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tv   Headline News  RT  January 18, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EST

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russian officials ventured behind the barbed wire at america's notorious one time obaid prison where more than a dozen detainees are reportedly being force fed amid an ongoing hunger strike. the chaos of war is turning syria into an emerging drugs haven the we report on how the country has become a major production side for one potent stimulant in the space of just a few years. and a massive data collection on americans and for most around the globe will be kept in place indefinitely as president obama is criticized for lack of action following his speech on the n.s.a.'s practices.
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whether you're watching us from london hong kong or washington and this is a large international you with me to say it's good to have your company with us. a delegation from moscow is trying to secure the release of a russian citizen who's been held without charge or to guantanamo bay for more than a decade the russian officials are also looking into the young going hunger strike and the force feeding of detainees at the u.s. military facility are dishonest to see a child cannot report. for the first time in twelve years a russian delegation spearheaded by the foreign ministry special representative for human rights got access to visit the guantanamo detention camp the goal meeting with the sole russian prisoner in gaza of held there without charge for a decade and taking steps to push for the detainees returned to his homeland we spoke to the top diplomat of the visiting delegation to get the details if you will remove it looks pretty significant churches they gave their lives at the
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revolutionary because. you. basically. don't get legal very cute you know. you prove you know the return on proper litigation. we've been given to her to refute kuku are a little bit different but we've got to look. more politically all the details putting extra pressure on the us to shut down the scandalous camp was also on the agenda of the foreign ministry the prison has been staining america's human rights and legal record both at home and abroad for years leaving the detainees staring really into the abyss of indefinite detention and just last week the world saw the twelfth anniversary of the first detainees of the world of the war on terror being brought to the scandalous prison camp which obama made a promise to close on day one at the white house last year the world's attention was returned to one tunnel as the majority of the prisoner population was on
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a hunger strike for over six months making world headlines and really forcing the obama administration to refocus his attention at least on words for now to the detention camp although plenty of bureaucratic and political reasons continue to be used as an excuse instead of just shutting the place down when we visited guantanamo three months ago we found out that at least fifteen detainees were continuously being force fed before it's passed on the news we lubricate it and we give the. a choice do they want to have the key which is an agent who will numb the area or if they want of will to lubricate the tubes. most of our patients have been using of will you seem to like it in fact some of our patients are so used to this they will describe which nostril they want about other aspects of personal life however there was a lot of secrecy we were taken on
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a largely staged and prepared to war around the prison facilities without being able to see much of the real conditions that the prisoners live in and speaking to any of them was of course out of the question let alone seeing them one or two of them actually for more than a minute a lot of secrecy and a routine tour around the premises also turned out to be the experience of the russian delegation as well and as they said you're going to r.t. new york lawyers for the guantanamo detainees claim the number of hunger strikers at the prison has gone up in the past month and now stands at thirty three but the u.s. military which runs the facility has refused to release any updates the official excuse is that the figure is no longer relevant to quote more empowered to important issues like the well being of the prisoners as well as the security of the american person now now we spoke with clive stafford smith who advocates for
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several of the detainees he claims the u.s. military is using some painful tactics to try and break the hunger strike. if a prisoner are from camp six which is the least bad camp goes on hunger strike they automatically get transferred not just count five but you can't fight back which really has been the most abusive place in over a container of bay prisoners are held in all steel cells and denied the most basic human rights just as a punishment for going on strike that force feeding techniques are very much an action unfortunately against the very abusive force feeding techniques i mean casting aside the question of whether it's at the culture course being a tour in the world medical association says it's not you know unfortunately the techniques they using ground tunnel are groups your assistant or so for example and i've witnessed some of this that they used to leave the tubes up the prisoners noses to hurt so much still pulling those tubes out every single time twice
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a day forcing them back up each time still forcing far too much food too quickly into the prisoner making prisoners that if you're sick they just carry on doing it it really is horrendous. now to nearly three years of bloody conflict syria is becoming a center of drug production with most economic activity practically non-existent coupled with the proliferation of armed groups the business is ripening quickly let's take a look now according to a recent reuters a report syria has become a major drug czar export the end consumer in the last years and now outlawed stimulant known as cap to guard is and now produce the huge amount it's so profitable that the countries will replace lebanon as the main producer which saw in ninety percent fall in the production in the last two years the lebanese officials also seized over twelve million pills of the drugs last year and the trend is also affecting other states turkish authorities seize around seven million
