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tv   Worlds Apart With Oksana Boyko  RT  January 16, 2014 12:29pm-1:01pm EST

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hello and welcome to. the foreign minister of iran is in russia had of the next round of syria peace talks one thing nuclear negotiations finally progress inc tehran is seeing diplomatic doors open can't help solve the syria question what is being discussed with moscow and we'll hear read name in richmond continue caught up with mr to find out the answer first hand. drawn is on the verge of a diplomatic breakthrough. nuclear program may be over. crippling sanctions seems closer than ever and world powers are even asking for ending the war in syria on top of that there is a new billion dollar trade deal with moscow in the works. is the islamic
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republic on its way back into the international scene. into a lasting spring. for a minister it's really great to have the on our program today. so you just came back from damascus you've spoken to president bashar have you talked about inside concrete have you come up with any concrete solutions. really i just come from the middle east. i was in lebanon i was in jordan i was in iraq and i see a common thread among everybody. concerned about the spread of widens spread of extremism and tension that is brewing in the region and the need to contain it now. but there is no good if we do not. spread. now we see the consequences of the conflict in syria and it's spillover
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into lebanon we see the situation in iraq which is very. interlinked with syria because the same group the islamic the so-called islamic state of iraq and the levant is. creating difficulty making terrorist bombings in inside iraq at the same time at is it is engaged in syria even in infighting within the opposition in syria of it various groups in the opposition are fighting with each other with the greatest degree of inhumanity so this is a major threat we see the consequences of the same threat in russia today when you see terrorist bombings in radius places we see the consequences in iran when we see abductions and attacks we see the consequences all over the region and it can go even beyond the region so everybody that i talked to was committed to dealing with
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this issue but in syria i see the president and i see the syrian government ready to engage with all syrians in order to reach a commonly accepted. solution which was to come out of the public but also in the opposition it has to be all those who want who are interested in the future of syria everybody in syria to get together this is a decision for the syrians to make if president bashar assad stepping down before the election is the only possible compromise with the opposition that's the only possible solution for ceasefire would iran agree to that. i think the premise of the question is wrong. it is for the government and the opposition to sit together and to discuss the future of syria and i do not believe people should be for you and start negotiating decided. the outcome it seems that there is a did
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a great deal of insecurity among those people who are setting conditions for even negotiations to start that this should happen and actually happened this should be the outcome of the negotiations here that should be the outcome of the negotiations if the people have confidence in their ability to attract the syrian people if they believe that you present the bishes of the syrian population then they should be ready to go to the ballot box why do they need to set preconditions and i saw it on the side at the end of the day no country other the syrian people can decide what will happen in syria and if they try to impose their wishes on the syrian people sooner or later they see the failure of that process talking about setting conditions here secretary of state john kerry has said that iran could informally help from the sidelines. to the geneva two talks in syria well iran agreed to help from the sidelines iran is an important player in this region. it
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would be rather. ironic to have. those who support extremist groups participate in the conference invited to participate in the conference and then for some. predispositions say that iran should accept preconditions in order to participate in the conference . will either participate in the conference or as any other state that has been invited without precondition on the descent same circumstances and others have been invited and will participate. in the. main course of the conference and on the sidelines or iran will decide to stay away if you're not invited. we remarked accept anything that that is beneath our dignity that is our own the only can. we do not have any condition for participation in the
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talks we are prepared to participate if you are given the same invitation as anybody else who participated in the conference we believe we have a much more important role to play in this conference than many others who have been invited. but we are not convening this conference or other to means of the conference they will decide. to their own benefit or to their own detriment to the world or not in words so let me make sure i understand this correctly iran will only help advance the peace process in syria if it isn't right as a full member of the friends iran will all of this help advance peace process in syria because peace in syria is in our national security interest that will happen and that is our policy but whether we will participate and assist the geneva two process will depend on whether iran is officially invited as a full fledged participant in the in the process or we will decide if they decide
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not to invite us then they should expect us to be there either in the conference or on the sidelines if you are not invited do not call damascus has told russia that it is actually prepared to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid i know that iran has great deal of leverage in syria let me ask you this it's a concrete question can iran help convince mr to actually allow a humanitarian corridor and stop bombarding residential areas. i don't think we need to do a lot i think it is necessary for all of us to understand that humanitarian assistance to people in need should be allowed to go in it should not be a pretext for intervention it should not be a pretext to try to help extremist groups that are fighting each other and fighting the people of syria bombarding each other and bob. the
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people of syria killing even their own prisoners in mass executions. this is not a way out of this humanitarian tragedy we need to send humanitarian assistance to syria be have been providing humanitarian assistance to syria all through these years we don't make a lot of fuss about it we believe that it's our humanitarian responsibility and you don't need to make a lot of fuss when you are basically conducting yourself in a way that is. appropriate as responsible states in the region we will continue to do that and we continue to do that in coordination with the syrian government including nation with others who are interested in sending humanitarian assistance through to syria we believe that is extremely important it is extremely important to address the humanitarian requirements of the syrian people but it should not be a pretext for other extraneous political agendas to be interjected into this well that i continue to provide president assad's government with arms and volunteers.
