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these are the scenes from. breaking news that the fresh riots erupts in ukrainian capital a mass anti-government rally violent protesters burned police buses and throw stones and firecrackers a live report coming right up. to months of hesitation and pressure from its western back in syria's main opposition group will attend peace talks in geneva finding a political way out of the conflict and also the stories that these last seven days . i'm proposing today should give the american people greater confidence that their rights are being protected the american president promises to restrain the surveillance habits of the n.s.a. but critics say the proposed reforms will change
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a thing. the international criminal court may soon see top british military officials in the dock for the first time in history. of war crimes committed by troops during the iraq war we're following that up to this. evening it's just past eleven pm here in moscow kevin i mean this is not international going straight to our breaking news from care those talking about their tear gas has been used during clashes in the ukrainian capital after rioters attacked police buses blocking their way. have gathered to push for the government to step down over a new law they say is in breach of the constitution updating us all night from the ukrainian capital journalist under a rush to voice witness these latest events that talk to now hi again bring us up to speed we gather that we've been you've been hearing reports that molotov
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cocktails have been thrown at the police this is a new line we just got there. yeah just ten minutes ago i saw them out of cocktails thrown into the rows of police so it's happening old a time when police is trying to stop the protestors and to go come to them closer the protesters are the right activists off rowing stones to them there is like huge . huge like mountains of stones on the sill in the street and once i saw them actually i saw them all to come through throwing to them to the policeman they are they were in fire. after that i also heard from the magic medical so there is a lot of medicals on the square and they are helping people to. watch their faces because the police is use and pepper gas and. water was sold can help them to protect their eyes from the pepper gas but i heard also that police is using the
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term magical were points so the medical told him to tell that to me so the police are used for medical guns sees us first time during the ukrainian protest this year is it your estimation that the security situation there is getting worse as the hours progress the saving or things getting better what is the current situation the. actually i think that situation is getting better because there is not so much people look to europe because square now because some are fearful i went home. and some people went to euro euro my down to protect the barricades off to the political leaders unknowns that they need to protect the burka itself your in my down there on the europe. mostly the young people who are quite aggressive but now they are not they are not so active in the. fighting not so actively and they have not so much beer or technics throw into the police because
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like. i think they've been they've done plans to have. such a such a long term. fired this three and so they have no way parties by that they have a lot of stones they build the barricades and there's people told to me that they can stay there on the square to work to rebut they don't know when it works or it will happen let's rewind the clock back a few hours tonight how did this all start off if you can briefly describe to our viewers what started this violence night and who started it. saw i can say that this right activist started this violence this people this young people radical young people are not controlled by the official political opposition they're not controlled by the rule made on activists so it's like another part of protestants radical right people it's about the official parliamentary a problem in tehran right party supporters it's like alternative the way the most
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radical part of ukrainian protest they're not controlled. oppositional either see them that they need to be like quiet and to stop the violence or they say change when you and they don't want to listen to political leaders of ukraine you have a ton of courage to go one two and they want to achieve victory of this night with the telly klitschko the other lead to remain very quick to distance themselves from these radicals but what is the rather cool's message what do they want to they want the same is the opposition or not. they the goal is to achieve victory this night they don't want to wait till tomorrow so they want to use it to go to the ukrainian parliament to ukrainian government this night that's why they are starting fires with police they will they want to go. and to come closer to ukrainian parliamentarian. area.