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pills which were on route to saudi arabia. has more to lose theory about entering its fourth devastating year of war the lack of law and structure has allowed one zone in the streets of flourish the country has become the number one producer of a drug known as camp to go on its synthetic stimulant was first manufactured in the one nine hundred sixty s. and it was at that time used as a medicine to treat hyperactivity and depression but it's too addictive and this is why it was banned in most countries though here in the middle east it's still very popular it's cheap and it's easy to get but today syria not only produces more than any other country in the region but it's also categories main consumers believe that fighters are taking these pills to maintain vigorous energy levels your lengthy battles because it helps you keep awake for hours and hours but there
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are also reports that ordinary citizens. pressure and in this war and for almost three years now are also toning to the drugs for these k.p.c. all there is gives them and it's lucrative it's between fifteen and twenty dollars if peel and the raw hundreds of millions of them being taken all trafficked there is solid evidence that the revenue raised is buying weapons from both sides of the syrian conflict the un office on drugs and crime. has been reporting that syria which is located at a crossroads here in the region has for a long time been a transit point for the drug going from europe to turkey and lebanon but since the war began kept the guns trades gone to mastic and factories are appearing these
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days all across syria and production has increased and sales and boom here elaborate on the authorities seized around two hundred million dollars worth of tablets last year mostly hidden in the tracks go in through the syrian lebanese border from syria to the lebanese pours from where they're shipped to its final destination including the gulf the most ardent supporters of the syrian opposition and saudi arabia where around a billion dollars worth of drugs was seized just last year with authorities saying this is nothing but just ten percent of the real turnover of the drug in the kingdom. and the editor of the pan african newswire by a may as eat your way believes the drug trade will only fuel the protracted syrian conflict even more. i think it should be investigated and we've seen the relationship between illicit drugs very addictive substances and imperialist war as
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the rebels lose more and more ground. as the syrian government and the syrian military gains more territory the degree to which they stabilize the country even further the resources that are coming into syria from the western countries and from the countries that allied with the west in the middle east this is going to of course make the rebels even more desperate and their supporters even more desperate to raise funds in order to finance them so i think this is a reflection of the failure over the last three years of this u.s. and nato financed or rather wark by that's been leveled against the people of syria it's caused a tremendous amount of deaths injuries dislocation and now of course drug distribution and addiction as well. a new study by the message institute of technology has challenging the white house claims against the syrian government there are those of the reports say the us could not have carried out the chemical
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attack in the gotye suburb of damascus last august ideas alycia cesky is a writer in the studio with me alexey can you give us more information on this or this latest report is the result of several months of research the authors actually use the map which was presented by washington as the proof of that the assad forces used rockets against the syrian rebels now let's we made exactly that copy of the map by washington let's have a look at what the story is all about now at that map presented by washington they outlined the area controlled by the government forces and the area controlled by the opposition those yellow dots over there are the exact areas where the sarin gas was used killing hundreds reportedly killing hundreds so the basis of this new research is that the missiles which were found on the ground on the spots where the attack was performed could not have been fired from the regime from the government controlled areas simply because they were out of range those missiles were able to
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fly up to a maximum of two kilometers well this area for instance these are area which is the closest to the government controlled territories is at least four kilometers away and if we assume that those missiles could have been fired let's say from the heart of the government controlled territories as it was explained by the by u.s. state secretary john kerry this is more the nine kilometers from from the closest area and we're talking here about the eastern most point of the government control controlled areas also there. there were some of the geishas that the weapons were also used in the western part of go to this area but the u.n. investigators did not find any environmental proof of that the missiles were actually fired in this direction we spoke to one of the authors of this report and here is what he had to say. so we went through two to three months worth of study
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to determine the types of rockets. the weight the size the propellant and we determine that the range is on the order of two kilometers i like to make a note that the u.n. also had come up with a range of approximately two kilometers so this is very confusing to us in our studies and we're trying to understand exactly what the white house met means because right now as it stands these rockets could have never been fired from government controlled territory they would be fired more from a rebel type of territory or a border of a contested territory. the authors of the report they did not attribute blame to anyone who could have a mastermind of this attack but they're certainly sticking another board into the accuracy of the u.s. intelligence used in that report and that claim by a washington they even speculate that president obama could have used this