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we have relations with the government in syria as a government that is recognized by the united nations as a full fledged member of the united nations it's a legitimate government of syria those who are supporting. others who are using extremist measures in order to. advance whatever political cause that they may have they think international law. the fact is that there is a legitimate government seated in damascus in syria recognized by the united nations and as long as that is the case stores who have relations with that government would continue to have relations with that comment but iran is not providing volunteers to syria we are having relations with syria in accordance with our agreements in the past and that will continue in just the foreign minister in the interests of russia today told us that iran was actually providing military expertise and help too. we have longstanding military cooperation with the syrian
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government as the government recognized by the united nations and those doors cooperations within the context of international law within the context of our international obligations and restrictions placed within international law will continue i know that you have spoken to your turkish counterpart about a possible ceasefire in syria and the two countries have their differences but is it really possible to come up with a peace deal on syria on a regional level because you know we often hear wonder how come syria's destinies decide between america and russia but i think it is important for syria's destiny we don't need be decided by the syrian people but it is important for the regional players to be turkey and iran included to play a positive and constructive road and in the past four months we've been trying since since i took office as foreign minister i've been trying in discussions with my friend and colleague is there for the foreign minister of turkey as well as with
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the prime minister and other authorities in turkey to see how iran and turkey can help because iran and turkey have similarity of views on a lot of issues in turkey the fact that we should not allow extremists to reign in syria is a is a common position between iran and turkey the fact that we need a ceasefire is a common position the fact that we need to get humanitarian assistance to people in need in syria that's a common position between iran and syria so iran and turkey so we are working together we have our differences obviously and we're trying to minimize those differences and hopefully work together in order to advance those common objectives if you have to have anything concrete in mind of what the first step towards to cease fire would be very we believe the no need for anything to lead to a cease. can be just a cease fire the problem is in in the situation in in syria. because it all so many
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groups terrorist groups that do not even coordinate among each other the way that the so-called islamic states. is operating involved one part of syria is different from how it's operating in other parts of syria in parts of syria it is fighting. in other parts of syria it is aligned with so it's a. very difficult and tragic hot punch of extremist elements coming from all over the world trying to carry. disillusioned agenda in syria and in the meantime. losing their own lives and killing a lot of people on the side so i think it is important for all of us to work together how that can come about is it is a very difficult proposition it's a straightforward proposition to stop fighting but how you do it how you under government so i decided that difficult but how you bring all these various forces
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at all wreaking havoc in various poor parts of syria to stop kidding and come to the negotiating table that's a difficult proposition but we are prepared to work in good faith in order to achieve that option and while we come back we'll talk about going from extension all the neighbors agreements to curb iran's nuclear program. when you are followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of someone this is the beginning of the end of your freedom. routinely intercept american citizens. text mr. you know. where the calls
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text messages so you test and see everything about my knowledge actually basically and that's all legal absolutely legal yes when you bareback with the internet you're back with big brother. but you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crowd. we've been hijacked why handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers. and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go
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beyond identifying the problem. rational debate real discussion critical issues facing. ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. and we're back with the dogs foreign minister mohammad javad zarif foreign minister today you're in russia and there is a lot of talk about iran and russia negotiating at all for a good straight deal worth one point five billion dollars a month and this is something america isn't too keen on a spokesperson for the united states and said that it could trigger a possible sanctions can you confirm that this agreement is being negotiated in moscow today not negotiating any agreement between governments. i'm here
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to discuss various issues primarily regional problems of nuclear issue and cooperation between iran and russia that six pounds in all the areas you don't rush to neighbors and we have had historical ties moved had. additional toys and our toys will be conducted as far as the governments of the two countries are concerned in accordance with our international obligations in accordance with international law in accordance with it with the framework said we have agreed. and it is only for the two neighbors to decide how they will conduct their operations but but what will happen between economic entities in the two countries is something that the government does not control needed on our side nor on the russians this particular deal isn't being discussed at this particular this particular days no particular deal to be discussed ok but the implementation of geneva agreement to curb iran's nuclear activities in exchange on some sanctions starts january the twenty s.