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and they to they are trying to break through but they have no chance of so. they have not enough forces to go through the police but they have enough forces to protect. you from the police so. just wait. movement of police troops under bush to avoid local journalists. will be a little bit later much appreciated thank you. in other sports or correspond to really good she was in his first. experiences of that with me. there had to say burst into flame earlier right when they started back in november or it got to the point where they have to do something and by they i mean the protesters and of course the government as well but most of the protesters because for a while there they tried to keep it coming in waves they're waiting for the dispersal of the my down they kept saying it's going to happen people kept getting messages
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through their phones and through twitter. with threatening messages which were essentially saying we're about to be ambushed at the police are about to because there's going to be you know essentially all hell breaks loose and it never happened it's really quite safe to say that we probably had several hundred of these ultra nationalist activists i would say this is exactly what they wanted them to mayhem and at one point they tried to direct the bus somebody got into the bus and tried to direct them at the police if we go back to back to december there was already an incident when they tried to run a bulldozer into the police as well so this is sort of a repeat of what we saw back then just a month ago essentially but it does look a lot does look a lot so here of course it's much more colorful now rewinding the clocks. very briefly how all this started. back back in the day basically it was about the fact that you know college pulled out at the very last moment from signing i trade
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agreement with the european union but now they're completely different now it's against the government now they're protesting now they're saying this is their revolution and want the government to step down or over the second month protests and they cannot agree on anything and they decided not even to bring out a unified candidate should the elections take place and a lot of people i think were really upset by that but that's what people were chanting earlier today they were it was shouting leader leader because that's exactly what they need and they don't see that and. thirty policemen have been hurt in clashes with protests and they're not according to estimates from the ukrainian authorities this is the most dramatic pictures we've gotten so far you can see two policemen there big set upon by the crowd checked let's hear jets get correspondents to defeat war photos and the latest updates from the ukrainian capital. gets more fortunate no two from dmitri babich she's a political analyst a voice of russia radio joining us live from central moscow dimitri big to you
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you've been witnessing along with us what's been happening there i'm sure you've been looking at the news as well we see some serious violence there unleashed against the ukrainian police one a very the apparent victim see what's the crowd what's the problem with them or is it just the fact that trying to keep the peace or i think there are. some people. you know. you know. the majority of. minorities. there are three quarters or the country. will be. walkin down i think without a real reason why i was going west and dolman so that.
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they decided to step off the protests and then these are not just what i think would say that you know that i'll connect millions from western ukraine as they are the no no i didn't quite get the i didn't quite get the correspondent on the scene there when i said what. what if it does actually campaigning for is it that they want closer ties with the west. not well just like even one hundred forty one and they want that closer ties with it was good and they expect that it was in the five years or so and it's not the same way now they want to establish. control over ukraine a small minority in ukraine but i may have it i may have a different i'll give you just to make it clear then the majority of the peaceful protests is there is not square tonight they got different a different argument i'm not sure because the so called useful protest. they have
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been an op with a nasty slogan that these out and that's there from western ukraine brought to the slogans like the fun of. going into the face of the sense that germany above everything else you know the famous nasty nasty slogan this is the only part of european football wage which is not prevented. by they are support or they are answer to the fall of. any large scale or in finland which where i like to nazi germany in a certain period. even though you don't have any difference and you don't have. the mainstream media saying openly that what was done in making for your long that what you thought was right in western ukraine from the people you can. support. it was they said that you know ukrainian science and followed you could
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use your period to rational you can read all of the terrible stuff in the newspapers you can read is the reason that method you're given i don't know what put such people like the todd akin standing for is it a slippery choice or a good to use them he doesn't condemn and i'm sure that. we'll find a way our people say that these are driven could tear us down by government for the or he will say that this is just a small radical fog of definition which doesn't really represent that the problem is that both klitschko and yatsenyuk students side by side with these people the students side by side with they read. an open antisemite so you know i'm saying that the opposition klitschko for instance. with any of this violence tonight i mean publicly they've been very distant from it they've distance themselves nothing to do with us but you say there is multimedia well the problem is that when the
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violence first iraq last. or three weeks to really condemn it they always blamed everything on the government and these times again they're going to blame everything on the government instead of admitting that they have some very bad people and one of them on might not and i think it's a huge embarrassment for the left because it's just like with the syrian opposition you know the van has been saying that there are no if you hide your i'm on the phone and so mr ross i feel we still probably can and we suddenly fall and all of that the more they do force it in the syrian opposition are they gonna get the same way the west has been turning their blind eye to all these now and now says now we're going. to leave it there dmitry babich physical analyst in the voice of russia radio station live from moscow to thank you. well the big stories at the show the last seven days syria the main opposition group there is
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finally said it will attend peace talks in geneva after months of hesitation they made the decision just a few days before that summit due to begin the opposition ever insists the mobile of bashar al assad from power remains it's only priority not easy croppers can offloads back at this week's diplomatic twists and turns with time running out before the start of geneva two conference on syria it was a busy week for global diplomacy it's our hope that in the face to face meeting of the regime and the opposition will be the beginning of the beginning of the end to this unspeakable conflict never before have russia and the us been so united over syria holding damascus and the rebels both responsible for atrocities standing together for a political solution and going further still we wouldn't supposedly going to try to send the signals to all the syrian sides on the need to establish localized ceasefires to consider the lists of prisoners of war including civilians and also
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as to allow humanitarian aid. washington even turned around its stance on iran saying it could also take part in the conference so long as it supported previous international agreements on syria to keep our swing the foundation for me would say you are on the same page when it comes to the most important issues the same can be said about some western nations who may be risking it all for half right now just one wrong move is enough to bring down this diplomatic house of cards such as the mixed signals sent from france to the rebels who themselves took the whole week to decide whether they'll take part. we don't have the assad regime on one side and terrorists on the other it is the regime that is fueling terrorism. such statements may be music to their ears but these are cynical statements the western military alliance has been recruiting right from the outset and it's confirmed by numerous.