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reportedly inaccurate surveillance information to launch an a military attack against syria in a similar fashion that george w. bush did against iraq so definitely interesting to see how washington responds to this new report to these new allegations by mighty researchers absolutely it's going to shake a few feathers out there on the world and in washington that's alessio cesky giving us a breakdown of that message universe of massachusetts technology institute rather that theory that they've just come up with right now thousands of skilled professionals have been feeling the euro zone's newest member that fia well it was driving the acid and while the government capable of ending the mass population decrease that's ahead here on r.t. . sigrid laboratory. was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which
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look to. me. this is archie fame vase of data collection by the n.s.a. the explosion of which sent shock waves around the globe will continue indefinitely and me was offline to jury in barack obama's speech on the operations of the intelligence agency which introduced a number of reforms and yet as many say failed to tackle major privacy issues and sex reports after nearly seven months of n.s.a. disclosures president obama finally came forward with reforms to the spy agency acknowledging that the current capabilities of the years say do leave open the possibility of abuse given the unique power of the state it is not enough for leaders to say trust us we want to be used the data we collect for history has too
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many examples when that trust has been breached. our such a system of government is built on the premise that our liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of those in power the president addressed the n.s.a.'s most controversial program section two fifteen bulk telephone metadata collection basically the president no longer wants the government to be in control of these massive metadata databases but that doesn't mean the president wants to get rid of bulk collection in fact the bulk collection of virtually every american is metadata will continue indefinitely and the new restrictions announced by the president requiring the n.s.a. to obtain pfizer court approval before searching all that metadata doesn't satisfy privacy advocates who argue the pfizer court has acted and will continue to act as a rubber stamp nothing in obama's speech put any rain rain dan this collected all approach and yesterday that there was a big revelation of god called this fire program that just fire program was collecting all tax calls literally hundreds of thousands of text calls every day
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are going into the n.s.a.'s vacuum it's giant gigantic hoover regarding spying on foreign leaders the president said he's put an end to surveillance on friends and allies but did not say the n.s.a. will stop spying on diplomats nothing about the n.s.a. breaking encryption standards and ports that the n.s.a. has been breaking into the data links on google and yahoo servers while some specific reforms were introduced how exactly they will be implemented moving forward remains to be seen especially since the same government agencies that have overseen the massive growth of the surveillance state are now the ones tasked with reigning into it washington d.c. same sex party. michael kahn president and general counsel for the national whistleblower center says the major issues where a bullet in the president's speech. real thing that the american people are looking for is what are you going to do when you have
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a whistleblower like mr snowden who has critical information that the american people have a right to know he did not address that issue it's being swept under the rug instead i think in a fair view of what's going on it is merely window dressing covering up the abuses that have been identified who's to say there are a lot more abuses that have occurred that haven't been identified because there's no channel for the n.s.a. whistleblower to make their allegations public or known in any way so at best it's window dressing it's punts a lot to congress to try to fix the problem and it addresses in no way how the american people have a right to understand the abuses of our government. right human un humanitarian affairs mission reports israel attacks on west bank palestinians an increase of fourfold in less than a decade two thousand one hundred attacks and listing in some way carried out by israel in the past eight years were brought about the threats local settlers
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experience daily on a website. also online and italian a sunni a member of the international olympic committee called calls america's the decision to send openly gay athletes to the winter games in sochi political extortion i get that full story on my website at r t v dot com. right to see. her street. and i think the true. on our reporters were very. still no unity in the ranks of the syrian opposition as the geneva two peace conference are false and purchase but divided ranks of the syrian national
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coalition have been convening in turkey but despite president assad's proposal of a cease by in the second largest city of aleppo and a prisoner exchange coupled with extensive pressure from the west has been no decision on whether the opposition will attend the peace talks the coalition's main blog had previously threatened to boycott geneva two and many of the members have already pulled out. i let's take a look at what's happening elsewhere around the globe are activists that clashed with police in the spend capital madrid protesters had gathered in solidarity with demonstrators in the northern city of gorse the congress they erupted over plans to revamp a street which locals claim is a waste of limited resources solidarity riots have been reported across the country forcing the mayor of the city to postpone the project.