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on this day will all the iranian nuclear facilities be open and transparent specters it all iranian nuclear facilities are open and transparent to the even before that. since this. fiasco started ten years ago because i believe it's a fiasco it's a waste of time money and energy over a lot of people it is diverting attention from issues that are a primary concern to the international community and people are trying smokescreen to hide their own agendas and hide their own atrocities particularly in palestine against the palestinian people the continuity of the settlement policies gone through ations of the world asians of the rights of the palestinians are all continuing behind this smokescreen so it's a smokescreen. but the fact is that iranian nuclear facilities have been open to more inspection more scrutiny more transparency measures and probably any other any other nuclear facility certainly in the region and maybe beyond so iran's nuclear
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facilities will be open on the twentieth but they have been open before twenty are you ready for surprise inspections. surprise inspections because there are davie inspections when you have daily inspections is also. now that you are frozen assets are expected to start. blocking on february how soon do you think that geneva agreement will actually maple in iran to sell crude oil a game we are sending more crude oil. i don't mommie and i'm not in that business and that's not my area of responsibility but i believe the. framework. p. vents the united states which you know we have been doing to see legally anyway but prevents it from further restrictions on the sale of iranian oil it doesn't mean that be agreed to the restrictions of their place until now from our perspective and from the perspective of many other countries but they've been doing has been
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easy now but we decided not not to look at the past and look towards the future they will refrain from fed increasing that and they will provide some sanctions relief but the goal is not to get stuck in this stage of the game the goal is to use this as a basically a breathing space in order to get a final deal and a final deal would mean that all sanctions will be removed and at the same time iran will do what we believe it's in our best interest to clarify and to show to the international community that the purpose of our nuclear program is nothing but peaceful so we will do these two things. as the sort of final comprehensive settlement and we believe that provided that these good will good faith and political will in fact. we can reach out equipment but that requires all sides to
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come to the negotiating table with an open mind with the understanding that they have to address the concerns of iran that they have to gain the trust of the iranian people who have a lot of concerns and misgivings about the west the way the west has dealt with the iranian nuclear program. and other iranian activities in general so in fact this this is basically a staging ground this is not an end in itself this is just a beginning and i hope that as of the twenty first of january iran is ready to engage with five plus one collectively and individually in order to move the process spoke despite president obama's calls on congress to hold off on sanctions there are many american lawmakers are actually quoting from our sanctions on your country and they're saying well it's because iran is bluffing it's not going to walk away from the talks even if we put more sanctions on so let me ask you this will the new u.s. sanctions really mean and to these talks well i think. those in the united
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states who are pushing for more sanctions have to see what this policy has produce and whether it's worth risking. i'm not what i don't want to get engaged in that childish discussion with iran is bluffing good or not they can test us they have to see this in the past but sanctions has produced is basically nineteen thousand centrifuges and a lot of resentment among the iranian population that the united states congress is against the buying medicine. because it's it restricts the possibilities for banks to open letters of credit for iranian corporations to import medicine this is basically what they've done is that something that senator menendez can be proud of that's for him to respond to but the iranian people. will stick to their rights
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will not bow to pressure the way they got to understand that the way to deal with iran is to respect sanctions have not produced it produced any results up to now david not produce any results that are positive and constructive and can help resolve this problem in the future if they believe that sanctions are so important . then they can test it and see the consequences i don't mean the consequences is something that they would like but also the way i see it as far as this particular agreement is concerned iran claims that any signed agreement gives it the right to enrich uranium at a lower level for peaceful purposes america says this agreement does no such think we're not talking about which side creates what in this agreement correctly or incorrectly and the end of the day you have two main negotiators who read one agreement in a very different way see a problem there well the agreement is in black and white basically it provides that