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reliable sources from pairs the diplomatic ph moved to moscow which was visited by syria and iran's chief diplomats the market has confirmed it will be agreed with and after much debate so has the opposition but still in question is iran's participation by whites with its actions that it's a key player in the region and vital to peaceful solution for syria what is going on the party. another key player in the region is participation in the syrian peace talks is up in the air still is a rand russia in the un want there but washington sending mixed signals from a french prime minister don't develop explained why he thinks it is crucial to run takes. should be as much as possible part of the talks because you want is a very regional important players i believe the dialogue that the international community is having with iran on the nuclear question is a very important one we should try to go forward and settled and if we can have the
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run of the border in discussing the current crisis of the region we are of course we will be much more efficient how can we solve the iraqi crises how can we solve the syrian crisis without you and that's why i really believe that the dialogue with this country is important and we should really take into account the fact that without having you run a border there is no solution in the middle east. and just tip you off that stone from monday or to bring a special preview of the long way to geneva two talks plus to the special coverage coming up event of course as well wednesday morning is to come with a winter olympics close putin spoke to foreign and russian members of the media we've got more about that one after this quick break. millions around the globe struggle with hunger. what if someone
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offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can they're very strong against g.m.o. and we think that's. the genetic anymore the right products are priest. there is no. evidence any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in a mouse trap. and that free. enterprise is profit. for social justice golden rice.
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hello again top british military officials could soon be tried in the international criminal court for war crimes big teams of iraq will have submitted a dossier or accusing forces of numerous cases of abuse and torture but the u.k. fighting hard to prevent the servicemen from facing the tribunal. reports from london. up until now the international criminal court at the hague had mostly tried to african dictators and tyrants but the i.c.c. has been aust to investigate thousands of allegations of war crimes committed by british forces in iraq. two hundred and fifty page dossier presented by a human rights organization and a british law firm contains allegations of beatings of electrocution smoke
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executions and sexual assault committed by u.k. forces and according to the all says of this report the finger of blame extends to the very heart of the british government at the time so the head of the british army the former defense secretary and the former defense minister could face prosecution for what this dossier calls systemic war crimes there are many hundreds of cases where the people have been interviewed in the provided reports about this abuse and it varies from what people might think are. relatively mundane examples of abuse to really quite appalling physical they're put says that british military commanders knew that their forces were committing war crimes and moreover that their civilians to parry as cautiously ignored such information at their disposal but the u.k. foreign secretary william hague has already firmly rejected the suggestion that
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those at the top here in westminster knew what was taking place on the ground in iraq we reject allegations of systematic abuse but whether all substantiated allegations of things going wrong these things have been or are being investigated that does not require references to the international criminal court the position of the british government has constantly been or were doing enough the point of this is simply that they still haven't done enough there are right now at the international criminal court two heads of state one of them a sitting head of state of kenya and the other the former head of state of called d'ivoire they're both on trial at the international criminal court not for getting their hands bloody they didn't do anything themselves but people under their authority or people they should have come. all were committing the crimes so if it's good enough for the african countries it should be good enough for the u.k. the international criminal court has come under increasing pressure to act against
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war crimes committed by western countries it's now up to the prosecutor at the i.c.c. to go through the claims of abuse and to decide whether to call high ranking british officials into the dock at the hague ali boy k r t london well the majority of the contents of the report have been kept away from the eyes of the public but some extra seen the light the dossier contains reports of killings beatings rape and various torture methods that u.k. forces allegedly used on detained iraqis indeed the families of inmates also say they were reportedly targeted the eight year old son of one man was allegedly slapped by an officer when his father was arrested another detainee reports being interrogated men having threats to rape his sister being made we spoke to a legal advisor at the european center of constitutional and human rights who coauthored the dossier or about these accusations. evidence shows that it's not only about individual one single case and incidents it's really
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a systematic pattern of reparative acts which are. finding in our report or communication to the i.c.c. it's mars and single isolated incidents it's now the time because the u.k. had ten years to investigate to prosecute the direct perpetrators but also the higher ups. in the u.k. ten years there are still hardly any prosecutions in the country so now it's simply the time that international courts have to step in. had to come to the full interview with andrea schiller co-author of that report which accuses british forces of abuse and torture and if you get a lot of other stories there as well as the radiation japan stricken fukushima nuclear plant saying i was hit record levels if you so much you can later smell as you suggest the worst leak in one reactor well going straight into the ocean big mess there also and this is making headlines right now when u.k.