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a suicide attack in the afghan capital has killed fifteen people including three u.n. workers and a representative from the international monetary fund one bomber blew himself up at a restaurant popular with afghan officials and diplomats the interior ministry says guards killed two other gunmen who tried to storm the venue the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. oh dear nature has been bitten another chunk of the iconic statue of the cries already mir we're looking rio de janeiro it's ride has been chipped by a powerful lightning strike authorities have assured the damage will soon be repaired the thirty eight metre tall monument is a freak and a thunderbolt target and underwent a multi-million dollar renovation in twenty ten. the euro zone's newest and poorest member led via may be europe's losses growing
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economy but its population has been falling leaps and bounds and those leaving the country are blaming government negligence god put up with one of them. surrogate is one of thousands of workers who will leave latvia this year but his destination is perhaps surprising he'll be leaving this state to work in azerbaijan so this is the. life is always hard but in this country it's harder as the government is much more concerned by politics than economics and the life of the common man so gay isn't the only one the world bank says levy is population is shrinking by almost sixty thousand people per year i feel i'm not alone the government are squeezing everybody wanting more and more from us for less money between two thousand and nine and two thousand and twelve not because population fell by around ten percent in a country of only two million people this decline is sharply felt especially since
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those leaving a mostly of working age the major work force males from twenty to forty go in find jobs abroad and then move their families over this leave just older people this demographic shift poses significant economic challenges which the government says it's keen to try and tackle. there is a government program to return people to mad for you but it doesn't work they pay for people to return but there's still no work for them the only way out is to create new jobs and a suitable atmosphere for investment but it isn't happening and over the next twenty years the population will decrease another third so as leaders desperately try to arrest the worrying trend the message from at least one of those with bags packed for a better life elsewhere is simple. the government has to stop its aggressive social policies and lower taxes so that people can live where not simply survive. got l.t. latvia. december in bahrain you saw hundreds of rallies suppressed and many
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campaigners arrested in response the opposition has now released a report looking into the government's reaction to the mess them astray sions and calling for greater freedom and equality in the sunni led kingdom let's take a closer look at out of more than seven hundred protests last month almost four hundred were violently dispersed by security forces on was two hundred people were detained by the authorities many of them children police raids were often carried out at night and with without officers providing arrest warrants the report also reveals cases of vandalism torture and heavy handed treatment by authorities in almost four hundred cases the crackdown on dissent took the form of collective punishment human rights advocates mussolini says there is little hope of achieving a true constitutional monarchy violation. remain
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lots of people are arrested and detained vandalism tortures ongoing while the authority are denying that they are torturing people in the investigation rooms but actually it is ongoing practice the constitutional monarchy is our aim and our goal we are going to work is the author of the respect the opposition demands and consider what's going on in the region it will be achieved but not recently let's say it will take years unfortunately. russia's national counter-terror committee says of four militants have been killed and russians saw the republic of dagestan security forces have been negotiating with the militants in a house they had barricaded themselves in however the armed gang going to open fire which led to a shootout it's believed some of the militants were responsible for
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a mortar attack on a restaurant on friday followed by twin car blasts we'll bring you more on the story as we get the latest information. next day on archie international we try to be a little pink flame on its epic journey across russia on the road to such a but if you're watching in the united kingdom it's over galloway full and all but the latest news stories.
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as a new position. to abide by them to go. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to. doctors of the dog.
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it was supposed to be just another news or of course although admittedly for a special occasion it was one hundred twenty three days before the start of the winter olympic games in sochi and i was in greece for the lighting of the olympic flame the ruins of elim pierre one of the most famous monuments of ancient greece the site of the very first olympic games where stones like this would have been part of the temple. the temple of the. temple oath.


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