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any final deal. any final deal will have and richmond as its integral part and that's basically all we're saying well the united states can have its own interpretation of what the days of right to enrichment are not the rest of the international community has an interpretation and that interpretation has been repeated twice and the fact is that you don't you know and which will continue during the six month period the first round so they can look at the facts on the ground or they can try to have a legal misinterpretations of the texas taxes in black and white in pure english we haven't done any chance. in different languages we haven't produced a fact sheet the text is dead i think instead of producing fact sheets instead of producing statements instead of trying to give in my view misinterpretations of the wind if you just read the agreement. but despite the differences though it's
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the first time in twenty seven years that american in iran are talking and you are one of the masterminds of this great deal do you feel i do establishment of diplomatic ties with america helped iran in some ways to feel like other countries are listening to more carefully now we're not talking about reestablishing that of the from. the united states and iran hopefully in good faith i believe i have good faith and i hope. kerry and president obama. going to push. good faith in order to reach a diplomatic solution on this issue with iran so it's important that we are talking it doesn't mean that we have diplomatic relations with the united states it doesn't mean that if you solve this we will have diplomatic relations with the united states the object of this exercise is to resolve the nuclear issue i believe the nuclear issue has been a major stumbling block. of greater understanding and cooperation between iran and
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diverse include the d.n.i. to sit and if you move this blog it will be easier to discuss other issues but it doesn't mean that we are discussing the issues it doesn't mean that we have established diplomatic relations we have just briefly getting back to your recent visit to the gulf countries you came back from there but you didn't visit saudi arabia were talking about the rising sunni extremism in the region and the threat that they were presents for everyone around. when we talk about regional stability what we really are talking about is iran and saudi arabia and those two dealing in peace with each other do you think that's possible would you go visit saudi arabia of course or would. make an arrangement to visit the countries in the persian gulf region. those discussions were a positive i was prepared to go to saudi arabia denon people here just waiting for them to invite you to be baiting for the arrangements to be made and. so it's a question of when not. being it on in saudi arabia historic
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relations we have no relations with or you live there is no no impediment basically you don't think saudis are afraid of iranian expansions and for example. does not have a history of expansionism iran is a country that is not use force against any other country in two hundred fifty years and it is in our national security interest to have a stable. peaceful area both in the persian gulf region as well as beyond the persian gulf region so with interest. i don't think there is any strategic impediment to iran and saudi arabia working one minute before the end of the show really quick question dallas' conference coming up in a few days president rouhani is going to be there so will be a prime minister netanyahu is there any way the two could meet face to. all right thank you very much for this interview iraq's foreign minister mohammad jalloud
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sorry i tell you with us good to be with you. previously peacekeepers for our concerned with monitoring peace deals post conflict environment nowadays there are increasingly asked to operate in the. violence to meaning. most what these people have caused over almost twenty years four million people killed millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped. children recruited those soldiers or slaves no.
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sleep. on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war broke out. the shops were always full of goods. in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went to saw that all the shelves were empty. in november they bombed the die of steel warehouses it was the main storage place for all the food in the city people would eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. the third
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night it was incredibly heavy bombing. it was a direct hit on that very shelter and everyone was buried underneath. all of them would. choose your language. because we know if. some of. us choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the excess off to. still in oregon is suing nike for one hundred million dollars claiming that
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the company failed to include a warning on its air jordan stickers that they could be used as dangerous weapons after he used his own pair to beat. another pimp this from the pacific northwest bill gates continues to pimp out your privacy and data to the n.s.a. and any other for. a few bucks rather than use a sneaker this pimp deploys his company's software products including skype as a dangerous weapon against the constitutional rights of unsuspecting customers products. to himself when he gets caught. gridlock or tour. to build a new. mission to teach creation and why it should care about humans in. this.
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only. ten pm here in moscow tonight. outrage over the deaths of children in another american airstrike nato officials insist it was an operation to disrupt the insurgency. a key syrian opposition group refuses to take part in next week's peace talks as moscow brings together iran and syria's foreign minister to try to help with the groundwork for the forthcoming conference. hopes fade to germany and the u.s. on a deal to stop snooping on each other as the route of a. leadership.


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