a timeframe that the government has given it the british membership cannot continue without the consent of the british public it more than eighty percent say they want to vote and you know vote on our. membership of the you but of course is absolutely fundamental to our economy as well because at the moment having to pay billions each year to brussels e.u. red tape is holding back the british economy as well as other european nations as
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well it's not a you know economic benefit so things are really must change you it doesn't have much of an economic future it is declining as a bloc so britain should look at other opportunities that await us around the globe . the un's biggest ever appeal for humanitarian help donors pledged to and how billion dollars so far to help syrian refugees one of the country's dipping into its pockets is britain charities want to know why it's a case of open wallet but closed doors this from tests are saying precinct three humanitarian suffering there is a humanitarian crisis so britain is leading the way with humanitarian support but some might wonder whether it actually is the u.k. has committed five hundred million pounds of aid that's to assist syria's neighbors like lebanon jordan turkey and iraq cope with the sheer number of refugees but that's as far as it's willing to go the u.k. is one criticized for saying no to the u.n.
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refugee agency has appealed to work for syrians fleeing the conflict despite calls to open its doors for now while answer still no the latest count more than two million syrian refugees are at the borders of neighboring countries this is you cannot just stay where you are. on the war. every morning concerned shared by seventeen other nations who said yes it's hard to understand why they're taking this position given that this is something that we have done in the past problems the conflict in the balkans with thousands of confidence and. i fear that there may be may be domestic emigration considerations that is influencing this come slap in the middle of a political climate and a national mood that's increasingly wary of anyone coming through the door we already have accepted a number of we have except i think about one thousand five hundred asylum seekers
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that is a fact we've already got to shake his head it is a fact that we have accepted hundreds and hundreds of individual asylum seekers from syria but factually speaking the un's most recent request is that countries all for. resettlement places for people who are still stuck in the region which does not include the fifteen hundred nick clegg says of apply for asylum in britain what the un has asked for is over and above. our sort of commitment in international law david cameron has called the case syria's friend he's called this a refugee refugee crisis of our time in recognition of. the u.k. would respond does or so the r t london. russia's foreign ministry says the syrian opposition reluctance to take part in peace talks is now the main obstacle in the way of ending the bloodshed and in other developments on syria damascus claims that western intelligence agencies have been to the city to discuss the radical groups fighting president assad syria's deputy foreign minister suspects there's
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a rift between politicians and intelligence communities and some western countries that have been calling for assad to go earlier spoke to former british counterterrorism intelligence officer charles shoe bridge explain to me why he thinks we may be seeing a change in european and american policies towards syria. i think that's in recognition of a number of factors one of those is the inability of the syrian opposition and the rebels to get their act together politically but also i think there's a recognition that militarily the rebels are unable to deliver on their promises in any case perhaps of more immediate concern to the west and this is a particular case in the european capitals it's clear that elements of the syrian opposition comprising fight is jihadist fighters have gone from countries such as britain germany spain etc to syria to fight with al-qaeda linked forces there actually pose a threat to european countries themselves so this recognition is meant that security services have of course been forced if you like to address this in the
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best way to their own national interest and of course inevitably that means particularly since it's likely more i think recognize now that assad will be around for some time to actually make those links even if discreetly with back with the regime's intelligence services news this morning an american internet service providers can legally pick and choose who gets to have mega speedy downloads a web industry expert tells us very soon where that leaves smaller online services is next to an r t international after a break. when you're followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of someone. the beginning of the end of your freedom. save me keenly intercept american citizens'. text messages you know. where the calls text messages so you just. see everything without my knowledge that actually
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basically and there's no legal absolutely legal yes when you bareback with the internet your bare back with big brother killed. hello again a wave of bombings in iraq's killed at least seventy five people in baghdad and the northern city of baquba to the worst attack so eighteen die when
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a suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral procession the u.n. says over five hundred people have been killed this month alone last year proved to be iraq's deadliest since two thousand and eight and as a continuing standoff to between the iraqi army and al-qaeda linked militants have been in control the city of fallujah of more than a week now i'll be martin looks at who's to blame for how the situation has been unfolding the latest edition of her show breaking the set which you can catch in for our website is a little taste of last week al qaeda and militants took control of the iraqi cities every mahdi and for rouge after days of nonstop violence according to independent iraqi news agency house while we brok three hundred seventy people have died in just the last ten. days all about numbers hard to verify considering how bodies are not being taken to the morgue and instead excluded from official documents that you may remember fallujah as one of the primary deadly battleground during the height of the u.s. occupation so what is the fall of the city signify for not only the progress of
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iraq but the region as a whole joining me now to discuss is eugene career ordinator for the answer coalition thank you so much for coming on metal thank you so much for having me so you jeanne what the main factors that are contribute to the near failed state of iraq today well i think the key factor that we have to mention is that the occupation of iraq by the united states fundamentally destabilize the country the united states just completely disassembled the iraqi state as it existed and not only didn't really put anything in place but actually set up a structure which made it sort of bit official for forces to become more at the serial to divide along sectarian and other sorts of lines of what we're seeing now is the real fruits of all of these time bombs land mines that were set by the u.s. occupation. of the. war that online. just when you thought america's spying capabilities couldn't get any wider we're reporting it seems you don't even need the n.s.a.