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politicians express among likely views about why storms and floods have been battering britain of late he says the legalization of gay marriage is what's affecting the weather system according to me standing by its comments as well you may have a mind of course are to be done. with the sochi winter olympics now just a few weeks away presently putin spoke to foreign and russian members of the media earlier he was keen to dispel concerns about security as well as to discuss some of the challenges of hosting the event. of oliver spoke to r.t. and to farmers in this year's olympic village about what exactly the president had to say that. these games are the most expensive in the lympics history and five times the original price tag but mr putin did stress that over the last five years so cheap was the biggest building site in the world all the venues had to be built from scratch and this huge infrastructural development in terms of roads and rail links and he said because of that it was expected things would go over budget but
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he said where overspend has not been justified action has been taken and people have actually lost their jobs including a russian olympic committee member who was in charge of the ski jump the city which went six and a half times over budget and he was fired however mr putin did say that there was no corruption among government officials about the evidence was presented it would be investigated russia's law against gay propaganda to mine is rose a lot of calls to boycott the olympics from abroad so this issue was also mentioned it was and again he stressed that homosexuality is not a crime in russia but he did say that calls for a boycott on the games on this topic was a throwback to old style thinking which he did not think was helpful and he said that he thought that the worst still people in the west they were looking to restrain emerging countries in the east that had become global competitors and you also drew a parallel with china saying they also experienced call for
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a boycott in the run up to the beijing games back in two thousand and eight and it was really your call i don't think these are manifestations of the cold war brought is a demonstration of competition when such a powerful country china starts showing rapid pace of growth becomes a real competitor in the global politics and of the global markets and of course tools to restrain such growth are switched on i believe that some old approaches towards russia still exist in the perspective that there is a need to restrain some. of them but as we go and finally security and. how it will affect big gains is of course what worries many people that one of the president's comments on that. it is a major issue particularly after the bombings in volgograd he did say that forty thousand troops and police are on duty in and around the search area at the moment he did say it was necessary but he also did stress that they would do all they
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could to make sure that they would not be too intrusive for members of the public and all these people will come to saatchi to try and enjoy the games from my own experience i was walking along the promenade yesterday and on the horizon was a warship and yes you do see small patrols of police on the streets and also regular police raid checks but i wouldn't describe it as overbearing in fact i would say that i think many people will find it reassuring certainly at the moment with around three weeks to go before the start of the games and if you watch the prelim pick interview with russian the president on our web site r.t. dot com a hugely anticipated address from barack obama on the future of n.s.a. surveillance this week was widely criticized as failing to push for any actual reforms the agency will continue its work but with some restrictions in its activities authorities will not only judicial approval the top someone's phone and foreign leaders of u.s. allies say they are no longer be the targets of espionage and the data which is gathered will no longer be stored by the government of though there was no
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explanation as to what will happen to it critics though say these measures will change nothing. i wouldn't call it a reform i would call it the ongoing normalization of the outrageous policy of violating the fourth amendment on an enormous scale we're learning more as every week goes by about what they're collecting in terms of text messages and e-mails and minute data and it's it's voluminous and the president is is not can it meaning that anything has been done wrong is not proposing to stop doing it is not suggesting we restore the fourth amendment to the constitution he's suggesting that this will continue and it will be reformed perhaps in part someday but he claims it's been a great step forward i don't see it you can rest of the is happening in kiev tonight so with the next news up to just over half an hour's time coming up to me now and then how the grade that feeds billions landed in the center of
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a genetic modification scandal. the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for.


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