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to sift through your private data and i will tell you why. this clever little fake made the valley to me go where is he able to find of fact objects as well as learn new skills without people being present the hope is here is that this robotic friend could prove a useful system for people with disabilities and a lot more to. one of the internet's founding principles was of course that there was equal access to everyone online but now it seems not everyone agrees certainly in the u.s. federal court scrapping net neutrality it's now granted some internet providers the power to rule web traffic and to decide for themselves who gets to jump the queue. it means the biggest companies can get their hands on the bulk of web service it could mean that new online services those not willing to pay broadband network providers like the rise in the cost could find speeds held back or even be blocked altogether now this ruling was pushed by verizon which is one of america's largest
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mobile phone operators and telecom providers of course an expert in new media entrepreneurship spokesmen here on told me how it will most likely result in the discrimination of many online services and the rail innovative startups two that says we're a telecom industry combined with its allies in hollywood and big media would very much like to. make the internet essentially an enhanced form of cable television and that would be where they pick winners they pick losers they decide what's on and we what we get to see to some large degree what we don't want to see is innovation requiring the permission of the big operators at the center of the networks innovation on the internet has taken place in large part not all but in significant part at the edges of the networks so i don't want to see the name of the next facebook meeting permission from verizon and comcast in order to
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get big that would be problematic at the very least. be more tonight's big stories in brief israel's defense minister is now apologize his remarks on the u.s. takers states middle east peace efforts mushy yellow was quoted by a newspaper as saying that john kerry's attempts at israeli palestinian peace were messy and they could obsessive the white house has called the comments inappropriate kerry's been a diplomatic push recently to outline a deal between the sides but progress is so fast the old. and these palestinians when exactly happy with the u.s. or state policies either with scores of people staging a rally against john kerry in ramallah although if visit was canceled it didn't prevent people voicing their anger and calling on the leader mahmoud abbas to enter negotiations with the israelis the crowd chanted for kerry to go home and demanded the escalation of israeli settlement construction to be halted. masses of protesters in thailand still refusing to back their continuing to try to disrupt
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bancorp to try to force the government to quit gunshots were fired at a crowd overnight that injured at least two people for her part prime minister should know what reiterated she will plough on with snap elections in february in an effort to calm the situation but demonstrators are quiet they say it's not enough and they demanding the ouster of the country's leaders totally. getting a job can be tough if you've got the skills got the experience got the ambition but as you face it well applicants in france say they're being discriminated against over their looks is artie's. human beauties glorified by poirot's syngas and artists like it or not we are drawn to beautiful people but we can't all be old paintings prowse is known as the world's fashion and beauty trendsetter but the gleaming smiles and slim waist line said grace billboards and shop windows i also said that trend was sam deeply undesirable
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consequences and sophists penned a tears at university she has to diplomas is a to collate and thoughtful but can't find a job she says because of her size ahsoka ignore the people think because i'm carrying some extra weight i don't have the brains or intelligence to take up a post they were like he's sure really can't be doing her job and he didn't even hide it and modal appearance is like having an extra diploma which is completely wrong depressing and pure discrimination that's a feat describes more than society as being like a carnival mirror if you don't conform to standards it sends you and others a negative image of yourself sid you are a wizard hard of course today's society is far from a gift and with this problems and becomes even more painful it leads to extra stress and depression it's just not fair. what answer fisa as she has been facing
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for years appears to be backed up by statistics. yes. we have a blonde here she got much more responses compared to an overweight person. sociologist. carried out an experiment in which he sent the same c.v. with different photos after a change in the color of this keen hair weight age and sex the results were surprising. bridge to default there is more difference between a pretty blonde and an overweight or aging woman between someone of french origin and someone with african roots which means that discrimination by beauty and age is even more pronounced than race or origin based discrimination but no one pays any real attention to it. france and belgium and the only european countries where these type of discrimination is against the law physical appearance is i'm
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a nineteen criteria that employers are not allowed to base their decision on sink into this is a very dangerous tendency people are pushed away from the market not because of a lack of qualifications but because of their hate weight or color of their eyes the person responsible for this cremation based on physical appearance could face up to three years in prison or pay a forty five thousand here a fine but people don't even consider it discrimination it's considered normal and it's world wide wasn't. a number of associations in france as well as world wide aim to protect the rights of there is not considered to be conventionally attractive but there are plenty who have already suffered thanks to the unofficial and unspoken beauty contest of the job market reflash naughty from france. well delighted to report never any face control on this channel everyone always welcome to watch no talking to face control that with almost two million cameras watching over people's every move in london the question is are they safer for it
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we can find out in naked citizens in just a minute and if you watch in the u.k. good morning good evening wherever you're watching returns he's going underground a special program lined up for you too maybe i'll see you just over half an hour the next news update. the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for responsive politics which sounds pretty insulting when the average american is not doing so well financially this seems bad like a bunch of rich guys rule the country which they kind of do but one could argue that congress isn't rich enough first off due to inflation a billion dollars is not as much as it used to be especially the cost of a campaign to get in the congress costs around one million six hundred thousand dollars so yeah a million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but the expensive
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game of us politics these guys can't even afford the cost lead to getting the work electoral campaigns are a big money affair so it is no surprise that people like you or me can't get into the law making business without selling at least a little piece of our souls to someone who has very deep pockets so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy it is that many of them have to get constant financing in order to maintain their positions and as you average folks know once you're in debt they've got you by the throat well that's just my opinion . in oregon is suing nike for one hundred million dollars claiming that the company failed to include a warning out of their job. stickers that they could be used as dangerous weapons after he used his own pair to beat a man. another pimp this from the pacific northwest the bill gates continues to
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pimp out your privacy and data to the n.s.a. and many other forgot the spy agency want to give a few bucks but rather than use a sneaker this pimp the boys as company software products including skype as a dangerous weapon against the constitutional rights of unsuspecting customers on the products. gates so himself when he gets caught. will cause. the world's capital surveyed. even though the years since nine hundred eighty four you may be forgiven for imagining big brother really is watching you i can see one. being opening primer on the. every bit the public realm is more a good time of everything.


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